The Akatsuki's Daughter

Chapter 44

Gaara had been sick for three days and I could tell that he was becoming restless.
He was irritable to almost anything, and I tried not to get upset, knowing that he was simply tired of being cooped up in the house.
At the moment, he was glaring at the ceiling as I sat next to him, reading one of my favorite books. He sighed and rolled towards me, wrapping his arms around my hips.
''I'm going back to work tomorrow.''
I looked down at him, frowning slightly.
''You still have a high fever, Gaara. And you can't stay awake for more than two hours without falling asleep. And you're cranky. If you go to work, you might kill one of your ninjas or a Council Member. You need to stay home until you're better.''
His eyes narrowed and I went back to my book after a moment of silence.
I hadn't read more than two paragraphs when the book was plucked from my hands and thrown to the foot of the bed.
I frowned and turned to find Gaara sitting up and glaring at my poor book, his arms crossed over his chest, his mouth set in a pout.
I rolled my eyes and leaned forwards, reaching towards my book, only to have his arms wrap around me and pull me back to lay on the bed, his body moving to lay on top of me, pinning me to the bed.
I sighed.
''Gaara, what are you doing?''
He frowned.
''You weren't paying attention to me. If you're going to keep me under house arrest then you can at least pay attention to me when I'm awake.''
I rolled my eyes. He really needed to get better.
''You could have just asked. You didn't have to throw my book across the room, it's old.''
He pouted and nuzzled his head into my neck.
''But I'm so bored! There's nothing to do!''
I sighed and wrapped my arms around him, running my hands across his back.
''Well, what would you like to do then? You can't even go downstairs without having to sit on the couch once you get there.''
He shrugged.
''I don't know.''
He looked up at me suddenly.
''Will you read to me?''
I raised an eyebrow but nodded.
''Yeah. If you want me to.''
He nodded and moved to grab the book before returning to his earlier position on top of me, his face pressed against my neck.
I frowned, trying to find where I had been reading before Gaara had interrupted me. I finally found it and began reading softly, slightly embarrassed about reading out loud.
After a few minutes I was drawn into the story and forgot about my hesitation, finding myself changing the pitch of my voice to match each character.
After about an hour of reading, my voice became hoarse and I had to stop. I looked down at Gaara for the first time, finding that he had become still, his breathing slow and even.
I smiled slightly, returning to my reading, this time silently.


By the next day, Gaara was feeling better, his nose no longer stuffy, his head was clear, and he only had a slight cough.
He woke up around nine and instantly rushed to the bathroom, getting a shower and changing into his Kazekage robes.
When he came back out, he smiled slightly and kissed me quickly.
''Thank you for taking such good care of me, Love. I'll see you when I get home?''
I nodded.
''Of course. Where else will I be?''
He nodded and kissed me again, this one lasting a bit longer than the first. When he pulled back he gave me a half grin before strapping his gourd on.
''Alright. I'm going. Try to keep out of trouble today.''
I nodded and waved from my seated position on the bed.
''I'll try. Don't kill any ninjas.''
He smiled at me over his shoulder before hurrying out of the room.
I grinned and stretched my arms over my head, feeling my back and shoulders pop. I was glad that Gaara was better, but now I had no idea what to do with my day.
I sighed and flopped backwards on the bed, pouting up at the ceiling.

I didn't have long to sulk however.

Temari didn't even knock before she bursted into the room, carrying a garment bag.
''Ria! I went to Krissy's to check on the dresses, and she's already finished yours! Try it on!''
I stood from the bed, watching as she laid the bag out on the bed, quickly pulling at the zipper and oooing at the white fabric that was revealed.
She pulled the dress carefully from the bag before turning towards me, holding the dress out for me to see.
I gaped at the lacy object. I had seen it just days before, but it had looked nothing like the finished project. I was still staring at the dress when Temari huffed, stomping towards me and began pulling at my nightshirt.
''C'mon, Ria! Don't just stand there, try it on!''
I nodded and stepped away from her hands, pulling my clothes off before stepping into the dress that she held out.
She fastened the back and fluffed the bottom of the dress before moving around to look me over.
She grinned and clapped her hands together.
''You look great, Ria! Gaara isn't going to know what hit him when you show up dressed like this. Can I do your hair for the ceremony?''
I smiled and nodded quickly.
''Of course you can, Temari.''
She smiled and reached forward to pile my hair on top of my head, mumbling about the different styles that she thought would look good. I let her continue this for a moment before pulling away, making my way into the bathroom to take a look at my reflection.
I looked at everything carefully, taking in every tiny detail. All in all, it was gorgeous. The cream colored silk was covered by the lace, the pearl like buttons on the back beginning at the top and running down past my behind. The heart shaped neckline plunging slightly, while the waist came in tightly.
I twirled slowly, trying to take in my entire reflection and smiled slightly as I caught sight of Temari grinning at me.
''So what do you think?''
I grinned.
''I love it! So since my dress is finished, does that mean that yours and the other girls dresses will be done soon?''
Temari laughed.
''Actually they're already finished.
I frowned.
''How is that? Doesn't she still need to do a final fitting on Misa and Mona? She can't do that if they aren't here.''
There was a giggle and an amused voice spoke from the room behind Temari.
''Who said that we weren't here?''
My eyes widened and I moved past Temari to find both girls in the bedroom.
I squealed and rushed towards them, Misa echoing my squeal and grabbing me in a bear hug.
''Hi! That dress looks great on you!''
I laughed and pulled out of her arms before turning to Mona, speaking while she returned my hug,
''When did you two get here?''
Mona shrugged and pushed herself away from me.
''Yesterday. Temari wrote us, telling us about how we needed to get the dresses fitted and we decided that it would be a good time to come down. Kankuro actually came to get us. Though he didn't say anything about Gaara being sick until we got here.''
I nodded.
''So how long are you going to stay?''
Mona shrugged.
''I don't know. I mean your wedding is coming up soon, and Temari said that you still have a lot that needs to be done. We thought that you could use the extra help.''
I nodded quickly.
''Yeah. It would be nice. Though Temari has been great with all the help she's given me.''
Temari smiled and shrugged.
''It was no problem, Ria. What are future sister-in-laws for, if not to help with wedding planning.''
I smiled at her before turning back to the other two girls, only to have another voice interrupt us.
''Hey. Can I have my girlfriend back now? I haven't been able to spend time with her in a while.''
All of us turned to where Kankuro stood by the door and I saw Misa's eyes instantly lit up as she skipped towards him, grabbing his arm once she was standing by his side.
''Of course you can, sweetheart. I was just saying hello to Ria. You know, since she didn't know Mona and I were here.''
I nodded and he sighed.
''Alright. Then I'm going to take you to the market.''
She nodded and let Kankuro pull her from the room. Mona shook her head.
''Alright. I'm going to go lay down for a bit. I didn't sleep well last night and I am not about to have dark circles under my eyes.''
I nodded and turned to Temari as Mona closed the door.
''Thank you for bringing them here,''
She nodded and smiled.
''It was no problem, Ria. I knew once Gaara got better and went back to work that you would get a bit lonely. Though I'm afraid that you won't be able to see them a whole lot anyways. Sai was sent here on a mission and just arrived today. I suppose that that's why Mona wants to look rested. And Kankuro is going to want Misa's attention, I'm sure.''
I shrugged.
''That's alright. If I get to lonely then I'll just go visit Gaara. And I can keep Butterball now since I don't have to focus all my attention on a cranky Kazekage.''
Temari laughed and nodded.
''Alright. Let me go get the little panda then. I know that he's been missing you. I caught him the other day sleeping outside your bedroom door.''
I awed and watched as Temari left the room. Apparently my days wouldn't be as boring as I had originally thought.

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