Adventure Life Season 2: Mixed World Catastrophe (REWRITE)

Welcome to the Show

-Chapter 7: Welcome to the show-


Claudia: *facepalm*

Karina: I'm bored :(

Lloyd: :L

Jay: …. Hey… When are you guys going to say that C-

Karina: NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUJewels: *Looks at them* Why do you like giving out spoilers?

Karina: GET BACK *Pushes Jewels out of the door*Jewels: …

Janet: Hey, where's Stripe?

Karina: Ehh…. I think he's like with Spike or something XD *Presses button* Whoops….

Everyone: *facepalm*Karina: *Looks at script* Oh god I left too much of the original chapter….

-Twilight's POV-

This is bad, this is really bad! We got trapped under the stage by Trixie! And yet my friends are fighting! Aww this is not good….

"Stop! You have to stop! This is what they've been after all along! They're feeding off of the magic inside you!" Sunset Shimmer suddenly shouted out, startling everyone.

"How can they be using our magic? It's the magic of friendship" Applejack frowned.

"Ever since you started this band, you've been letting little things get to you. I never said anything 'cause I didn't feel like it was my place. Not when I'm so new to this whole 'friendship' thing. I still have a lot to learn. But I do know that if you don't work out even the smallest problems right at the start, the magic of friendship can be turned into something else" Sunset Shimmer sighed, then I decided to speak up.

"I can't believe all this tension was happening right under my nose and I didn't realize it. I'm supposed to be the one with all the answers. And all I've done since I got here is let you down" I shamefully looked at the ground, as Sunset Shimmer put a reassuring hand on my shoulder.

"I don't think anyone is supposed to have all the answers. But you can count on your friends to help you find them"

"I think you already have. C'mon! We need to get out of here!" I encouraged them as we slammed are bodies on the locked door. No avail, But then there was a knock on the door. Looking at everyone, I opened it and was surprised to see Spike, the Kunoichi, the newcomers and the ninjas with Lloyd holding the key!

"Guys!" We shouted happily.

"Sorry we took so long. I has to find the ninjas and others to get you out" Spike explained. Claudia rolled her eyes.

"Yeah. Not like we were the ones who found you" She said sarcastically.

"Come on, y'all! Time to prove we've still got the magic of friendship inside us!" Applejack cheered.

"And there's only one way to do it!"

"We're getting the band back together?" Pinkie asked excitedly.

"We're getting our band back together!" Rainbow Dash grinned, improvising with everyone. Finally!

"Ooh, which version of the counter-spell are we going to play?" Rarity questioned, looking at the crumpled song sheet on the floor when Trixie made us fall.

"I don't think it matters what song we play, as long as we play it together as friends" I smiled. Unfortunately Kai had to ruin the moment.

"Gez that sounds so cheesy" Kai rolled his eyes

"I know just the song. Fluttershy's written a really great one" Rainbow Dash gestured to Fluttershy, ignoring Kai's comment.

"We're about to save the world here. Personally, I think we should do it in style. Rarity?" Applejack smirked.

"I thought you'd never ask!" Said person squealed, pulling out the most fabulous costumes ever! I cheered out loud. This is going to be awesome!

-Narrator's POV-

As the 23 (wow thats alot XD) heros climbed on top of a hill, they could hear the faint sound of the Dazzlings singing on stage as they went on top of a hill where they were sure everyone could hear their music.

Welcome to the show

Ah-ah-ah-ah, ah

We're here to let you know


Our time is now

Ah-ah-ah-ah, ah

Your time is running out

Ah, ah, ah

"How are we supposed to play over them from up here?" Rainbow gasped in realization. Everyone facepalmed, how could they forget?!

"Uhh… Whoops?" Jay chuckled sheepishly.

"I knew we forgot something!" Hanna groaned.

"How about Gloria?" Max suggested as everyone besides his sister looked at him like he was crazy. Karina grinned and ruffled his hair, proud of his suggestion "Great idea Ma-"

"Come again?" Karina facepalmed in exasperation. When will they learn the ways of their weirdo family? (XD Its funny cause it's tru -K)

"She is the kunoichi of music maybe she can make some sort of speaker" Karina explained for Max.

"But she don't know how to harness it yet!" Cole argued

"I can hear you guys you know, i'm right here" Gloria crossed her arms "I can give it a try though" She added, looking at her hammer in thought. Closing her eyes, her hammer started to get bigger and bigger as its handle starts to retract. Until it looked something like a speaker.



Feel the wave of sound

As it crashes down

You can't turn away

We'll make you wanna stay

We will be adored

Tell us that you want us

We won't be ignored

It's time for our reward

Now you need us

Come and heed us

Nothing can stop us now!

Lloyd gasped and pointed to the stage in the distance "Guys look!" Everyone looked at the direction he was pointing at. To their horror the Dazzlings started to shift shape into humanoid sirens! It was just like the hair 7's transformations but instead they had semi-clear wings and tails with eyes that glowed like wild fires. Gloria panicked and turned on the speaker. But instead of their voices, their was a loud static. Cringing, she started playing around with the buttons, narrowly succeeding.

"Ready?" She breathed. Everyone looked at her nervously.

"Are you sure there's not going to be static again?" Sunset shimmer asked worriedly. Shrugging, Gloria crossed her fingers and turned on the speaker again. This time getting what they all wanted.

The 23 of them setted up their instruments, hands hovering over their strings, beaters or just keyboards.

"1… 2… 3!" Pinkie started, tapping her drum sticks together. Twilight breathed deeply and started to sing

[Hair 7]

Oh-oh, oh-whoa-oh

I've got the music in me

Oh-oh, oh-whoa-oh

Karina giggled and leaned over to Claudia whispering "And burst into song randomly" She recited, remembering a fanfiction summary she read before. Claudia shook her head and grabbed the nearest mic.

[Twilight and Claudia]

Don't need to hear a crowd

Cheering out my name

I didn't come here seeking

Infamy or fame

Karina laughed and started dancing with Max, twirling him around as he huffed indignantly.


The one and only thing

That I am here to bring

Is music, is the music

Is the music in my soul

Gonna break out (Spiritual Six: Out!)

Set myself free, yeah

Let it all go (Spiritual Six: Go!)

Just let it be, yeah

Find (Spiritual Six: ahh) the music in your heart

Let the (Spiritual Six: ohhh) music make you start

To set yourself apart

As they sang that part of the song, Gloria started playing the instrumental background noise as the Hair 7 discluding Sunset Shimmer started sprouting their ears and tails. To the Hair 7's surprise, the ninjas closed their eyes and started going into full potential mode. Even though it was kinda unnecessarily. The kunoichi sighed, wondering when they will reach their potentials. the Dazzlings realizing this also sang back fiercely and more quicker.

"So the Rainbooms want to turn this into a real Battle of the Bands? Then let's battle!" Adagio announced, a murderous look in her eyes.


What we have in store

All we want and more

We will break on through

Now it's time to finish you!

Opening their eyes. The three sirens eyes and their pendants glowed red, sending out ghost like sirens to fight against the opposing band.

"We Need to fight back!" Kai growled as his fire-like body glowed brighter, not giving up. Apparently, Alessandro thought it was the perfect time to tell their colorful friends "Kai has a hot-head streak." Shaking their heads and smiling, the ponies got into battle stance.

Fluttershy's eyes narrowed as she sent a magical butterfly beam to Sonata's ghost with her tambourine, shaking her in midair. Zane looked up as his eyes glowed white, sending a powerful ice blast to her side making Sonata's ghost fall backwards. Rarity did the same to Aria but with diamonds from her Keytar, while Kai and Nya were back to back, spraying multiple rays of fire and water at some of the vocals the sirens were sending. Twilight also tried to vocalize Adagio with stars but Adagio was hard to beat. She used her voice to block the stars as her two sisters joined her to beat the Rainbooms and their newest friends. Unfortunately the band was blasted back from the strong force of… vocals? Hanna stood her ground though, right until Aria's ghost used her tail to knock the wind kunoichi down.

"How are they so **** strong?" Kai asked incredulously, not used to be beaten by three girls and music.

"Sunset Shimmer, we need you!" Twilight called out desperately.

"Don't you think that sounds like a reference to Starwars?" Karina whispered to Claudia and they giggled but stopped as Sunset Shimmer started to look around panically "Where's the mic?!" Twilight started sweat dropping.

"I dropped it when we fell backwards!" She realized as she looked at the microphone as it was slowly rolling down the steep hill. Karina's eyes brightened as she fumbled to dig through her pockets, taking out a brand new microphone. Christina's eyes widened "Where the hell did you get that?!" Karina chuckled nervously.

"No where…." Sunset Shimmer shrugged then picked up the microphone. She walked in front of the band, took of her jacket and started to sing

-Sunset Shimmer's POV-

I was so nervous! Twilight asked me to sing to defeat the sirens and I didn't know what to do! So I just took a deep breath motioned to Gloria to start a drum solo and sang…

[Sunset and Twilight]

You're never gonna bring me down

You're never gonna break this part of me

My friends are here to bring me 'round

Not singing just for popularity

The first verse I sung was something I remembered when I stole a peek from Fluttershy's song book -don't ask.-. Apparently the others saw the song I was singing too because they started standing back up and grabbing their own microphones… Why didn't I just grab one of those?!


We're here to let you know

That we won't let it go

Our music is a bomb and it's about to blow

And you can try to fight

But we have got the light of

Friendship on our side!

Got the music in our hearts

We're here to blow this thing apart

And together, we will never

Be afraid of the dark

Here to sing our song out loud

Get you dancing with the crowd

As the music of our friendship

Survives, survives!

We were so happy! And we all were motioning for the people to sing along, and they did.


Got the music in our hearts

We're here to blow this thing apart

And together, we will never

Be afraid of the dark

Suddenly I felt funny, I felt warm and protected... Right before my eyes I was transforming into one of those hybrids my friends were!


Here to sing our song out loud

Get you dancing with the crowd

As the music of our friendship

Survives, survives, survives!

Omigosh! We made a giant magical disco rainbow unicorn! The ummm... Nijas? looked shocked too… If not a bit disgusted…. if only I got the camera…. My friends seem to be unfazed, then again they did do it before to defeat… me…

-Narrator's POV-

The magical disco rainbow unicorn flew to the sirens and with its tip of its horn…. 'BAM!' the sirens were defeated and their pendants were destroyed in the process.

After the light cleared the Dazzlings were shocked and panicked-stricken to find out their pendants that they were so used to hanging around their neck gone. Fumbling, they tried to sing, hoping what they thought was happening wasn't happening. And boy they were bad!

[Dazzlings (Without pendants)]

WE will be adORED

Tell us that yOU want US

WE won't be ignORED

Well that didn't go so well. As the crowd was free from their spell, they had a…. Different opinion on their casters music. Booing and throwing food, the crowd parted for the 23 of them to walk to the stage. But to their annoyment the sirens ran off stage before they could throw more food.

"Guess that explains why these were so special to them" Sunset Shimmer chuckled picking up a shard of the leftovers of their pendants

"Without those pendants and the magic you brought here from Equestria, they're just three harmless teenage girls" Twilight realized, but before anyone could process what was happening Flash Sentry ran up to Twilight and hugged her,

"Rainbooms rule! That was amazing!" They both blushed as the girls giggled and the boys snickered, while Jay started wolf whistling… Well until Nya slapped him.

"You may have vanquished the Dazzlings, but you will never have the amazing, show-stopping ability of the Great and Powerful Trixie!" Trixie boasted stomping onto the stage only to throw a gas bomb; that she used for magic tricks, on them. The majority of them were coughing when the smoke cleared. Besides Hanna, Zane and surprisingly Max.

"She's gone!" Pinkie Pie gaped, clutching her hair with her hands. "Oh, wait. There she is" She stared at the left wall to the big stage where Trixie was climbing over and unfortunately fell.

"Trixie's okay!" She shouted, clearly oblivious that no one cares.

"You know, Twilight is going back to Equestria soon. The Rainbooms could really use someone to help Fluttershy on backup vocals" Rainbow Dash said hinting to Sunset Shimmer -she looked happy, wide eyes and all-. Suddenly to their surprise she picked up a mint guitar that was lying nearby and played an awesome guitar riff which left everyone stunned.

"I also play guitar" She grinned cockily.

"We'll see" Rainbow Dash laughed, regaining consciousness.

"Sure wish you guys could stay longer" Applejack sighed, covering her head with her country styled hat.

"Me too. But I have responsibilities in Equestria that I have to get back to. Its citizens need me. But now I can go through the portal whenever I need to. This isn't goodbye. It's just goodbye 'til next time" Twilight reassured.

"Us too. We need to find out how to get back to Ninjago and how to find the shards" Sensei added, looking at the Spiritual Six who were goofing with Stripe. "And they need to get some proper training" He chuckled.

"Ready?" Twilight asked everybody once they all shared a few hugs and waves.


"WAIT!" Everyone turned to Cordelia, who was running towards them. Realizing that they forgot to count her.

"Oh sorry" Twilight giggled as Cordelia crossed her arms. The ninjas cheered as they ran into the portal, followed by Twilight. The Spiritual Six looked unsure though. Claudia huffed and dragged her friends towards the portal muttering 'bunch of scaredy cats'.

Cordelia and Stripe: WHY DO YOU KEEP FORGETTING ME?!

Karina: *sheepish* Ehheheh…. Sorry…. *They growl* BYE!

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