Adventure Life Season 2: Mixed World Catastrophe (REWRITE)

Equestria Girls

Chapter 3 - Equestria Girls

Sensei Wu: ...I still hate you for breaking my back *Rubbing my back*

Karina: *Sheepish grin* Sorry Sensei

Max: Yea sorry

Lloyd: Wow… Tb fair we all hate you for that.

Karina: Mkay… I'm just…. I'm just going to go now *Slowly creeps out of the room, leaving Max with 17 angry Ninjas*

Max: …. Uh oh

Anissa: Hi! Oh kay! I'll just leave *walks out the door*

Claudia: Nope this is cheesy as f*** I'm out.

Twilight was leading everypony to the sound as she found the book that was the one causing all of the commotion, She used her magic to flip through the pages of the book until she found a page that looked like it was written recently, as she read the text her eyes grew as big as tennis balls, as she finished she looked at her new and old friends who looked at her with concern.

"This looks like it was written from my friends in Canterlot High! B-b-but how?!" She stuttered re-reading the book again.

"It sounds like" She kept on reading, adding suspension to the ninjas and mane 6 "They need my help!" Gasped Twilight.

-Cole's POV-

"The way Sunset Shimmer described them, I think these new girls sound an awful lot like... the sirens" The purple pony- I think her name was Twilight? shivered. She had called the rest of her friends here, including Applejack and briefly introduced them as Pinkie Pie and Rarity.

"Not the sirens!" Pinkie Pie wailed and then whispered to Fluttershy "I don't actually know what that is!" I inwardly sighed.

"The sirens were three beautiful but dangerous creatures who had the power to charm ponies with their music. But to maintain this power, they had to feed on the negativity and distrust of others. The more of this negative energy they consumed, the stronger their voices became, and the farther they could spread their dark magic." Twilight explained reading another book. God was is it with this pony and her books!?

"I don't think I like this story very much." Fluttershy said nervously. Kai rolled his eyes "For the First Spinjitzu master-!" So I slapped him "Shut up!""If the sirens had their way, they would have divided and conquered all of Equestria." Twilight continued, ignoring Kai, and possibly me "But a certain Star Swirl the Bearded wasn't having it. Rumor has it he found a way to banish them to another world – one where he believed their magic power would be lost. That world must have been the one where my Canterlot High friends live." She finished.

"Wow" Hanna whistled "Thats a lot of information"

"Thank you" Twilight smiled

But Star Swirl must have sent them there ages ago. How come they're just surfacin' now?" Applejack asked

"I don't know. But if my hunch is right and it is the sirens who have come to Canterlot High, this spell they've cast is just the beginning. My friends need me. I have to get back to them."

"Let us help!" Janet asked sitting next to Stripe "We have more experience with villains and stuff!""Yea they're the best you could get!" Stripe enthusiastically and proudly said.

"Hold on a minute!" Rainbow Dash inter "We're the best at defeating the bad guys! We have the elements of harmony! What do you have?!""Rainbow!" Rarity gasped "That's no way to talk to our guest!"

"Oh yea?!" Kai challenged, oh no this isn't going to go well, the two most hot-headed people are arguing, well I know Kai is hot-headed, Rainbow Dash? I don't really know but considering her attitude just now, I'm guessing yes. "What have YOU fought?!"

"Lets see. Nightmare moon, Discord, Hydras, King Sombra, Chrysalis, Tirek umm…. I can't think of any more" Rainbow Dash rubbed the back of her head then crossed her arms "How about you?"

"Well, we defeated the skulkin, we got the serpentine, Pythor, Great Devourer, Pirates, Evil ninja clones, The grundel now there's Lord Garmadon….


...We then also got the Nindriods, the Overlord, The Stone Army, Dark Eye army, Chen, The fake Anacondrai, Morro and the Preeminent" Kai smirked, then looked confused. I looked confused too "What?!" We all looked at each other

(I wonder why *Whistles innocently* -Karina)

(No more Spoilers!)

-Narrator's POV-

"Woah where did that come from?" Jay asked, "In my database there are such villains but we have not encountered them" (But you will -K) (*copies K but sings*But yea will!- Anissa)

Which made everyone's 'eyebrows' rise up

"So anyways can we come?" Asked Nya facepalming on the inside for her brother's stupidity.

"I guess so, since you're not from this world you won't have any parallel duplicate in the other world" Twilight said

"I hate to burst your bubble, Twilight, but the connection between their world and Equestria will still be totally cut off for a super long time." Reminded Rainbow

"Okay, first of all, if there was bubble-blowing going on, why wasn't I told about it?! And secondly, if the connection is totally cut off, how was Sunset Shimmer able to get a message to Twilight?" Pinkie Pie questioned goofily, not really knowing what she said, just like Kai actually.

"Pinkie! you're a genius!"

"Yeah, I get that a lot." Pinkie said proudly and happily "Now about those bubbles…"

But Twilight wasn't listening, she was bringing random items into this gigantic pile, starting to get to work on her newest invention.

-Spike's POV-

"And the interval between the two points is defined as the square root of the sum of the squares of the separation between the points along three spatial dimensions" Twilight blurted, bombarding us with her knowledge and complicating sums. I know I love her as a sister, but seriously?!

"Say what now?" I asked confused

"Duh she's going to put the magic from here to there, here to there, there to here, here to there" Pinkie stated in a matter-of-fact tone but being Pinkie she kept on going and going with her statement, popping up in the most random spots… oh Pinkie...

"FOR THE LOVE OF THE FIRST SPINJITZU MASTER, SHUT UP!" The red pony yelled, clearly frustrated

"Don't ch'ya think if we can go with you twili?" Applejack asked all of a sudden

'Good luck with that' I mentally chuckled, I know how persistent Twilight is with keeping her friends out of danger, plus they couldn't go last time, I doubt that she would let them this time… then again Princess Celestia was the one who said it, but still….

"Sorry but don't you think it will be too confusing if Canterlot high suddenly had two of you?" Twilight stated, I knew it!

"Oh yea" They all agreed

"And I can go too right? there isn't one of me in Canterlot high and you'll never know when you'll need your trusty assistant" I asked give my best puppy face.

"Sure…" Twilight mumbled

"Come on! Were wasting time! Lets go!" Blue pony chattered, wow he's just like Pinkie, gosh….

-In Equestria Girls-

"I'm starting to think she isn't coming..." Rainbow Dash sighed. Just then Twilight and Spike fell out of the portal.

"Starting to get used to that" Twilight mumbled before turning to her human friends.

"Twilight!" They shouted, big smiles on their face.

"Oof, I'm back!" Twilight grinned, then chuckled nervously, wondering how the Hair 7 will react to the company she has brought with her.

"Girls there's something you need to know…" She started but was cut off by the portal once again opening. But instead of the ninjas and kunoichi slowly stepping out they all tumbled into a heap on the ground.

"Ow… Cole that's my leg!" Twilight sighed. Then turned to her very confused and alert friends.

"How the hay did they get here?!"

"Twilight you were followed!"


'No-no-no girls you got it wrong" Twilight said blocking them before they could harm her new friends.

"What are these?" Jay asked pulling on his fingers.

"Uhh, we'll get to that later, but first I want you to meet the human counterparts of my friends back home"

"Hi! I'm Kai.""I'm Jay!"

"Cole, sup?"

"Nice to meet you, I am Zane."






"I'm Rosetta! Hi!"

"And I'm Sensei Wu.""Ooooh! Hi! I'm Pin-" Kai interrupted her "We know, we met your counterparts" Then Lloyd's eye's brightened up and walked forward and turned to the ninjas and kunoichi "Hey I wonder if we can control our powers better here since we actually have arms?" The ninjas grinned. Then Lloyd started moving his hands in the same pattern as he always does and a ball of green light formed.

"Oohhh" The Canterlot high heroes awed. Jay grinned then tried to use his nunchucks that he somehow managed to keep, the lightning from the nunchucks started to surround him, then after a while it faded.

"Cool!" Pinkie yelled, raising her fist, jumping high in the air.

"NINJAGO~" Kai shouted, then the familiar sound of whooshing and a red aura surrounded him, which quickly turned into a tornado of fire, Cole and Zane looked at each other and shrugged,(I didn't know Zane could shrug.-A) and then did the same. Soon there were 10 tornadoes filling the school ground."Woah…. THAT WAS AWESOME GUYS!" Rainbow Dash grinned widely, the ninjas bowed appreciating the praise.

"Thanks!" Nya smiled, then Twilight turned to them and cleared her throat "Okay, Play time is up 'cause I have some bad news about those new girls" Twilight interjected, earning some worried faces.

To discuss this matter somewhere more private and secluded, Pinkie suggested they all should go to Sugar Cube corner and have milkshakes. (I think...yes. I also will be writing here- Anissa)

"So the sirens could control the whole of Canterlot high?!" Pinkie gasped, the hero's ordered normal milkshakes while the ninjas ordered cake... Because Cole didn't want to eat anything except that.

"Oh, I do hate that you had to return at a time of crisis. There's so much catching up to do!" Rarity pouted.

"For starters, a certain blue-haired guitar player was just askin' about you" Applejack informed smugly.

"Flash Sentry was asking about me?!" Twilight blushed and smiled while she twirled her hair with her fingers but when everyone was looking at her she became embarrassed and blushed more and then cleared her throat "Isn't that nice?" she nervously sipped her milkshake.

"Ooh Twilight has a cru- mfph!" Hanna tried to say until Christy stuffed her mouth with cake.

"Perhaps you would give us just the slightest bit of gossip from your world?" Rarity asked hopefully

"She's got an official title now" Spike interjected and proudly imitates a horn "The Princess of Friendship!"

"Wow, that's really impressive. Guess you really were Princess Celestia's prized pupil" Sunset Shimmer sighed jealously.

"She's even got her own castle!" Spike added.

"A castle?! You have your own castle?!" Exclaimed Rarity, then she cleared her throat in embarrassment "Eh... Ooh, uh, lovely"

"What's new here? I mean, besides your school becoming the target of dangerous magical creatures from Equestria?" Twilight asked waving her hands trying to imitate a monster.

"Yeah, so, that isn't exactly the only strange thing that's happened since you left" Rainbow Dash said shoving her phone in Twilight and the ninjas faces, it was her when she played, she then got pony ears and a longer ponytail "Pretty sweet, huh? It happens to all of us when we play." Rainbow Dash boasted leaning on her chair.

"Hmm. My crown was returned to Equestria, but some of its magic must have remained here at Canterlot High. Now that we're all back together, we can use that magic on the sirens. Just like when we were able to use it on Sunset Shimmer when she turned into that horrifyingly awful winged monster!" Twilight exclaimed excitedly forgetting for a second that said person was here. "No offense"

"None taken. Heh. I'm used to it."

"Really? You sound so s- OW!" Jay shouted in pain as Nya pulled his ear

"They'll never even know what hit 'em!" Rainbow Dash smirked.

"Well we've got nothin' to worry about now that Twilight's back" Applejack smiled, Lloyd pouted

"Hey what about us?"

"And you too."

"Oh, I'm pretty sure I could find something to worry about" Fluttershy said worriedly, all of them looked at her in doubt "But it won't be the sirens!" She added happily.

"The sooner we do this, the better. Any idea where the Dazzlings might be?" Twilight asked as

Pinkie took a big sip of her milkshake "There's a big party tonight for all the bands who signed up to be in the showcase! That would include the Dazzlings" She informed playing with her milkshake straw causing it to splat on her face.

"Looks like we've got a party to crash" Twilight proclaimed while Hanna gives Pinkie a pink handkerchief to clean her face.

Jay chuckled "Or as I like to say it… 'Lets chop socky this lemonade stand!'"

"Oh god" Cole slapped his forehead and rolled his eyes.

"Is he always like this?"

"Yea you can never shut him up once he gets started"


-At Canterlot High in sports hall-

-Christy's POV-

Right now after about ten more cakes…. We tried okay? Cole won't budge- we then headed to the school and right now we're helping ourselves to the refreshment stand.

"Argg! Whatever I'm going to get some juice!" A male voice similar to Kai's shouted, frustrated.

"Twilight?" What? I turned around just in time to see a guy with orangy yellow skin, and had blue hair that looked like a mix between Kai's and Zane's, Crash into Twilight.

"Eh, bumped, into, always, doing?" Twilight stuttered incredulously as I mentally sighed in exasperation.

"What are you doing here? You came back for the big competition, right?" The guy asked

"Something like that…" Twilight hesitantly said

"Huh. Not that there's gonna be any real competition. No one here wants this as bad as my band does!" The guy boasted. Hanna groaned, I knew she hated show-offs, I wanted to ask Twilight what was she doing with this guy but seeing her face, she didn't expect him to be like this too. Seeing the awkwardness in the situation I walked up to the two of them and cleared my throat loudly.

"Ahem. Mind telling me who this is Twilight?" I asked her, she blushed and looked away, seeing I won't get an answer from her I looked at the guy.

"I'm Flash, Flash Sentry" He told me

"Christy, Christy Dumbell" I curtsied formally

"Is she your friend?" Flash asked Twilight

-Narrator's POV-

"Is she your friend?"

"Yea…" She trailed off, lost in his eyes. Christy pretended to barf, then rolled her eyes. But then she saw a chocolate chip cookie crumb land on Twilights hair.

"Errrr, Twilight?"


"You have something in your hair…" Twilight groaned having her moment gone but swiped the chocolate off her head, then she looked backwards. Christy giggled 'what a way to communicate' she thought, until Twilight gasped, Christy looked the direction Twilight looked and saw the others nodding to the door, trying to warn them something. When she saw what it was she also gasped in horror

"The sirens!"

-Meanwhile in a place called Earth…-

-? POV-

"Come on! were going to be late for class!" I shouted to my friends holding my brother's hand running down the hall.

"Slow down Karina!" My friend with long black hair complained panting dramatically.

"But Claudia… You're faster than me, just catch up" I stated, very confused.

"Yea usually you're the slow one" Another one of my friends joked.

"Shut up Christina" I told her. Then they all ran forward and overtook me and my brother, Max.


"Ha! IN YO FACE!" They all chanted, I sighed then Max started running with them!"Hey Max you're supposed to be on my side!" I whined

"But its almost ICT!, plus its almost the end of school!" He shouted back.

Me and my friends- or well acquaintances were at Island school, our secondary school. It was almost ICT so to try and get there in time we were running down the outdoor halls and bridges of the humongous school, but when we were at block 2 I saw something that made me very giggly. A bit too excited that I stopped running "Woah…"

"What's wrong Karina?" Claudia asked me as she stopped and hesitantly trudged up to me with her heavy school bag, the others did the same (without the heaviness).

"Wa huh?" Max was the first one to reach me and had the same surprised look as I.

"Can you see that?" I had to make sure what was in front of me wasn't a dream, because I really wish it wasn't.

"Y-Yes…" Another one of my friend with her black hair tied up in a bun replied wide eyed she stepped next to me. Forget all about class, because the object in front of us was a… portal!

Karina: Yay so this is finally done, I had to keep some of the stuff because it's the plot…. Right now i'm seeing someone pull down their curtains on their window XD…. Very interesting

Jay: …

Kai: ….Stalker

Claudia: Too much cheesiness…..

Karina: …. This is really awkward and i'm gonna get sued by Claudia for my answer but I just wanna know… What's your fav shipping in Ninjago?

Ninjas and Kunoichi: ….

Max: Idk

Karina: I like Jaya and Greenflame.. Don't sue me! I think its cute. Ahhhh DX

Lloyd, Nya and Kai: 0-o

Max: …. This is really awkward

Karina: Oh btw, if you wanna know what happened before that POV in Earth I suggest reading… errr destiny something?

Claudia: You STILL haven't remembered the name of it?!

Karina: ….Yes. I need to check now :I umm… ahh! Sorry I meant… emmm forgot it again :'D

Claudia: *Facepalm* Discovery of Spells!

Karina: Ohh~

Lloyd: *Head banging on the wall* Your. So. Stupid!

Karina: Whatevs

Karina: *Randomly sings* IMA BARBIE GIRL IN A something WORLD~

Everyone: WTF

Karina: Sorry that song is literally stuck in my head now :( I hate it so much!Max: No... My worst nightmare come true DX

Karina: Ooh I forgot I also ship Forrest and Jewels XD

Max: No... NO! Just no. *Drags Karina out of the room*

Zane: ...I has been scarred for life.

*Max comes back*

Max: *wailing* Why, why. WHYYYYYY~

Kai: -_- Lets just end.

Everyone: REVEIW!

Max: *in background* WHYYYY

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