The Return of the White Ranger

Chain Of Command

Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen to the Harwood County Martial Arts Expo." said the Handsome announcer. "Coming up next: a Karate Competition featuring Harwood County's finest and a New Challenger."

There was a giant blue mat in the center of the school gym. The bleachers were filled with parents and high school students. On one side of the room, the judges sat poised. The ref in the match wore a blue blazer and white slacks.

Troy stood at one side of the mat with his friends behind him. He wore a red A-shirt and black sweat pants. Emma gave a massage to his shoulders a bit while Noah hands him a blue towel.

For a while now, Malkor has not attacked the city. The rangers are grateful for the downtime that they now have, but are uneasy with the hold up. Has Malkor just forgotten about Earth or is he planning for something worse? Whatever it is they have to be prepared.

"Alright Troy." says Jake he pats him on the shoulder. "Remember to think positive and to concentrate on your moves."

"Yeah," chimes in Gia as she hands him a yellow water bottle. "Focus your mind as well as your body."

"Thanks guys," responds Troy. "But it looks like I am going to need all of the help that I can get."

All five teens look over at the challenger. He a fit male who was around their age. He stood at the opposite side of the mat with his groups of supporters behind him. He looked over at Troy and gave him a head nod. Troy returned the nod.

The bell rings and the match starts up. The two fighters meet each other at the center of the mat. The ref initiates the match. The cat-dance then begins as the two fighters foot work and maneuver around each other.

Meanwhile in outer space..

In the silver Warstar Spaceship orbiting Earth is where the insect-like Aliens called the Insectoids reside. The Bridge of the Wartsar ship was your typical stripped-down battle bridge. The leader of this clan is none other than the mighty Admiral Malkor. He patiently thinks about another plan to bring down the Power Rangers. His second-in-command, General Vrak, stands next to Malkor donned in his blue Warstar Agent form.

"Admiral," starts Vrak. "We have just picked up word from the Warstar fleet. They have laid in a course for Earth."

"We have a problem," starts Malkor. "These Rangers are interfering with our plans. They all must be destroyed."

"I think I have a better way of solving this problem: instead of destroying them maybe we would turn them against each other."

The entire ship shakes and sounds of thunder clapping accelerates. As the thunder claps cease within the bridge. The intruder alarm goes off, alerting both Malkor and Vrak.

"Red Alert," roars Malkor. "We have an intruder aboard our vessel!"

On que, the vault-like doors behind them hiss open revealing a familiar foe.

"Hi, honey," says Zedd. "I'm home."

"Zedd." said Admiral Malkor in a forced diplomatic voice. "This is an unexpected pleasure. I was not notified of your presence."

"That's LORD ZEDD to you." He hisses back. "And you may dispense with the pleasantries, Admiral."

Malkor growls at Zedd.

"We thought you were destroyed." gasps General Vrak. "Banish forever in the deserts of the Shadow World."

"Oh, please." responds Zedd. "Like that place could hold me."

"You and I are not so different, Zedd." Says Malkor as he takes a couple of steps closer to the Front window that displays a beautiful view of Earth. "We both have the same goal in mind: To eliminate the inferior human race and to conquer Earth."

"Exactly," chimes in Vrak. "We both have a common enemy that stands in our way of achieving that goal."

"The Power Rangers." Snarls Zedd has he balls his claws into a fist.

"Precisely," continues Vrak."The wise thing to do is to unite our powers and form an alliance of Evil. Together, we will make ALL earthlings bend to our will."

"And who would be the leading this Evil Alliance?" inquires Zedd with a hint of bitterness to his voice.

"Of course, I would be that leader!" demands Malkor, now dropping his pleasant voice. "This is a Warstar Spaceship and we are Warstar Insectoids!"

Zedd fixes him with a hard gaze.

"Of course, if this offer does not seem that attractive to you," says Malkor as he snaps his fingers and a gang of lime green foot soldiers teleport onto the space around Zedd –encircling him. In unison, these Loogies unsheathe their daggers and crouch into attack position.

"You can try to find a better offer outside." Malkor chuckles to himself.

"Hmm." Zedd joins in on that chuckle except his was more evil and smoky. Then, in a blink of an eye, Zedd wields his Z-Staff so fast that it whistles through the air –hitting several Loogies in one swing. The Loogies tumble down to the floor and disintegrate into the air.

"I have a counter-offer." Zedd takes his Z-Staff and taps the butt of it on the ground. Instantly, an army of Z-Putties and Tenga Warriors appear on the spot –outnumbering the Loogies. The Loogies return their blades to their scabbards and back up towards Malkor.

"This offer entails you and your Warstar aliens to spend eternity floating around the depths of space whilst occupying a dumpster."

Malkor, Vrak and his Loogies back up a couple of steps.

"You wouldn't dare." Spits back Malkor.

"Tell me, Vrak," says Zedd as he points his staff at him. "Where do your loyalties lie?"

"U-uh," Vrak clears his throat. "With you, your Excellency." Vrak kneels on one knee in front of Zedd. "I swear my loyalties only to you, Emperor."

"Good," responds Zedd. "Your spineless sniveling attitude leaves me to believe that you will serve me well."

"Y-YOU TRAITOR." snarls Malkor as he balls his left claw into a tight fist. Anger boils inside of him.

"I have to say Admiral," says Zedd. "I am most displeased with your apparent lack of progress. Since you failed to carry out your mission, I will now resume command."

Two Z-Putties approach Malkor from either side and grab his arms, holding him in place. Malkor struggles, but cannot free himself.

"This is not the last you have seen of me –" starts Malkor.

"SILENCE," commands Zedd. "If Ooze, Mondo or Zordon were not able to stop me, then neither can you for I am Lord Zedd, Emperor of All I see!"

He points his Z-Staff at Malkor and a ZRAKK sound is heard as evil energy crawls up the staff and jumps out at Malkor. Malkor is consumed in Evil energy until it shrinks him down into a smaller size. Zedd then orders his putties to bring out a miniature version of the Space Dumpster.

They pick up the Toy-Sized Malkor and place him in the space dumpster and close the lid. The putties hold up the small container and Zedd fires at it with an Energy Blast from his Z-Staff. Malkor's small voice can be heard yelling from inside the dumpster as it hurls through the blackness of space.

"You haven't heard the last of me!" squeals the Toy-Sized Malkor. "For I am Malkor!"

"Bye, Bye Mini-Malkor!"

As Zedd laughs, thunder strikes inside of the ship. Bolts of evil energy build up in the center of the Ship's Bridge until an ancient throne appears. Zedd's old throne has returned. A throne that is fit for an Emperor of Evil. Zedd sits on his throne and holds his hands in the steeple position.

"Now," says Zedd. "For the next Phase of my plan."

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