Adventure Life Season 2: Mixed World Catastrophe (REWRITE)

Spiritual Six

Chapter 4 - Spiritual Six

Karina: *sighs lazily* Ahh I'm too lazy to do the A/N *waves hands* Someone else do it.

-Christy's POV-

Awww Twilight and her pals failed at stopping the sirens who are now known as the Dazzlings, For some reason their usual tactic didn't work and it only made the cursed students more aggravated. But for some reason we weren't affected by the Dazzlings songs, Twilight guessed because we have a strong friendship against each other and Lloyd guessed its because we have powers.

"It doesn't make any sense. I should have been able to create the spark that would help us break their spell. That's how it worked before" Twilight paced back and forth, panicked and confused.

"But to defeat me, you drew magic from the crown I was wearing. The sirens' magic comes from their music. So maybe you have to use the same kind of magic to defeat them." Reminded Sunset Shimmer, then thought a bit about it "Or... maybe not" She grumbled.

"No. I think you're onto something." Twilight said thoughtfully

"Really?" Sunset looked up grinning, I guess it was the first time someone ever congratulated her, poor Sunset, she's really nice.

-Twilight's POV-

"It's when you play music that you transform now, right?" I asked my friends, they nodded

"Yup. Ears, tails, the whole shebang" Applejack hummed, pointing to her head and rear end in exaggeration.

"Oh I get where you're going Twilight! so maybe the way to use that magic to defeat the sirens is by playing a musical counterspell!" Nya realized "Good thinking girl!"

"You mean like a song?"

"I guess. And in order to free everyone who's been exposed to the siren's' spell, we'll need them all to hear it" I slammed my fist into my palm, determined

"Hmmm…" Everyone was thinking hard, wow, i'm so glad i've got good friends!

"The band competition!" Rarity gasped "That's the next time we can be certain everyone will be in the same place at the same time"

"Guess the Rainbooms are the band to beat" AppleJack smiled

"And I believe you guys, Twilight, Ninjas, just became the Rainbooms' newest members." Rarity said in excitement.

"So what do you guys wanna play? Triangle? Sousaphone? Theremin?" Pinkie started asking while playing each instrument, giving off some 'ding's and some 'fwomp's but when she got tho the Theremin she played it a little longer "Soooo magical."

-Narrator's POV-

"Nah I don't really want to sing girly friendship songs, sorry" Kai declined, but then grinned "Hey we could make our own band! Like when we were trying to get the fangblade!" The kunoichi looked confused, they didn't recall doing anything like that.

"Say what now?" Rosetta asked

"You guys weren't there but when we needed the fang blade, to stop Pythor from unleashing the great devour we had to go to Cole's old school, Marty Oppenheimer School of Performing Arts""That place brings back bad memories" Cole shivered, the kunoichi looked at him in pity.

"So at first we wanted to steal it" Jay remembered, looking guilty "But then Cole's dad came along and Cole was upset so we decided to make our own Band 'Spin Harmony-"

"Spin Harmony?" Rainbow Dash snorted "That's so cheesy!"\

"Whatever okay? Its was a long time ago" Kai defended crossing his arms.

"So how about you?" Pinkie asked Twilight inhumanly leaning over.


"I might take a little too long to learn how to play something with these. I'll just sing" Twilight sheepishly offered

""Like, as in, lead singer? Cuz that's usually my gig. This being my band and all." Rainbow Dash protested.

"It's our band! And, of course, Twilight is the lead singer. She's the one with the magical know-how to help us pull this thing off." Applejack chided

"Okay, yeah, that's cool. I'll just use this as a chance to hone my already insanely good lead guitar skills" Rainbow Dash pouted playing an imaginary guitar.

"Hey so who's our lead singer?" Whispered Jay to Zane as in reply shrugged.

"It's only temporary. And we don't have to win the Battle of the Bands. We just have to perform during the first round of the competition!" Twilight reminded her friends.

"Let's get to learning that musical counter-spell!" Christy cheered.

"Well, that's just it. I don't know any." Twilight grimaced, causing everyone to frown.


"But I'm sure I could figure out how to write one." Twilight reassured them.

"Totally! Twilight can write a spell like it's nobody's business. That's pretty much how she got to become a princess in Equestria" Spike boasted leaning a paw on Twilights leg, Stripe came out of Janet's backpack and then touched his collar in curiousness.

"Technically, I helped finish a spell. And there was a little more to it than that, Spike" Twilight scolded her 'pet dog' who was right now annoyed from Stripe's antics

"Yeah, whatever" He snorted.

"Hey!" Janet said and picked up Stripe "You could play with Spike later"

"I've got this" Twilight grinned and then said to Spike "C'mon!"

"Where're you goin'?" Kai asked

"Well, last time we were here, Spike and I spent the night in the library…" Twilight recalled

"Are you crazy?! We're besties now! Slumber party at my house!" Pinkie hugged Twilight

"B-But what about Pajamas? We dont have any!" Christy squeaked

"You can borrow some, no biggie" Pinkie smiled.

"Wait we're going to your house?!" Kai subconsciously rubbed his arm "I don't know if i'm okay with that…""Yea!" Pinkie Pie confirmed

"Wait, where's Sensei?" Wondered Cole to himself and Pinkie whipped out her phone.

-Garmadon's POV (ha didn't see that did you!)-

Ahh those annoying Ninja are finally out of the way, I can now conquer N-

"Sir!" A Hypnobrai came in interrupting my revenge plotting."What?" I asked annoyed

"The ninjas s-sir! They aren't completely gone!" He was trembling to death afraid.


-Max's POV-

Oh wow! When Karina begged me to come to school with her I expected to get punished or something not run into a portal! Anyways right now Claudia wants to be the first one in and everyone is forbidding it.

"Claudia, I don't this this is a good idea…" Gloria murmured as she looked at the bright pink and purple portal uneasily.

"Fine!" Claudia pouted. "If you guys aren't going, I am!" She let go of Karina and reached out to touch the portal.

"Uh... Claudia?" Christina looked at the portal warily.

"Is this really a good Idea?" I repeated what Gloria said as I went to hold my sister's hand. Oh no… Claudia was getting pulled into the portal!

"If I'm going in, you guys are coming too!" Claudia chanted, giggling as she grabbed hold of Karina's leg, who grabbed onto my arm, who grabbed onto Gloria's hair, who grabbed onto Chirstina's shirt, who grabbed on to Alessandro's foot!

"AHHH!" We all yelled as the force of the portal grew stronger. I felt a blast of coldness hit me and I blacked out.

-Narrator's POV-

"So I just told my parents that we we are having a sleepover…" Pinkie trailed off as the ninjas and hair 7 walked to the entrance on Canterlot high. Suddenly a loud whooshing noise reached all of their ears and the statue portal opened and 6 people fell through!

"Oh shoot!" Lloyd yelled, scared to death.

"Uhhh where are we…?" A girl with long black wavy hair and purple skin (Nya had lilac) moaned holding her head with her hand. "Knew I shouldn't have brought us here" She then turned to us, her eyes grew very big and started screaming "OMG WE'RE IN MLP!" .So loud that a girl with light orange skin and blackish brown hair started responding.

"Oh my god Claud you're louder than Max!" The orange skinned girl whinned. A boy with teal skin and spiky blackish brown hair woke up.

"Hey!" Then he looked up "WHAT? Hey who made me look like Kai?!" The other 3 started waking up as well.

"What?" Kai uttered "How do you know my name?!" The one with orange skin turned to him and started gaping.

"W-who are you?" She slowly and hesitantly asked, as if she knew who he was but didn't believe it.

"Kai…. Why?""Oh. My. God" She gawked and then fainted, the teal boy looked at her "Huh, Karina never fainted before."

"Who are you?" Cautioned Janet.

"Oh I'm Max" The teal boy answered "The one who fainted is Karina, the one who is fangirling" He pointed at the purple girl "Is Claudia, the one with blue skin is Christina, the one with pinkish purple is Gloria and the one in bronze is Alessandro." After he said that the girl called Karina woke up.

"Oh hey Max, I had the weirdest dream, I was in MLP and the ninjas were there!" She then looked around and saw the confused ninja and hair 7 and muttered "It wasn't a dream was it?" And fainted again.

"Why did you suck us into the portal?!" Christina yelled at Claudia who stopped fangirling.

"I don't know! You know curiosity gets the better of me! And in my opinion it was worth it!"

"Shut up you guys!" Gloria shouted. Karina woke up again and squeaked "Oh my gosh, I can't believe you guys are real!"

"What do you mean?" Cole asked.

"Oh we aren't from this world, In our world both of your places are just TV shows" Gloria explained.

"It doesn't say how we got here through" Alessandro said thoughtfully, The ninjas blinked.

"TV show? so we're a TV show in a TV show?" Twilight questioned remembering Lloyd's comment in ponyville.

"I don't know how it works" Christina replied "But I do know that Karina and Claudia are fans of both your worlds""That explains the fainting" Muttered Applejack.

"So yea you don't need to introduce your selves because we know you guys already" Max finished

"Oh yea?" Kai challenged

"Yea!" They replied.

"You're Kai, the white one is Zane, Blue is Jay, Black is Cole, Green is Lloyd, and why is Nya purple?" Karina recalled, Claudia decided to say the rest.

"Rainbow one is… well… Rainbow, Purple hair is Rarity, Pink is Fluttershy, The one with a hat is Applejack, The purple one is Twilight Sparkle and the completely insane one is Pinkie Pie" She rolled her eyes, The ninjas giggled 'cause it was so true.

"Wait…. How about us?" Hanna asked, Karina concentrated for a while but then sighed. "Sorry never seen you guys in Ninjago or My Little Pony""Aren't you guys the kunoichi? The allies for the ninjas in the prophecy?" A silvery voice guessed.

"Who are you?!" Max demand as he turned to look at a strange blonde girl with shimmering golden yellow skin, and she seemed to be semi-transparent.

"Hi guys! I thought you'd remember me" The girl pouted.

"Wait Cordelia?!" The new 6 people gasped

"Yes Cordelia!" She said happy that they remembered her "But it's Cordelia Goddess of Dance now."

"Dafuq happened to you Cordelia?" Christina asked, crossing her arms.

"I followed you into the portal, something happened and now i'm bombarded with knowledge about prophecies" She listed, ticking off her fingers one by one while Gloria facepalmed.

"Well it seems you guys have no where to go, do ya'll want to come over for the sleepover?" Applejack asked while they nodded their heads.

"I'll just have to make one more call…"

-Karina's POV-

OMG OMG OMG! I can't believe we meet the ninjas! its a freaking dream come true! I'm so happy I feel like I could reach to the sun and hug it! (But you can... XD)

"Thanks Pinkie!" I heard a voice happily say, I turned to see the culprit was one of the Kunoichi's who was now wearing pink pajamas with hearts on it, then I just remembered something.

"Hey triple thanks that you're letting us stay with you, I mean who does that to complete strangers? And people who fell out of a magical portal no less" Oh great I was ranting again, learn your manners Khristmas Tree! (XD Too many people call me that)

"No biggie!" She grinned back.

"Oh I just realized we haven't got you're names yet" Christina told the kunoichi, oh yea….

"Oh sorry! My name is Hanna" The girl who was literally all pink smiled.

"I'm Janet" The girl with a purple streak in her blonde hair said.

"Christy" The girl with dark brown hair and yellow skin jumped on the bed and patted it for Lloyd to sit on…. Ohhh~

"Rosetta" The floral addicted one greeted playing with Pinkie's dessert plants.

"And I'm Stripe!" The tiger happily said… What?

"So Twilight," Nya smugly raised her eyebrows, "What about this Flash Sentry guy?" Twilight's purple cheeks went pink.

"W-well, um…" She stuttered.

"I'll tell ya'll!" Applejack cheekily grinned. "Twilight here has a crush on him!"

"N-no I don't!" Twilight protested.

"Oh yes you do!" Sunset Shimmer smirked. "Everybody in Canterlot High knows!"

"Really?" Janet laughed

"Coming from the pon- person that used to like him" Twilight muttered

"I told you I didn't actually like him!" Sunset shouted

"Uhhh… Didn't you tell us that and not twili?" Applejack mused opening the door to get outside, followed by everyone else. You see we left the boys and Claudia (Cause games) to play games outside because…. well… REASONS. So imagine the surprise we all got when we opened the door they all tumbled out.

"We weren't eavesdropping!" My brother quickly lied… Max I know you better than that.

"Don't lie Max, I can tell you're lying if you're grinning you're cheeky smile" I chided.

"Awww" He groaned

"Anyways if we're talking about crushes, what was up with Lloyd and Christy?" I grinned, the two of them blushed meaning it was true.

"Ahah! I was right! There IS chemistry between you two!" I teased

"S-Shut up! You barely know us!" Spluttered Lloyd.

"But we do" I reminded.

"Pish" Alessandro snickered "Never thought you would be the love sick kind Lloyd."

"Wait wheres Cor- whats-her-name?" Kai asked, saving Lloyd from his doom… Dangit!

"ITS CORDELIA! C-O-R-D-E-L-I-A CORDELIA!" Cordelia shouted, appearing in a cloud of golden dust.


-Narrator's POV-


"And why do you need me?" Cordelia crossed her arms. "I have a busy schedule and important things to attend you know!"

"I want to know how to we get back home?" Kai asked


"No! Ninjago!"



"You must find the 10 elemental artifacts that are hidden in 10 of the infinity realms." Cordelia explained. "How you will find these realms, I do not know, but you will know the way when the time comes."

"Wait what? How did Cordelia learn such sophisticated grammar?" Christina said, baffled.

"I didn't, I just read off this scroll I found in the school library." Cordelia shrugged, tossing the scroll away. "Anyways, I do know that is all true, and you should probably set off tomorrow."

"Why?" Nya questioned.

"Because apparently Lord Garmadon knows you guys could still come home. And has sent 10 serpentine to every realm to catch you guys"

"WHAT?!" The ninjas shouted

"Why dad…" Lloyd groaned "Why do you never give up""You have 10 months, one for every artifact to hunt them down. The first month is starting in four weeks, so you should really seek help from that 'Sensei' of yours." Cordelia finished.

"This sounds like a race or something" Karina whispered to Claudia.

"But he's been missing for three hours now!"

"Not missing, just… Investigating."

"Anyways we need to sleep now" Applejack said interrupting, "We have a big day ahead of us"

"Okay, but first can we jus-" KNOCK, Rainbow Dash was interrupted by a knock on the window, when they turned around they were shocked to see…

Okay I was lazy on this one, used most of the dialogue from the original :P

Max: You are always Lazy *Shakes head*Karina: Whatever

Everyone: REVEIW!

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