The Akatsuki's Daughter

Chapter 10

I woke up the next morning to the feeling of someone running their fingers through my hair, causing me to smile and snuggle closer into the warm body.

As soon as Gaara felt me move, his fingers stopped their relaxing motions and he rested his cheek on top of my head, his voice soft.

''Good morning.''

I yawned as I spoke, my voice slightly sleepy.


I leaned my head back so I could look at him and reached up to touch one of the dark rings that circled his eyes.

''Did you sleep at all?''

He smiled softly and shook his head.

''No. You know that I don't sleep much. That old habit of staying up all the time hasn't gone away yet. So even though I am able to sleep without worries, I don't.''

I nodded in understanding and he surprised me by grinning suddenly, his voice amused as he continued.

''Besides, its interesting watching you sleep. You move a lot.''

I smiled back at him and nodded while I rolled my eyes.

''Yeah, I've been told that before. Neither Dolly or Salem really liked for me to share a bed with them because I would get restless and move around so much that I would actually kick him. It wasn't even as if Dolly really needed the sleep anyways, and it didn't hurt him, but he said that is was still a rude feeling to be lying there relaxing and then having somebody randomly kicking him.''

Gaara smirked and shook his head.

''I would imagine. You didn't kick me last night, just turned in my arms a few times and scooted yourself closer.''

I nodded and looked over my shoulder at my wall clock and frowned as I noticed the time before turning back to Gaara with curious eyes.

''I had thought that the others would have wanted to leave early this morning. But it's already almost 9:00. What time are you all planning on leaving today? Konoha is pretty far away, and it will still take some time to get there.''

Gaara hummed and untangled himself from me, stretching as he answered me, his bones cracking .

''Well, I'm planning on leaving around ten tomorrow morning.''

I sat up and gaped at him.

''You're not leaving until tomorrow? But what about everybody else? Are they not leaving until tomorrow either?''

He shook his head and sat up as well, his voice a bit unsure.

''No, they left around 4:30 this morning. You slept through all the commotion they made, though I don't see how. Naruto was yelling and Sakura threw him into a wall, you'll probably need to hire someone to fix all the holes she made while she's been here...was it not alright that I stayed?''

I shook my head quickly and gave him a smile.

''No, I'm happy that you stayed. Though I am curious about how they knew that you weren't going with them? Because obviously they would have realized that you weren't downstairs when they left.''

He smiled shyly and shrugged.

''I decided yesterday about what I wanted to do. Before you had even gotten back from your talk with Sasori I had decided that I was going to stay with you for a little bit longer. I told Temari, and though she wasn't happy about it, she wouldn't dare tell me that I couldn't stay.''

I laughed, figuring that Temari was still a little bit frightened of Gaara. Though I wasn't too unhappy about that at the moment, now being able to spend some extra time with him...without the others around.

I turned my attention back to him and noticed that he was watching me closely. I gave him a bright grin and saw the smile that tugged at the corners of his lips before I spoke.

''So you're with me another day, huh? Is there anything in particular that you wanted to do?''

His expression became thoughtful and he was silent for a few moments before he shrugged and answered.

''Well, Kankuro and Sai both said that they were going to leave letters that they wanted you to deliver to your friends. So we probably need to do that first, but otherwise I don't care. I really just wanted to spend as much time with you as possible before I had to leave.''

He smiled softly at me and I couldn't help but smile back. A day with Gaara sounded nice.

We hadn't been able to spend much time lounging on the bed to talk, Gaara beginning to fidget after only a few minutes. I had laughed at him and shooed him out of the room so that I could get dressed, telling him to find me the letters so that we could deliver them before we goofed off doing anything else. We had decided that we would spend most of our time at the market and I thought that we might see Weasel and the twins there.

He had started taking them out more often since they were a bit too rambunctious for Dani in her current state to deal with for very long. He had told me that it wore them out so that they would be less noisy at dinner, but I think that he just wanted to spoil them.

After I had finished getting ready, I walked down the hall to tell Salem where I was going, knowing that he didn't like it when I randomly disappeared.

When I got within sight of his door, I frowned as I saw a piece of paper that was taped to the outside of the wood. Frowning as I had to stand on my toes to reach it, pulling it down so that I could read it.

''Gone to Toru's. Be back later, or maybe not. I don't know yet. If you need me, I added some directions to her house on the back of this paper. Anyways, see you later. Love you. p.s. Have fun with Gaara. And don't be surprised that I know about the two of you. You know that I'm psychic.''

I rolled my eyes and threw the note into the small waste basket that I kept in the hallway before making my way towards Gaara's room. It did seem like Salem was psychic. And this Toru person that he mentioned must be the girl he had met at Aubry's. I hoped that was going well.

I knocked on the closed door and waited until I heard his voice giving permission to enter before pushing inside to find him standing in front of the window, his back to me as he stared out at the scenery outside.

I frowned slightly before I walked over to him and placed my hand on his arm, my frown deepening as he looked at me with a sad glint in his eyes.

''What's wrong, Gaara?''

He sighed but didn't say anything as he grabbed my hand and led me to sit on the edge of his bed, causing me to stare at him, waiting for his explanation, seeing him focus on something across the room, his thumb rubbing across the back of my hand as he spoke.

''I was just thinking about the future. If Sasuke succeeds in destroying the Leaf Village, then a lot of things will be screwed up. The other hidden villages will have to reconsider the treaties that they have made. Most likely they will refuse to align themselves with the other villages again. They will think that it is a liability that they cannot afford again. Then it will only be a matter of time before they start fighting with each other. The villages have been waiting for an opportunity to break away from each other for years, and if the Leaf Village is destroyed then they will have it.''

I paused a moment, processing what he had said before speaking, my voice firm.

''Well, then Sasuke can't be allowed to win.''

Gaara looked at me startled and I smiled

''Naruto will get to him in time, or if he doesn't, Sakura will. I have a feeling that Sasuke might have more feelings for Sakura than he's ever let on. Though Naruto is the first and loudest to tell me that Sasuke never loved anybody but himself. Otherwise he would have stayed when Sakura begged him too.

But...I've been around guys that have pretended that they had no interest in a girl most of my life. In reality they can care about them deeply without having shown it.

I think that if he sees her and they begin to talk, that he'll give up on this whole 'destroy the Leaf Village' crap...if he's in the right state of mind of course.''

Gaara was looking at me with wide, surprised eyes and I had to laugh, seeing him shake his head as if to clear it before he began to speak, a small sigh in his voice.

''I really don't understand any of this love stuff. It's confusing. I can see how you would stop doing something that would cause hurt to the ones you love, but wouldn't he have thought about that before he began planning his revenge and plotting to destroy their home?''

I shook my head and frowned.

''Not necessarily. From what I've heard about Sasuke, he doesn't seem the type to think about anything else once his mind is set on achieving a goal.

So he may not have thought this plan all the way through, or he may not think that seeing Sakura will stop him.

Or, he may just be planning on her not coming with Naruto to stop him. She's a medical ninja after all. He may injure enough people that he would think that she would be needed in the E.R. or somewhere else during the battle. It could really be anything. There's too many possibilities to know for sure.''

He looked confused and I smiled before I pulled him to a standing position with me, tugging him towards the door and grabbing the letters as I passed the night table, speaking as I led him out.

''Don't worry about it so much Gaara. Everything will turn out okay, and the whole love thing is confusing to everybody. There isn't one person that I've ever met that understands it completely.''

I gave him a smile over my shoulder and he returned it, allowing me to lead him out the front door.

We were off to deliver love letters to some seriously opposite girls. Then we could have some time together, before he had to go face whatever was waiting for him in Konoha. I sighed, feeling like a postal person.

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