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Little Killers in the Mirror


15 year old Shatter has been abused her whole life. The same goes for her siblings. Her twin Mirror and brothers Lie + Shard were abused. One day she had enough. So she and her siblings killed their parents. They ran to the woods to hide but were separated. Slenderman found Shatter and took her in. She became one of his proxies. She developed feelings for Toby. But her life is turned up upside down when she is "taken" and experimented on by Zalgo. Will she ever learn to control her new abilities. Will she ever confess to Toby. Well she ever find her siblings. Read to find out how it ends.

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Before You Start Read Me!!!

Authors Note!!!

Hello once my little Ninja’s and Kunoichi’s!! It’s nice to see you my lovely readers!! This is my first time to actually posting one of my stories. So it may seem bad to some of you; please don’t judge me!!! Before you start reading, there’s a few things that I should warn you about in advanced. Oh and if you’re uncomfortable with any of the things that I have listed, I suggest that you click off of this story immediately. I don’t want to lose any of you, my amazing readers! So here’s what my story contains:




💔Intense Fighting Scenes

And that’s all that I can think of for now but later on there will probably be one more. So I really hope you all like this story. If you are someone who doesn’t, please don’t leave hateful/rude/mean comments. Instead leave comments with pointers on how to make it better 😊!! I don’t own any of the characters(except for Shard, Mirror, Shatter, and Lie). So without farther ado, I give you ‘Little Killer’s In The Mirror’ !!!! ENJOY!!


You reader’s/fellow writers may call me Myriad!

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