Two Ninjas, One Family

Chapter 4

Kate's POV

Sensei Wu walked in the training room, with Lloyd following. "I hear you are ready to start your training." said Sensei Wu. "Yep, so, where should I start?" I asked. "We shall not start your training, but the prophecy of your destiny." "Wha...?"

Sensei grabbed a scroll from his back pocket and opened it. "You're destined to save us all from this "new threat" that has been unleashed upon Ninjago," said Sensei. "Your powers are powerful, Kate. You will stop the new threat, and you might even be able to stop the Overlord." "Wow, are my powers really that strong? Cool!" I said, my eyes growing wider with excitement. "I shall tell you your destiny within this scroll."

One ninja will rise with the light and will defeat the dark one who's responsible for Overlord's return. The ninja's teammates will be of its aid and crush Overlord's army. They will be victorious, and they will have the best miracle they've ever expirienced.

"So I'm the one who's supposed to defeat 'the dark one' (AKA- 'the new threat') and we'll have the best miracle we've ever expirienced?" "Yea pretty much." said Lloyd. "And you must make that prophecy true by learning to learn your powers and unlock your true potential." "Soo... when do I start?" "You may start your training today, and the first lesson will be to summon your powers." "Who's going to train me?" "Garmadon will be able to teach you, he knows more than you think." said Sensei, walking out the door. "Good luck Kate, I'll be seeing you in the next lesson." said Lloyd, folllowing Sensei out the door.

Garmadon's POV

"Alright Kate, my name is Garmadon, but you can call me Sensei." I said. "OK Sensei, where do I begin?" asked Kate. "You first must learn to concentrate your energy. Now just close your eyes and relax." Kate gently closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "You're doing good so far, now imagine your are making a ball of energy, and feel it course through your veins." I could tell she was doing it correctly, she's very focused and relaxed at the same time. I could also see something glowing between her hands. "Am I doing it?" she asked, feeling very confident. "Yes you are, you're doing a good job, now imagine you're creating a rope with the energy." "Wait, what?" "Stay focused and just imagine it." The ball of magenta energy was starting to get thinner and longer, and becoming more solid. "Can I open my eyes now?" "Yes, and open your left hand when you open your eyes." "Alright." She took a deep breath, and opened her eyes, losing focus about her energy. The rope fell in her left hand, glowing a bright magenta. "Woah, did I just do that?" "Yes you did, with your own powers. And I'm surprised you managed to do it correctly on the first try." "I guess because I've been calm all my life and not filled with anger." "That would make sense, you're actually easier to train than any of my other students." Lloyd opened the door and walked in. "Are you done with lesson 1?" He asked. "Yes, you may now teach Kate lesson 2." "Why aren't you going to teach me lesson 2?" "Because Lloyd knows how to do lesson 2, is younger, and he wanted to do it." "Well alright then."

Lloyd's POV

"Are you ready for lesson 2?" I asked. "Yes I am!" replied Kate. "Be warned, you might get dizzy while trying to do this." I backed up a few steps and got in my position. "Alright, lesson 2 is Spinjitzu, an elemental tornado that only ninja and senseis can do." "Cool! Can you show me how?" "Sure! NINJA- GO!" I spun in a circle, creating a small green tornado. "How do you do that without getting dizzy?" asked Kate. "Because you don't spin in the tornado after you create it. Would you like to try?" "Totally!" "Ok, just jump up, then kick back, next whip around- then spin!" I said, creating the tornado again. Kate followed Lloyd's moves, then for the last part, she spun in a full 360 circle, but fell on the floor. "Ow, how do you manage to do this?" "Well, it took me a while to get the hang of it." I held out my hand, and she grabbed it to help her get up. "Let's try this again, follow me this time, ok?" "Ok." "Jump up. Kick back. Whip around, then spin!" Kate followed me, and a purple tornado was forming around her. "Hey, I'm doing it!" But Kate was starting to lose balance, so I grabbed her still in my tornado to balance her. Both of our tornados were gone, and I just noticed that me and Kate were close together and were grabbing on to each other, almost looking like a hug. "Are you ok?" I asked her, letting go of her. "Um.. yea, I'm fine..." said Kate, blushing. "Lloyd, Kate, dinner's ready! Cole's cooking..." said Jay, walking to our room.

Kate's POV

Me and Lloyd were following Jay to the kitchen, and I stopped when I smelled something unpleasant. "What is that smell?" I asked, looking around. "Cole's chili, the worst death wish." answered Jay, still walking to the kitchen. When we got there, everyone except Cole looked like they were going to puke. Even the senseis. We all sat down and was served with something that looked like creamy cement. "Looks like Kai and Cole are conscious." said Jay. "Dig in fellas! I made my special meal today!" said Cole as he started eating like a pig. Everyone else looked at each other and picked up their spoons. Jay saved our lives by starting a conversation. "So Kate, how was your training?" "It was great, I learned a lot." I said, looking at Lloyd, and blushed a little. Lloyd also looked then started blushing. Kai raised his left eyebrow and started looking at me like me and Lloyd were making him uncomfortable, which I'm guessing we probably were. "You sure, cause it looks like you did more than train." said Jay, looking at me with sarcasm. I snapped out of my senses, and so did Lloyd. "We were training! That was all we were doing! Right, Lloyd?" "Yea! We were!" "Uh huh, yea, suure." said Kai putting sarcasm into his sentence. I started blushing more, and my cheeks were as red as Kai's ninja suit. "Well looks like dinner's over, want to play some video games tonight, Kate?" asked Lloyd, picking up his plate. "Yea sure." I replied, picking up my plate as well. "But you barely ate! You should be starving after you've trained!" said Cole, waving his right arm. "Nah I'm good, I had a big lunch."

Nova's POV

"I see you're having a good time, sis. But you won't be for long." I said, looking into a crystal ball. (The crystal ball is those things that fortune tellers use, I'm not 100% sure what they're called) "I will take your powers and everyone you love! Even you're 'boyfriend'." "Are you ready to face those ninja?" asked the Overlord. "I have the perfect plan, I made a bunch of warriors from the dark matter that was left at the dark island. These warriors have weapons made from the ninja's armor (From episode 34, BTW). " "Excellent, the ninja won't stand a chance! Mwahahahahaha!"

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