Two Ninjas, One Family


Kate's POV

We nearly cleaned up all of the wreckage, and Cole sent his dad to a hotel (since his home was destroyed). The last spot I had to clean up was the park. When I was going to clean the center of it, something caught my eye. It was a statue. It looked pretty dirty, but it looked like a ninja. It had the same ninja gi shape like the team, strangely. "Who could this be?" I read the stand with a piece of paper on it. It had a description of the statue. It said, "Here lies a statue of Zane the Titanium Ninja. He risked his life to save us all from the Overlord's Attack on the new Ninjago City. Sadly, he died for us, did a sacrifice." "Zane? Who's Zane?" I asked. As I started cleaning, Cole started running towards me. "Kate, are you done yet? Everyone else is waiting!" "No, I'm not done. But I could sure use some help cleaning this." He looked at the statue and walked towards it. He put his hand on the statue's right leg. "Why Zane, why did you have to sacrifice yourself for us?" whispered Cole. "Uh, Cole? You okay?" "I'm fine, I'm just.. having a moment." Cole ran back to call the others.

When eyeryone came with the cleaning supplies, they all looked at the statue. "Brings back memories, huh Cole?" asked Lloyd, having a frown on his face. "Yea it does, Lloyd." said Cole, starting to clean the statue.

After we've cleaned the statue, we all went home. "I'm going to go to the training room, tell me when dinner's ready." "Ok Kate, would you like to do more training?" asked Sensei. "Uh, no thanks. I'm just going to practice on my previous lessons." I said, walking to the training room.

After an hour of training, Sensei came in. "Hello, Kate. How's your training going?" he asked. "Uh, fine. It's going great, I'm getting stronger every second!" "Well that's wonderful! You deserve a rest, why don't you play video games with Lloyd." "Ok sure, tell him I'll be there soon."

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