Adventure Life Season 2: Mixed World Catastrophe

By LDStories

Adventure / Humor

Entering the MLP Realm

HAPPY NEW YEAR guys (We know this is one day early, but we're just too excited)! We're back! And this is the sequel for; Ninjago Masters of Primary school! As you can see from the book title, yes this has probably 10 worlds crossing over which are:

My Little Pony and Equestria Girls = Christy

Sword Art Online, ALfheim Online & Gun Gale Online = Kai

Minecraft = Cole

Winx? = Hanna

Dragons of Berk = Janet

Big Hero 6 = Jay

Frozen = Zane

Harry potter = Nya

Assasin's Creed = Rosetta

Earth = Lloyd

Aaaannnddd… we are going put some pre-story talking in this fanfic!

Jay: Hi Guys!

Hanna: Were back!

Janet: And were better than ever!

Kai: *Punches Cole in the face*

Cole: OW!

Kai: Ha Ha Ha

Cole: Take that! *Uses the Scythe of Vultures on Kai*

Kai: You broke my leg!

Nya: XD

Zane: Quick take him to the hospital!

Sensei Wu: There's a tea th-

Rosalie: No time for that! Kai broke his leg and you're still talking about tea?

Garmy: *Sigh* -.-'

Sensei Wu: I heard that brother!

Skales: Can we pleassse get on with the ssstory?

Claudia: Okay but first…


Jay: Jeez you didn't have to shout! o.0

Karina: Well SORRY!

Cole: /)_-


Christy: *squeak* 0.0

Nya: …

Jay: No love triangles? :(

Cole: ...

Zane: Whose Pixal?


Ninjas and Kunoichi: Kay… :L

Claudia: Now we really need to start…. And take Kai to the hospital.

Kai: FINEEEEE… Ouch!

Zane: Okay just take him to the hospital…


Kai: Noooo! Batman doesn't end like this!

Jay: Dude your not batman.

Kai: Really? *In hospital bed, which was surprisingly comfy*

Cole: Yup

Nya (muttering): Me and my stupid brother… *getting into hospital car*


Ninja and Kunoichi: Okay, okay! *holds hands up in defeat while getting driven away by hospital car*

*Christy starts singing*

Christy: My little pony, your hair is freaky, *points at Kai's gelled hair*

Nya: XD

Lloyd: Kay…. (Notice he hasn't been talking the whole time)


Zane: Aren't we writing a fic? Not a video?

Us: Oh sorry we meant the upload button

Camera man: Aww…. :(

Lloyd: :L

Upload button: 3, 2 ,1...

Everyone (including batman and da doctors and da senseis and da ninjas and da kunoichi and da authors and da snakes and da editor, Gloria): REVIEW!

PS/Warning: We're not gonna do any 'serious' matter in this season, yep we're going head out with our wild imaginations :P

~Chapter 1: Entering the MLP realm~

After the light cleared Lloyd woke up to find that he was in a forest in a completely different climate

"G-Guys? what happened?" He went to stand up but unfortunately fell down. groaning he tried to stand back up again but to his surprise instead of hands he had 4 hooves!

"WHAT THE HECK!" Lloyd screamed causing him to make Sensei wake up.

"Lloyd, language!" Sensei scolded him but was interrupted by the sounds of moaning. One by one the ninjas woke up, screaming to find there were all ponies!

Zane sighed at his teammates actions and went to scan their surroundings.

"OMG, What the *Beep*!" Jay Panicked

"I don't want to be a pony for the rest of my life!"

"This is even weirder than becoming a teen" Lloyd claimed

"GUYS! Stop moaning we have more bigger problems!" Zane yelled "Like how the girls arn't here!" He said turning off his scanning device, eyes back to their original icy blue instead of ocean blue.

"Nya! What if she's in danger!? what if shes dead?! What if sh-" Kai got cut off by Cole

"We get it, but in this seemingly happy place I doubt if they're going to get into trouble. Even if it's a forest." He reminded him.

Meanwhile… Somewhere in Equestria

"Girls, get up!" Nya, the leader of the kunoichi shook her friends up.

"Where are we?" Janet questioned. "EEK!"

"What's wrong?" Hanna asked rubbing her eyes.. but then… she realized what Janet was screaming about… "OMG! WE'RE PONIES!"

"AHHHH!" Shouted all the girls.

"Wait where are the boys?" Questioned Rosetta.

"Eh… They're probably goofing around... You know how the boys are like" Shrugged Nya as Christy gave her a playful punch. Before they knew it they were all laughing… Suddenly there was a rustle in the bushes.

"W-Who's there!" Shouted Janet. Then a little yellow and pink pony came out.

"H-Hi… I'm Fl-Fluttershy… W-Who a-are y-you?" The shy pony asked

"Hi Fluttershy, I'm Nya and these are my friends" Nya introduced her and gestured towards the kunoichi, but when she noticed the others weren't doing anything she cleared her throat startling everyone.

"O-Oh.. Sorry i'm Rosetta"

"Hi i am Janet!"

"I'm Hanna"

"And i'm Christy"

"N-Nice to meet you.." Fluttershy said but then looked behind Janet and gave a little squeak

"What's wrong?" Rosetta asked

"A Tiger Cub!" Fluttershy squealed

Janet then realized it was Stripe, "You must have came in the room when we were transported".

Nya was shivering though…

Janet kinda expected Fluttershy to hide since she was so timid but she immediately ran up to the cub and coed "Aww your soo cute! Who a little cuteshewitsy? You are, you are…"

"Uhh… Hi? Ponies remember? How did we get here?" Rosetta asked bringing Fluttershy out of her daze.

"W-Wait? You not from this world?!" Fluttershy let out a piercing scream causing a nearby rainbow haired pony with a blue body to zoom down to the newly-formed ponies.

"Hey Fluttershy, who are these guys?" The blue and rainbow haired pony asked

"Well Rainbow Dash, these just said they aren't from this world an-an-an"

"It's okay Fluttershy, I'll handle this" the blue pony, they now knew as Rainbow Dash said

"So, I hear that you're not from around here!" She fiercely said going for something that will frighten the former LEGO humans. Taken aback, the bravest of the kunoichi, Nya, replied.

"Yeah, you have a problem with that?!" Suddenly, Rainbow Dash burst into laughter.

"Why are you laughing?" Hanna asked annoyed.

"You," She pointed her hoof to Nya, "Sound just like Applejack!" At that moment, Fluttershy began to giggle too.

"What did y'all say 'bout me?" A orange pony appeared from an apple tree forest. She was wearing a cowboy hat, had a blonde mane tied into a braid and was carrying two baskets of apples.

"What's up, Applejack?!" Rainbow Dash asked. Applejack looked up.

"The sky, why?" Applejack answered quizzically. Rainbow Dash facehoofed while Nya started laughing comically, Applejack looked at her a bit confused, tilting her head. "Y-You sound just like Z-Zane!" Nya said to Applejack, fighting the fits of giggles to speak. Hanna and Rosetta, realizing this, started to laugh as well, while Christy and Janet looked at them like they were the only two who were sane at the moment.

"O-Okay.." Rainbow Dash chuckled finding her voice "These ponies aren't from here and this one" She pointed to Nya "Just sounded like you!" She told Applejack

"Well, y'all be good now and Rainbow will tell ya all 'bout Ponyville" Applejack told them "And also yer can call me AJ"

"You can call me Dash or Rainbow too" Rainbow Dash faced the girls "So… whats your names?"

"Their names are Nya, Rosetta, Janet, Hanna and Christy" Fluttershy told Rainbow Dash surprising the kunoichi that she wasn't shy in front of her friends/

"Excuse me" Rosetta said politely "We are the newest female ninjas, kunoichi and can you please tell me what this world is about and how its different from Ninjago?"

"Ninjago? Kunuchi what not? What do you mean?"

Suddenly they heard cursing from nearby and suddenly a flash of green light formed in the sky.

"What in the name of Celestia?" Rainbow Dash wondered

Speaking of that green light...

"What did you do Lloyd?" Kai scolded

"I-I dont know!" Lloyd defended "I just felt angry and it just happened!"

"Okay… Thats weird" Jay said; suddenly he started to fly and crashed into a tree!

"*beep*" Jay cursed

"This is definitely interesting" Sensei Wu laughed stroking his beard

Suddenly there was a rustle in the bushes and a blue pony with rainbow mane popped out

"Woah, so there more crazy ponies kunuchi from different worlds too?" she asked

"Wait" Kai poundered "You know where the kunoichi are? Where's Nya?!"

"Hold it Kai." Cole said literally holding him down as he struggled to dive to the pony.

"Yeah, I know those girls. By the way, I'm Rainbow Dash" She then pulled out some ponies who were yellow, light green, pink, auburn and purple. It only took a mere second for the Ninja to realize who they were

"Nya! Your safe!" Kai sighed in relief pulling all of them into a group hug when Sensei spoke up "Where are we?"

"In Equestria, of course! From My little pony!" Christy chorused. Everybody turned to look at her, even the ponies.

"So let me get this straight… WE'RE IN A CARTOON?!" Kai yelled

"Wait, we're on TV? How awesome do I look?" Rainbow Dash inquired gloating

"Hang on... how do you know, Christy?" Janet questioned.

"I love this show!" Christy answered enthusiastically causing everyone to stare at her in disblif.

"What the ****?" Lloyd swore

"No cursing nephew! This is a children's TV show!" Sensei Wu scolded him once again but a bit more... Teasingly.

Suddenly Kai's phone rang the weekend whip

Just jump up,

Kick back,

whip around, and spin.

And then we jump back do it again,

Ninja- (GO!) Ninja- (GO!)

Come on, we're going to do it again,


"Arggg!" Kai groaned frustrated. he reached out for his phone but he remembered that they were ponies now. Kai sighed as he TRIED to use his newly formed hoof to grab his phone.

"Uh…" Rainbow Dash spoke up over the loud ringtone, "You're a unicorn, just use your magic!"

Kai tried to use his magic but it was no use, finally he managed to push the phone to the ground after many tries flying the phone around, hitting the trees as it went. He had no idea how to use his hoofs other than walking so he used his muzzle to press answer on his now slightly damaged phone.

"Hello?" Kai asked

"Meet the newest hair gel, it grows your hair and lets nutrients in your body….""WHAT? It was a advertisement! After all that hard work?" Jay yelled outraged

"I am interested," Kai answered into the receiver

"Wow, Kai, Wow" Jay facehoofed.

As Kai was talking into the receiver and everyone else finding out how they got here Zane was in deep thought.

If my scans serves me correct, and that everyone's personalities should stay the same does that mean i'm a nindriod? in a pony form? so im a nindriod pony?... Neigh... wait what?… oh nevermind

Jay: Neigh! Chapter 1 is done!

Kai: *facepalm* Neigh? Really?!

Jay: But Zane said that!

Us: Will you zip it?!

Princess Celestia: Yo

Cole: Dafu?

Princess Celestia: I am now showing my inner self, the not princess one

Twilight Sparkle: Princess!

Fluttershy: H-hi…

Rainbowdash: YOLO

Applejack: Hi, y'all!

Rarity: Oh my god! Where did you get that beautiful mane piece?! *points at Hanna's pink hair ribbon with a pony on it*

Hanna: Christy bought it for me...

Zane: Wait how did you get here?

Sensei Wu: *Shrug* Anyways welcome to the chat

Jay: You sound like we're chatting on whatsapp! No, facebook!

Lloyd: Well, WTF!

Sensei: Lloyd, language!

Lloyd: What? It means welcome to facebook!

Kai: *facepalm, number two*Garmy: STOP CORRECTING MY SON!

Everyone: wtf?

Rarity: That monstrosity has a son?!

Garmy: *Pissed Face*


Lloyd: Hey it runs in the family…

Karina: K….

Claudia: Who says K anymore? its kay!Karina: No its K!

*Ninja and ponies watching fight*

RainbowDash: *Picks up coke and accidentally presses the upload button*

Upload button: 3.. 2..

Us: Wait what?

Upoad button: 1…

Everyone but us: REVIEW!

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