The Akatsuki's Daughter

chapter 2

I spent six years living in the Akatsuki headquarters, learning about the Rogue's that made up it's members and forming a bond with several of them....and became the main reason why Orochimaru left.

In my time with the Akatsuki, Sasori became known to me as Dolly, the name having been blurted out by me after he had explained that he had turned himself into a puppet.

I had exclaimed that he was just like a large dolly and Deidara had laughed hysterically, having fallen to the ground in a fit of giggles. For some reason, the name had stuck, and I rarely ever called what was thought of as my adopted father 'Sasori'.

Deidara was the next to gain a nick-name, becoming DieDie-chan, or simply Die, my only reason for that being that his name was just too long for my child self and it was hard for me to say.

Itachi was the only one to take my preference for nicknames badly.

I had heard Die call him 'Weasel Boy' once and had decided instantly that would be his nickname. He had yelled at me until I had cried and Dolly had stepped in the middle, having picked me up and practically snarled at the angry Uchiha.

I had later been visited by the calmed down Itachi and he had apologized, explaining that he had been upset with Die and not me, but he had taken it out on me. He had agreed to my calling him Weasel, though he hated it, seeming to feel extremely bad about hurting my feelings as he had. Though I am still unsure if it wasn't more because of how Die had treated him once I had been carried out of the room.

The blond bomb maker could hold a grudge far longer than anyone else that I had come to know and was very vocal about his displeasure, shouting it at anyone that would listen and embarrassing the culprit as much as possible. Publicly shaming them until he was satisfied...there was no telling what all he had done to make Weasel regret his words and tone.

Though the Akatsuki held all of my favorite people at the time, it was still an Organization and the Leader soon got tired of my constant presence. Especially when he learned that I had no intention of ever joining him, or even an interest in learning the 'ninja way.' He might have let me stay longer than he did, if it wasn't for a small incident that involved me setting the kitchen on fire on accident.

I had learned that I was able to control fire when I had turned eight, something that had come as a surprise to everyone, as much as it had been a nuisance to myself. I had no one to really talk to, or learn from in those first two months of gaining my powers and had lost control of the flames simply by getting angry while I was cooking.

I was lucky that there was several fire extinguishers kept on hand because of Die's constant fire happy pranks, but it didn't stop the fact that my hotter than typical flames had charred the walls and expensive appliances

Leader was not happy with my destructive, and sometime, uncontrollable powers and had instantly demanded that Dolly find me a teacher before I did any more damage to the Headquarters, which he did almost before the day had ended, taking me to meet the man early the next day.

My 'teacher' came in the form of one of Dolly's aquantencies, by the name of Aubry. He ran a club by the same name a days walk away from H.Q, in a territory that was considered neutral. The ninja villages that I had only heard about were not allowed to cause any trouble for the 'customers' that frequented the club, most of them simply wanting to relax and eat a well cooked meal before going on their problematic ways.

I had been rather upset with Dolly during our walk towards the club, knowing that there was no way for him to take me back and forth each day and realizing that I would have to stay the majority of the time with this person that I didn't know, and away from everyone that I now considered my family at the Akatsuki. He had seemed to sense my displeasure and remained quiet for the most part, unwilling to cause a scene that might draw attention to us.

I was still silently seething when I met Aubry for the first time, though felt surprise at seeing the man for the first time. I do not remember what I had been expecting to find, but the soft smiling, and kind eyed man with his long, dark hair was not it.

He had smiled brightly when he saw Dolly walk thorough the door, the building being abandoned by anyone else and Aubry had left the counter he had been scrubbing down to meet us at the door.

He had smiled at me when Dolly had introduced me, kneeling to my height and speaking to me just as he would an adult, making my anger at being left in his care diminish slightly.

He asked me about my powers, laughing loudly when I told him about singeing the kitchen. He had asked me if I had anything that I particularly liked to do and when I embarrassingly answered that I liked to watch the village dancers at the festivals, he had grinned and asked me if I would like to learn that as well as how to control my fire.

I had nodded instantly and he had agreed to keep and train me, IF Dolly did a favor for him.

There was apparently rumors of a boy in a neighboring village that seemed to have powers like mine. Ones that just randomly appeared and reeked havoc on the person and those around them if they weren't controlled. Aubry wanted Dolly to retrieve the boy before he could do much damage and Dolly had shrugged before agreeing.

I didn't find out until much later that there were others besides this boy and myself that had these powers, though I wasn't exactly surprised when I DID know. What was more surprising is that Aubry, and his family before him, had made it their mission to find the children that gained these powers and help them control them, before they did too much damage...though it didn't always work out that way.

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