Adventure Life Season 2: Mixed World Catastrophe (REWRITE)

Book Horse

Chapter 2 - Book Horse

*Everyone except Max and Karina are watching a scary movie*

Kai: ahhh!

Claudia: don't be such a baby it's only a little murder

Everyone: 0-o

Hanna: I'm just glad we didn't let Karina and Max see, they would be scared to death!

*Karina walks in*

Karina: Oh hey guys, oooooh blood

Everyone: ... 0-o Dafu?

Karina: why is he wearing red makeup? He put it in the wrong places *points to murderer covered in blood*

Cole: *sigh*

Karina: you know the one killing dat other guy... What?!

Hanna: I has been proven wrong

*Max walks in*

Max: heyyyyy *looks at screen* AHHHHHH!

Karina: I don't get it what's so bad about- Ahhhhh!

Jay: So she IS scared of the movie-

Karina: AHHH AN ANT!

*Cricket noise*

Everyone: ...

Lloyd: Eye ya ya, someone start the chapter already!

Christy: Mkay

Rosetta: Claudia and Karina don't own Ninjago or anything in this story besides the kunoichi, Spiritrual six and the plot.

Karina: *mumbling* although I wish I could own Ninjago...

Claudia: Why are we doing the disclaimer now?

Janet: I dunno?! Blame Karina!

Karina: Hey!

Zane: Please enjoy the story.

"So now what?" Rainbow Dash said after everyone calmed down from laughing

"Let's bring them to Twilight, they can't stay in the forest for the rest of the day" Applejack suggested

"That sounds cool" Kai replied. Everyone looked at Lloyd expectantly, his face was red and his eye was twitching, then he just, fainted…

"Oh Lloyd~" Rosetta sighed "I guess we'll have to drag you"

"I'll do it" Cole volunteered, he grabbed Lloyds back hoof and started to drag him "Where we're going?"

"Everypony welcome to ponyville!" Rainbow Dash said leading them into the streets.

"One of the many places in Equestria, home of the Princess of Friendship, Twilight Sparkle."

"Also one of our friends" Fluttershy said, her shy demour gone.

"Now you guys go on without me, I'll be putting my apples down in Sweet Apple Acres, catch ya'll later!" Applejack waved and trotted to the outskirts of the town, where the barn was located.

"Is that the castle?" Asked Nya as she pointed to the large crystal tree in the far end of Ponyville,

"Yep thats the one" Answered Rainbow Dash, They continued to walk to the large palace greeting the many colorful ponies as they walked by.

"We're here!" Fluttershy said opening the large doors of the castle, a purple dragon walked up to them.

"Hey there Fluttershy- Woah! Who are these guys?!" The purple dragon asked pointing to the ninjas and kunoichi.

"I'll explain later, Right now we need to see Twilight, Spike"

"Sure thing!" Then he lead them into the castle to the library.

"Of course, the library who would've thought?" Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes "Hey Twilight!"

"Hi Girls!" A purple pony with a mane similar to Christy's came over holding a book. "Who might you be?" She asked pointing to Christy "I'm Twilight, Twilight Sparkle but you can call me Twilight" Grinned Twilight, Lloyd was starting to wake up "Huh?"

"Not now Lloyd, I'm Christy"








"Sensei Wu""Lloyd"

Twilight gasped "More alicorns?! I didn't know there were more!" She walked up to Lloyd and Sensei Wu "Twilight Sparkle Princess of Friendship" Lloyd looked over to Kai and mouthed 'didn't she already say that?'

"Umm Lloyd Garmadon Protector of Ninjago and Green Ninja, controller of all elements"

"Wu Garmadon, Son of the First Spinjitzu Master, Sensei to the other ninjas" The two Alicorns said in confusment.

"Ooooh Princess Celestia would be excited to know about you two!" Twilight exclaimed and then to Spike she said "Send a letter to Celestia" Suddenly a loud ringing and glow came from the corner of the library.


Whoo! Done!

Kai: That… That was REALLY short

Karina: What are you? A commenter? OF COURSE I KNOW IT'S SHORT I WROTE IT! DUH!

Everyone: …

Christy: I wonder what that book was

Lloyd: Ooooh maybe it's the book that transports us to eq- mmmmph!

Claudia: Shhh no spoilers!

Sensei Wu: *Drinking tea*


Sensei Wu: ….

Everyone: 0-o

Karina: *Fake mocking raspy voice* Teapot gleam and glow~

Jay: XD

Max: *Fell down laughing*

Sensei Wu: ….

Max: Wu Wu! Let down your beard!Sensei Wu: That's it, both of you are grounded!

Karina & Max: …. :( ….. :( *Powers starting*

Nya: Well before this gets out of hand, please R&R and bye!

*Fades to black, hears chair being crashed into something, see's a Sensei indent on black screen*

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