Two Ninjas, One Family

Chapter 8

Lloyd's POV

I kept fighting more and more warriors, man how many were there? I kept trying to keep my focus until I heard Nova. "Mwuahahaha! I told you! You're finished! Have fun rotting in hell!" I looked back to only see a damaged Nova, and- oh crap. "KAATEE!" I shouted, dropping the warrior's neck and running over to her. I bent down and lifted up her head. "What have you done to her! You jerk!" "I did my destiny, any other questions?" "MURDERING PEOPLE ISN'T A FUKING DESTINY!" I shouted. "It is to me! Cause it's my destiny! And you can't control it!" "I will have revenge on you- RIGHT NOW!" I shouted, holding back some tears. "Oh I'm sorry, but my work here is done! See ya, cucumber!" "I AM NOT A DAMN CUCUMBER FOR THE LAST FUKING TI-" I stopped as soon as Nova disappeared in a black puff of smoke.

I ran back to Kate who was still unconscious, hopefully not dead. "K- Kate? P- Please- d- don't go!" I kept trying to hold back tears, but just couldn't anymore. I got on my hands and knees, then started to cry, tears forming in my eyes. When the warriors retreated, everyone looked at me and Kate. "Lloyd! What happened?!" asked my dad, running over to me. He looked down to see Kate, who was unconscious. He also saw tears running down my cheeks, onto the floor. Nya also frowned, then dug her face into Kai's shoulder. She also started crying. "This is my fault! S- She saved my life! If she wasn't here, I would've been dead by now!" said Nya, crying on Kai's shoulder. "Wait- where's Jay? And his parents?" asked Kai, looking around. "Kate brought Jay to the hospital, and released his parents." replied Nya, then went back to crying. Garmadon frowned, then felt Kate's wrist. "Don't worry Lloyd, she's still alive." "I- Is *sniff* she gonna be- *sniff* OK?" "She's just asleep, that punch knocked her out, but it didn't kill her." Then I hugged my dad, trying to hold back the tears. "Hey... she's a strong girl, she'll survive, I promise."

When we all got home, my dad carried Kate to our room. I followed him because I told him I would keep an eye on her. I opened the door, letting my dad walk in. He set her on the bottom bunk, then looked back at me. "Tell me when she wakes up." "Yea, OK dad." I said, looking back at Kate. She looks cute when she's sleeping, even after a fight like that. I pulled a chair and read some comic books to pass time.

After about three minutes, I started to feel drowsy. "Oh.. what if Kate wakes up?!" I thought. I said I'd tell dad when she wakes up. Eh, she probably won't wake up for another hour. I set the comic book on the floor and fell asleep.

Kate's POV

My eyes were starting to see light. "Am I back home?" I asked myself, waking up. Ow, a major headache's going on right now! Man, that punch was something! I looked up, and I saw Lloyd sleeping peacefully in a chair with some comic books on the floor. I got up and tapped his shoulder. "Wake up, Lloyd. I'm awake." I said, tapping his shoulder 3 times. "Wha- What- Oh Kate you're awake!" said Lloyd, hugging me. "Uh, was I out too long or something?" "I was just so worried about you! I cried when I first saw you laying on the ground unconscious. How are you feeling?" "My head feels like it's been hit by a truck." "Do you want an ice pack or something?" "Sure, thanks Lloyd." I said, sitting back on the bed. "I'll tell dad you're awake, then I'll be back with an ice pack." I laid back on the bed while Lloyd ran out the door. I decided to take a little nap again, so I laid back in bed. A dream then popped in my head.

In the Dream...

"Where am I?" I asked, getting up. "In your head, sister..." "Nova?! Where are you?! Why are you in my head?!" I asked, looking around. "I'm right in front of you, and I'm here to deliver a message." "And what's the message?" "I will have so much revenge on you you wouldn't believe what I would do! Overlord will destroy everyone and everything you love and care about! Even your boyfriend..." "Then tell him to just fuck off and jump off a cliff!" I said. "I'm sorry, I can't do that." "Why not?" "Because Lloyd's coming in your room, and remember- Don't tell anyone about this! Or suffer the consequences."

Out of the dream...

"Kate? You up? I got the ice pack." said Lloyd, walking in the room. "Oh, thanks." I replied, grabbing the ice pack. "You look worried, are you okay?" "Just a bad dream, plus my head really hurts, no biggie." Lloyd made that confused look. "Well, I'll leave you alone then, I'll call you when dinner's ready."

Jay's POV

It's been a day since that warrior almost killed me. I heard whispers around me, and I felt like I was in a soft bed. Where was I? It doesn't sound like that workhouse, that's good. I tried to open my eyes, but my eyelids were too heavy. I could hear them, and clear enough to understand them. "Doctor, is he gonna make it?" someone asked. It was my mom. "We're still doing tests on him. We've done surgeries and shots. This will be the last test, we'll tell you when he's ready." "Okay, doctor, we'll be in the waiting room." said my dad. I heard my mom crying, walking away.

Now it's been an hour since my parents walked out of the room. I heard footsteps fading, and a door closing. I then heard footsteps coming towards me. "Jay? Baby are you okay?" Oh god, when will mom stop calling me that?! "Your son is still unconscious. We've done tests, and he's doing fine. He will wake up in about two hours. You can visit him again in three hours."

Two hours have passed, and my eyelids were starting to feel lighter. Once they were light enough, I slowly opened them. I could see two male doctors. One looking at a computer, and the other looking at me. "You're awake, how do you feel?" "My arms feel sore and my head feels like it's been hit by a truck." I replied. The doctor grabbed a clipboard and a pen, then wrote stuff down. "Your parents will be visiting you in about an hour, you should get some rest." "But I just took a whole day of resting! When will I be able to come home?" "You will be able to come home tomorrow." "Tomorrow?! Aww, dangit!" "Is that a problem?" "Well, I have a lot of stuff to do tomorrow, and I want to meet my girlfriend." "Your girlfriend would probably visit you, she loves you, right?" said the doctor, walking out the door. I decided to fall asleep because I thought it would help with my headache.

Another hour passed, I heard knocking at the door. "Come in." I said, sitting up. The door opened, and my parents came in. Some other people came in too. It was the other ninja, the Senseis, and Nya. "Jay! Thank goodness you're alive!" said Nya, running to my bed. "Hey Nya, how have you been?" I asked. "I've been fine, but, I probably would've died if it weren't for Kate." replied Nya. I looked at Kate with wide eyes. "How did she save you? What happened?" "Nova almost punched me with some kind of strange power, but Kate used her powers to hold her back long enough for me to escape. But Nova was just too powerful and knocked her out." "Wow, th- thanks for saving Nya, Kate." I said, turning to Kate. "I also saved you and your parents' lives, and you're welcome." said Kate. "We're glad you're okay, Jay. That warrior did some damage to your arms." said Cole, pointing at my left arm. "Yea, heh. Some warrior." "When will you be able to come home?" asked Nya. "The doctor said tomorrow. Did you beat Nova again?" "Well, technically, no. After Kate knocked out, I wanted to put up a fight with Nova, but she said her work here's done." "What could that mean?" I asked. "I don't know, but it can't be good." A doctor ran in the room with a remote. "Ninja! Oh thank goodness you're here!" "What's wrong sir?" asked Cole. "Check this out, you might want to see it."

"I'm here in Ninjago City, where a fire's spreading from a huge explosion from an attack on Ninjago Square. We found some evidence from the house that exploded, and it looked like sword with unknown material." "Unknown material? Could that be one of the warriors' swords?" asked Kai. "We have to go to Ninjago Square and put out this fire! And Jay, stay here." said Cole. "But I'm a ninja, too!" "Yea, but you can barely use your arms, it's best if you stay here." As they ran out the door, my parents went by my bed. "Don't worry, Jay. We'll protect you." said my mom, giving me my old stuff bear (WHICH I THOUGHT WAS TRASH BY NOW!). "*sigh* This'll be a long day." I thought in my head.

Kate's POV

Will Nova ever quit? Man, why can't we just finish her once and for all!? Anyway, when we got to Ninjago Square, half of the city was destroyed. "Everyone! Grab hoses and water sources! We need to put out this fire! And Kate, try to find any people in the destruction." ordered Cole. I nodded and ran the opposite direction the others were headed. I used my telekinisis powers and moved fallen boards and ashes. I then heard moaning. I dug through the ashes, and found a hand sticking out. I grabbed the hand, and pulled it out of the ashes. He rocked his head back and forth, until he opened his eyes. "W- Who are you?" He asked. "I'm one of the ninja, a new ninja, and you are?" "My name's Lou, do you know where my son is?" "Who is your son?" "Cole, the black ninja."

What? He's Cole's father?! I was shocked. Well not that shocked. I mean, him and Cole do look alike. "Cole's helping by putting out the fire." I replied to Lou. "I'm just glad he's okay." "Do you need help getting to safety?" "Yes please, my ankle has been sprained during the explosion." "Hop on." I created a levitating circle to use as transportation. I lowered it, and helped him get on. "What's this?" He asked, getting on. "Something I use for transportation created by myself. It's part of my powers." After I set him down, it started to float higher.

"Hey, you're back, what do you have there?" asked Kai, going back to putting out the fire. "I found this person and he says he's Cole's dad." I said. Cole dropped the hose and quickly turned around. "Dad! Are you okay?" said Cole, running towards him. "Just a sprained ankle, son. I'm safe." "I'll take care of my dad, the rest of you get back to your duties." Everyone else nodded and got back to their work.

I ran to find more people, and after about three minutes I could already see a family of five cuddled together. "Oh, please help us!" said the mother. "I'll get you to safety, don't worry." I said, creating another transportation circle. Everyone hopped on. "Is anyone injured?" "My son's losing oxygen from the smoke, we need to get him to a hospital!" "No problem." I made the circle go as fast as it could, and I brought them to the hospital in three minutes. Everyone got off and ran to the hospital. One little girl walked up to me, then hugged me. "Thank you for saving us." said the little girl, walking into the doors.

It's been an hour and I've taken about 30 people to the hospital, since then. Everyone was then safe and the fire was nearly out. "Alright, that's the last spot. Well done, team." said Cole. I ran back to where everyone else was. "Hey guys! I'm back!" I said. "How many people have you saved?" "About 30." "Good, the fire's out and now we can go home." "What about the wreckage?" "We'll help clean that up, first."

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