Two Ninjas, One Family

Chapter 7

Garmadon's POV

I was worried sick, where did Kate go? I went to find Lloyd in his bed, and he was still there, surprisingly. I pulled the covers from him, and I couldn't believe what I was seeing! This was a DECOY?! Where's my real son?! "LLOYD! WHERE ARE YOU?!"

Lloyd's POV

I was with Kate walking back to the Bounty, until I heard my dad scream. "LLOYD! WHERE ARE YOU?!" "Oh shit! Our cover's blown!" I said, starting to panic. "Calm down, Lloyd! Just run to the gameroom and wait for him!" "What about you?!" "I'll run to Garmadon and ask him random questions, now get to the Bounty!" I started running to the back door, going to the game room. Kate ran to the hall Garmadon was in.

"Sensei! What's wrong?!" she asked, looking very frightened. "W- WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! WHERE'S MY SON?!" "He's in the game room! Please just calm down!" "B- but he wasn't in the gameroom when I checked up on him! I looked in the bedroom, instead of my real son I found THIS!" said Garmadon, holding up the decoy that Nova left. "Where is he now?!" "*sigh* I'm gonna have to confess. Lloyd, come out!" said Kate. "Is he gone Ka-. Oh, uh, hi dad." I said, peeking out the door. "Oh thank the First Spinjitzu Master you're safe!" said my dad, hugging me- tightly. "Where in Ninjago have you two been?!" "Uh, somewhere..?" I said, but Kate facepalmed. "We were in a workhouse fighting Nova. She captured Lloyd and made that decoy to trick us. It took a long time to stop her, but we managed to succeed." "Does that explain why my son smells so badly?" I put my hands to my hips and rolled my eyes. "Yes, dad. I'll go take a shower now..." I said, walking to the bathroom. "Please tell us if anything bad happens next time, OK?" "But Nova said she'll kill him if I bring anyone along." "OK, that explains it."

Kai's POV

All I could see was pure black. I don't know how long I've been knocked out, but I could tell it has been awhile. Then I was getting my consciousness back. I slowly started to open my eyes, but only to see my sister looking at me. "Oh good, you're awake! What was the last thing you've remembered?" she asked. "That I was getting choked by Nova." I replied. "Good, you don't have amnesia. Anyway, you might want to eat something cold for your throat to feel better, and maybe open windows for you to get some fresh air. Nova was choking you so hard, I thought you would've died! But thank the First Spinjitzu Master you didn't." "Yea, I'm very lucky. How are the others?" "They're recovering, Jay had a concussion, and I don't know why Cole knocked out." "Probably got hit in the head or something." "Yea, that's what I would be guessing. And don't try to talk so much, or your throat would hurt more." "Probably should tell that to Jay." I said smirking. "Yea, maybe I should just tell him he has a sore throat." said Nya, giggling, walking out the door.

After about 2 minutes, Jay and Cole were opening their eyes. "Where are we? Are we back home?" asked Cole, rubbing the back of his head. "We're back home, and Nya fixed us up." I answered. "Why does my head feel like it's been hit by a truck?" asked Jay, rubbing his head as well. "Because Nova decided to use you as a bowling ball and me and Kai as the pins." answered Cole, starting to get out of his bed. "Oh, right. She's such a jerk."

Kate's POV

While Lloyd was taking a shower, I was meditating. I know, I fell last time, but hopefully this time it won't be as bad. Anyway, I saw this image of a junkyard that said "Ed 'n' Edna's Scrap and Junk". I saw a woman who looked about 50 years and a man who looked like he was 53. I tried to concentrate a little more to know why I was seeing this. I then found out. There was a warrior grabbing chains, then strangling the woman! She cried for help, then the man came running out to see what was going on. Then another warrior grabbed the man! That's when I woke up. Lucky for me I didn't fall, but I got on the ground and ran to the room where Cole, Kai, and Jay were. "Guys!" I said, panting. "Kate? What's wrong?" asked Cole, running towards me. "Does anyone here know anyone named Ed and Edna?" That's when Jay jumped out of his seat and ran towards me. "They're my parents! What happened to them?!" said Jay, starting to panic. I grabbed Jay's arms running out the door with him.

"Woah! Where are you taking me?!" said Jay. I stopped in my tracks then looked at him. "Y- You're parents were taken away by some warriors. I saw it happen while I was meditating." Jay's eyes widened and ran to the room again. "GUYS! WE NEED TO LEAVE NOW! MY PARENTS ARE IN DANGER!" shouted Jay. Everyone ran out the room with him, walking towards me. "Where did the warriors take them?" asked Cole. I closed my eyes and tried to get a vision. "They've taken them to- uh oh-" "What do you mean, UH OH!?" shouted Jay. "They're held captive in the same workhouse where me and Lloyd fought Nova." "Well since you've been there before, you should know the way!" "Let's get the whole team ready first, we can't leave one behind!" said Cole. I ran across the hall to find Lloyd in the game room. "Oh hey Kate, wanna pla-" "No. We have a mission, go tell the others, we'll be in the bridge waiting." "Uh, ok?" That was all I heard from Lloyd before I ran out the room and to the bridge.

Jay's POV

I was so nervous, so scared, so worried! What will happen to them?! I don't want to find out- just save them! I was walking back and forth with my hands behind my back like what people do when they're impatient.

Finally, Lloyd came out with Nya, the two Senseis, and Misako. "What's the mission?" asked Nya. "I've seen Jay's parents have been captured by some warriors, and they're right now in the same workhouse me and Lloyd fought Nova in." "Wait- when did you do that?! And why didn't you tell us?!" asked Cole, crossing his arms. "Now's not the time for that! We need to save Jay's parents!" "Yeah- COLE!" I said, elbowing his shoulder pretty hard, he almost fell over. "Alright leader, you make the plan." "All of us will go, just in case we need backup. We'll go to the workhouse, with Kate leading the way." "Fine by me- LET'S GO!" Kate ran out the door with me and the others following.

When we got to the workhouse, I could see guards guarding the entrance. "OK, I'll turn myself invisible and get the guards, then I'll give you the signal." said Kate, turning invisible. I watched the guards move around getting punched in the face, then turned into a puff of black smoke. I saw her give the signal after she returned to normal. "Let's move." whispered Cole. We all opened the door, and to find warriors- and my parents. Hopefully they don't see us. "Are you ready for the shots, Ed and Edna?" "I- will- not allow you to do that!" shouted my dad. I was about to bring back a tear, until Cole said the next step. "While me and Kate distracts the warriors, Jay and Lloyd will untie Jay's parents. The rest of you will help with the distraction." whispered Cole. I then waited for the distraction to begin. "LET US GO!" shouted my mom, struggling like crazy. "We'll just need a little of your blood, but then we'll throw you in the lava pit, just for the fun of it!" said a warrior, laughing menacingly. "No..." I said, softening my voice. I saw Kate turn invisible again, then everyone else spread out except me and Lloyd.

"HEY IDIOTS! COME AND GET ME!" shouted Cole, waving his hands around. "A ninja! GET HIM!" shouted a warrior, readying his weapon. Then I saw both of them fall down, and Kate turned visible again. Then me and Lloyd snuck over to my parents. "Oh, Jay and Lloyd! Thanks for rescuing us!" said my mom, smiling. "Don't thank us yet, because we still have a boss fight to beat." said Lloyd, untying my dad. "What's the boss fight?" asked my dad. "Nova." I answered. They both looked confused, but when they got untied, they hugged me. She looked at my face, but then at my bandages. "What happened to you? Are you hurt?" "Just had a concussion, but I'll be fine. A ninja never quits!" Then more warriors surrounded us four, pointing their swords at us. "Well done, Sparky, you managed to get your parents back, but as what Lloyd said, the boss fight begins!" The others came over and knocked out some warriors. "If you want to fight one of us, you'll have to fight all of us!" said Cole. "Very well, this'll be more fun!" "Warriors, attack!"

A huge wave of warriors came running towards us, but they'll have no match against our Spinjitzu! "NINJA- GO!" shouted everyone, except Nya. Instead she called her mech and hopped in it. What I didn't notice was that Nova snuck up behind my parents, sticking needles into them! "Ow!" "Oh it's just a needle! Get over it!" said Nova, grabbing my parents. "My plan here is for you to see your own son die and lay in his own blood! Mwuahahaha!" "NOO! JAAY!" shouted my mom. I looked back, and saw her with Nova holding two needles with blood in them. "MOM! DAD!" I shouted, running towards them. A warrior stopped me and pinned me to the wall. I kicked him while he was holding my arms, making him loose grip. I grabbed my nun-chucks out, then whacked him. Before he fell to the floor, he threw a spear at me, pinning my arm to the wall. I screamed in pain, and tried to pull it out of my arm. It was stuck in there pretty well, but I kept trying.

"Your time is up! Your parents' times are up! You will lose!" shouted the warrior. It scratched my other arm! "Oww! You jerk!" I shouted, whacking him again. "You fool! You dare to challenge me?!" "I'll do whatever it takes to save my parents!" Blood was dripping out of my arms, while I tried to hold back the pain. "You're just a weak little spark! How are you supposed to defeat me?!" "I- am not- a weak- little- SPARK!" I shouted, shooting a lightning bolt from my hands to the warrior's face. "Very impressive, sparky." He grabbed a sword out while I still had my nun-chucks, then slashed it at me! A huge scratch went across my body, slicing my ninja gi. Then I hit him back, whacking his head. I felt weak and helpless, but I never gave up. "You will give up eventually, Sparky. Or you will die by losing a lot of blood, or I will just cut your heart right out right in front of your own parents!" He then stabbed me in the stomach, giving me more pain. I coughed up blood and fell to the floor. I then heard Nya call my name before I blacked out.

Nya's POV

"Oh my god! Oh no! JAAAY!" I said, getting out of my mech and running towards him. Kate looked at me then was shocked as well. She kicked the warrior until it became a puff of smoke, then she ran towards me. "Oh no, Jay!" said Kate, studying him. "He's losing blood! We need to take him to the hospital!" "I don't think so, sister! This wasn't part of my plan! My plan was to let them see him die!" "He won't, you freak!" I said, starting to fight. "Oh yes he will die! With his own parents watching him suffer and doing nothing!" I then looked back at Jay, then back at Nova. I pushed a button on my bracelet, then my mech came along. "Really? You think a giant machine will stop me?! Pathetic!" "In your dreams!"

Kate's POV

I tried making as many bandages as I could to patch up the scrapes, but it was barely helping. I then let go of Jay and fought the guards blocking the entrance. After they were defeated, I grabbed Jay, and ran to Ed and Edna. I used my telekinesis powers and untied them. "We're going to the hospital, let's move." I said to Jay's parents, still holding Jay. They both nodded and ran after me.

I ran to the hospital with Jay in my arms. His parents were right behind me. "Doctor! Help! He's losing blood!" I said. Some doctors came in with a cot with wheels. They grabbed Jay out of my arms and set him on the cot. "We'll try to fix him, please wait in the waiting room. We'll call you when we're done." said the nurse.

I went back into battle and Ed and Edna stayed at the hospital. "Kate! Where were you?! Where's Jay?" "He's at the hospital, with his parents. They're safe, what about Nova?" "I slowed her down, but I don't know for how long." I then heard an explosion behind me, and it was Nova of course. "You piss me off TOO much, sister of fire!" said Nova, throwing shadow balls at us. then I made light magenta discs and threw them at my sister. "RRRGH! You as well, sister!" Nova's hands turned an extremely dark purple, then was gonna punch Nya! I ran right in front of Nya and made a semi- spheric shield, protecting her. She was so strong, my feet were sliding backwards, almost losing friction. "Nya- run!" I shouted, trying to move forward. Nya ran away from the fight, climbing on her mech. "You think you can save your- friends-, but you can't." "What makes you say that, sis?! I freed my friend's parents, did all I could do to help him, saved Lloyd from you murdering him, and saved everyone before you would cut their bodies open!" "You might have saved them then, but you can't save the rest now." "W- Why?" I asked, grinding my teeth. "Because you're finished." said Nova, in a deep tone. She punched with her fist one more time, and it was so powerful, it broke my shield and pushed me backwards so hard, I blacked out. "Mwuahahaha! I told you! You're finished! Have fun rotting in hell! Mwuahahahahaha!"

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