Two Ninjas, One Family

Chapter 6

Lloyd's POV

Did I just hear Kate say she loves me?! OMG YES! This was almost the best day ever! If Nova haven't almost killed me, then it would be perfect. "What happened to Jay and Cole?" I asked. (I didn't ask about Kai since I already knew). "I'm not quite sure, I got to the cave after all of you were unconcious. You could ask your dad, though." "Yea, ok."

We finally got home! It took longer since almost our whole ninja team was either injured or unconcious. "Nya, I need you to take the ninja and fix them up, while me and Kate have a little talk." said my dad. Me and Kate looked at each other, and I could tell Kate was starting to get nervous. Nya took Kai and Jay first, since she was already holding them. Kate set me down on a chair, and Dad put Cole down on a bed.

Garmadon's POV

"Nya, I need you to take the ninja and fix them up, while me and Kate have a little talk." I said. After I said that, Kate and my son were looking at each other. Kate looked nervous, and Lloyd just frowned. I set Cole down on a bed and Kate set Lloyd on a chair. As Kate walked with me to the training room, she looked nervous.

"Why do you look so nervous?" I asked. "I thought you were going to talk about Lloyd and I's 'relationship'." answered Kate. "No, It doesn't matter to me who my son dates. It's his heart, not mine." "Yea, you're right, but, why did you want me and you have a little talk?" "Because I was going to talk about your powers, since you've unlocked you're true potential." "What about them? Are they too uncontrolable?" "No, you're powers are great, you can control them well. Since we got inturupted last time we did lesson 3, let's just skip the meditating for the last lesson, okay?" "Sure." "Now, I said yesterday that you can levitate and turn invisible, correct?" "Yes, Sensei." "Today, I will teach you how to turn invisible, are you up to the task?" "Yes, Sensei." "First, close your eyes and put your hands together." Kate was still standing and did as told. "Ok, got it." "Next, imagine you are not there, not seen by anyone." Then Kate's feet were starting to disappear, then her legs. After about 10 seconds, she completely disappeared. "You may open your eyes now." I said. I couldn't tell what she was doing, since she was invisible. "Uh, what happened?" asked Kate. "Look in the mirror."

Kate's POV

"Uh, what happened?" I asked. "Look in the mirror." said Sensei. I walked over to a mirror, but I couldn't see myself. "Am I invisible?" "Well I can't see you, and you can't see yourself, so, yes, you've completed Lesson 3." "Cool! Now, uh, how do I become visible again?" I asked. "Imagine you're visible to everyone- that's it." I imagined myself being visible again, and after 10 seconds, I was visible again. "Can we do lesson 4?" "We could do it now."

"Lesson 4 might be pretty easy for you. Now this lesson is to lift things." "Wait- I can lift anything?" "Depends on your strength. You might want to do normal excersizes before we start this lesson if you want to lift up boulders." "Sure, where do I start?"

Nya's POV

Lucky for Jay, he just had a few bruises and a cucussion on his head. I grabbed some bandages and some cloth, wrapping Jay's forehead. Then I walked over to Kai. Kai's choked for god knows how long. His throat was a bright red, I touched his wrist to see if I could find a pulse, and thank god I did. He's still alive. He was just unconcious, should wake up in about two hours. He needed fresh air to get more oxygen. So I opened the window to let some air in. I opened the door to find Lloyd and Cole safe. "Am I next?" asked Lloyd- looking bored. I sighed and grabbed some comic books. "Read these until I'm ready for you." Lloyd looked at the comics, then shrugged. I just ignored him and carried Cole to the same room Kai and Jay were in.

Cole wasn't that bad either, just some cuts and bruises, he was also unconcious for some reason. I put bandages on the cuts, then went to Lloyd. "You're up, Lloyd." I said, opening the door. "Finally, I couldn't wait any longer." I rolled my eyes and followed Lloyd into the room.

I did what all doctors do to their patients (Check blood pressure, use a stethascope for heartbeat, you get the point...). "Ok Lloyd, you just have a red mark across your neck. Other than that, you're fine." "Ok, thanks, Nya." "No problem."

Lloyd's POV

After Nya checked me, I walked to the training room to see how Kate's doing. I heard metal bars clanging and voices. When I walked in, Kate was doing pull ups. "Uh, I thought she was supposed to work on her powers, not her muscles." I said, looking confused. "She wanted to do the fourth lesson which is about picking up anything with her mind- but her muscles are a part of this lesson." "Uh, ok? I might not understand that, but what about the prophecy? Did she forfill it already?" "That was only the fight. The prophecy was talking about a battle. Plus, Overlord wasn't in that." "I guess so, but when will I have time with Kate?" "You will when her training's over, now why don't you play video games until she's done, ok?" "Fine..." I mumbled, walking out tha door.

Kate's POV

"Alright Sensei, I'm ready for the real lesson." I said, walking towards Sensei. "Great, now imagine your try lifting up that board over there." "Alright." I closed my eyes, and lifted up my right arm. I heard shaking going on in the back ground, but then it all stopped. I opened my eyees, and the board was floating but was a light glowing magenta. "Why is the board a bright magenta?" I asked. "Because your powers are connecting with the board's energy." "Uh, ok, can I try something heavier?" "Sure." Sensei pulled out a dummy, looks like it was 50 pounds. I concentrated on my energy, and started to lift the dummy. It flew about 2 feet in the air until I decided to put it down. "Phew! Are we done?" I asked, breaking a sweat. "I guess we could take a break, now Lloyd wants to see you in the gaming room." "Sure- just let me wash up.

I went to the bathroom and took a shower, then put some clothes on. I walked to the gaming room, and what I saw was Lloyd sleeping in a beanbag chair holding an Xbox 360 controler. I crouched down on my knees to wake him. "I'm here, Lloyd, wake up, please." I shook his shoulder, but what I saw shocked me- there was a note on his arm.

"Meet me in Ninjago's abandoned workhouse if you want to see your 'boyfriend' again, and don't bring anyone but yourself, or your Lloyd will die. Mwuahahaha!


I was so mad yet so scared at the same time. This 'Lloyd' was a decoy! Just so no one found out- I carried the decoy to his bedroom and layed it on his bed. I covered the blankets and walked out the door. While I was walking, I bumped into Sensei Wu. "Hello Kate, where's Lloyd?" he asked. "He's sleeping in his bed, tired guy." I replied, running out the door. Sensei Wu started making that 'thinking pose'. Oh man, this is gonna be bad.

Lloyd's POV

I was playing Minecraft on the Xbox 360, until a needle ran through my arm, then everything went black. Now I was in a cage, tied up in ropes. "Wh- What's happening? Where am I?!" I shouted- struggling to break free. "Oh don't worry, you're just bait." "Bait for what?" I saw Kate running towards me and Nova, then realizing what I was bait for. "Oh." "What do you want, Nova?" asked Kate. "Revenge on you, of course!" "So you decided to capture Lloyd?" "He was the only way for you to come here, and I want to kill him for Overlord's revenge." "When did he kill your master?" "Well, I didn't actually kill him, but vanished him to the digiverse- then he came back- then Zane destroyed him, and now he's back again." I answered. "LLOYD STILL DESERVES HIS PUNISHMENT!" shouted Nova- pulling a lever. The ground opened to a pool of lava.

"This was the lava Lloyd was supposed to die in, but the fire boy had to ruin it!" "How the hell do you know this?!" shouted Kate. "Overlord tells me the past before I make the future!" The cage I was in started going down in the lava, and I was starting to panic. "Lloyd! NO!" Kate closed her eyes and lifted my cage?! When did she learn that? Her arm was shaking- her mind was hurting- it looked painful! But she ignored the pain and drifted me to safety. "H- How-?" I asked, looking sweaty. "I learned it from your dad, but your cage was so heavy- I thought my mind and arm muscles were going to explode!" "Sorry to put you in this much trouble." "It's not you who to blame, but Nova is." "Thanks for blaming me on all of this- but it's time for you both to ROT IN HELL!" shouted Nova, readying a shadow ball. "LLOYD, NO!" shouted Kate. She ran infront of me and created a semi- spheric sheild before the shadow ball even hit us! "Wow." "I learned a few extra things- now let's stop her!" said Kate- creating a sword. I grabbed out my golden katana and got in my fighting position.

"Pfft, weak. Can someone give me a challenge?" shouted Nova- smirking at us. "No, how about you give us a challenge!" shouted Lloyd. "Sure- I'd love to. Army- ATTACK!" Warriors came out of trash cans- dumpsters- machines- and behind walls! Me and Kate both did spinjitzu, fighting lots of them, and only a few more to go. "Wait- where's Nova?" I asked- looking around. Nova came swinging on a rope, then kicked me in the head! "Ow! Hey! Gee, thanks for giving me a headache!" I said sarcastically. "Next will be the gut if you don't shut up!" said Nova. Kate slashed her sword at some more warriors- then locked eyes with Nova. "Weak!" "HEY!" I shouted, kicking a warrior. "It's your fault I'm this way! If you were never born- I wouldn't have ran away years ago and joined Overlord!" Kate lowered her sword. "It wasn't my fault, it wasn't your fault, it was our parents' fault, they're the ones who didn't like you!" "You know what? You're right- but I still have to kill you!" "NOOO!" I shouted, running towards Kate. "You filthy cucumber and your girlfriend are no match for me!" "I AM NOT A GOD DAMN CUCUMBER!" I shouted, running towards Nova. I sliced my sword right at her, but she grabbed the tip of it, and made me fly backwards. "WOAH!" I shouted, flying into a filthy dumpster. Kate grabbed the sword from Nova's hand and threw it behind her. "I won't kill you- I'll just tie you up." Kate made a long magenta rope, tying Nova up. She then helped me out of the dumpster and smiled. "Uh- thanks." I said. "You might want to take a shower when we get home." "I'd be wondering what my dad and the others will say when we get back." "Yeah, well let's just hurry before she unties herself."

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