The Return of the White Ranger

Enter Goldar

Zedd stood at the window his Crimson Visor beam cut through the darkness of space and entered Earth. Spying on the Power Teens of Harwood County.

Zedd soon extinguishes his visor beam and turns to face his three minions. Zedd was glowing red, seething in frustration.

"Noooo," shouted Zedd. "How can my Dark Rangers lose? My plan was perfect."

"Maybe.. Maybe, you should have—" started Metal Alice.

"SILENCE." barked Zedd.

She flinched at his voice.

"I'm surrounded by Ninnies." barked Zedd. "Am I the only putting forth effort?"

"And every one of your attempts have failed." said Vrak flatly. "Earth should have been ours by now."

"WHAT?" Zedd rumbled. "You better have shut up if want to keep your head attached."

Vrak answered with a smirk.

His hands folded behind his back, Vrak started a slow stroll around Zedd and Scorpina and halted at the computer panel. His fingers danced across the keys of the panel, conjuring up a saved file deep from the computer's memory banks.

"Excuse my impertinence, Lord Zedd." starts Vrak. "But you can't afford to have any puny Earthlings showing you up. You have a reputation to maintain in this galaxy."

Zedd favored Vrak with a stern sideways glance. He weighed his words in silence, unable to refute their wisdom. He knew he was right.

Metal Alice shot him a look. "How do you mean?" She seized him on his words. "Humans are emotional creatures that are known for making illogical and reckless decisions. It is their greatness weakness."

"I'm aware of that," Vrak glanced at her, grimacing, "But 'tis also their greatest strength."

"I'm afraid I don't follow."

A chime sounded from the computer console signaling completion. Conjuring up an image of a ruined a space vessel called the Scorpion Stinger.

Zedd and crew watched main View Window as a badly wounded Trakeena threaded between a pair of broken stanchions moving deeper into the ruin space of the battle-bridge.

Trakeena reached out her hand and fell into a "special cocoon." The cocoon brightened as she shed her mortal beauty and mutated into a green humanoid insect.

"Many years ago," Vrak narrated. "Across the cosmos, an Insectoid named Scorpius had sewn a "powerful cocoon" for his lovely daughter Trakeena with the express purpose of shedding her of her mortal beauty."

As Scorpina watched, there was a momentary flash of disgust, but she recovered quickly. The video soon cuts out.

"Of course Metamorphosis was successful," said Vrak.

"If that's so," posed Scorpina. "Why isn't she standing here beside us?"

"Scorpius was just a mere warlord. They weren't Powerful enough to yield greater results," answered Vrak. "As Royalty I have access to much more advanced technology. Of course, the modern alchemy is far too complex for you to understand, but I assure you, Metal Alice is well-versed in the area."

"Get on with it, Vrak." menaced Scorpina.

"I have a little proposition for you, your Evilness." he continued. "We will construct a similar Metamorphosis cocoon that will exterminate the Human Genome from the planet Earth. Forever sealing their fate as Insectoid drones of a hive mind, operating as one Collective."

"No more teenagers with attitude." Lord Zedd caught the thrust of the idea. "It will serve as the perfect instrument of the Rangers' demise."

He rose out of his venerable throne and faced Vrak. "I want you and Metal Alice to mass produce these special cocoons - at once."

"Right away, My Lord." At that, both Vrak and Metal Alice turned on their heels and exited the bridge.

"What I need now is a particularly cruel monster to distract these Power Geeks." rumbled Zedd. "Something to keep them occupied and keep them out of our way." Zedd looks to Scorpina. "Any suggestions?"

"My Putridness," offers Scorpina. "I have just the thing in mind for those aggravating adolescents: Goldar. If you recall, my evilness, he was a Pea-Brained Idiot, but also a highly adept fighter. With his polished blade, he'll make mincemeat out of those hu-mans."

"Yes, I remember now," recollects Zedd. "That Brass-plated Baboon is a distraction in and of himself." His Z-Staff at the ready. "The time is at hand to begin the next phase of my sinister plan. It's high time to call in an old friend."

Zedd stands before the Ghost of Darkness. A pale skull, a crimson glow twinkles from its eye holes and casts a spell through mystical chanting.

"Goldar –ARISE." Zedd points his Z-Staff and a writhing snake of evil energy jumps out, conjuring a portal to the cursed realm called the Dark Dimension. "And make my evil unstoppable."

The portal grew in circumference, creating a solid river of color in the bridge, throwing jumping shadows across the consoles.

From the portal, grew distinct streamers of flame which whirled sinuously as if they are directed by some invisible force to create a horrifying humanoid.

The flames soon dissipated delivering a creature adorned in golden armor who lowered himself in the knelt position in front of his Emperor.

"Yes, your Excellency." answered a gravelly voice. "All of my powers are at your command."

"Go down to Harwood County and destroy the Mega Force Rangers." commanded Zedd. "The White Ranger may present a problem, but with your experience, that wouldn't be too difficult."

"I am honored to carry out your evil deed, your Evilness." Goldar nodded ruefully.

"See that you do." scorned Zedd.

Goldar, once again, transformed into a basketball-sized crimson fireball. It blazed brightly for a moment or two before careening through the velvety darkness of space, penetrating Earth's atmosphere like a fallen star.

Zedd and Scorpina stroll to the main View Window, gazing at the precious blue-white planet that hovered before them unspeakably fragile.

"Alas," monologues Zedd. "The party is just beginning and I have some surprises in store for you. With my party crasher, Goldar, the Mega Misfits will be done for."

"Fear not my evilness, for the hour approaches." Scorpina nodded in agreement. "And we'll have a front row seat to the end of their era… and the beginning of ours."

Twisting his claw into a fist, maniacal laughter erupted through the honey-comb patterned walls of the Warstar Space ship.

Meanwhile in the Command Cave..

The Emergency Beacon strobe and the alarms wailed.."What's happening, Gosei?" wailed Tensou.

"Tensou," said Gosei. "Activate the View Screen Panels and find out what it is."

Tenosu carries out Gosei's request and summons a live-video feed to the view Screen Panels. Gosei sees an old foe raging in the downtown sector of Harwood County.

"As I have feared," prophesized Gosei. "Zedd has sent down his latest Monster. A very dangerous one, I'm afraid. Tensou, contact the Power Rangers immediately."

"Right away, Gosei." said Tensou operated the main-instrument panel, then keyed the Communication link. "Patching you through."

Meanwhile at Harwood High..

After school, Noah and Gia sat at their desks. They both had their textbooks open and comparing notes, studying for tomorrow's exam.

Gia got up out of her seat and stretched her arms. "I think I had enough studying for today." yawned Gia. "How about you?"

"Nope," was Noah's response. "I think I really want to ace tomorrow's exam."

"I don't really believe what you're doing here," she shrugged. "But lucky for me, I don't care."

"I'll be okay," said Noah, giving Gia a reassuring smile. "Go ahead."

Noah couldn't help but notice how she chews thoughtfully at her bottom lip. In all his life, he has never seen so beautiful a woman.

Gia felt him watching her. She smiled pleasantly. "What?" she asked.

"Oh-uh-nothing." Noah resumed his attention back to his textbook.

They shared a gaze with one another. Her moist eyes offered solace, her delicate fragrance inviting him in. She ached to take him in her arms.

She grabbed him by the shirtfront and pulled him into a passionate kiss. For a precious moment, they lost themselves in the kiss, their lips pressed together, mouths hungrily seeking each other out. They shared a sweet spark as their tongues touched. Somehow, their worries seemed to have melted away.

Noah's heart leapt in excitement, but It was he who tore himself away from her lips.

Both teens looked at each other wordlessly. Their eyes widened."I –I.. um." uttered Gia.

While chuckling nervously, Noah nodded, rubbed the back of his neck. She looked away while chuckling as well.

There Gosei Morphers chimed in unison, interrupting their moment.

The two leap to their feet in alarm."That's Gosei," said Gia. "He's calling us in. Let's prepare to teleport."

"Affirmative." said Noah.

The teleportation effect took hold – seemed to shiver and fade, becoming a torrent of sparkling energy that washed over each of them. Their teleportation wave lengths then stretched across the blue sky and towards the Command Center.

Meanwhile in at the Park..

Troy was teaching a Martial Arts Class to a group of youths. Emma and Troy were part of that group. Troy has taken it upon himself to teach his fellow Rangers Martial Arts.

The chime from Troy's Gosei Morpher interrupted their moment.

"Uh oh," he said. "Trouble."

"Let's get to work." said Emma.

The three teens left group and retreated to a vacant area.

After they checked their surroundings, Troy answers his Morpher while the two other teens crowded around him."We read you, Gosei." Troy answered.

"Rangers, report to the Command Cave at once." said Gosei.

The teleportation effect took hold – seemed to shiver and fade, becoming a torrent of sparkling energy that washed over each of them. Their teleportation wave lengths then stretched across the blue sky and towards the Command Center.

Later on at the Command Cave..

Five columns of different colored light amplified in the Cave that dissipated to deliver the five Power Teens.

Jake stalked forward."What's up, Gosei?" he inquired.

"Lord Zedd has hatched one of his most sinister plots ever," informed the Wall Tiki. "He has dispatched his latest cosmic creature from the confines of the Dark Dimension. Behold."

Obeying their mentor's request, each teen position themselves among st the five Control Lecterns. Their eyes narrowed as they peered into the screens.

A live video feed swirled onto the screens of a golden-armored beast spouting plasma fire. It had an appearance of a creature from ancient mythology – otherworldly – but moved with malicious intent of a samurai as it wreaked havoc on man-made structures of Harwood County.

Their collective faces fell as they eyed the obvious threat and the tension in the Command Cave leapt by degrees.

Jake couldn't help but notice the creature's striking savage face."Well, that thing's got a serious case of the uglies." He said bluntly.

"Aw man." said Troy. "Who is this?"

"This is bad." said Gia.

"Way bad." added Emma.

"Indeed, it would be." cautioned Gosei. "He is another one of Zedd's diabolical henchmen known as Goldar. His armor is almost invincible with few weak spots. You must avoid his sword and fiery eye beams. As long as this creature wreaks havoc on downtown Harwood County, the entire planet will be in grave danger."

"First Scorpina and now him," Troy folded his arms. "With this kinda muscle behind him, Zedd can mount a full scale attack."

Beside him, Emma wrung her hands together. "We gotta do something." She looked to Troy, "With that thing around, nobody is going to be safe."

Troy nodded.

Noah's gaze flicked upward, his expression etched in concern. "Well, h-how do we stop him?" he stammered.

"The only way to defeat him is to combine your Powers." counseled Gosei. "Only then will the creature be stopped."

"Of course." said Tensou. "Your Power Cards!"

The Teens drew their Change Cards in unison.

"The Power Cards contains the essence of your Morphing Power." divulges Gosei. "Use them wisely to find each other in any peril and to draw Power from the very heart of the Morphing Grid. By combining your five Power Cards, any one of can assume the Power of the entire group."

Noah's hand twisted into a fist.

"Then I'll be the one," said Noah, his voice taking on a more strident tone. "I'll volunteer."

"Hold on," Troy lightly grabbed his elbow. "We barely know what we're dealing with."

Gosei saw no point in trying to dissuade him.

"There is not a moment to spare." Wall Head insisted. "Zedd's creature is on the loose and it is up to you to stop him. Be careful Rangers, and may the Power protect you."

"Let's move." Urged Emma.

The Teens exchange furtive glances with each other and stood in position and equipped their Morphers.

"It's Morphin Time," proclaims the teens in Unison. "Go Go Megaforce!"

"Megaforce – Pink." Proclaims Emma.

"Megaforce – Black." Proclaims Jake.

"Megaforce – Yellow." Proclaims Gia.

"Megaforce – Blue." Proclaims Noah.

"Megaforce – Red." Proclaims Troy.

The Harwood teens have now Morphed into their respective Power Suits. They soon make it to the Business Sector of Harwood County.

The Rangers moved as a group as they pounded around a corner and streamed into the Business district.

On a given day, at least hundreds of people were milling about, sitting on the high-backed wooden benches or standing in groups talking.

Now people were screaming and trying to shove their way pass eachother. Bits of stone and concrete rained down on the clamoring civilians, turning the panic up to a higher pitch.

"Hey, Dog Face!" commanded a distant voice. Goldar turned his attention to entrance of the Business District where the Mega Rangers rushed forward, their Mega Blasters drawn and leveled at Goldar. A salvo of laser fire peppered Goldar's armor.

"Ha Ha," cackled Goldar as innocent civies clamor away to safety. "Running won't do you any good because there's no place to hide."

"HE HE HE," teased the Goldar as he rubbed his belly. "That tickled."

"Our Mega Basters aren't even winging him." reports the Pink Ranger.

All five Rangers have their Mega Blasters trained on Goldar.

"Give up?" Jake challenged Goldar.

Goldar growled, baring teeth that were startlingly white against his blue-black skin. His crimson eyes were sharp and challenging.

He holds his claw out a golden sword magically appears in his palm and hoisted it. It was like watching a dancer – a balance of power and grace – making a show of twirling his polished blade around his imposing stature.

"Err.. I guess not." said Jake dryly.

"So you're the Mega Force Rangers?" Goldar swung his head around, allowing his gaze to encompass them all. "I'm insulted."

"Then learn to cope." Spat back Troy.

In unison, the Mega Ranger whips out their Gosei Morphers and insert their Power Cards into their Morphers. "Weapons - ACTIVATE." Proclaim the Rangers as they activate their Morphers. "Summon Battle Gear," affirms the Gosei's disembodied voice. In a mosaic of five different colors of light, their Power Weapons materialize into the palms of their hands.

"I may still toy with you before I dispose of you." Menaced Goldar, his mouth twisted into a feral grin. "But then, I may not."

In a rallying Kiai, the Mega Rangers applied their fighting stances and advanced on the Goldar with Power Weapons in hand.

The cat-dance begins as Rangers and Goldar twirl around each other in an exchange of blows. The Rangers were able to execute techniques and movements in a natural reflex-like manner.

Without breaking his stride, he hit them like a battering ram, driving them backward, hitting the ground like sacks of flour. The Blows smacked impotently against the warrior's armor. The Rangers ducked and darted, searching for an opening past Goldar's defenses.

But Goldar grabbed Troy's arm and using the Red Ranger's forward momentum, picked him up and swung him 360.

"You Power Geeks are only mere humans." He growled. "And no mere human is a match for Goldar who must now obey the call of his Emperor."

Sword struck sword, creating sparks as each of them fought to break through the other's guard.

Meanwhile at Ernie's Brain Freeze..

"I'm sayin', what we had, was special." Kim said with a smile.

"What we had was over." Tommy replied.

Nursing their milkshakes in uncomfortable silence. Until a musical tone sounded from his wrist communicator.

Tommy backs up to a vacant room at the Yogurt Bar, checks his surroundings and answers his communicator.

"Tommy," said the voice of Gosei. "The Ranger's need your help at Harwood County Business District."

"Right." He replies. He equips his Power Morpher.

"It's Morphin' Time." Proclaim Tommy. "FalconZord."

He Morphs into the White Ranger and teleports to the location where the ferocious battle raged.

He subdued Goldar for a few seconds.

"Man that was close." said Troy.

"Wait A go, Tommy." cheered Jake.

"Are you guys okay?" asked Tommy as he helped them up.

"He's not even slowing down." reports Noah.

"Alright Rangers," commanded Troy. "Let's Do this."

"Right." said Tommy.

"White Ranger." Growled Goldar. "Your pointless struggle ends here." He menaces fiery beams of crimson energy jump out and pierce the ground around the super heroes.

"-UNNGG-" Grunts the Rangers, An explosion erupts and Sparks flew into the air as the Mega Rangers and Tommy force flipping them into the air. They land on the ground, but recover instantly.

This Monster was serious business.

Meanwhile on blue the Warstar Ship...

Zedd stood at the window his Crimson Visor beam cut through the darkness of space and entered Earth. Spying on the Power Teens of Harwood County.

"That's right Goldar," cheers Zedd. "Show those nimrods who their dealing with."

There was an inaudible sound that echoed through the War Star ship.

Zedd soon extinguishes his visor beam and soon found himself catapulted out of his throne and meeting the surface of the deck with a thud.

For a moment, the bridge went dark, the only light that of a geysering shower of sparks from one of the control consoles, then, with a flicker of two, the illumination returned.

As Lord Zedd looked around, he saw his Putties and minions were tossed about as well. "What the devil was that?" barks Zedd. "Who dares fire upon my Ship?"

"Damage Report." Demanded Vrak.

Scorpina runs to the nearest console, skimming over the visual readout. "We have taken a direct hit on our primary fusion core." reports Scorpina without looking up from her console. Her fingers dancing across the key pad. "They hit our navigational array as well. Attempting to compensate."

"Whose they?" barked Zedd.

The sensors picked up a small multi-role Star ship entering Combat Range. The Starship must have lay cloaked inside a nearby Ionized hydrogen cloud hence why the Warstar Spaceship's sensors couldn't detect it before.

"Sensors can't get inside." Scorpina reported. "The distortion field is fluctuating. Something's coming out." After a moment passed. "I've got a visual."

Lord Zedd righted himself and climbed slowly to his feet. He moved to the center of the bridge and nodded. "On screen."

"My Emperor," said Scorpina. "Long-Range sensors have picked up what appears to be Starship six meters in length. On Course Zero Mark 2-1-5. It's a-" She looks up from her console. "- Astro Megaship Mark II."

The Main Screen rippled and became a window of a Blue Starship hovering against a back drop of twinkling stars and Earth. It's unparalleled application of modular design was meant for combat.

Vrak shoots Zedd a look. "Friends of yours?" he asks.

Zedd answered with a growl.

A warble sound chimed from the console which attracted Scorpina's attention. "Incoming hail." She reported.

"Answer it." demanded Zedd, iron beneath his words.

The peculiarity to the light cast soft waves across the stripped-down battle bridge of the Astro Megaship Mark II. Bringing the faces of the Megaship crew to sharp relief.

At the controls sat five humanoids clad in spotless silver uniforms, their shirts underneath signifying their color: Cassie – Pink, Carlos –Black, -T.J. – Blue, Ashely –Yellow and Andros –Red. Zhane sported a black uniform trimmed in silver. All hands were at battle stations, ready to fight. Their leader, Andros, worked the helm.

Andros was a fair package. Good lines to his face, with clean shaven handsome features and an athletic physique that would make NBA scouters squeal. His hair ran past his shoulders.

His arms folded. His brown eyes narrowed at Zedd.

"Lord Zedd," said Andros, his tone dripping with contempt. "I hope I didn't catch you at a bad time."

"The Vessel is taking another attack posture." reported Scorpina from her console. "It's targeting our hull."

"It's Powering its weapon systems." Reports Vrak.

"At the request of the Terra Venture High Command," said Andros. "We will eliminate you if you do not leave Earth's atmosphere at once."

Zedd extends his right arm and the Z-Staff leaning against the far wall levitates off of the ground and into the clutches of its owner. The Staff become sin imbued in red energy.

"Why you Meddling Misfits." Hissed Zedd. "You think my goose is cooked, it's you who are in hot water."

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