The Return of the White Ranger

Guess Whose Back

The Teens all have their fair share of bruises and scars. The biggest scar is the one inflicted on their egos. Their clothes have rubs and rips in them. What has transpired a moment ago is still present on their minds. Gia sits on the ground, holding her left arm with her right hand as Emma walks over and asks.

"Are you alright?" She extends her left hand to Gia in order to help her up.

"What do you think?" snaps back Gia as she swats Emma's helping hand away. "I especially like the part where you shoot me with your Phoenix Shot."

"You were in the way, Gia" Emma snaps back. "What you did back there was a very blonde move."

Gia immediately gets up off the ground and steps closer to Emma's face.

"It'll be my pleasure to teach you the basics of combat right now." says Gia through gritted teeth.

"The pleasure will be all mine." Replies Emma.

"Hey, knock it off." interjects Jake as he steps in between them. "Are you kidding me? This is not the time for that."

"Who made you leader?" snaps Gia. Both Emma and Gia narrow their eyes at Jake.

"Yeah," joins in Emma. "Nice job in leading us to defeat."

Jake was almost at a loss for words. He is use to people saying cutting remarks to him and he lets it roll off of his back. But since he cares what Gia thinks of him, it hurts in a way that he cannot explain.

"Guys," calms Noah as he pats the dirt off of his blue blazer. "Lay off. He did the best he could. We all did. It's insane to fight each other."

"I don't need for you to jump at my defense, Noah." says Jake. "I'm a big boy, I can defend myself."

"Oh - I was not trying to –" Noah was interrupted by the sounds of thunder from up above. The teens then collectively looked up at the sky and the saw the dark clouds forming. There was something unusually sinister about it. As if it was an omen for things to come.

"That does not look good." says Jake.

"No it doesn't." agrees Gia.

"We need to focus and stay on track." says Noah. "If we are to figure this out, we will have to work as a team."

"He's right." says Emma. She makes eye contact with Gia and says "Sorry."

"Yeah," says Gia. "Me too."

Jake and Noah exchange glances and nod at eachother.

Just then, their Gosei Morphers chime in unison.

Jake answered his Morpher and the other teens crowded around him.

"Gosei," informs Jake. "Something really strange is going on. Troy –"

"Rangers," interjects Gosei. "I'm aware of the situation. Report to the Command Center immediately."

White fog blankets the floor of the Warstar ship and adds to the new spooky atmosphere. Lined up shoulder-to-shoulder along the honey-combed patterned walls are Zedd's loyal Putties. They stand at attention waiting to be summoned on their Emperor's whim.

Lord Zedd's fiendish laughter reverberated off of the walls of the Warstar ship as he stands watch through the View Window. His Visor Beam extends down to Earth spying on the teens.

"Unfriendly friction among the Power Rangers, eh?" cackles Zedd. "These are the Rangers that had defeated Malkor's Soldiers?

"Those mere infants did not even stand a chance, your Lordship." says Scorpina as she sharpens her crescent shaped sword.

"We should use this to our advantage." states Vrak. "Soon these Power Pests will be split up forever, making them useless to Gosei."

"Precisely," proclaims Zedd. "The moment that we have been waiting for is at hand. Now begins the next phase of my brilliant plan."

"What plan is that, your Lordship?" inquires Scorpina.

"The Legendary Ranger Keys." declares Zedd . "The Greatest Treasure known throughout the Universe. Gosei has managed to keep them hidden from my reach within the deepest recesses of the earth - until now."

"Ah yes," adds Vrak. "Legend has it the Ranger Keys can magnify ones power significantly."

"Precisely," divulges Zedd."Through acquiring the Ranger Keys, I will gain access to unimaginable Power. I will then bend that Power to my will and enslave the entire human race to kneel at my throne. I will become the Scourge of the Universe – Zedd the Galactic Overlord. I'll be famous, or better yet – INFAMOUS."

"Well, Gosei won't just give them up." claims Vrak. "What do you planned to do? Rob him?"

"Well of course not, you Flea-Brained IDIOT," badgers Zedd. "That is why I will hold the Red Ranger as ransom. I will put him in harm's way, forcing those bleeding-hearts to surrender the Keys to me." Zedd erupts with wicked laughter while lightning flashes throughout the chamber.

Vrak clears his throat twice, ending Zedd's self-indulgent laughter. Zedd growls with irritation as he turns to face Vrak.

"It's a formidable plan, your Lordship." assures Vrak. "Except, there would be one Robot who would be standing in your way."

"Who?" demands Zedd.

"Have you ever heard of the name: Robo Knight?" inquires Vrak.

"Oh yes," says Zedd with a weary tone. "Robo Knight. He would be back."

"He has not only returned," discloses Vrak. "But he has formed an alliance with the Mega Force Rangers." The level of contempt Vrak holds for Robo Knight is evident in his tone. "He considers the little pests to be his friends."

"Red Ranger, arise." Summons Zedd as flames grow from the spot next to Zedd's throne. They form into a humanoid shape, revealing Evil Troy. The Red Ranger stands erect, holding the Sword of Darkness in his white gloved hand. He immediately kneels in front of Zedd.

"You summoned me." says Troy. "What is thy bidding, my Emperor?"

"Red Ranger," orders Zedd. "I choose you to go down to Earth and terrorize Harwood County. Show no mercy to anyone who dares stand in your way."

Zedd extends his right arm and the Z-Staff leaning against the far wall levitates off of the ground. On its way to the clutches of its owner, it THONKs Vrak in the back of the head.

"Oomph!" grunts Vrak as he lurches forward and grabs his head. His piercing blue eyes glow with hatred as he winces from the pain.

Zedd points the Staff at the area behind Troy and a surge of evil energy jumps outs. The energy creates a gang of Z-Putties. They all stand perfectly still behind Troy.

"I will dispatch you to Earth with a fleet of my finest Putties. DO NOT DISSAPOINT."

"As you wish, my Emperor." obeys Evil Troy as he stands on his two feet. Him and the Putties do a fist-to-chest salute. "The Power Rangers will be destroyed."

The flames return and consume Troy and the Putties. They soon disappear in the vanishing flames.

"Now," proclaims Zedd. "It is only a matter of time before I hold Earth within the palm of my hand – to crush at will."

Back on Earth, the teens reach the Command Center..

Tensou skates around the cavern freaking out. The beaten teens immediately rush Gosei with questions.

"Gosei," requests Gia. "What happened to Troy?"

"What is Admiral Malkor up to now?" inquires Noah.

"Who is this Scorpina?" Queries Emma.

"Yeah Gosei," requests Jake. "What are we up against?"

"Rangers, you must calm down." assures Gosei. "Earlier today, our galactic scanners have picked a sharp spike in evil energy."

"From analyzing our sensor readings," contributes Tensou. "We have determined that this energy signature has the finger print of Lord Zedd. It will be safe to conclude that he is the mastermind behind all of this."

"Okay," responds the teens in union. "Who is Lord Zedd?"

"Several Years ago," divulges Gosei. "A powerful evil being named Lord Zedd invaded the Earth with his Putty Patrol and monsters. He was on the verge of conquering the Earth. He has battled with my mentor, Zordon, on several occasions."

"What happened to him?" investigates Noah.

"A group of young Warriors like yourselves had combined their powers to destroy him. Unfortunately, he has now returned from the Shadow Realm with a vengeance.

"We faced danger before, Gosei." assures Jake. "I am sure we can defeat him."

"Yeah," chimes in Emma. "If he was defeated before, then he can be defeated again."

"I understand your courage and I commend you for it," states Gosei. "But we are dealing with an Evil that is beyond all imagination. In order to have any hope of defeating Zedd and his minions, you will need to acquire the Mega Force Blaster as well as the Gosei Great Megazord. Without the Red Ranger on our side, our efforts will be futile."

The teens exchanged glances with one another - the fear apparent in each other's eyes.

"My best guess is that Lord Zedd may be after the Ranger Keys," contributes Tensou as the teens turn their attention to the Legendary Ranger Keys that lined the interior walls. "He wants to use them to infect the Morphing Grid with evil energy."

"Zedd might not know where our Command Center is located." contributes Gia.

"No," says Noah. "But Troy does."

"He's right." says Jake. "Does the Command Center have some sort of force field or security in place?"

"I'm afraid not." admits Gosei.

"I will re-calibrate the Morphing Grid and contact Robo Knight." proposes Tensou. "I'll ask him to stand guard at the Command Center until further notice."

"Good Idea, Tensou" commends Gosei.

Just then, the blaring siren of the alarms sounds throughout the cavern.

"Tensou," asked Gia. "What's happening?"

"Rangers," directs Gosei. "Behold your View Screen Panels."

The teens obey Gosei and manned their respective Touch Screen View Panels.

Within it, they see the real-time video feed of Evil Troy leading a gang of Putties into the Rainbow's End Amusement Park. Armed with both his Dragon Sword and his Sword of Darkness, he fires bolts of Dark Energy at the frightened civilians.

"Oh no." gasps Emma. "We have to do something."

"Right." responds the rest of the teens in unison.

"Rangers, this situation is grave." directs Gosei. "Right now, the wisest course of action is to free Troy from the Sword of Darkness. Only then can we foil Zedd's plans for world domination."

The Harwood teens nod at Gosei in agreement.

"Let's get back to action." Commands Jake he leads the teens out of the Command Center. They equip their Gosei Morphers in mid-stride and instamorph on their way to the Amusement Park.

Meanwhile in Vrak's Underwater Lair..

Vrak enters into the complex. He rubs the back of his head that made contact with the flying Z-Staff. Cursing under his breathe.

"Metal Alice." commands Vrak.

"Welcome Master," greets Alice. This powerful robot contained female programming. In her arms, she holds a tablet that contains battle data on the Rangers.

"You have communicated that you had something for me." states Vrak. "So - Report."

"It's Bad News, Master." says Alice. "I've been analyzing the data from our sensors. If my instruments are correct, then the Space Dumpster containing Malkor has landed on Earth."

"BALLS," curses Vrak as his fist pounds against the wall. "I was hoping that the dumpster might drift forever in the blackness of space, or at least land on a barren planet that he will have no chance of surviving on."

Vrak takes a deep breathe. "If Malkor were successful in escaping from that Dumpster, he will be able to pursue revenge against Zedd and I."

"Warstar does believe that treason is punishable by disintegration." Teases Alice in an almost innocent tone.

"Quiet you." Snaps Vrak. "We must get that Dumpster before anyone else does. Do you know the location?"

"Yes Master," responds Alice as she access her tablet. "My instruments have pin pointed the coordinates to an area of California called Reefside."

"Excellent," confirms Vrak. "You will go to Reefside and retrieve it, immediately."

"As you wish Master," obeys Alice. "This gives me a chance to test out my amazing Robot Prototype."

"Really," says an intrigued Vrak. "Well - there's no time to be bashful."

Metal Alice enters a series of commands into her touch-screen tablet. The Vault-like doors on the left wall slide open to reveal an army of mechanical servants who stand shoulder-to-shoulder. They had silver bodies and golden helmets.

Vrak walks up to one of the robots and wipes the cake of dust from its' golden helmet with his index finger. He then rubs the dust between his finger and thumb.

"They are called Cogs." says Metal Alice.

"They're relics of the fallen Machine Empire."

"From analyzing the data from the visual readout, I am confident that I can mass produce these Cogs at a high rate."

"Excellent," says Vrak. "Gets started, immediately."

"It will be my pleasure, Master."

As Vrak walks away from Metal Alice he engages in a monologue.

"I was second in command to Malkor not you, Zedd. In due time, I will be able to get what is rightfully mine: The Throne and the Ranger Keys. And with the Power of the Machine Empire behind me, who would dare stop me? Now who is the Flea-Brained Idiot?" Vrak cackles to himself.

"Who's a what?" inquires Alice.

"NOTHING." barks Vrak. "Get back to work."

Vrak soon exits the lair.

Being the Empress of Good Magic and Leader of the Mystic Ones is overrated - at least according to Rita. Elevated on a stage, sits her ivory throne. The lined columns on either side provided a majestic look to anyone who would enter her Enchanted White Palace. Rita is regaled in a flowing white gown as her head is perched on her right fist. The nails of her other hand repeatedly raps the stone arm of her throne.

She sighs deeply as her eyes follow a tumbleweed passing through. She does not know how a tumbleweed got into her palace in the first place, but she has seen it blow past her several times now. She's afraid that if she does not pay attention to something, she might risk falling asleep again.

The Snow Prince had to shake her from her beauty sleep once – or twice. It was not a flattering sight when you see an old woman, snoring loudly with drool dripping down her chin. She would be doing more, but the High Council of Eltar has rejected her admittance into the Order of the Meridian for the seventh time. Apparently, those Goody goods don't trust her just yet. This may be as boring as balls, but it beats being trapped in a Space Dumpster for ten thousand years.

Rita reminisces on her dark days, when inhabitants of the universe use to shiver when they heard her name. She was known throughout the universe as Empress Rita Repulsa, the Dark Sorceress who was bent on intergalactic domination. Using her dark sorcery to wreak havoc on the Power Rangers and Angel Grove. Now she's a changed woman who no longer wields a scepter. Ever since Zordon's Energy wave, it purified her of her evil ways. At least that's what she likes to believe. As far as the High Council of Eltar is concerned, a tiger never changes it stripes.

Just then Rita feels a disturbance in her realm. She sits upright in her throne and channels her intuition to feel out the source. Just then, a dark green transdimentional portal amplifies in her palace. Rita was alert at first, but soon recognizes this as one of the inivisiportals that Mesogog used to teleport through.

The portal grew in circumference until a Caucasian human male teleports through - sending him rolling head first onto the palace floor.

"Huh?" utters Rita as she studies this human's black civilian clothing. His dark short cropped hair and close-shaven face completed his overall business casual appearance. The human male grunts as he gets to his feet.

"Empress Rita" greets the man as he pats the dust from his clothes. "Long time no see."

"Who are you and what are you doing here?" needles Rita through a screeching tone similar to how an old woman would needle a youth who is trespassing on private property. When the man takes off his now broken spectacles, Rita instantly recognizes his face.

"TOMMY?" says Rita through a scornful tone.

"I'm glad you can recognize me," responds Tommy through a sarcastic tone. "We have only been fighting each other for several years."

"How did you get into my Enchanted Realm?" interrogates Rita while narrowing her eyes at him. "If I wasn't the Empress of Good Magic, I'll would of - "

"There's no time for that right now," interrupts Tommy in a stern voice. "Your ex-husband has returned from the Shadow Realm."

"ZEDDY'S BACK?" Exclaims Rita as she shoots up from her throne. Her hands propped on her hips. "But How?" She holds such contempt for this demon. She still wonders 'til this day on why she married him in the first place.

"I don't know." says Tommy. "What I do know is that Gosei and his Rangers will not be enough to combat Lord Zedd's diabolical evil. They will need a more Powerful Ranger to handle this."

Through an effort of will and out of thin air, Rita produces a crystal ball in her palm in a poof of grey smoke. Similar to how one would navigate a touch-screen smartphone; she holds the ball in the palm of her right hand while using the finger from her left to navigate through the visuals. Her eyes widen when she watches the visual feed of Lord Zedd and his minions aboard a Warstar Space Ship.

"Scorpina is there too, huh?" ponders Rita. "I'll dispatch the Mystic Force Rangers. They will be enough able to handle Zedd."

"I'm not so sure about that." claims Tommy. "He was able to use the Sword of Darkness to turn their Red Ranger against the other Rangers."

"Hmm." exhales Rita as she rolls her eyes. "Zeddy was never known for being original."

"They are going to need the White Mighty Morphin Power Ranger." states Tommy. "The only powers that were created by the light of goodness and that can never be persuaded by the forces of evil."

Rita remained silent as she watched Tommy. He turns his back to her and sighs for a couple of beats before he continues. "What brings me here is that - I need your help."

"I'm sorry?" jests Rita as she turns her head to the left and holds her left ear. "What was that?" She clearly heard what Tommy had said, but just loves to see him in a vulnerable position. The longer this moment lasts, the more enjoyment she gets from it.

"You heard me." Answers Tommy as he turns to face her again.

"YOU need MY help?" proclaims Rita. "That's rich."

"As the Empress of Good Magic, I need you to restore my White Ranger Powers." says Tommy. "Well - are you going to do it, or not?"

Rita cackles in response as she rubs her hands together. This might be the type of fun that she was yearning for all along.

"Well, that depends." claims Rita. "What would I get out of it?"

"The satisfaction of saving Earth from the clutches of evil?"

Rita fixed Tommy with a scornful look.

"Okay," surrenders Tommy. "I heard about your numerous rejections from the High Council of Eltar," starts Tommy. "This will not only be your chance to prove yourself to them, but you will be able to take down your ex-husband in the process."

"Hmm" says Rita as a smirk appears across her face. She did like how the offer sounded. "I like how that sounds. Okay, you got yourself a deal."

She descends the staircase from the stage and halts in front of Tommy.

"But first, you'll have to prove to me that you are still worthy and true for the White Ranger Powers." As she points with her golden spectacles. "Otherwise, I am not permitted to grant you anything."

"Fine," sighs Tommy. "What did you have in mind?"

Rita ponders for a couple seconds and then erupts with a maniacal laugh that fills the entire palace.

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