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Destiny | Taekook

Chapter 1~

Author’s P.O.V:

The environment inside the school for mastering magic arts of the magical realm better known as ‘Eternia- soul of universe’ was hectic today as today was one of the most important days of the year- the day when all young 18 yr olds find their destined mates...

Every year a ceremony is performed to find the mates which follows a series of events after that.
it is said that when somebody finds their mate they can mindlink with each other but sometimes it is much more than just a simple bond....

All the students were asked to gather in the central hall (which was beautifully decorated with flowers and lights) in groups according to their ranks that is IIIrd class, IInd class, Ist class and lastly the A-class and S-class.

There was excitement and somewhat nervousness in the atmosphere as of course they are going to find their destined ones but someone among the crowd was not showing any kind of emotion, just a blank uninterested face and that someone was Kim Taehyung.

well one thing was known for the fact among all the students that Taehyung never shows emotion except when he is with his hyungs who also are the only ones in A-class rank.
May be thats why people didnt hesitate from calling him cold hearted and arrogant behind his back because they feared him a lot to say that to him on his face.

all the six aces of the school were standing together in their own group chatting about who is going to be jimin’s and taehyung’s mate and maybe teasing each other a little. it wasnt like they didnt want to interact with others but being the ace comes with a lot of duties and people were jealous of them so they never tried on their part rather started rumors of them being rude and all.

A sound of jingling of bells was heard which attracted everyone’s attention to the source where their respected headmasters were standing as the event was about to be started.
“Good morning students” one of the three headmasters greeted to which everyone bowed and replied the same.

“i hope each one of you knows the purpose of your presence here as i expect you all to be sincere as the ceremony commences also i want to tell you that you should keep this in your mind that finding your mate isnt a mere chance process it is carefully decided by the destiny itself and holds a strong purpose behind it.“this time the headmistress spoke.

As the event started the headmasters got busy in instructing students and cheers were heard in every short while whenever anyone’s mate is pronounced. The event was simple yet magical as it consisted of only standing in front of the mirror which was on the east wall of the hall and the image of only you and your mate will be reflected in it and nobody else.

as the event went on Jimin’s heart beat was increasing at such a fast rate that practically everyone could here it but soon he relaxed a bit when he heard hoseok saying- “calm down jiminie everything will be alright”

“how can i calm down hyung when i am going to find out my mate, i dont even know if they would like me or not” jimin said still feeling a little bit tensed

“you heard what the seonsaeng nim said didnt you!? you will be fine, so dont worry”this time yoongi said with a soft smile.

everyone of their group was talking with each other when suddenly namjoon spoke out of the blue-“i wonder who will be Taehyung”s mate” and now all the attention was on him since this question was on everyone’s mind. “i mean isnt it like this that you and your destined one are equal in magiacal mana but Taehyung possess the maximum among all of us” namjoon continued further.

now all heads were turned to Taehyung and for the first time in the whole day taehyung spoke-“i really dont care whoever they are gonna be but i dont want them to pull me down in anyway”

nobody was surprised to hear taehyung’s reply because they knew Taehyung wasnt to be blamed as he already has suffered a lot alone which has made him like this.

soon it was jimin’s turn and when his mate’s reflection appeared in the mirror everyone was shocked it wasnt mate’s but mates’ reflection, he had two mates- jung hoseok and min yoongi. but he was really happy as he liked both of them and they did like him too ,so everything was going pretty smoothly until it was taehyung’s turn.

“taehyung , now will you stand on this pattern on the floor right in front of the mirror”he was instructed by one of the headmaster.

All the eyes were now on Taehyung as everybody wanted to know who is as strong as him to be his mate that even the headmasters were anticipating.

but as soon as taehyung stepped on the pattern it started glowing furiously and same thing happened to the other pattern. a soft jingling of bells could be heard and the borders of the mirror started shining brightly and the mirror itself looked like a membrane of pure water with some ripples in it. nobody knew what was happening and then suddenly a loud thud was heard-

“OUCH!!!” and now all the eyes were on the boy who somehow appeared through the mirror and was currently rubbing his nose in pain oblivious to his surroundings.

the said boy came back to his senses and found out that he was at a different place, completely foreign to him.

Hey, this is officially my first book so i will love it if you read and comment on it :)))

and as i said it is my first work so i know it isnt great but still thank you for reading it if anyone did...lol!!!


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