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My Brothers Best Friend [Park Jimin FF]

Chapter 1:

*Y/N’s POV*

Hello! My name is Y/N. I just graduated from college in America and I am now in the airport waiting for my flight to Korea to live with my brother Taehyung!

“Flight 127 to Seol, Korea” The loudspeaker announced.

I stood up from my seat, gathered my luggage, and made my way towards the gate line.

I handed the guy my ticket and then I went towards the plain.

I found my seat and sat.

For the rest of the flight I just slept and watched my favorite show, Run BTS. This was only my favorite show because Taehyung is on it.

“Please keep your seatbelts on as well land” The loudspeaker announces.

When we finally arrived I waited for the plain to stop and then took my luggage and left the plain.

*On The Phone*

“Hi, TaeTae!” (Y/N)

“Hey Y/N! I’m so excited to see you, have you arrived?” (Tae)

“Yes I have! Can you pick me up? I will be waiting on the bench outside of gate 12, Jetblue” (Y/N)

“Yes I will be there soon, just letting you know my friend Jimin is coming with me” (Tae)

“Okay see you soon!” (Y/’N)

*Phone Call Over*

I was waiting on the bench when...

“Well hello, pretty lady” a random man sat next to me on the bench.

“Umm, hi?” I replied

“Wanna come with me? My car is there” He pointed to a jet black Porsh.

“Ehh no thank you,” I said quietly

“Oh c’mon, we could have fun”

As I refused he started pulling on me to the car as I tried to escape his grip.

*Jimin’s POV*

Taehyung and I are in the car trying to find Y/N.

I haven’t met Y/N before but I’ve heard a lot about her from Tae.

I’m just looking out the window. I see a guy pulling a girl to a car. She seems scared and doesn’t seem to want to go.

“Taehyung, please stop the car” I say quickly.

Once he does I hop out of the car and run to the man and girl.

“What do you think you are doing?!” I yell to the man as I pull the girl into my grip.

“Mind your own business” he said obnoxiously.

“You should not make girls do things they don’t want to do” I say as I glare in his direction.

He just rolls his eyes and walks away.

I look down at the girl. She has beautiful gleaming hazel eyes.

“; Are you okay?” I ask her

She just shyly nods.

She then looks in another direction and hops out of my arms.


He hugged her tight.

Taehyung walks over to me.

“Thank you for saving Y/N” he says to me.

Wait, THAT’S Y/N?! I thought.

Wow Taehyung has a pretty sister. I thought.

“No need to thank me Tae” I respond.

*Y/N’s POV*

We head to Tae’s car and get in. Tae drives while Jimin sits in the passenger seat. I sit in the back.

The whole time Jimin was playing his music and they both were talking about random stuff and then laughing hysterically.

I just sat in the back thinking about what Jimin did for me. If it weren’t for him, right ow I would be with that scary guy. I didn’t realize Jimin was so nice.

Of course he acted nice on Run BTS but I didn’t expect him to be as kind and as much of a gentleman that he is.

Thank you guys for reading! I hope you enjoyed this first chapter and I cannot wait to write more! Please leave any suggestions or reviews/feedback! I love you guys!

- Author IZ

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