The Return of the White Ranger

The Sting of Scorpina

Troy executes a back leg front kick that connected. His opponent hit the mat hard, but recovered quickly. Troy receives the point given to him which is a point ahead of his opponent.

His friends cheered him from the seats.

"Troy is doing great." exclaims Noah. "He's the best fighter I have ever seen."

"It's a good thing that he's on our side." Jests Jake.

Lord Zedd stands poised in front of the View Window as a red beam projects from his visor and cascades down to Earth. He focuses on the five teens of Harwood County. He's impressed by the fighting prowess that Troy exhibits during the match.

"Yes," Zedd talks to himself. "Troy is the best fighter on your team. That is why he will be mine." Zedd cackles to himself.

From behind him, Vrak clears his throat twice. Zedd growls as he slowly turns around to Vrak.

"Your Lordship, the time to strike is now. I suggest that we send an army of Putties after the brats." persuades Vrak. "They are in the open and are easy prey."

Zedd laughs wickedly for a couple of beats and then fires a bolt of evil energy at Vrak's feet.

"SILENCE," snarls Zedd. "I'm thinking."

"With all due respect, your Lordship," persists Vrak. "But the last time you were in battle was against the first Earth Team. There have been several teams since then. It would be wise to heed my advice in handling the Megaforce Rangers."

Zedd scoffs at this.

"I should formerly advise you that the Red Ranger has proven himself to be a formidable opponent in combat and will not be easy to destroy. So I've took it upon myself to call upon a new ally." Says Vrak as he gestures to his side. "Let me introduce you to Infracto." A Red and Yellow Beetle-themed Insectoid forward flips onto the scene.

"Tick tick, tick tock," badly sings Infracto while dancing. "The Power Rangers are running out of time. No time to stop, because I'll be close behind. When I come knock, they better know its time. And I've got the lock to keep them all in line. So they can run and they can hide, when the Infracto got them in sight. Cu-ca-com, Combat!" Infracto strikes a pose in front of Vrak.

Red with embarrassment, Vrak buries his face in his palm.

"Is that so?" challenges Zedd as he gets up from is throne and grabs his Z-Staff. "Let's see how you hold up in combat."

Just then three slice sounds were heard as three light blue diagonal lines appear across the Insectoid's body. Infracto groans as blue crackles of energy crawl up and down his Red and yellow body. As soon the wounded Inectoid collapses on the ground, he explodes on impact.

The smoke clears to reveal a female warrior holding a crescent shaped blade in an attack stance. Her beautiful features had an Asian persuasion and her shiny Golden Scorpion armor contrasted with her dark raven hair that cascaded down her back. Her hourglass shape caught the attention of Vrak at a moment's notice.

"Instead of destroying the Red Ranger, we will confer him over to the Dark Side." begins Scorpina. "Since he has proven to be a powerful adversary, turning him into an ally should be extremely beneficial for us."

"Scorpina," acknowledges Vrak. "Ah, yes. Your excellent reputation precedes you."

Scorpina walked passed him as if he was invisible. He took the intended insult personally, but swallowed his anger.

"Every Power Ranger Team shares a common weakness," continues Scorpina. "They feel that as long as they are united, that there is always hope. It is one of their most DISGUSTING traits. Hope, my dear friend, is a very dangerous thing for a man to lose."

"So then our strategy is to divide and conquer." contributes Zedd. "The Red Ranger is always the one to lead the team into battle. If we wish to cripple the Pathetic Power Brats, then we must start by removing their leader. And the rest will fall." Zedd bawls his metal claws into a fist.

"Your Evil One," says Scorpina. "I have returned from the Otherworld bearing a gift."

With both of her hands, she extends a hidden gift wrapped in a white cloth.

Zedd reaches down and pulls back the cloth to reveal what looks like the broken shards of a sword. He recognized the design of the hilt and the ruins embossed on the blade.

"Is this th-" starts Zedd.

"This was Empress Rita's Sword of Darkness, yes." responds Scorpina. "The same weapon that was wielded by the Evil Green Ranger."

"What's the Sword of Darkness?" inquires Vrak as he steps closer to look at it.

"Excellent," affirms Zedd. "If I was to cast a spell on this sword, my spell will inter-react with the Powers that Gosei has given him. If the Red Ranger were to hold it, then he would be under my control - FOREVER."

"A most devious plan, my Evil One." Says Vrak.

"A Brilliant plan if I don't say so myself." Boast Zedd.

Zed chants loudly while the shards of the sword levitate into the air. A red glow shines around the shards slowly piecing them together into their original order forming a sword. All Zedd needed to do was to repair the sword using his own evil energy and at the same time reprogramming it to only work for him. The red glow then grows around the sword.

Zedd walks over to the floating Sword and clutches it within his claws. He then tosses it took Vrak.

"Scorpina and Vrak," commands Zedd. "Go down there and make sure those Power Brats will never know what hit them." Zedd's sinister laughter echoes throughout the ship.

Within a dark cavern lies the Command Center for the Rangers. Their base of operations consisted of five touch screen viewing panels and a mystical tiki head posted on the wall.

Tensou, the technical assistant and caretaker, is skating around the center, entering in commands into the central computer system.

Just then, the Golden tiki head posted on the wall glows with light blue energy.

"Tensou," cautions Gosei "I sense an evil disturbance within the Morphing Grid. Activate the intergalactic scanners. If my suspicions are correct we may have very dire circumstances to deal with. Contact the Power Rangers at once."

"Right away, Gosei." says Tensou.

The teens walk home from the Expo.

"That was a great match, Troy." says Emma.

"Yeah," says Jake. "You earned this." Jake holds up the Golden Pike Karate Trophy.

"Come one, Jake." says Noah as he snatches the Trophy from Jakes hand. "He doesn't need a Trophy to know that he's good."

"Hey," says Jake. "Let's go to Ernie's Brainfreeze and celebrate. Milkshakes are on me!"

"Sounds good." says Gia.

Their Gosei Morphers chime in unison and the disembodied voice of Tensou speaks through.


Troy equips his tiki-shaped Morpher and the other teens crowd around him.

"We hear you Tensou," says Troy "What's up?"

"Vrak is harming innocent civilians in the Downtown sector. We need you there, immediately."

"We're on our way, Tensou." answers Troy. At that, the teens nod at each other and stand at attention.

"It's Morphin Time," proclaims the teens in Unison. "Go Go Megaforce!"

"Megaforce – Pink." Proclaims Emma.

"Megaforce – Black." Proclaims Jake.

"Megaforce – Yellow." Proclaims Gia.

"Megaforce – Blue." Proclaims Noah.

"Megaforce – Red." Proclaims Troy.

The Harwood teens have now Morph into their respective Power Suits. They soon make it to the Downtown Sector of Harwood County.

"These are the coordinates that Tensou sent." says Troy. "But where is Vrak?"

"There." Emma points at the Park farthest from them.

They see grey foot soldiers terrorizing the civilians. People run away screaming while Vrak and these new goons destroy stuff.

"Who are these guys?" asks Jake.

"They don't look like Loogies." Cautions Noah.

"Quick," Commands the Red Ranger "Before anyone gets hurt."

Vrak notices the Ranger. "Putty Patrol," commands Vrak. "ATTACK."

All five Rangers engage in battle with the Putties. The Yellow Ranger receives two kicks to her chest that causes her to stumble backwards. She is caught in the strong arms of the Red Ranger and soon gets back onto her feet.

"They're too strong," says Gia to Troy.

"We can't give up," replies Troy. "We got to find their weak spot."

"Right." Responds Gia and they both jump back into battle. Gia and Troy rely on the Power from their suits in order to deliver heavier attacks onto the Enemy Grunts.

Within the midst, both the Black and Blue Rangers are Back-to-Back while a gang of Z Putties encircle them. Both of the Rangers are switching positions within their fighting stances.

"Man," says Jake. "I don't know if I can last much longer."

"Come on," replies Noah. "Hang in there. There's got to be a way."

Noah's Gosei Morpher chimes and he equips his Morpher thinking that it might be Gosei or Tensou.

"Blue Ranger," the human voice that came through was unrecognizable to Noah. "We don't have much time. So listen up. The foot soldiers that you are fighting are called Putty Patrollers. The sure way to defeat them is hit the Z-Emblem on their chest armor."

"Who are you?" asks Noah. "How were you able to get on this frequency?"

"You don't know me. My name is Tommy and we'll talk later." The transmission then cuts out.

"Hello, Are you still there?" calls Noah through the Morpher. "Oh well, here goes nothing."

Noah engages one Putty in combat and hits him squarely on the Z emblem and was surprised at the result. The Putty disassembled and disintegrated into thin air.

"Guys," instructs Noah, "I have found the answer. Hit them directly in the Z."

"Right." Responds the Rangers in unison and they carry out his order. Wave by Wave, the Z-Putties disintegrated into the air.

"Good work Noah." Says Troy as he holds a thumbs up to him. Noah holds one back. "We still have more to go."

Troy hears a girl shriek for her life and immediately sees Vrak chasing a teenage girl. The girl tried her best to run away, but her efforts were ultimately futile when she tripped over her own shoelaces falling face forward onto the ground. The contents of her backpack spills onto the ground beside her.

Vrak stands over her and grabs her by the throat. He holds her high up until her feet are kicking high off the ground.

"You guys handle these grunts," commands Troy. "I'll take on Vrak."

"Right." Responds the rest of the Rangers and they break up to save the day.

"Ha ha," says Vrak to the scared teenage girl. "It's time to destroy you."

"Hold it there Vrak," demands Troy as he halts his pace. "You are not going to destroy anyone. Not if I have anything to say about it."

"Red Ranger," curses Vrak as he turns to face him. "I have been waiting for another chance to face you." The insectoid holds up his right hand to show off his three inch long sharp claws that extends from his hands. The claws glisten in the sunlight. Vrak is adorned in his blue and orange Chupacabra-themed Earth Armor.

"Let her go." Insists the Red Ranger once again. He points at the defenseless girl.

"Or else what?" challenges Vrak. "You might hurt me?" The muscular built insectoid then tosses the gril at a far distance. She whined at the impact on the ground.

Both Vrak and the Red Ranger charge towards each other while shouting loudly.

As soon the two gladiators clash, the scuffle begins.

Vrak was a clever scheming individual, but he was also a very strong opponent. As Troy's fighting techniques became more acrobatic, Vrak just relied on the power of his claws. He was able to land three slashes onto Troy's mid-section causing sparks to rupture from his Power Suit.

Troy landed back onto the ground in a defensive roll, but quickly returned to his feet.

"Mega Blaster," calls out Troy as he immediately un-holsters his personal sidearm and fires charged blasts at Vrak's tough Insectoid hide. His armor absorbed the blast without him flinching.

"Hmm," teases Vrak as he pats his armor. "That tickles."

"Yeah, well this won't." The Red Ranger whips out his Gosei Morpher and inserts his Power Card into the Morpher. "Weapons - ACTIVATE." Proclaims Troy as he activates the Morpher. "Summon Battle Gear," affirms the Gosei's disembodied voice. In a Red flash of light, Troy's Dragon Sword then materializes into the palms of his hands. With Power Weapon in hand, he charges toward Vrak with purpose.

Vrak pulls up his claws and charges at the Red Ranger. The battle continues as they traded blows with one another. Several TINK sounds were heard through the park as Troy's Dragon Sword clashes with Vrak's Claws. Even though The Red Ranger whirled his blade around with arrow-like speed, Vrak was able to parry his every blow.

Then Vrak extends his right claw toward Troy's chest. With Cat-like reflexes, Troy jumps high into the air just enough for the soles of his feet to land on Vrak's extended hand.

"How..?" gasps Vrak.

"Too slow." Teases Troy who pulls his Power Weapon above his head, preparing for a powerful Downward strike.

Vrak immediately retreats his right claw from underneath Troy and formed an X with his other claw, blocking the Downward strike of the Dragon Sword. The two sets of blades meet causing a wave of energy to erupt from the impact. The two gladiators firmly held their ground, pushing their blades into one another. Only mere inches between Troy's helmet and Vrak's face.

"You are fool if ever thought you can defeat me, Red Ranger."

"We'll see about that." Shoots back Troy who breaks the grapple and lands three slashes onto Vrak hides, causing sparks to rupture from his body. Vrak is sent hurling in the air and lands on the ground. That was easier than Troy though it was going to be.

Troy immediately approaches the teenage girl who is still lying on the ground. The beautiful Asian American girl looked relieved to see the red Ranger. Her raven hair cascaded down her back and her almond shaped eyes complimented her high cheek bones.

"What's your name?" asks Troy. He could not believe that that was the first thing that came out of his mouth.

"Sabrina." She responded with a smile.

"Have no fear, Sabrina." claims Troy as he extends his hand to help her up. "The Power Rangers are here to save the day. Here, let me help you up."

"Well, how kind of you.." She snarks as she slaps an object into Troy's extended hand.

"Huh," baffled, Troy looks down at the object to notice that it is a sword. He sees crackles of crimson energy crawling up from the hilt and up his arm. He feels the energy absorbing through his Power Suit and touching his skin. The evil energy soon crawled into his mind.

Just then, his head throbs with pain. The type of headache that he has never had before. Troy then hears an evil voice in his head. Little did he know that it was the voice of Lord Zedd.

"Red Ranger," commanded the voice. "You are under my control and are only meant to serve me."

"No.." responds Troy as he falls to his knees, grabbing his head. While Troy endures his painful headache, Sabrina slowly backs away from him, a malevolent smile stretches across her face.

The other Rangers notice the pain that the Red Ranger is going through. Mysteriously, Troy's Dragon Sword disintegrates into the air.

"What's going on with Troy?" asks Jake to Noah.

"I don't know." responds Noah. "Let's find out."

Both the Blue and Black Ranger runs up to the Red Ranger. Noah places his and on Troy's shoulder.

"Hey, buddy" says Noah. "You alright?"

The Red Ranger stops squirming and slowly raises his head.

"Of course I'm alright." Answers Troy and he stands up on his feet. "But you're not."

Just then, the Red Ranger whirls around and lands three slashes onto the Blue Ranger causing sparks to erupt from Noah's mid-section. Noah groans from the pain and a rain of sparks fall on Jake.

Jake was frozen for a couple of seconds from shock, but as soon as he was ready to react, he was already several seconds too late. Troy lands three slashes onto the Black Ranger's mid-section causing Jake to fall to the ground, grunting in pain.

Both the Pink and The Yellow Ranger stop fighting the Putties and were shocked with what they saw.

"What's happening?"

"Why did Troy attack them?"

"I don't know."

Troy stood proudly with the Sword of Darkness clutched in his hands. Red Flames project from the blade.

As the two female Rangers focused on Evil Troy, the Putties saw a window opened to them and took advantage of the situation. They engaged the female Rangers and landed vicious thews on them both causing sparks to fly from their Power Suits.

Troy laughs manically out loud while looking down at the sword. The Sword had a unique curved blade and a red tassel that hung from the hilt.

The wounded Rangers soon got back to their feet and assembled in front of the Evil Red Ranger.

The Asian teenage girl laughs wickedly from behind the Red Ranger.

As she walks with purpose towards the Rangers, a bright golden light grows on her skin starting from her feet going up to her head. The lights formed a Golden suit of armor that was in a shape of a Scorpion. Within her hand, she grasped a silver crescent shaped sword.

"W-What in.." gasps the Pink Ranger.

"Who is that?" asks Jake to Gia.

"This is crazy." says Noah. "This must be Admiral Malkor's doing." He says to himself as the grey foot soldiers disappear from the location.

"They call me Scorpina." hisses the Scorpion Warrior. "And you Power Brats have just met your worst nightmare."

"Come on," commands Scorpina to Evil Troy. "Let's destroy these Power Brats."

"Yeah, let's destroy them." agrees Troy with a sinister twist to his voice.

Vrak decides to sit this one out and watch how Scorpina moves.

"No-" rebels Jake. "I thought we were friends. I thought we were on the same side."

"Wait a minute, Jake" cautions Noah as he stares at the Ancient Weapon held in Dark Troy's hand. It glowed with a crimson energy that Noah had never seen before.

"I think it's the sword that causing Troy to act evil." explains Noah. "We have to get it away from him – fast."

"Alright, Rangers" commands Jake. "Ready your weapons." In unison, they whip out their Morphers and insert their Power Cards. "Weapons, ACTIVATE." Proclaim the Rangers as they activate their Gosei Morphers. "Summon Battle Gear," affirms the Gosei's disembodied voice. Their weapons materialize into the palms of their hands as they call them out.

"Phoenix Shot." Proclaims Emma.

"Snake Axe." Proclaims Jake.

"Tiger Claw." Proclaims Gia.

"Shark Bowgun." Proclaims Noah.

"Let's do this," commands the Black Ranger as him and the rest of Rangers engage Scorpina and Evil Troy into battle.

Evil Troy pairs off with both Noah and Jake while Scorpina takes on Emma and Gia.

"Let's see if you can handle this?" taunts Gia as she wields her Tiger Claw. Scorpina managed to easily evade Gia's swipes with a smirk on her face and retuned with a couple of her own with a horizontal slash to her mid-section and chest. Sparks erupt from Gia as she fell backwards. She soon got back on feet while groaning from the pain. She charged at her again while screaming "Earth's Defenders, Never Surrender."

"Take some of this." Shouts Emma as she fires three charges blasts from her Phoenix Shot.

Armed with her Crescent shaped sword, Scorpina managed to parry Gia's attack and use her as a human shield against Emma's attacks. Gia felt the pain of the Pheonix Blast through her Power Suit. She screamed from the pain.

"Oh no," gasps Emma from the mistake that was made.

"Whoops, your mistake." Teases Scorpina who spins the wounded Yellow Ranger around and delivers three slashes to Gia which caused her to backflip onto the ground in a rain of sparks. Gia rolled across the ground with smoke curling up from her suit and Emma instantly ran over to side. She soon helps Gia back onto her feet.

"All right, Power Geeks," hisses Scorpina. "I'm tired of fooling around." Scorpina raises her weapon over her head with one hand and with the other she waves her hand over it. Her sword becomes imbued with a bright evil energy.

"Now feel the power of my sting." Proclaims the warrior as she then casts her sword like a boomerang that spins over towards the Yellow and Pink Rangers. The weapon ricochets off of their suits.

And sparks flare up from their mid-section while Emma and Gia are sent hurling backwards from the power of her attack. They scream while flipping through the air.

As soon as they hit the ground, they demorph on impact. They lie on the ground motionless.

"You humans are no match for Scorpina." Gloats the warrior.

Evil Troy was able to land several attacks on both Jake and Noah.

"Troy," starts Jake as he deflects the Evil Ranger's blows with his Snake Axe. "You must listen to me. It's the sword. You have to drop it."

"Shut up." Shouts Troy as he lands three piercing blows onto Jake's Armor. Spark flies from his body as he rolls onto the ground.

"Whatever it is, try to snap out of it." insists the Blue Ranger as he fires couple of blasts at Troy with his Shark Bowgun, but Troy manages to deflect every blast back toward Noah. Noah feels the stings through his Power Suit as he falls to the ground.

The two rangers grunt from the pain and demorph as soon as they hit the ground. Their Gosei Morphers lying beside them.

"Looks like our job here is done." Cackles Vrak as he snaps his finger and him, Troy and Scorpina all teleport from the location leaving humanoid cut-outs of flames.

The fallen teens are left lying motionless on the ground.

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