The Return of the White Ranger

Way of the White Ranger

The teens minus Troy are at Ernie's Branfreeze…

"This is unbelievable." says Emma.

"If only it we're that simple."

"We lost our Powers - Completely."

"There's got to be something that we can do." says Emma.

"I just wish I knew what." said Noah.

"At least we still have our Power Cards." says Jake.

Just then, the front doors to the Brainfreeze slide open to reveal Tommy.

He takes a confident stride towards the Teens.

"Hey," greets Tommy. "The next round of Milkshakes is on me."

"That sounds good." says Jake.

Tommy notices one of them missing.

"Where's Troy?" inquires Tommy.

"I think he's in the forest." says Noah. "Sometimes, he goes there to train. My guess is that he wants to be alone."

Unaware that thousands of miles above them, in the War Star Space Ship, Lord Zedd keeps surveillance of their every move through his glowing Crimson Visor beam.

Behind him, Scorpina and Vrak are enjoying a game of Chess using novelty pawns that resemble the Psycho Rangers and the Space Rangers. Scorpina obviously on the side of the Psychos, but Vrak is the one who's winning.

"So, the Rangers are feeling helpless, aren't they?" fiendishly cackles Zedd. "Well, well, well. How unfortunate. Now it's time for the next phase of my fool proof plan."

"What do you mean?" questions Vrak. "We have seized their Morphers rendering them helpless."

"Perhaps," states Zedd as he extinguishes his Visor Beam. "But at the very least, capturing the meddlesome brats and holding them for ransom should greatly persuade Gosei to hand over the Legendary Ranger Keys."

As Zedd ponders, he steals a glance at the novelty Psycho Ranger pawns on the chess board inspiring an idea in his mind. Zedd cackles devilishly to himself while rubbing his wicked claws together.

"Well, of Course." cackles Zedd. "The time has come to summon my Dark Rangers."

Flames grow from the spot next to Zedd's throne. They form into the humanoid shapes of five Putties. They stand erect, shoulder-to-shoulder in a straight line.

One Z-Putty walks down the line with an ancient-looking chest in his hands. The lid open, revealing the content of the chest was lined with a grey quilted material which was formed around the five stolen Gosei Morphers.

"Putties," commands Zedd with his staff. "Claim your Morphers."

Each Putty obediently accepted a Morpher.

"I'm sure it's a brilliant plan oh Evil One," fawns Vrak as he furrows his brow in confusion. "But without Gosei's Power Cards, how would you hope to accomplish such a task?"

"Have you no BRAINS at all?" growls Zedd from annoyance.

Vrak recoils in fear.

"Yeah, you Flea-Brained idiot." Joins in Scorpina who shoves him.

"I'll conjure up the Cards of Darkness." declares Zedd.

"The Cards of Darkness?" gasps Scorpina. "Oh how wicked."

Zedd points his Z-Staff at the Putties. Through an effort of dark will, he conjures up five Dark Cards that hover in mid-air with curious dark power. Compliantly each Putty equips his Dark Card.

"Rise up now my loyal Putties, for you have felt the touch of evil and the time is nigh for Darkness to spread unchecked."

"What is thy bidding, my Emperor?" adhere Scorpina.

"Send down my Dark Rangers to capture the four Pathetic Brats," orders Lord Zedd. "Then, have them brought to my underground lair for a chat. The White Ranger, like all Rangers, is a heavy hearted fool. He will have no choice, but to take the bait. And when he does, I-Lord Zedd- will be there to drain him of his powers. Your Emperor has spoken."

"Long winded, isn't he?" snarls Vrak under his breath.

"As you wish, your Evilness." Graciously obeys Scorpina. With that, she and the five Z-Putties are enveloped in a curtain of crimson flames.

"With this new Power," discourses Zedd. "Begins the next phase of my nefarious plan: the elimination of the White Ranger and the obtainment of the Legendary Ranger Keys. In due time, victory will be MINE. As for you meddlesome Rangers, it will be a MEGA LOSS."'

Erupting with maniacal laughter, the Galactic Overlord lounges back in his venerable throne and revolves it around, exposing the wicked Z insignia embossed on the back.

Meanwhile on Earth..

The Harwood Teens are walking from school...

"So much has happened in the past few days." Starts Emma.

"Yea," agrees Jake. "I've been tossing and turning all night."

"As was I," said Noah. "I spend my night researching this Tommy. There's more to him than meets the eye."

"I don't know," jests Gia. "He seems pretty easy on the eyes."

Jake furrows his brow. "The guy is old enough to be your father, you realize that?"

Gia answers him with a satisfied smirk, getting the intended response from Jake.

"Anything that we should be worried about?" investigates Emma.

"Well—I don't know." Stammers Noah. "I did a little digging in his background. Ya know, to see if I might find something out of the ordinary. And boy did I. Angel Grove High wouldn't allow me access to his records. It's like their classified or something."

The teens exchanged dumbfounded looks at one another.

"And another thing," continues Noah as he pulls out his touch screen DataPad. "This guy, Tommy, has not only been the White Ranger, but he's also been the Red Ranger twice, a Black Ranger AND I think a Green Ranger, too." He hands the DataPad over to Jake.

"Cripes," jests Jake as he studies images of Tommy. "This guy could probably be his own Ranger team."

"Do you trust this guy to help us defeat Zedd?" probes Emma.

"Well, I'll say it's a safe bet." says Jake.

"Affirmative." agrees Noah. "We should tell Troy about this. Speaking of Troy, where is he by the way?"

"He was absent in class today." reports Jake with concern.

"Let's go see what he's up to." states Gia.

"Right." Responds her friends.

Seconds Later..

"THAT'S FAR ENOUGH." pierces the scornful voice of Scorpina who soon reveals herself from behind a nearby tree. Her arms folded across her chest.

"Not you again." spits Jake as he throws down his bag.

"Aw, you pathetic pests worried about the Poor Red Ranger?" taunts Scorpina. "Well don't be -when you should be worrying about yourselves."

As if on cue, five Z-Putties forward flip onto the location. They soon mobilize around Scorpina.

"Putties!" Cautions Emma.

"Look out!" warns Gia.

"There's only five of them," says Jake. "This'll be a walk in the park."

The five Putties prepare the stolen Gosei Morphers and insert their Cards of Darkness. They morph in a sequence that was similar to the Harwood Teens and transform into duplicates of the Mega Force Rangers. These five doppelgangers were almost identical to the Mega Force Rangers in the exception that their belts, gloves and pants were Dark Grey instead of White. To complete their wicked appearance was a silver Z-Insignia on their chests.

"I can't believe it." Gasp Emma.

"They look just like -"says Gia.

"They can't be." says Jake.

The five Dark Rangers were even successful in mimicking the voices of their opposing Ranger, but with an evil twist.

"Ah, but we are." menaces the Dark Red Ranger. "Now, we'll show you who the real Rangers are."

"You don't stand a chance." badgers the Dark Blue Ranger.

"When we're through with you," taunts Dark Yellow Ranger. "You'll be cosmic dust."

"We're Earth's Offenders-" claims the Dark Black Ranger.

"- And we're to beat you until you surrender." Hectors the Dark Pink Ranger.

The Dark Rangers kiaii loudly.

"Let's split up." Commands Noah

"Right." Responds the teens.

The fight is on. The Harwood Teens and the Dark Rangers advance on each other and engage in a scuffle.

The Dark Rangers lay on a heavy offensive that the civilian teens can barely keep up with.

Gia receives a drop kick to the chest, courtesy of the Dark Yellow Ranger.

"HNNH!" Grunts Gia as she goes down hard. "They're pretty strong."

The Dark Yellow Ranger reaches down and grabs Gia by the throat.

Jake backs away from the Dark Black Ranger while Noah backs form the Dark Blue Ranger. Jake and Noah go back-to-back.

"I got an idea." says Noah. "Let's switch partners."

"Alright," said Jake as they rotate to their new opponent. The idea was ultimately futile since they still fell in battle.

"Hey Gia, are you okay?"

"Yeah." She lied.

"Man I wish Tommy and Troy was here." said Noah. "We could use the extra back up."

"We can't hold out much longer."

"We got to think of something." Cries Emma.

"You Power Pests will soon be crushed to cosmic dust." taunts the Dark Black Ranger. He kicks Jake in the chest and Jake goes down hard.

Emma backflips through the fray as the Dark Pink Ranger charges after her.

Beside her, Noah tries his best to avoid the Dark Blue Ranger's vicious thews, but soon receives a blow to his ribs.

The teens try their best to fight off the Dark Mega Force Rangers, but ultimately lost.

"Seize them." Commanded Scorpina and the Dark Rangers obeyed her order as they took the Harwood Teens captive. The teens struggled as best they can.

"Let Go!" grunts Gia.

"You'll never get away with this!" shouts Jake.

"Your brand of evil will never win." Curses Noah.

Soon the teens, in the accompaniment of the Dark Rangers, are enveloped in a curtain of flames, leaving an oppressive silence hanging in the environment.

Meanwhile in the Harwood Forest..

Kiaiing loudly, Troy trains alone in the forest. Beads of sweat bathe his forehead. He soon takes a small break. He reaches down in his red Duffle bag and pulls out the yellow Water bottle that Gia gave him yesterday.

He soon quenches his thirst with the ice cold water. He then stares at the bottle triggering pleasant memories of him and his friends at the Martial Arts Expo. He smirks at the recalling of the event and winning the Golden Pike Trophy. This pleasant thought did not linger long, when it was interrupted by a rush of traumatic recounting of his time as Lord Zedd's puppet. Preying on the innocent civilians of Harwood County and causing harm to his friends.

Anger boils in him as he thinks of Lord Zedd and he crushes the water bottle in a vice grip.

Troy tosses the water bottle in the air, pivots, then snaps a cobra-swift kick that launches the bottle far away across the blue sky.

"Ya know," said a voice from behind Troy. "I don't think that water bottle deserved that."

Troy turns and his eyes fall upon Tommy. The man wears a business casual attire that is mostly comprised of white. He offers an inviting smirk as he takes a slow calm stroll towards Troy.

"Uh" utters Troy. "I didn't hear you-"

"No worries," says Tommy. "I'm the one who's intruding."

"Listen – Dr. Oliver, is it? – I know you mean well, but I'm good." Lies Troy. It's been very apparent with the Harwood Teens that Troy is not that good at expressing his emotions.

"From where I'm standing, it seems like you have a lot on your mind." analyzes Tommy. "If you want to talk about it, I'm all ears."

"It's just - What are we going to do?" persist Troy. "The world's going to be destroyed all thanks to me and we can't stop it because we lost our Powers."

"Troy, you are not the first Ranger to be seduced to the Dark Side." assures Tommy. "Lots of Rangers have, present company included. What I come to realize - as will you- eventually, is that we still have the Power within yourselves. The knowledge of what's right and true. Lord Zedd can never destroy that."

"You're right," agrees Troy. "We'll just have to do whatever we can."

"Your team needs you," needles Tommy. "Now more than ever. You're the Red Ranger whether you are morphed or not." instills Tommy. "As a leader, it's your job to be strong for your team, even when at times when it is difficult."

Troy smirks at Tommy. A feeling a like great weight has been lifted from his shoulders, but only temporarily.

Just then, Tommy's wrist communicator chimes, interrupting the pep talk.

Alert, the two fighters check their surroundings while they back up close to the trees.

"Gosei," answers Tommy. "We read you."

"The Rangers are in trouble," discloses Gosei. "Report to the Command Center, immediately."

"We're on our way." completes Tommy. "Come on." He beckons, as him and Troy make haste to the Command Center.

Meanwhile, in Vrak's Underwater lair…

Vrak enters the lab and immediately sees COG warriors manning stations and completing duties around the lab. He even sees a COG Warrior with broom in hand sweeping the dust from the floor.

"Vrak," greets Metal Alice. "What brings you back?"

"I want the Status on the Space Dumpster containing Malkor."

"Of course," responds Alice as she access her DataPad. "Earlier, I have deployed a squad of COG warriors to the city of Riverside. The two bucket of bolts has yet to locate it."

"That will due," responds Vrak. "In the meantime, I will need to consult the Computer."

They both walk over to the central visual readout table.

"Computer," accesses Vrak. "Run a search on 'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.' Match subject with all known Power Ranger files occupied War Star archives."

"Scanning… Scanning." said the Voice-activated Computer. The humming sound emanates from the Computer while scanning and then chimes a warble sound when it's complete. "Search: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. One Match Found."

"Excellent." Says Vrak

The lights dimmed as both Vrak and Metal Alice gathered around the visual readout able.

An organized arrangement of light rises from the visual readout table and forms into Toy-Sized versions of the Power Rangers. These three dimensional holographic models have a light blue tint to them. The seven models slowly rotate in place while squared-sized bubbles appear over them. These windows list their Power Sets, weapons and Zords. Vrak and Metal Alice study the information available to them.

"Computer," orders Vrak. "Tell me their History."

"The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers were the first Earth Power Team." narrated the Computer. "Led by the White Ranger, the Power Rangers were successful in defending Earth from the forces of evil from the years 1993-1996."

"Their armor.." investigates Metal Alice.

"What about their armor?" needles Vrak.

"I could be wrong, but their armor and weapons appear to be Eltarian."

"You're Right." agrees Vrak. "Computer, who's their mentor?"

"Mentor: Zordon." Responds the Computer.

Both Alice and Vrak exchange shocked glances with one another.

Later on at the Command Cave…

The wailing of the alarms sounds throughout the cavern. The two Rangers run into the Command Center.

"We got here as fast as we could," Starts Tommy. "What's the problem?"

"Yeah," chimes in Troy. "What's the emergency, Gosei?"

"Thank goodness your here," shrieks Tensou as he franticly rolls around the Command Cave. "Your friends are in grave danger."

"Gosei," asks Troy. "What is he talking about?"

"Tensou," investigates Tommy. "Have you pin pointed the location yet?"

"Just give me a few seconds," says Tensou. "There. I identified their position on the outskirts of town."

"The out skirts of town?" asks Troy.

"There can only be one explanation," guides the Golden Tiki Head. "Rangers, behold the View Screen Panels and all of your suspicions will be answered."

Obeying Gosei's request, both Tommy and Troy approached two separate View Screen Panels. On the navigational screen displays a video feed of the Putty Party Morphing into Dark Rangers and then fighting the civilian teens.

"Who are these guys, Gosei?" investigates Tommy.

"What are these guys?" needles Troy. "They look like – us."

"Just as I suspected," discloses Gosei. "Zedd has employed the Cards of Darkness."

"The Cards of Darkness?" intones Tommy in confusion.

"Powerful Pseudo-Morphing Cards," illustrates Gosei. "Similar to my Power Cards, Zedd has used them to transform his Putties into his own team of Dark Rangers, evil mirror images of the Mega Force Rangers. Together, they form a formidable fighting force called: Earth's Offenders."

Tommy and Troy exchange a fearful glance with one another.

Tommy recalls a similar team of Dark Rangers from Zedd's home dimension, the Otherworld. But those can't be the same kind.

"Let me guess," interprets Tommy. "Scorpina and the Dark Rangers are holding them captive in one of Lord Zedd's secret caves. Unless we give up the Ranger Keys, our friends will be in peril."

"I'm afraid so." grants Gosei. "These Dark Rangers are very swift and Powerful. There is no telling when Zedd may succeed in commanding his Offenders to destroy the world. It is imperative that we eradicate them immediately."

"Don't worry," ensures Troy. "We're on it, Gosei."

"Troy," addresses Tommy. "You make a fine leader, but we cannot risk putting you in danger. Besides, you'll be more valuable to us here, in the Command Center."

Tommy motions to Kimberly who is lying in a Bio-Bed at far side of the command cave.

"No way," contends Troy who steps up to Tommy. "My friends are in danger. It's my responsibility to help them when they need me most."

Tommy had an instant Déjà vu. The seriousness in Troy's boldness was very Jason-like. This forced a smirk to Tommy's face as he concedes his point and nods at Troy.

Tommy takes a glance at the Ranger Keys.

"I got an idea, Gosei," says Tommy. "I think it's time."

"As do I." advocates Gosei.

Just then a Legendary Morpher materializes in front of Troy. He stares at it with awe as it hovers in mid-air with curious Power. Troy readily accepts the Morpher.

"This is your Legendary Morpher," bestows Gosei. "It will give you access to extraordinary Power of the Ranger Keys. Use it wisely."

"I will, Gosei." accepts Troy.

"Good luck," grants Gosei. "Rangers and May the Power Protect You."

Both heroes nod at Gosei.

Tommy pulls his hand behind his back. "It's Morphin Time," proclaims Tommy "White Ranger Power." He soon morphs into the White Ranger.

"It's Morphin Time." Intones Troy who holds up a Ranger Key resembling the Red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger. He then inserts it into the Legendary Morpher. "Red Ranger Power." He soon morphs into a the Red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger.

Both Rangers are enveloped in two Energy Teleportation Waves. The two Energy Waves exit the Command Cave and crawl across the blue sky. Soon, the Energy Teleportation Waves disperse a yards away from the location.

"Alright." Says Troy excitedly.

"If Tenosu's coordinates serves us right, the cave should be just up ahead," guides the White Ranger. "Come on."

"Right." follows the Red Ranger.

"This smells like a trap." cautions Saba, Tommy's enchanted short sword.

"Whose said that?" questions Troy. He soon realizes that it was Tommy's sword.

"That's because it is a trap." responds Tommy. "And sometimes the best way to spring a trap is to walk directly into it."

"Is that your plan?" probes Saba.

"Well - I wouldn't quite call it a plan." admits Tommy.

Saba sighs heavily. "You haven't changed a bit."

"I'll take that as a compliment." chuckles Tommy.

The two Rangers creep forward until they were in viewing distance of the cave. Tommy manages to get a good view of the Harwood Teens who stand in captivity.

The White Ranger accesses his wrist communicator.

"Gosei," reports Tommy. "I found them. They're alright. But I think I'm going to need some help."

"Be careful, Tommy." answers Kimberly. "Stay out of sight."

"We will." answers Tommy who cuts off the transmission.

Meanwhile in the Secret Lair…

The Teens are held captive in an energy containment field. Through strange curiosity, Jake extends his left hand to the electronic field which rewards him with a painful shock to his hand.


"Ooh—Ouch, ouch, ouch." Jake sticks his throbbing finger in his mouth.

Gia looks at him, sighs heavily while shaking her head. "Guys, we got to get out of here."

"What are we going to do?" asks Emma.

"From the looks of it," said Noah. "It looks like a Nuclear Energy Shield."

"Can you disarm it." Asks Gia.

"I'm trying." Says Noah as he tinkers with the device.

"Don't lose hope you guys," says Noah. "Troy is still out there. He'll rescue us."

"Looks like the coast is clear." says Troy.

Several Yards away..

"We've got to stay alert and be prepared for anything that might-" the White Ranger was cut off because at that moment, the Dark Rangers forward flip onto the location and mobilizde around the two Good Rangers.

"Ah no." says Tommy. "Looks like we've been made."

"Where do you think you're going?" howls the Dark Red Ranger.

"Prepare to meet your doom." Menaces the Dark Pink Ranger.

"Oh, you wanna play?" coerces the White Ranger. "Alright, let's do it."

"Yeah." Follows the Red Ranger.

The Dark Rangers advance on the Two Good Rangers. The combat intensifies and the two Rangers realize how outnumbered they are.

On the receiving end of a drop kick, the White Ranger is launched into a nearby tree.

"HNNH," grunts Tommy as he climbs back on his feet. He then unsheathes Saba.

"Give it up, White Ranger," menaces the Dark Red Ranger. "You're no match for our Power."

"Uh," groans Tommy. "There's too many of them."

"We got to keep fighting." encourages Tommy.

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