Adventure Life Season 2: Mixed World Catastrophe (REWRITE)


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Entering Ponyvile

Okay, so now we have our rewrite of Mixed World Catastrophe! It's Claudia here and I'll just go over the dimensions and their corresponding ninja…

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Christy

SAO Series - Kai

Minecraft - Cole

Winx - Hanna

Lion King - Janet

Big Hero 6 - Jay

Frozen - Zane

Harry Potter - Nya

Assassin's Creed - Rosetta

Earth - Lloyd

So lets start!

Karina: *Texting on phone* Hmm what?

Kai: She said start!

Karina: Oh sorry I was texting…

Christy: Texting? To who?

Karina: I can't say or else i'll break the fourth wall…

Lloyd: Okay.

Max: So umm are we gonna start?

Karina: Yeah yeah fine~ *Waves hands and phone disappears*

Ninja: 0-o

Karina: Oh and update since on the TMOPS rewrite Anissa is writing the romance stuff I guess shes a member on this so don't be surprised to expect her texting I guess.

Anissa: I write cheesy stuff a lot…I write too much cheesy stuff.

Cole: Mkay

Sensei: HAI GUYS~ (← High on tea)

Anissa: what in da world?

Max: I dunno anymore

Zane: It seems Sensei has gone insane… Whatever *Flips on funny switch* Hello my baby hello my darling~

Karina: HAHAHAHA I can't take it anymore *Dies of laughter*

Anissa: What! HAHAHAHAHA this is too funny! HAHAHAHA

Hanna: … Well it seems everyone has gone cuckoo

Janet: Come on Stripe *Leaves*

Nya: ...

Anissa: I'm always cocoloco. Anyways….. LET IT GO LET IT GO~

Karina's Dad: … XD

Karina: .-.


Claudia: …


Lloyd: No comment. No comment.

Christina: WE NEED TO STOP! (If you actually keep singing the melody of the song it actually fits as a lyric -_-)

Anissa: NEVER!

Gloria: BYE!

Lloyd woke up in a unfamiliar technicolour clearing, in the middle of a seamless forest.

"Guys? What happened?" He moaned as he tried to get up, but he fell back down in a strange stance. He went to look down at his feet, but, well… He didn't have any! Instead, he had 2 green hooves in their place! When he looked at his hands, they were hooves too! Lloyd had come to the realisation that he wasn't a human anymore… He was a pony! Or deer! Or anything with hooves, really. (An elephant? XD)

"WHAT THE HECK?!" Lloyd shouted, awakening Sensei Wu.

"Lloyd, language!" Was the first thing that the old sensei said when he got up, but just when he was going to scold him more, he was interrupted by the moaning of the other four ninja.

"Hey, where… WHAT IN THE NAME OF THE FIRST SPINJITZU MASTER?!" Jay yelled as he tried to get up and fell on his face.

Kai got up and looked at the other two. "You're… Ponies?!"

"I don't want to be a pony for the rest of my life!" Jay panicked.

"I swear, this is weirder than becoming a teen." Lloyd muttered.

"Guys, stop moaning! We have bigger problems!" Cole tried to put some sense into his team.

"Like how the girls aren't here?" Zane looked around.

"Exactly!" Cole got up on his four hooves and slowly walked around to get used to them.

"So what if something's happened to Nya?! What if she's been eaten by some beast, or-" Kai started to get paranoid.

"Don't worry." Sensei looked around. "In this seemingly happy place, there can't be a lot of danger around."

"Besides," Cole added. "I'm pretty sure that they can take care of themselves. Lets go and find them." He led everybody through the forest on their quest to find the kunoichi.


"Girls, get up!" Nya, the leader of the kunoichi shook her friends up with her purple hooves.

"Where are we…?" Janet tried to rub her eyes with the back of her hand, but something furry brushed her eyelids instead. "AH!" She yelled.

"Hm? What's u- Oh my goodness!" Hanna looked at her pink hooves. "We're ponies!"

"Don't be silly, we're still humans, ri- Nevermind." Rosetta got up on her hooves, contradicting herself.

"But… How?" Christy looked around at her ponified companions.

"I don't know, but we have to find the boys." Nya got up and started to lead the others when a rustle was heard in the bushes ahead of them.

"Who's there?!" Janet shouted defensively as a pastel yellow and pink pony stepped forwards.

"Hello, I'm Flutter-" She began to speak, but she was so quiet that the kunoichi couldn't hear her full name!

"Flutter…?" Hanna trailed off, expecting the pony to finish her sentence.

"...Shy. Fluttershy." The yellow pony spoke in barely a whisper, backing away a bit.

"Well then, Fluttershy, I'm Nya, and these are my friends, Janet, Hanna, Rosetta and Christy." Nya introduced everyone. Just then, a little orange and black tail poked out from behind Janet. Fluttershy got closer to have a better look, and it was Stripe!

"Eeee! It's a tiger cub!" Fluttershy scooped up Stripe and cuddled him.

"Um… Aren't you scared? I mean.. It is a tiger cub…" Rosetta questioned.

"But how could he hurt me? He's just a little-widdle tiger cub!" Fluttershy coed.

"Ahem, it is my tiger cub." Janet got Stripe back.

"No, I am my own tiger!" Stripe crossed his paws.

"Ah! He talked!" Nya fell over... And fainted

"Nya~" Hanna sighed.

"So anyways, where are we? Why are we ponies?" Rosetta asked Fluttershy.

"W-Why wouldn't you be ponies?" Fluttershy asked confused. "What else would you be? Cows, Bison, Donkeys?-"

"Humans?" Christy interrupted, Fluttershy looked at her in confusement.

"Humans? What in the name of Celestia are Humans?" A certain blue-coated pony jumped out of the bushes the Fluttershy came from.

"And most importantly, who are you? I've never seen you ponies around before." She pressed on.

"This is Nya, Janet, Hanna, Rosetta and Christy." Fluttershy explained to the other pony fluently without even stuttering, to the kunoichi's surprise.

"And you are…?" Janet asked the blue pony.

"I am Rainbow Dash, a trainee from the Wonderbolts Academy, Element of Loyalty and an awesome flyer." The blue pony proudly announced.

"Wow, Rainbow, modest much?" Another pony emerged from the bushes said smugly (They've been eavesdropping.-.). This time, it was an orange pony with a light blonde mane.

"Hey, AJ." Rainbow said flatly.

"AJ?" Christy repeated.

"Applejack. Nice to meet cha." Applejack paused for a while. "So.. Who are you exactly?"

Rainbow Dash sighed. "This is Nya, Janet, Hanna, Rosetta and Christy."

"So, which parts are ya from?" AJ questioned the new 'ponies'.

"Ninjago." Nya replied offhandedly

"Ninjago? Never heard of it." Rainbow Dash said rudely.

"Rainbow Dash, be polite!" Fluttershy scolded her friend.

"So… What's this place called?" Hanna looked around.

"This is Everfree Forest, Equestria. We live close to here, in Ponyville."

"Equestria…?" Rosetta repeated, confused.

"Ponyville?" Nya was about to burst into laughter.

"I know this place! It's from that kids show… My Little Pony! That's it!" Christy looked around at Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash and Applejack. "And you're three of the main characters!" and too the kunoichi she added "Lloyd watches it" (XD)

"Oh dear…" Fluttershy replied, unsure of what to do.

"We're on TV? Do I look awesome enough?" Rainbow Dash puffed up her mane and flapped her wings.

"Rainbow, we've got other things to deal with. Like getting these 'humans' home." Applejack reminded her pegasus friend.

"Yeah.. Right." Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes "I bet there not even telling the truth."

"Why you..." Nya, being related to her hot-headed brother fired a water bolt at Rainbow Dash who at the last minute dodged.

"Woah!" Applejack came running to Nya "What did you that for?!"

"She offended us!" Nya retorted, suddenly her purple flank- which was currently blank, glowed white and a single water drop and fan appeared.

"You got your cutie mark!" The three ponies gasped, mostly because she was an adult and she should have it by now (Then again they're not from this world), and partly because they never seen such a unique cutie mark before.

"What's a cutie mark?" The kunoichi simultaneously asked.

"a Cutie mark is a picture that appears on your flank when you have discovered your special talent" Applejack said briefly emphasizing on 'special'

"Mine was when I won a race" Rainbow Dash said proudly

"So you're saying that if we doing something special that no one can do a 'cutie mark' will appear?" Hanna asked looking at her wings.

"Yeah I guess" The trio shrugged. The kunoichi besides Nya looked at their features

Nya had the same style she had when she was still human but except a horn was sticking out, same color as her coat, Light red.

Hanna also had her same style as before, although she unlike Nya doesn't have a horn. Her coat was pink and pink feathery wings were coming out on her sides.

Rosetta had no horn, or wings against her light green fur. Her hairstyle was still a braid but it was more thinner and longer.

Janet her same style as she had in Ninjago except her fringe was bigger (Like twilights), She also had no horn or wings. But her unique amburn coat made up to it.

Christy, like Nya had a horn and once again her mane was similar to her human self. Her coat was a lemon yellow and got slightly lighter near her hooves.

"But how are we supposed to conjure up our elements to get these so called cutie marks to blend into the ponies society if we don't have horns like Nya and Christy do!" Hanna whined forgetting about AJ, RD and Fluttershy.

"What?" Fluttershy squeaked, she still wasn't comfortable with the strangers near her.

"Don't question it" Stripe deadpanned, something which was comical for the tiger cub since he didn't speak in their own world.

"Can't we just deal with what we have?" Rosetta questioned, then ran her hoof along the trees- which was difficult for the young mare mind you. Then the leaves started moving like they sensed their master was nearby and the same glow appeared on the Nature master's flank and a leaf and spear appeared in its place.

"Cool!" Janet grinned and picked up Stripe

"Hey!" Stripe yelled, but then calmed. His friend's aura was so soothing! Then he was blinded by a light and a paw print and whip appeared on Janet's flank!

So thats what they did, Christy summoned a beam of light and her cutie mark appeared, a star and a dagger. And Hanna flew as fast as she could, creating a mini tornado which almost whipped all of the ponies on the ground, even Rainbow Dash, but as she descended a comic wind streak and bow shone on her flank. Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and AJ looked on with awe, they didn't know what was going on but it was a sight to see!

Apparently the Ninjas had the same Idea.

The ninjas were taking a break from all the walking and occasionally rubbed their sore hooves. The ninjas being the ninjas started playing with their new assets.

Kai had his famous too-much-gel hairstyle, although it was natural to the others amusements, he had a horn which seemed to be heavier that his head. And his coat colour was blood red.

Jay had a light brown mane in a similar style to his regular self, and his coat was electric blue like his eyes, He also had wings which always seemed to be out of control.

Cole still had his black shaggy hair, but he had a dark grey coat instead of the normal human skin, He didn't have a horn or wings like his teammates but I did kinda make sense, being connected with earth and all, although he didn't know that.

Zane has kept his unnatural hairstyle as well and like Kai it also turned natural. His coat was a white similar to snow also was a unicorn like their hot-headed brother.

Lloyd had windswept blonde mane, and his coat was green, and had BOTH horn and wings which stood out compared to the other's.

And then there was Sensei Wu. He had a light grey coat with his infamous long white beard and straw hat. He also had both horn and wings signaling that Lloyd and Wu were royalty, but they didn't know that.

"Hey look! I can still shoot fire!" Kai exclaimed shooting a fire blast from the tip of his horn. Suddenly a tattoo appeared on his flank showing a fireball and sword.

"Cool!" Apparently Kai hasn't noticed the odd tattoo on his rear and thought that Jay was complimenting his fire capabilities.

"Thanks! Hey can you still wield lighting too?" Jay raised his eyebrow, or where his eyebrow should have been and answered

"No I mean that awsome tattoo on your butt" The lightning master pointed to the tattoo.

"Oh" Kai tried to look but he couldn't and ended up looking like a dog trying to chase his own tail. As the others giggled while Kai groaned in annoyance Lloyd was thinking.

"Hey what happens if we unleash our elements too?" Lloyd asked, all of them turned to him, even Sensei Wu.

"Its worth a shot I guess, EARTH!" A rock and scythe appeared on his flank.

"LIGHTNING!" Lightning bolt and nunchucks.

"ICE!" Ice and shurikens.

"TEA!" #Doesderp (Sensei… -_-) Teapot.

"CREATION!" Everyone stared, instead of his element and his weapon like the others have his tattoo (*cough* Cutie *cough* Mark *cough*) was really unique. It was a crystal ball with all of the Ninjas and kunoichi elements inside.

"What is that?!" Cole asked pointing to his flank. Sensei was surprised to say the least,

"The creation sphere" He whispered ominously, only Zane heard.

"The creation sphere?" Zane repeated looking at his mentor, cocking his head he asked "What is that?"

"Do not dwell on it my student. It is nothing you need to know of"


"Butts are for sitting Lloyd"

"Oh come on!" In fury Lloyd accidentally unleashed his creation powers into the sky, giving off a signal that they were there.

"Oh Lloyd-"

"Don't. Say. Anything Kai"

"Shutting up."

-Nya's POV-

As we were looking at each others cutie mark a sudden loud bang caught our ears, it was a really bright green and it came from another part of the forest.

"What in the hay was that?!" Applejack asked, everybody didn't know, but I knew (She has been stay with the ninja longer so duh.)

"Lloyd…" I whispered

We all ran into that direction, some faster than others, since well we were all excited to see our male teammates again. As we came closer the very familiar colors of our team were standing in a clearing, not wanting to hold back, I jumped

"KAI!" I yelled not caring about how loud I was, as I strangled my brother infront of everyone, from the corner of my eye I saw the others hug their um… really akward crushes?

"SIS!" Kai shouted hugging me back, I then saw Jay running towards us, oh no…

"NYA!" And crushed us.

By then we were all laughing and giving everyone hugs it quickly became awkward for the trio.

-Narrator's POV-

"Umm… Care to explain?" Rainbow Dash said, confusment in her eyes.

"Well, let me introduce them first. This is Kai"





"Whats up?"


"Nice to meet you"

"Sensei Wu"

"And honor"

"...and Lloyd" As Rosetta finished explaining she realized lloyd wasn't saying anything. Nudging the slightly rude ninja Lloyd looked at her


"Yes?" Nya asked confused

"As in My little pony?""Yes?""WHOOHOOO!" To everypony's, confusment, amusement and slight concern Lloyd started jumping around, well the best he could as he celebrated.

"Umm Lloyd?" Zane tried to talk to Lloyd but he was too 'busy' to hear, Kai and Jay suddenly snickered

"Lloyds a brony…" Kai whispered to Jay who bursted into a fit of giggles, Christy who was overhearing them, sent them a glare and turned back to the slightly crazed hero.

"LLOYD YOU ARE REALLY STARTING TO CONCERN US!" Christy yelled, causing Lloyd to stop.

"Sooooo… How long have you been a brony?" Kai teased, Lloyd blushed,

"I might watch it from time to time…." Lloyd trailed off, but to his horror Zane replied in a monotone voice

"Every week actually"


YUAS Were done!... GOD that was long.

Kai: *Texting* It was pretty shot actually.

Karina: GODDAMMIT KAI! I ment the- ooooh where did you get that phone from?

Claudia: *Facepalm*

Christina: YOLO

*Magic ponies flying everywhere*

Lloyd: :L

Max: ...Yep you still got it.

Jay: So Lloyd…. Brony? *Wiggles eyebrow*

Karina: *Whispers to Max* Thats disgusting

Lloyd: SHUT UP YOU GUYS! *Grenade launcher appears in his arms* *shoot* shoot* shoot*

Karina: ….. Teenage hormones

Gloria: *Unaffected*


Everybody: ;-; wut?

Nya: oh. His funny switch is on

Janet: well in that case, COME BACK HERE ZANE!

*Janet runs after Zane*

Hanna: well then *claps hands together* while my sister is chasing after a crazed robot we need to end this A/N again

Sensei: Tea?!

Everyone: *ignores him* Yay the upload button!

Upload button: 3...

Karina: this is like counting down to New Years :P

Upload button: 2... 1... Uploading...

Everyone: REVIEW!

Karina: R&R!

Cole: ...?

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