The Akatsuki's Daughter

Chapter 40

I felt Gaara moving and instantly threw my arms around his neck, groaning softly.
''No. I don't want to get up yet.''
He smiled against my skin and tightened his arms around my waist.
''I know. But we have to. Otherwise you won't be able to do your research.''
I groaned and leaned my head against his.
''Fine. But I'm going in my pajamas.''
He shrugged.
''I don't care. As long as you go with me.''
I nodded and relaxed again. Gaara sighed and raised his head, frowning slightly.
''It's time to get up, Ria.''
I shrugged.
''You have to get off of me first. I can't move with you laying on me.''
He sighed and slid off of me, his hands lingering on my hips before he lifted himself into standing.
I followed him, and watched as he gathered up his robes. I laughed suddenly.
''Gaara, you should go to work in your pajamas.''
He shook his head.
''I can't, Love. I have to wear my Kage robes.''
I shrugged.
''Yeah. But you could wear pajamas under your robes.''
Gaara pulled a mesh shirt on and looked at me.
''And what would I do if someone attacks? I would have to fight them in my pajamas. Don't you think that the Council would have something to say about that?''
I smiled evilly.
''I think that it would irritate them. Which would be fantastic.''
Gaara rolled his eyes and changed into a clean pair of black pants, causing me to pout.
''Fine. Wear your boring ninja clothes.''
He smirked and walked into the bathroom, leaving the door open to speak to me.
''Have I told you about the library at the Kazekage tower yet?''
I instantly perked up and shook my head.
''No. Why didn't you tell me about it before?''
He walked back out of the bathroom frowning.
''Because I knew that I wouldn't be able to spend any time with you once I told you.''
I smiled and nodded, walking past him towards the bathroom needing to brush my teeth.
''But now I won't have to leave you to do my research. I can just look through some books. And I won't have to talk to people.''
He smirked and shook his head, turning to finish getting ready for the day.


We were late getting to the Tower, my shoes having gone missing again and Gaara finally giving up and carrying me to his office. Commenting on the way that my shoes seemed to walk off from their resting spots.
Once we entered the building, Gaara's secretary instantly stood and bowed.
''Lord Kazekage. You have an emergency meeting with the Council. They require your immediate attendance.''
Gaara nodded and placed me on the floor.
''Alright. Let me just show Ria the library and then I'll go to my meeting.''
The secretary looked like he was about to argue but I jumped in.
''Go to your meeting, Gaara. The sooner you get there, the sooner it will be over.''
Gaara frowned.
''But you don't know where you're going, Love?''
I shrugged.
''I'll get directions. It'll be okay.''
He sighed and turned to the secretary, knowing that I was right.
''Karl. Give Ria the directions to the Library. Make sure that she knows where she's going.''
He nodded and bowed as Gaara teleported from the room.
I turned back to the Secretary, who was already scribbling on a piece of paper.
''I have too much to do to lead you to the library, so I'll write the directions down for you. Hopefully you'll be able to understand them.''
I frowned at the stab at my intelligence and took the paper that he offered me.
''Take that hallway in front of you, take the first left, go down the first flight of stairs and take that hallway until it branches off. Take a right and keep going until the sixth door on you left. That's the library.''
I nodded and turned towards the hallway, the secretary already sitting back at his desk, looking over the mass of papers.
I rolled my eyes and began to walk down the hallway.
When I came to the branch I paused, trying to remember what he had said and looked at the written instructions.
I frowned as I looked at the paper, trying to distinguish the words. His handwriting was awful.
''What is that? It looks like a B.''
I sighed and looked at my options.
''I could keep walking forward, or I could go left? Or right?''
I shrugged and took the left hallway.
I heard voices and paused, looking through the slightly opened door, finding familiar red hair.
Gaara sat at a crescent shaped table, surrounded by five older men. Four were the Council members and I recognized Baki as the fifth man, sitting close to Gaara, looking serious and trying to catch every word that was said.
I was about to move away when the tone of the man speaking caught my attention.
''Lord Kazekage, surely you understand why we are all concerned. I and the other council members understand the fact that you love this girl. We aren't trying to change that. But we also saw how you reacted when she was threatened. We can not have you releasing Shukaku every time that someone insults her.''
I frowned and caught Gaara's movement as he stiffened.
''I have no intention of renouncing my title of Kage. Even for a short time. I have as much control of Shukaku as I always have.''
I saw the man frown and quickly moved away from the door, walking in the opposite direction of the door.
I didn't think that Gaara would want me to set any of the council members on fire, so I needed to get away.
I finally got to what I counted as the sixth door. It was a huge wooden monstrosity and I took a deep breath before pushing it open. I peeked inside, making sure that I wasn't about to walk into someones office and squealed, pushing the door open wider.
Inside was the biggest library that I had ever seen. At least four stories, with books from floor to ceiling.
I ran into the room, closing the door behind me and stood in the center of the well lit room There were large wing backed chairs scattered around the room, each strategically placed in the sunlight.
I took a deep breath, inhaling the smell of the old books and sighed happily.
I would have to thank Gaara later. This was one of the best things I had seen in Suna. And he would have issues dragging me out of the room.
I remembered what I needed to research and went to find the books that I needed.
The library was fairly simple to navigate. Being split into sections and having the available books listed on cards in filing cabinets tucked into a corner.
It took me about fifteen minutes to get the books. Finding them was easy, but climbing the ladder and balancing while reaching across the shelves took the most time.
After grabbing the last book, I slowly climbed down the ladder, trying not to fall or drop the books. It was a long way down from where I was perched.
Once my feet touched the ground, I took a moment to take a deep breath before moving towards a chair that had a small table beside it.
I flopped onto the blue cushions, laying out the books and looking over the titles, deciding which I should read first.
I had found two that talked about the Kazekage's wedding customs, and one about the history of Shukaku.
I sighed and picked up the first of the wedding customs books, flipping to the index and finding that there wasn't a lot that could actually help me in it. It was just about what rank a ninja had to be for an arranged marriage. What type of blood traits were acceptable for the Kazekage's bride and what personality she should have.
I shrugged and put the book to the side, deciding that it wasn't going to help me much. I opened the second book and glanced at the index, finding almost instantly that it was the one I needed.
I flipped to the beginning and frowned at the odd way they had strung together their sentences and the strange wording that had been used.
Who was the author and when did they write it? The 13th century? I shook my head, trying to concentrate on the strange writing style.
I soon found that they majority of what was supposed to happen at a Kazekage's wedding would be extremely hard for Gaara and I, if not impossible.
Firstly, it was preferred that the potential spouse be a ninja or a political figure, someone that could be used as a pawn if the village they were from tried to attack Suna. Though there weren't any actual rules stating that a regular person couldn't marry the Kazekage.
Secondly: all of the Kazekage's family had to be present during the ceremony, showing that they accepted the intended. This continued, saying that it was preferable to have the Kazekage's parents standing with him at the front. Something that Gaara would be unable to do.
The next section focused on the one marrying the Kazekage.
Their family was also supposed to be present. Something that I wasn't sure how we would accomplish. The book wanted my 'parents' to give me away. And though I considered Dolly as my father figure, and Die would be considered more like my 'mother' figure, I still couldn't figure out a way to put them in the wedding without them being captured.
I sighed and read on, finding that the rules were extremely tedious. It gave specific flowers that couldn't be used, certain colors that had to be worn, where the council, the visiting hierarchy, the family and the high ranking ninja's could sit. And even what words could be said in the vows.
I felt my eye begin to twitch as I read through the seemingly endless rules and breathed a sigh of relief once I had finished the book. I leaned back against the chair and set the book to the side.
Six months may not be long enough for me to plan an entire wedding. As much as I hated to admit it, I would need some help.
I shook my head and picked up the last book. This one I was more excited to read. Especially after the dream that I had the night before.
I also needed to find a book that told me why I had that dream in the first place. Though the more I thought about it, I thought that Gaara's explanation had been correct.
I shook off those thoughts for the moment, going back to the book in my hands and instantly getting caught up in the story.


The one tailed Tanuki known as Shukaku stood in the desert, surrounded by the dead carcasses of his most recent attackers, their blood covering his skin and clothes.
He looked over the corpses, making sure that none had survived to challenge his power again.
He was a tailed beast. One of the strongest creatures in existence. Why these pathetic weaklings kept attempting to defeat him and take his title was a puzzle to him. Not that he spent much time contemplating their reasons, or even their lives. Truthfully, once he walked away, he banished any single face from his memory, remembering them simply as an obstacle in his way.
He shrugged and trudged over the blood covered sand, getting closer to the grass lands.
He had heard tales of a massive treasure that was being held in a castle, protected by what was said to be a powerful creature. Something that he was excited to find out was true or not. Anything to gain more power.
He grimaced as his bare feet landed on the soft grass that joined the desert before becoming the grass lands.
He hated this place. The cool and damp air always made him feel ill. He didn't have many weaknesses, but cold rain or water always zapped his energy. Not that he would tell anyone that.
He continued towards his destination, wondering if this prize was even worth the effort he was putting into it and decided, as he felt the first drop of water hit his bare arm, that it wasn't.
He looked around quickly, trying to find cover from what he knew would be a downpour, but there was nothing around but a few boulders and green grass.
He growled lowly, his ears tucking down against his head and his tail drooping.
He hadn't taken more than five steps when the clouds opened up and a torrent of rain fell, soaking him.
Shukaku shivered and crossed his arms over his chest, trying to see through the storm, still looking for a place to wait out the storm.
He walked for what seemed like hours, though he figured was only about thirty minutes, before the cold rain got to him and he collapsed, his eyes filling irritatingly with water.
He wasn't sure what would happen to him if he stayed in the open. Weak and fading into unconsciousness, but he couldn't force himself to care, his brain already shutting down against the cold that seeped into his bones.
Shukaku finally gave in to his bodies demands and let his eyelids close, falling into a sleep he wasn't certain that he would wake up from.

Shukaku winced, feeling his body slowly waking up. He was surrounded by heat, feeling heavy blankets laid over him.
He cracked open his eyes, feeling a pounding in his head and the aches in his body.
His eyes shot open when he suddenly realized that he didn't know where he was.
He tensed, and with a new sense of urgency, looked around at his surroundings.
He was on a pallet next to a blazing fire, a large book case behind him, an overstuffed chair next to that and a low table in front of the chair. There was a large window and he saw that rain pounded against the glass.
He growled and moved his sore limbs, relaxing slightly in knowing that he wasn't restrained by anything besides the blankets. He may be weak because of the storm, but he could certainly bluff his way out of this situation.
He took a deep breath and forced himself into a sitting position, the small effort causing him to pant and a sheen of sweat to stand out on his face.
He reached for the covers with a shaky hand, preparing to throw them off when he heard a startled gasp from a doorway to his right.
He jerked his head in the direction of the noise and glared at the small woman that stood there.
She had teal hair and dark blue eyes, giving her away as an aquatic person, who's people normally preferred the water to being on land.
His eyes narrowed and he let his eyes rake over her body, finding that she wore a loose fitting gray dress that barely reached her knees, her feet bare.
She was holding a tray with what looked like afternoon tea resting on it.
Shukaku looked back towards her eyes and glared.
''Who are you, and why did you bring me here?''
She hesitated before walking around him, placing the tray on the little table in front of the chair, kneeling beside it and meeting his eyes, her gaze timid.
''I...I found you. In the rain. I had gone out to cover my flowers from the harsh downpour and found you collapsed. I...I couldn't just leave you out there.''
Shukaku growled lowly, causing the frightened female to shrink away, her knees visibly shaking.
''You're weak. A strong Yokai would have killed me, or simply left me in the rain to meet my demise. Do you even know who I am, Woman?''
She frowned and huffed, showing a bit of temper that amused Shukaku.
''You are the one tailed creature known as Shukaku. You are considered one of the most powerful creatures in this, and the surrounding, lands.''
Shukaku raised an eyebrow, intrigued slightly.
''So you do know who I am. Tell me then: why didn't you leave me in the rain to die? Surely you know that I have killed plenty of your clansmen? You could have gotten revenge for them...Or were you waiting for me to wake up before you executed your plan? I warn you that I am not completely helpless, and I will kill you, even in this weakened state.''
He saw the woman roll her eyes and she made a hesitant movement forward, making sure to keep her eyes locked with his while she did.
''I don't want to kill you. Those Aquatic creatures that you killed weren't from my clan, and those that you killed trespassed into your territory, looking for a fight. I've heard about how you keep your distance from the river lands. Avoiding even passing through it.''
Shukaku saw a sad look enter her eyes and frowned.
''Another Yokai has destroyed your people.''
She nodded and scooted another inch closer to him, forcing the lingering sadness from her mind, returning to the present.
''I need to check your fever. If it's still high, you will need to drink some medicine. And since you're already awake, you should probably drink some water. Your body has already began to sweat out the impurities that have entered.''
She was reaching towards his forehead when Shukaku suddenly grabbed her wrist, causing her to gasp and bite her lip.
''Tell me your name.''
The woman sunk her sharp teeth deeper into her lip but kept her eyes on his.
''Why do you need to know?''
Shukaku smirked, knowing that she realized that names held a power to them and shouldn't be given out lightly. Though he still had no intention of letting her get away without telling him what he wanted to know.
''How am I supposed to trust you with my well being if you won't even give me a simple answer?''
She hesitated before sighing, her hand going limp in his as she looked away briefly.
''Alera. My name is Alera.''
Shukaku nodded and released her wrist, letting her lean forward and place her hand against his forehead and cheek, her cool palm feeling good against his overheated skin.
She frowned and moved away from him, quickly grabbing the cup on the tray and bringing it back to him.
''You need to drink this. Your fever is still very high. I thought that I had gotten it down, but you're still burning up. Even for a desert being.''
He looked at the cup, a snarl coming to his face.
''How do I know that you aren't trying to poison me. You speak pretty words, but I don't know if I can trust you.''
Alera rolled her eyes and took a drink of the liquid, making sure that he could see her swallow the drink.
''There's nothing poisons about this drink. It's all herbs from my garden, and if it was poisoned I would have just signed my own death warrant.''
Shukaku frowned.
''Know that if this kills me, I will make sure to tear you apart before my soul leaves my body.''
She nodded quickly and held the cup to his mouth, letting him take a hesitant sip. He grimaced at the medicine like taste but quickly downed the rest of the liquid, not wanting that taste in his mouth for very long.
Alera smiled when she placed the cup back on the tray and nodded in satisfaction.
''That should bring your fever down. Would you like something to eat while you're awake? I know that you're probably getting tired by now, but you need to get your strength back.''
He paused.
''I need to leave. I have things that I have to attend to.''
Alera shook her head, causing the Tanuki to growl. She quickly raised her hands and scooted back an inch, hurrying to explain.
''You're still sick, and it would have just been a waste to save you if you left now. Especially since it's still raining.''
Shukaku sneered, but nodded slowly after a moment.
''Fine. But as soon as I'm well enough to move, I'm leaving, and you should know better than to try and stop me.''
Alera nodded hurriedly and stood from her spot.
''I'll go fix you something to eat now. Is there anything that you would prefer?''
Shukaku shook his head, wincing as the movement caused the room to spin.
''No. Just make sure that it's hot.''
Alera nodded and walked from the room, Shukaku watching her go, a glare on his face. He wanted to follow her, to make sure that she didn't poison his food. But he couldn't stand. This feeling of weakness was new to him and he couldn't say that he enjoyed it.
He listened to the sounds of rattling cookware from the kitchen, his body beginning to shake from sitting for so long. He closed his eyes, forcing himself to stay upright, though he was beginning to think that he might fail at that, and fall backwards when the woman returned, another tray in her hands.
Alera saw how pale and sickly the creature in front of her had become and quickly rushed to him, placing the tray on the floor next to her.
The instant that Alera had come into the room, Shukaku had opened his eyes, wanting to see what she was up to.
When she reached out to push some of his sweat dampened hair back from his forehead he tried to lift his arm to push her away, but found himself too weak.
He growled, causing the tiny girl to pull away hastily, averting her eyes.
''I brought you your meal.''
Shukaku nodded slightly, trying to force his arms to work so he could take the bowl that she was holding out to him.
When his stubborn limbs still refused to move, he snarled, causing the poor creature in front of him to jump away like a startled rabbit, her wide eyes darting to his. He sent a glare at her and Alera realized that he wasn't angry at her, but at his weakened state.
She moved closer again, biting her lip as she filled the spoon with the thick soup, bringing it to his mouth.
Shukaku refused to acknowledge the food for a moment, before noticing that she wasn't even looking at him anymore, but off to the side, giving him the illusion of being in control. He sighed inwardly, knowing that he would have to eat to heal.
He carefully slurped the soup, noticing that Alera would only look at him long enough to place the spoon close to his mouth before instantly looking away.
This process was continued until all of the soup was gone and Alera placed it back onto the tray, finally turning her eyes back to the Tanuki next to her.
His hair was damp with sweat and his chest was heaving.
Alera moved towards him slowly, her arms lifted.
''Can I help you lay down?''
Shukaku sneered, but nodded, allowing her arms to come around him, lowering him to the pallet.
Once he was comfortable, Alera felt his cheek, frowning.
''Your fever has gone down some but I think that it still might be too high.''
Shukaku shook his head.
''My temperature is higher than normal desert creatures. It's not much lower than this.'' Alera frowned before nodding, slowly drawing the covers higher onto his chest.
''Alright. Try to get some sleep. That will speed up your healing.''
Shukaku nodded and rubbed at his eyes, trying to get the blurry images to focus.
Alera watched the Tanuki sadly before preparing to stand, wanting to wash the dishes.
She gasped as she felt a large hand close over her wrist, and turned to find Shukaku glaring at her.
''You're not allowed to leave. I want to keep an eye on you and can't do that if you're not in the same room.''
Alera frowned.
''How can you 'keep an eye on me' if you're asleep?''
Shukaku smirked, pulling her to lay beside him.
''I've trained my body to be alert even when asleep, so I will know if you move.''
Alera sighed and wiggled slightly, trying to get comfortable on the floor.
''Alright. I won't leave.''
He nodded, keeping his hand around her wrist as he closed his eyes, letting the haziness draw him into a fevered sleep.

Shukaku woke up, blinking blurrily as bright sunlight streamed through the window.
He looked to his right, seeing a pale throat next to him.
He frowned, before remembering that he had forced the aqua creature to lay beside him.
He released her wrist, forcing his body to sit up before taking a deep breath and trying to stand.
He clenched his fists as the room began to spin, swallowing the bile that filled his mouth.
He was breathing shallowly, his eyes closed when he felt a pair of cool hands on his arm.
He looked down, finding the small woman looking at him with wide eyes.
''You shouldn't have stood up yet.''
Alera lowered him back to the pallet, biting her lip worriedly when he didn't protest against her help.
She laid a hand to his face, nodding slightly.
''I think that your fever has finally broke. You're warm, but you said that that was normal. You should be able to leave soon.''
Shukaku nodded and closed his eyes. He felt her moving and let his eyes squint open, watching as she began to pick up the dishes around the room.
Alera paused as she stood, looking at the still Tanuki.
''I'm going to go clean the dishes. Is there anything that you need?''
Shukaku paused before shaking his head.
''No. And you need to stop treating me like a child. I am far older then you.''
Alera paused a moment before breaking out into a wide smile. The first since she had brought Shukaku into her home.
''But you're as weak as a child right now.''
Shukaku's eyes flashed open, his expression turning deadly, a growl ripping it's way from his throat.
''I should kill you for that statement.''
Alera nodded, seemingly unfazed,
''You probably should. And I have a feeling that if you had your strength back, you would. But for the moment you can barely move, much less attack me.''
Shukaku sneered.
''And what will you do when I get my strength back. I know that you've heard of my reputation, of my violent nature.''
Alera paused before nodding slowly.
''I have. But I'm also sure that you have heard about how the women of my clan can sense other creatures intentions. I can't sense any intention of violence from you.''
Shukaku snarled, before closing his eyes and waving a hand in dismissal.
''That may change before I am fit to leave. But for the moment, retreat to your kitchen. When you return, bring me some lukewarm water.''
Alera frowned before nodding and walking from the room, leaving Shukaku alone with his thoughts.
He didn't know what to do with this female. She was scared of him, that was obvious by the way that she scurried around him, her eyes wide. Though he had to admit that even in his weakened state that he still made an intimidating figure. Especially when his eyes were open.
He rolled his shoulders, feeling the stiffness in them from laying so long without much movement.
He was still trying to worm his body into a more comfortable position when Alera entered the room, a glass in one hand, and a pitcher of water in the other.
She watched Shukaku squirm for a moment, before kneeling beside him.
''Is something wrong?''
He shot her a glare before shrugging slightly, already reaching towards the glass, downing the liquid in a few swallows.
''This pallet is hard and has made my shoulders ache.''
Alera frowned, knowing that she had used all of the softest and fluffiest blankets in her home to make the pallet. She had hoped that it would be soft enough. Though she should have realized that he was used to sleeping on only the best.
She took the glass from his hand and bit her lip hesitantly.
''I can rub your back, if you think it would help.''
Shukaku raised an eyebrow at her, seeing her face pink slightly.
He shrugged, shedding his shirt and turning to lie on his stomach. He looked over his shoulder once he was settled, smirking as he noticed that the pink was now a bright red.
Alera was trying to force down her blush, knowing that it was amusing to the grinning Tanuki. She cleared her throat softly, before scooting closer, her cool hands coming in contact with the hot skin of Shukaku's back, causing the creature to close his eyes, while Alera swallowed hard. She hadn't touched a man's back before, her clan being killed before she was at mating age.
She began to kneed out the knots from Shukaku's shoulders, feeling him relax under her hands as she continued.
His muscles were hard under his skin, and she soon became fascinated with how they rippled while she rubbed at the knots.
Alera let her eyes run over his exposed back, noticing that his loose pants had slipped low to rest on his hips, causing the recently cooled blush on her face to return at full force.
Alera closed her eyes, not realizing that her hands had stilled on his back until Shukaku shifted, drawing her out of her thoughts.
She opened her eyes, instantly caught by the gold and black gaze.
She swallowed hard, pulling her hands away only to have one of her wrists caught by in a steely grasp.
She looked at Shukaku, gnawing her bottom lip and he sneered, tugging at her.
''I'm tired. Lay down.''
Alera nodded and settled down beside him, only to squeak when he pulled her closer, his arm coming to lay across her waist.
''I can sleep better like this. Holding onto your wrist is uncomfortable.''
She nodded and watched as Shukaku closed his eyes, falling to sleep quickly. Alera didn't dare move, though she did try to relax.
She took a deep breath, finding that the warmth that Shukaku radiated was slowly calming her frazzled nerves, lulling her into a daze.

I felt a slight touch at my cheek and jerked with a gasp, my attention being forcefully drawn from the book in my hands.
I looked up, finding Gaara looking at me with wide eyes.
''I'm sorry!''
I brought a hand to my throat, pushing my heart back into my chest where it belonged.
''I think that you are beginning to make a habit of scaring me, Gaara.''
He nodded, taking a hesitant step towards me.
''You've been distracted.''
I sighed, slowly placing the book on the table and reaching my arms out to him. Knowing that he wouldn't come any closer to me after startling me until I asked him to.
''Sit with me?''
A relieved smile lit his face and he lifted me into his arms, taking my spot and settling me on his lap.
I snuggled into his chest, hearing the rumble of his voice as he spoke.
''How did your research go?''
I shrugged.
''There are a lot of rules to follow for the wedding, I was reading about Shukaku when you came in.''
He nodded and I felt him hesitate for a moment before speaking again.
''I'm sorry that you heard the Council's discussion earlier.''
I pulled away to look at him, my eyes wide.
''How did you know that I heard them?''
Gaara smirked and rolled his eyes, tightening his arms.
''Do you not realize that I know when you're close by? Or when you're angry for that matter? It suddenly became so hot in the room that some of the Windbags were shedding their robes, and using their papers to fan themselves. And then, not a moment later, it became cooler again.''
I smiled sadly and nodded.
''I'm sorry, Gaara.''
He frowned, looking down at me.
''What reason do you have to apologize, Love? Have you done something wrong recently?''
I shrugged, leaning against him again.
''No. I just hate how much trouble our relationship causes you.
Gaara's eyes narrowed, his arms tightening around me.
''Ria, listen to me. I wouldn't give up our relationship for anything. And think about it: Even if I had agreed to the council's demands, not that I would ever would, do you think that all of them would have agreed on a spouse for me? They can't even agree on a day for an upcoming festival. I have no intention of listening to those windbags about this. I am the Kazekage, and I will do what I think is best. And I want to marry YOU. Understand?''
I smiled softly and nodded.
He smirked and lowered his head to nuzzle against my neck, a movement that seemed to become more frequent after every full moon.
He spoke after a moment, keeping his face buried against my neck, his lips moving gently across the skin.
''Did you learn anything interesting about Shukaku while you were researching? He's been nagging at me since you told me you were reading his book.''
I smiled and shrugged the shoulder he wasn't resting against.
''I didn't get very far into it. I read through the wedding rules first. But from the first chapter, I gathered that he was violent and proud. More of a loner and didn't trust people easily. Also that he has a weakness to water.''
Gaara was shaking lightly and I frowned as he spoke, a laugh in his voice.
''It's actually just cold water. I could have told you all of that, Love. If that's all it's going to tell you, then that book is wasting your time.''
I scoffed and crossed my arms over my chest.
''Oh, bite me, Gaara.''
I felt the smirk against my skin a moment before his teeth sunk harshly into where my shoulder and neck met.
I gasped and jerked away, gaping and glaring at his amused look.
''You bit me!''
He nodded, his smug smirk widening.
''I know. You told me to.''
I shook my head, rubbing at the aching spot.
''I've already explained this to you Gaara, it's a figure of speech.''
He shrugged, unconcerned
''I know. But I thought that it would be a good time to show you to be careful about what you say. My mouth was already close to your skin.''
I glared at him, pressing at what I was sure would be a bruise.
''Warn me before you sink your teeth into me.''
He shrugged and tugged at my hand, replacing it with his mouth, laying soft kisses against the abused skin.
I turned my glare towards him, only being able to see the red hair.
''I really should make you sit by yourself after that.''
I felt him smirk and he hummed.
''Maybe. But you won't.''
I frowned down at him skeptically.
''Why won't I?''
He shrugged and laid another kiss to my skin.
''Because you like sitting with me as much as I like having you there.''
I huffed and reached towards the books lying on the table, only to be stopped as a hand clasped my wrist.
I looked back at Gaara, seeing that he had lifted his head slightly, staring at me pleadingly.
''Don't. I want your attention right now. And you get so wrapped up in those books that you almost forget where you are.''
I rolled my eyes, but relaxed against him, dropping my hand.
''You're so spoiled.''
He hummed, returning his mouth to my neck, tightening his arms and relaxing against the chair.
''You can take the books home and finish reading them later.''
I nodded and yawned.
''Can I take a nap?''
He nodded and lifted his head, pressing my cheek into his chest.
''Yeah. We're staying in here for a while. I'm hiding.''
I laughed and curled into him.
''Okay. You should sleep a bit too.''
He nodded and shifted slightly, becoming comfortable as he spoke nonchalantly.
''This isn't really what I would consider keeping your attention, but I suppose that I should have expected it. I did get you up early.''
I nodded and closed my eyes.
''Yes you did. And now we're going to sleep.''
He nodded and rested his head against mine, his breathing slowly evening out and lulling me to sleep.

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