Who Are You?

Inspecting the Base

“Anyway we better leave now.” Natsumi quickly placed Fuyuki’s plate in the sink with hers and headed towards the door. “See ya later mom!”

“Have a good day off!” Fuyuki called out behind him as he ran out the door behind Natsumi.

Aki took another sip of her coffee.

-Alright so another boring day at school right?

Aki laughed at something on the screen and waited till the front door opened and closed. A few more minutes passed before she dared to speak.

-Wait why are we still focused on the house?

“Alright everyone, they’re gone for the day! You can come in.” The head of the house leaned out the back door and called to the empty space.

-Who is she talking to?

“Finally!!” Keroro burst out from behind one of his camo-papers disguised as a bush. He was as small and green as ever.

-Were they out there the entire time?!

“Kuku~” Kururu walked from around the side of the house as his anti-barrier faded away to reveal his creepy grin.

-Wait! Let me leave before-OW!!!

“YOU DESSERVE IT!! No one gets to talk about Natsumi like that; EXCEPT FOR ME!!” Giroro shouted as he tilted his smoking canon over his shoulder before jumping off the roof.

“Thank you again Mrs. Hinata for letting us into the base.” Dororo gave a small bow.

“It’s no problem. I mean it can still be your home.” Aki knelt down slightly to the keronians. Each one marched into the house except for, “Where’s the little one today?”

“Tamama had to stay behind and prepare for his meeting with Momoka.” Keroro chanted as he danced down the hall to the hidden ladder. “So it’s perfectly fine if I set up my room the way it was right?”

“Of course Sugar smacks. I’ll just make sure Natsumi doesn’t see it yet.” Aki slid the back door closed and followed the platoon to the basement.

“How is she doing?” Giroro asked turning his blushing face aside.

“You don’t waste any time do you ku ku?” Kururu chuckled.

“SHUT UP!!” Giroro was ready to summon another gun when Aki interrupted by answering his question.

“She’s a strong girl so I think she’ll be fine when it’s all over with. She is sad for the moment though. She feels bad for forgetting about you in the first place.” Aki swiftly hopped down the ladder behind the frogs and watched as Keroro opened the door to find a dusty room with boxes still stacked to the walls.

“Giroro’s been depressed the entire year. He feels bad for having to shut down her memories. I think he had it worse than the rest of us.” Dororo spoke before Kururu could tease the soldier any more.

“We have to set up some sort of organization to get rid of this crap in my room. MEN! Lineup!” Keroro shouted as he straightened his posture. He ignored the entire conversation about Natsumi.

“Why, when you can just teleport it to the inter-dimensional rift you put it in last time?!” Giroro shouted back trying to ignore the guilty pain in his chest.

“Oh right, totally forgot about that.” Keroro whipped out a small ball that looked like the Kero-ball except it was green with white buttons and yellow symbols. The antenna had a yellow star bouncing on the end.

“Ooh, that looks new.” Aki looked at the device hoping to get some inspiration for the new series of Captain Geroro.

“Kururu upgraded and replaced just about all of our devices and supplies. We’ll explain everything later on.” Giroro stated as Keroro pressed a single button to empty the room and fill it with his own furniture and wall decorations. He even kept some of his older gundam which now sat on a shelf in the corner of the room.

“Sergeant Major! Open the portal to the base!” Keroro ordered as he pointed to the mini fridge with a star on the front.

“Aye aye, CLICKY POO!!” Kururu pressed a button on his remote. Keroro opened the door and stepped inside.

“It would be best for you to stay up on the main floor instead of around the alien radiation as Kururu performs his upgrades.” Giroro turned to Aki. “We’ll quiet down around 2:30 so Natsumi doesn’t hear us when she gets home. Now is the prime moment to start the permanent changes alright Kururu?”

“Of course. Everything will be set up real soon don’t worry.” Kururu tried to enter the fridge before he could be given any more orders.

“You should probably heal the narrator too.” Dororo stated.

“Why? He isn’t anything useful.” Kururu entered the fridge successfully this time and was soon followed by Dororo.

“See ya later. We have a lot of work to do.” Giroro waved casually to Aki and passed through the mini fridge portal. Once through he followed the others down the dim hall to check out the damaged and outdated technology.

“Oh frog it feels great knowing I get to sleep in my bed again!” Keroro sung as he ignored the actual inspection and let everyone else do the work.

“Good for you. I can’t put up my tent yet so I don’t have anywhere to sleep until then!” Giroro was ready to throttle the idiot.

“You can stay with me and Koyuki.” Dororo offered as he stepped over some loose wires.

“You sure it won’t be any trouble?” Giroro asked.

“Of course. I know Koyuki wouldn’t mind and it might be easier for you to stay away from Natsumi right now with her current state.” Dororo responded with sincere honesty.

“You’re right. Ok then I’ll stay at your place.” Giroro kept his eyes on a warped beam they passed under. “How long do you think it’ll take for you to fix all this Kururu?”

“Shouldn’t take all day.” The yellow frog tore off a panel from the wall and began messing with the wires and buttons underneath. “Upgrading is a different story though ku~.”

“And the narrator?” Dororo asked still concerned.

“Tch! It’s already underway.” Kururu turned to quickly change the subject. “We should put you and Giroro through the procedure. That way you can leave before the kids get back and watch over me and Keroro as we go through it tomorrow. I don’t trust him to watch over my precious body ku ku~.”

“What?! I am totally trustworthy!” Keroro barked back.

“Alright then let’s get to it. Keroro can keep an eye on us while you fix things up everywhere else.” Giroro agreed to the arrangements.

“I trust Keroro to handle that much.” Dororo nodded.

“Then it’s settled.” Giroro began his march down the halls to the creepy lab bellow, ignoring the questionable structure around him. The rest followed him into the darkness of the base.

-Uugghhh… Why do I taste metal? Wait where did everyone go? I guess everything is going to pick up now that the keronians are back. I think I have a concussion.

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