Two Ninjas, One Family

Chapter 5

Lloyd's POV

I was so embarrassed! So what if I like Kate or not? No one makes fun of Jay and Nya! My life can be weird sometimes... Wait, do I like her? No! I like her as a friend, not the other way... "Hey Lloyd, you OK, bud?" asked Kate. "Huh? Oh yea, I'm fine." I replied. "You were looking up and was sweating, are you sure?" "I just feel embarrassed about what happened at dinner..." "Yea, I was too, my cheeks were as red as Kai's ninja suit!" "Heh, yea. You did look embarassed." After I said that we were looking at each other, staring into each other's eyes. I just couldn't help it! The long, straight brown hair, those sky blue eyes, and the scent of a mint garden. Wait- WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING?! I need to stop this! "Uhhh.. I.. uh-" I said, starting to blush a bright red. Kate just giggled a little and turned to the TV screen. I smiled and started blushing more. "Do you want to play Fist to Face 2 or Dragon Battles 3?" She asked, but I wasn't paying attention until she snapped her fingers at my face. "Uh, hello? Anyone in there?" "Wha? Oh- uh, Fist to Face 2, I would love to see you beat Kai's high score..." I said, slouching into the bean bag chair I was sitting in, of course blushing some more. Kate was about to say something until an alarm was heard. "Guys! Come to the bridge! We have an emergency!" said Cole, running into the game room. "We're coming!" I said, turning off the TV.

"There's trouble in Jamonacai Village, guys! And there seems to be some new warriors attacking it." said Nya. "Can I come along?" asked Kate. "I'm sorry, but you still need some more training." said Nya. "Oh, OK, I'll just go back to the game room." "You better not beat my high score in Fist to Face 2!" shouted Kai. "Whatever!" Kate replied. I then started looking at her again, couldn't keep my eyes off of her. "Lloyd? Earth to Lloyd!" shouted Cole, waving his hand across my face. "What?!" I replied. "You need to snap out of it and focus on the mission." "Oh, right."

Kate's POV

I don't understand, why did Lloyd keep staring at me? Does he like me? As in, like like? Could that explain why he's just not focusing? As I was thinking, I heard a knock at the door. "Who is it?" I asked. "It's me Nya, I just want to talk about something." I got up and opened the door, looking at Nya. "What do you want to talk about?" "I keep seeing Lloyd blushing and not focusing whenever you're around." "Uh, well-" "Kate- I think Lloyd likes you." "That's what I've been thinking... but why does Kai and Jay keep being sarcastic and saying, 'you did more than training'." "They're probably teasing you cause they're boys." "Yea, I guess you're right, but what should I say? How did you and Jay get together?" "Well, Jay did the same thing Lloyd does when me and him first met, and then one day Jay asked me on a date. Anyway, don't you like him too?" "I- I kinda do...?" "Don't be embarrassed, you can like him, there are no rules for love." "I- I- I do, when Lloyd and I were training together, well, I guess I started liking him..." "You can tell him how he feels when he gets back, and I'll have a talk with Kai and Jay." "Thanks Nya, you're very thoughtful..." "Your welcome." As Nya walked out the door, I ran to the training room, trying to practice my Spinjitzu.

Jay's POV

My god! Those things were hard to defeat! It took all four of us to beat down one of those things! But I'm glad we're back. "Hey Nya we're home!" I shouted, and I saw her run out the door to us and kissed me on the cheek. "How was the mission?" Nya asked. "It was extremely hard! They were each as hard as the great wall of China! It took all four of us to defeat one!" "Sounds like the Stone Warriors all over again..." said Kai, walking to his room. "Hold on Kai- I need to have a word with you and Jay." "Is this about me and you?" Jay asked. "No, something else." "Uh, ok."

Kate's POV

I could hear Nya talking to Jay and Kai, probably from tonight, but I was also waiting for Lloyd. I then heard footsteps coming this way, I'm guessing Lloyd's coming, and I was right. "Hey there, how have you been? Did I miss anything?" Lloyd asked, walking in the training room. "Yea, I beat Kai's score in Fist to Face 2, and I think I'm getting the hang of Spinjitzu." "Well that's great! Just avoid Kai at night for 3 weeks, OK?" "Why should I?" "Because you might get a broken arm and a lot of bruises if he finds out you've beaten his high score." "I'll try to remember that." "Anyway, let's see how you handle Spinjitzu."

I got in my stance, getting ready. Lloyd was watching me, smiling. "Ninja- GO!" I said, and a purple tornado surrounded me, and then I stopped spinning, but the tornado stayed. I was doing Spinjitzu! "You did it! Congrats, Kate!" shouted Lloyd, clapping his hands. I stopped doing spinjitzu and looked at him. I smiled and blushed a little at the same time. "I never would've done it if it weren't for you." I said, hugging him. "Heh, thanks, Kate." said Lloyd, rubbing the back of his head. "What's lesson 3?" "I'll go ask dad." said Lloyd, walking out the door.

When he came back, Garmadon came with him. "I've heard you've completed lesson 2, so we'll do lesson 3 tomorrow. *yawn* It's getting late, we should rather get some sleep." "Where am I going to sleep?" I asked. "Oh, we set a bed for you in Lloyd's room since we don't have your bed here yet." said Garmadon, walking to his room. "Will that be OK, Kate?" asked Lloyd. "Yea, sure. I can stick with that."

Lloyd's POV

Well, it's bedtime, and tomorrow's Wednesday... yay. I hate sunrise exersize, I don't even know why we still do it. It's not fun, I can tell you that. Besides that, I was already in my PJs, and Kate was in the bathroom changing into hers. In my room, there's a bunk bed for me and Kate to sleep in, and I'm sleeping on the top. Hopefully I won't roll myself out of bed, like what happened to Jay (From episode 20). "Hey, you sure you can handle the top bunk?" asked Kate, walking into our room with her PJs on. "Yea, sure I can!" "Well alright, good night." "Good night." I said, climbing onto my bed.

At 6:30 AM, I was tired, since we went to bed a little late last night. I climbed down from my bunk, going to wake Kate up, but she wasn't in her bunk. "Where did you go Kate?" So, I ran to the training room with my PJs still on, and I found her training. "When did you wake up?" I asked, looking at Kate. "3:00, why?" "Aren't you tired? I wasn't expecting you to get up this early." "Well, I wanted to learn more about my powers and be able to go on missions with you so, I'm doing extra training." "Well, ok, I'll meet the rest at the bridge to start Sunrise Exersize." "What's Sunrise Exersize?" "You'll find out when we meet at the Bridge, ok?" "Sure, see you there!"

At the Bridge, all of us were here, except for Jay and Nya. "Uh, where's Jay and Nya?" asked Cole. "Right here! Sorry we're late!" "What were you doing, sis?!" asked Kai. "Uh, getting dressed." "Whatever, when do we start?" "All of you except Kate can start their training with Garmadon, while I tell Kate about Sunrise Exersise." "Yes Sensei."

Sensei Wu's POV

"So Kate, did you do good with lessons 1 and 2?" "Yes I did, I managed to do it all correctly!" "Why, that's wonderful! Are you ready for lesson 3?" "What about Sunrise Exersise?" "Oh yes. Sunrise Exersise is something we do every Wednesday early in the morning. We do some stretches and practice some concentrating skills." "For how long?" "About 2 hours, unless there's trouble out in Ninjago." "Will I be doing it today?" "No, you'll do it next Wednesday. For today, we'll start with lesson 3."

Garmadon's POV

I was watching the ninja balancing on poles until Wu and Kate came into the room. "How's it going so far?" asked Wu. "Just fine, they're focusing and relaxed. Is she ready for lesson 3?" "Yes, you may take her now." "Come with me to the training room, Kate, we'll start lesson 3." I said, walking to the training room.

When we got to the training room, Kate already ran to the middle of the room. "Looks like you're ready." I said, walking towards her. "Yes I am, give me anything you've got!" "Today's not about fighting, but something more exciting." "And what's that?" "You can turn invisible, and levitate. Are you up for the task?" "Awesome! Yea I'm ready!" "First thing we're going to do is levitate. First step is to sit down and cross your legs." "Got it." "Next step is to close your eyes and relax." Kate closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "Next is to imagine you're floating. Then try to meditate." She was 3 inches off the ground and putting her hands together. "What do you see while closing your eyes?" "I see- AAHH!" Kate screamed and fell to the floor. "Are you ok?! What did you see?" "I- I saw someone in a dark purple cloak kidnapping people and murdering them! It was too scary to watch so I lost concentration." Everyone ran to the training room because of the loud scream. "What's going on?! Are you OK, Kate?" asked Lloyd, running to me and Kate. "We have a new mission, where do you think they're hiding?" I asked, looking at Kate. "Uh, I could see a dark cave, a very big one. I'm guessing that's where the purple cloak's murdering the people." "Murder?! Is that why you've screamed?" asked Jay. "Yea, it looked like a movie rated R, maybe further! My god, it was horrible!" "Nya, try to find a dark cave under the surface, we need to save these people." commanded Wu. "Yes, Sensei." said Nya, running to the bridge. "Kate and Nya will stay here, it's too dangerous to do this mission." said Wu. "Are you and Sensei going to the mission, too?" "We must, we need to find out who's murdering these people." "Guys! The cave's near our old monestary!" shouted Nya, running into the training room. "You mean that monestary that was burned down by the snakes?!" asked Jay. "Yeah, that's it, there's a huge hole where the monestary was burned, it should be visible." "Alright boys, let's do this!" shouted Cole, running to the exit with the other boys behind him.

Cole's POV

We finally got to the old Monestary, and, oh boy, Nya was right. There's a huge gaping hole that leads down to a deep dark cave. "Did anyone bring a rope?" I ask, looking at everyone. "I did." said Lloyd, holding out a long rope which looks like it's a mile long. "That should be long enough." Lloyd held on to one end of the rope while Cole threw down the other end. "That's how far it's going to go, is everyone ready?" Everyone nodded and started climbing down the rope.

When we got to the bottom, (BTW, Lloyd tied the end of the rope to a rock), we saw a lot of corpses with no eyes, and what looks like they had no blood either. "Now where is that murderer?" asked Jay, looking around. There was a cold breeze across my back. "Uh, did it just get colder in here?" I asked. "Uh, no, why?" asked Kai. Then out of nowhere, something grabbed my neck. "AHH! *choking noises*" "Alright who's there?!" asked Kai, looking around, while Jay and Lloyd try to unstrangle me. "You could call me your worst nightmare, but I'm Nova, remember?" "Wait- NOVA?!" shouted Lloyd, looking very surprised. "Oh, did my sister tell you about me? Well I don't care, cause you won't stay here for long! This place will be all of your graves!" "In your dreams, bitch!" shouted Kai, going in a fighting stance. "Excuse me?" said Nova, letting go of me. "What did you say about me?" Nova grabbed onto Kai's neck and she then choked him. She also revealed herself, and we then found out she can turn invisible. "Watch your language, hot head. Remember I defeated you before? Next I will kill you!" "Neve- agh- *choking noises*. "Let him go!" shouted Lloyd, running towards Nova. "Lloyd, wait!" said Garmadon, pulling him back. "I need to save him! He saved my life, so I'm gonna save his!" Lloyd pushed his dad backwards and ran towards Nova again. "Foolish cucumber! You will just die along with this hot head!" "Never - call me- a- CUCUMBER!" shouted Lloyd, punching Nova in the face. "That might have hurt, but it will not save your friend's life. "L- L- Lloyd- h-help!" shouted Kai, still choking. "Oh look, your fire boy's losing oxygen- too bad!" said Nova, squeezing harder. "Come on guys! We have to help him!" shouted Cole, doing Spinjitzu. Everyone else did spinjitzu and spun towards Nova. "Fools." said Nova, jumping up and over the ninja, still choking Kai. Everyone doing spinjitzu bumped into each other, and fell to the floor. "My god she's fast!" said Jay, getting up on his feet. "That's right- and that's not all I can do!" Nova made a huge shadow ball and threw it right at us. "Everyone! Look out!" shouted Jay, dodging the shadow ball. Everyone else dodged it, too. "If I can't kill your hot head by choking him to death- then I'll do it the old fashioned way." Nova held out a knife and put it at Kai's neck, still choking him! "Kai- NOO!" shouted Lloyd running towards Nova. He jumped up, grabbed his sword out, and sliced the knife out of Nova's hand. "Very impressive, Lloyd, or should I say- my sister's boyfriend!" Lloyd gasped and started to blush a lot. Nova started laughing, and one of the warriors in the new army snuck up behind Lloyd, and grabbed his neck as well. "Lloyd! No!" shouted Garmadon, running towards Lloyd, but another one of those warriors stopped him. "You will not kill my son, you freak!" "Maybe not, but I can still hold him hostage for the rest of his life!" "No! Not that either!" "Why should I listen to you? You're just a weak old man that lets his one and only son suffer!" "You- will not- take- my son!" shouted Garmadon, punching the warrior in the face. "Warriors! Attack that man!" Nova walked away with Kai still choking. "Let him go!" shouted Jay and I, running towards Nova and Lloyd. Sensei Wu ran to fight the warrior holding Kai.

Garmadon's POV

I was filled with rage and anger. I would not want to let my son suffer like this. I ran to Nova, and tried to grab Lloyd, but she held onto him even tighter. "If you try to free him more, I'll just choke him harder!" said Nova. "Wu! Attack the warrior while I grab Lloyd." Wu nodded and did as told. "Rragh! Fool! You won't get your puny son back!" "That's what you think." Wu kicked Nova in the face, and she was losing her grip. I grabbed Lloyd and pulled him close to me. Lloyd kept coughing and hacking, trying to get oxygen. "D-dad you- saved me- *cough*" "I would do anything to protect you, Lloyd." I said, hugging him.

Jay's POV

Nova ran over to Kai and picked him up again, then started running. Man, that girl's fast! But not fast enough. I'm the ninja of lightning! I'm super quick! I can catch up to her! "Give us back Kai!" Cole shouted, with rage in his voice. "I hear you call yourselves, 'brothers' not by blood though. Why do you do that?" asked Nova, still running. "Because we try to protect each other and we care for each other!" I shouted, running faster. "If you're trying to protect your 'brothers', then why do I still have one of them?" "Because we're just getting started- NOW JAY!" shouted Cole. Cole held out his hands, and then I jumped on them. Cole's hands gave me a boost to jump high and knock Nova down. "I can see you've trained well, but not well enough!" Nova let go of Kai and punched me in the face! I fell to the floor- hard and moaned in pain. Cole picked Kai up and ran for the exit. "Come on Jay! We've got to go!" "I don't think so!" shouted Nova. She grabbed onto my arm and threw me right at Cole and Kai! We all moaned in pain, trying to get up. "Weak ninja, did your senseis even train you?" "Yea, we have! You just have a better advantage!" said Garmadon, carrying his son in his arms. "Wha- What happened to him?" I asked, trying to get up. "Lloyd became unconscious when he fell into my arms, because Nova showed no mercy and almost killed him." "All of your ninja are either unconscious or weak, so too bad for you! I have a better Sensei! Or should I say, master." "You've been trained to kill and have been consumed by darkness!" "Maybe, or maybe it's just my destiny!" Nova grabbed out her knife and pointed it down at the ninja on the ground. "If you dare try to face me, your 'students' will suffer a death wish." "Nya, the ninja are down. We're going to need your help and- bring Kate with you!" ordered Sensei on his walkie- talkie.

Nya's POV

I was watching TV, until I heard Sensei calling. "Nya, the ninja are down. We're going to need your help and- bring Kate with you!" ordered Sensei on his walkie- talkie. "I'm on it Sensei!" I said, hanging up. "Kate! You're going to have your first mission, are you up to the task?" "Yep! What happened?" "Nova took down the ninja, and they need our help!" "Wait- Nova?! M- My sister?! We have to go now!" "Hold on! You need to wear this! And I'll put on my Samurai Mech outfit- now hurry!" Kate ran to the bathroom, while I ran to my room.

Kate's POV

I was so excited yet so depressed about this mission. It's my first one, and all of the ninja are badly defeated! Even Lloyd.. When I put my ninja suit on, I looked at the mirror. My suit had a bandana around my mouth, black gloves, and a purple ninja gi that almost looked like Jay's, but it was purple with magenta zigzags across it.

"I'm ready! Are you?" I asked, running out of the bathroom. "Yes I am, now let's go!" said Nya, and so I followed her. There was already a rope leading down to the cave, so I went down it, but Nya used her huge mech.

We finally got to the bottom and I can already see a bunch of warriors, and my sister with a knife pointing at Jay. "LET THEM GO!" I shouted, creating a long sword. "Ah, why hello sis, did you miss me?" said Nova, smiling. "Please! Leave them alone!" I shouted again, destroying some more warriors. "Why would I do that? It's my destiny to destroy your friends and your 'boyfriend'." said Nova, pointing at the unconscious Lloyd. "He- He- HE'S NOT MY BOYFRIEND!" I shouted, becoming angrier. "Are you sure? Because last time I heard, he is! Ever wonder why he's always blushing at you and smiling?!" "How did you-? HOW THE HELL DID YOU KNOW THAT!?" "Oh, just had this crystal ball, and I was watching you a lot of the time.." "YOU INCONSIDERATE STALKER!" I shouted. I've had enough of this- I understand she's had a horrible life but, NEVER, will she hurt my friends- AGAIN! I ran to fight, but instead she jumped over me, pointing the knife at Jay again. That was it! I was filled with so much anger, I couldn't hold it! I slashed my sword at her arm, which left a deep cut. "WARRIORS! ATTACK HER!" shouted Nova. Two grabbed my arms from behind, and more grabbed the two Senseis. Another warrior grabbed Lloyd out of Garmadon's arms and threw him with the other unconscious ninja! That's when Nya came. Her Samurai Mech knocked out many warriors! "That's it! Give me the purple one!" I tried to kick free but Nova then grabbed me by the neck. "Before you go- I have one question to ask you- Do you like Lloyd?" "I- I- I-" "Answer me! Or Cucumber goes!" Lloyd slowly opened his eyes, but only to see me held by Nova's neck. "K- Kate! No-!" "Shut up Cucumber! Or you will go first!" shouted a warrior. I looked at Lloyd, then back at Nova. "Well?" "I- I- I DO- OK?!" "There you have it folks! My sister likes Cucumber!" "He- He's not a cucumber!" All of the warriors started laughing, but that's when it happened. I felt a surge of energy course through my veins. I felt more powerful than ever. "Kate's unlocked her true potential!" said Garmadon. Everyone (except the unconscious people) stared at me, like I was Jesus or something. The energy kept getting stronger and stronger- until my eyes glowed a magenta pink. I blasted a whole lot of energy at Nova- and I saw she was surprised, too. "AAGGHH! I'LL GET YOU NEXT TIME, KAAATEEE!" shouted Nova, blasting away, far away from us. Everyone that wasn't unconscious nor the warriors cheered. "You saved us all Kate, congratulations." said Sensei Wu. I ran over to Lloyd and the other ninja. "L- Lloyd?" I asked. I saw him open his eyes slowly, and smiled at me. "H- hey Kate, th- thanks for s- saving us." "Just doing my destiny." I said, giggling, "Now let's go home and fix you up." I picked him up and wrapped his arm around my shoulder. Nya wrapped Kai's and Jay's arms around hers, and Garmadon carried Cole back home.

Nova's POV

"You might have gotten me this time, sis, but next time- you'll suffer a lot! Mwahahahaha!" said Nova, crushing a picture of Lloyd.

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