The Akatsuki's Daughter

Chapter 45

The day of my wedding came before I was ready.
I woke up that morning, Gaara's arms still wrapped around me, his face buried in my hair. I bit my lip and after looking at the clock, sighed. I pulled away from Gaara slightly, trying not to wake him when he groaned and tightened his arms.
''Where are you going?''
I shrugged and relaxed back into him.
''I need to get up. Your sister will be busting into the room any minute, wanting me to start getting ready. We have a lot to do before two.''
He grumbled and pulled me closer, laying kisses against my neck.
''I suppose that I should be glad that I get to marry you in a few hours, but I can't seem to get past the fact that I have to let you out of my arms.''
I nodded and turned to face him.
''I know. But I still have to.''
He sighed and I moved to rub my nose against his. He smiled at me and lowered his head to get a proper kiss, one of his hands sliding up my back to tangle in my hair.
I smiled into the kiss and was bringing my arms around him when the door to the bedroom flew open, banging against the door. I pulled back with a gasp and Gaara was shooting a murderous glare over his shoulder at his sister who simply grinned back at him.
''C'mon, Ria! We've got things to do. And Gaara, stop glaring at me. You get her all to yourself tonight. Right now she's got to get things ready.''
He growled softly and I pulled myself away from him with a sigh, crawling over him towards where his sister watched in amusement.
She grabbed my hand the moment that I was close and waved at Gaara, an impish smile on her face.
''Go do what you need to do, Gaara. And don't come looking for Ria. It's bad luck to see the bride before the wedding.''
I smiled over my shoulder, seeing his icy look that he was giving her and waved as Temari pulled me into the room that had been transformed into a dressing room. She had told me the week before that the first Kazekage's wife had wanted a room to get ready in, without her husband bothering her all of the time.
The entire room had floor to ceiling mirrors, with six large dressing tables and matching stools along one wall. Large bay windows gave natural lighting to the room, while the dangling chandeliers brightened the room even further.

When I had first seen the room I had realized just how much I hadn't explored the house. There were tons of rooms and I hadn't even been in half of them. I had decided that after the wedding, I was actually going to explore the house that I was to spend my life in.
Temari pushed me into one of the dressing table's chairs and grabbed the brush that was sitting in front of me.
''Alright. Let's start with your hair, then we'll move on to your makeup, then I'll help you get dressed.''
I nodded.
''Shouldn't we check on the wedding preparations?''
I saw her shake her head in the mirror.
''No. I'm sure that everything is going fine. Especially since I sent Kankuro to supervise. If they mess up even a chair placement, he knows that I'll have his head.''
I laughed and she frowned as she tugged at a knot in my hair.
''Jeez, Ria. Your hair is crazy.''
I nodded and winced as she pulled at another knot. At this rate it would take her forever to get through the rats nest. I hadn't thought it would be that terrible, since I had let Gaara brush through it the night before. I suppose that I should have had him braid it as well.
Temari began to talk about random things and I answered when necessary, but for the most part I let my mind wander.
At some point, Misa and Mona came into the room, starting on their own hair and makeup.
Once Temari finished my hair, curling it and piling most of it up on my head, while letting some of the curled tendrils fall around my head, she turned me away from the mirror and started on my makeup.
She hadn't gotten on more than my foundation when there was a knock on the door. She frowned at the interruption but, after making sure that both Misa and Mona where decent, asked the person to enter.
The door opened and I waved excitedly as my adopted brother stepped into the room.
He grinned and walked over to me.
''Hey, Little Sister. How's it going?''
I shrugged.
''Fine. Though I feel like I've been in this chair for hours.''
He chuckled and bent down to hug me tightly, avoiding messing up my hair.
''Your hair looks good though. I've never seen the tangle mess look this nice.''
I laughed and hugged him back tightly.
''Thanks, Brother. Though I do need to finish getting ready. I don't have that long until I have to be at the ceremony.''
He nodded.
''I know. But there's a surprise for you waiting downstairs. Come down when you're ready.''
I nodded and watched him go in confusion.
I turned back to Temari who gave me a conspiring look. Apparently she already knew what was going on, but wasn't going to spill the secret.
I returned to my seat and let her finish my makeup. She went with a light silvery-pink eyeshadow, pink blush, and glossy rose lipstick. Something that I would have never thought to do.
She helped me into my dress, careful to not get any makeup on the white fabric. I slipped my strappy, silver shoes on and made my way slowly down the stairs, careful to not trip on the long dress.
I gasped when I caught sight of the blonde hair that could only belong to one person. Said person turned towards me and grinned hugely and rushed towards me, pulling me from the stairs and twirling me around.
''Look at you! You look so grown-up!''
I laughed as he put me down, and I was still smiling up at him when another pair of arms pulled me into a hug from the side. I looked up and smiled at the gray eyes that met mine.
''Hi, Dolly.''
He smirked and tightened his arms.
''Hello, Dearheart. You do look lovely.''
I smiled and looked past his arm at the other person that stood in the room. Weasel stood with his arms crossed over his chest, a smile on his face, Salem stood next to him, grinning hugely.
''How...How are all of you here? I mean, I knew that Salem would be, but...''
Dolly shook his head.
''That boy of yours apparently pulled some strings, and practically commanded that we show up today. Though we would have anyways. We can't let you get married without us here to give you away, can you?''
I shook my head and pulled away from him, trying not to cry, knowing that it would mess up my makeup. I don't think that Temari used waterproof.
Die sniffled behind me and I turned to see him dabbing at his visible eye with a green handkerchief.
''My baby girl is getting married. It makes me feel so old! I remember giving you baths, picking out your little clothes, changing your diapers...''
Dolly growled and shot him a glare
''She was house trained when I brought her home.''
Weasel groaned, rubbing a hand at his eyes.
''It's called potty trained.''
Dolly shot him a snarl over his shoulder and I couldn't stop the giggles that flew from my mouth.
''I've missed you guys so much!''
They smiled at me and Die stepped forwards to wrap an arm around my shoulders.
''And we missed you. But we can have a longer reunion later. Right now, it's time to get you married, yeah. Not that we're rushing you. If you have any doubts about this, tell us, and we will whisk you back home. I mean, how much do you really know about this guy anyways, yeah?''
Dolly was giving him a death glare and I shook my head, smiling lightly.
''I love Gaara, Die.''
He sighed and pouted.
''Alright. If you really want to do this, then we'll support your decision I guess, un. But if you ever need our help...'''
Dolly sighed and rolled his eyes.
''She knows that we'll be there for her if she ever gets into trouble and needs our help. But I think that she'll be alright. Ria knows how to take care of herself after all.''
I nodded and Die huffed looking away, his arms crossed over his chest. Weasel took a step forward, his face set in a frown and hit Die across the back of his head.
''Stop pouting! You're worse than the children.''
Die shot him a glare and I could tell that they were about to launch into a fight, but I didn't really have time for that. The girls were coming down the stairs, all of them in light makeup, their hair held back in a low side-ponytail, the loose hair curled as it hung over their shoulders.
Temari was the only one that had a different colored dress, Misa and Mona wearing red. Temari's dress was silver since she was my maid-of-honor.
I smiled at them and Temari rushed forward, grabbing my hand.
''We have to go, Ria. We'll be late if we don't.''
I nodded and turned towards Dolly, who smiled slightly.
''We'll follow behind, Dearheart. I'll be walking you down the aisle after all.''
I smiled and nodded, already figuring this out when I had seen him.
Temari tugged at my hand, pulling me from the room while Misa and Mona followed close behind.
I squinted when we walked into the bright Suna sunlight and gaped at the large carriage type thing that rested outside the door. Temari laughed at my expression and nudged me quickly.
''You didn't think that I would actually let you walk to the wedding sight, did you? Your dress would get dirty.''
I laughed and let the driver help me into the carriage, while Temari climbed in on the other side.
Misa tripped on the short hem of her dress as she climbed in, causing Temari to give her a glare that the other girl was entirely unaware of.
Mona leaned back against the seat, ignoring the slight tension that surrounded the other two girls and I sighed, trying to keep my nerves from going haywire before we got to our destination.
I was still trying to calm myself down when the carriage pulled to a stop and the driver pulled the door open, helping us to the ground.
I had never been to the oasis outside of Suna before, and I gasped when I saw it. The grass was a dark green, the large trees casting shade over the entire place. There was a pool of water in the middle of the oasis, cloth covered chairs situated next to it. I supposed that that was were the ceremony would be held.
There was a white runner placed on the ground in between the chairs, leading towards the edge of the water.
There was a large, white tent set up to the left where we would have the reception. It would also serve for me to hide until the ceremony started.
Temari began pulling me towards the tent, leaving Misa and Mona to look over all of the preparations and make sure that everything was running smoothly.
Once Temari had pulled the tent flap closed, I looked around at what had been done inside. Most of this I had left to Temari, not really caring about this part of the wedding, and already stressing out about the dresses and the rules that I had to follow.
The round tables were covered in silky, red tablecloths. The plates a shinning silver, while the glasses were a sparkling crystal. The red centerpieces held roses and anemones, a light spray of silver paint, making them sparkle in the solar powered lights that were hanging from the tents iron beams.
I felt eyes on me and turned to smile at Temari, who was watching me cautiously.
''This is gorgeous, Temari.''
She visibly relaxed and gave me a relieved smile.
''I was hoping that you would like it. I wasn't sure if I was overstepping my boundaries. I know that you said simple, but this was as plain as I could do in good conscious.''
I shook my head.
''No. This is beautiful. Thank you so much!''
She grinned and waved a hand.
''It was no problem. Really. I loved helping you with all of this.''
She pulled my veil from the bag that she had been carrying and clipped it into my hair, situating the wispy fabric over my hair without messing up the style.
I smiled and looked towards the tents opening as Dolly walked in, his normal ninja clothes being changed out into a black suit, something that I had never seen him wear.
He smiled at me slightly before tugging me away from Temari and threading my arm through his.
''It's almost time to get started. Are you ready for this, Dearheart?''
I nodded and Temari grinned.
''Alright. I better get into position and make sure that the others are ready.''
I nodded and watched as she left, turning a smile at Dolly. He gave me a slight smile, before it completely fell from his face.
''I didn't want to say anything in front of the others, because I knew that Deidara would blow it all out of proportion, but are you sure about all of this, Dearheart? I know that you say that you love this boy, and I know that he loves you, I can tell by the way he looks at you.
But are you rushing into this, just to please him?''
I bit my lip, shaking my head.
''No. I wouldn't have agreed to marry him if I didn't feel ready. Gaara has never pushed me into anything that made me uncomfortable, or that I didn't feel ready for. And this is no exception. He asked me when I wanted to get married and I could have told him two years from now, and though he would have been a bit disappointed, he would have accepted that, knowing that I wasn't ready.
I know that you don't know him all too well, Dolly, but I love Gaara.''
Dolly sighed and nodded, tugging me into hug, careful to not mess up my dress or hair.
''Alright. Then I will not stand in the way. But if you ever have any trouble, then you know that you can talk to me about anything.''
I nodded and grinned at him.
''I know. Though you do have this problem with overreacting when it comes to me.''
He smirked and shrugged slightly.
''You are my child. I'm allowed to be overprotective.''
He sighed.
''Now. Shall we get you married?''
I nodded and Dolly led me out of the tent where the other girls waited. Misa grinned at me before turning back around as the music from the small band that Temari had found started. She didn't seem nervous at all to follow Mona down the aisle towards the boys that waited at the end.
This was the first time that I got to see the guys in their outfits and I rolled my eyes at the sight. Kankuro looked extremely uncomfortable, tugging at his tie ever so often. Lee was standing with his back straight and his suit starched and stiff.
Naruto was the exact opposite. His clothes wrinkled and his tie loosened. I giggled lightly before moving my eyes to Gaara.
This was the first time that I would see what he had decided to wear, and I bit my lip when I caught sight of him.
Instead of his normal Kazekage robes, or even his normal ninja garb, he wore a black, pinstriped suit. The silky, crimson shirt standing out brightly against his pale skin and the black fabric of the jacket.
Unlike the others, he wasn't wearing a tie, leaving the shirt open at the neck.
I was startled out of my observations by the feel of something being pressed into my hands.
I looked up quickly, finding Temari pressing my large bouquet of cascading flowers into my hands before she made her way down the isle.
I took a deep breath and glanced at Dolly, who tilted his head, silently asking me if I was still able to go through with this.
I smiled slightly and nodded, letting him lead me down the aisle.
There was a collective gasp when the crowd saw who's arm it was that I was clinging to, and an even louder mummer when both Die and Weasel appeared on the other side of me at the end of the aisle.
I saw Lady Tsunade's eye begin to twitch in irritation as the crowd began to become louder and she stepped forward, her voice overpowering when she spoke, causing everyone to quiet.
''Silence! These men are Ria's family. They are not the Sasori, Deidara, or Itachi from the Akatsuki. Those men are dead. As our records state. The entire Akatsuki organization has been annihilated and so there will not be any threatening words or actions to these men. They are simply the men that raised this girl!''
I saw Dolly's eyes twitch in annoyance to Tsunade's loud announcement and squeezed his arm affectionately Ever since Rosa had died it seemed as if he had become even less accepting of loud women.
He looked down at me and, after a moment, forced himself to relax and turn his attention back to the now calm Hokage.
''According to Suna custom the brides family must be willing to part with the girl and accept the Kazekage as her husband. So I ask you, will you give this woman to be married to Suna's fifth Kazekage, Gaara?''
There was a moment of silence and I began to silently pray that my adopted family wasn't going to do something extreme when Dolly spoke, his voice neutral.
''We agree.''
I breathed a sigh of relief, smiling at him softly, before wincing as Die spoke under his breath.
''If we have to. Though I would prefer to just sabotage this whole wedding.''
Dolly shot him a glare and Weasel threw a fist into Die's stomach, causing the blonde to lose his breath.
I heard Salem chuckle lightly, while Naruto grinned hugely and Dolly sighed before pushing me towards Gaara, who took my hand, quickly pulling me to his side.
I looked to see Dolly pulling Die by his hair to their seats, Weasel following close behind, a glare directed at them.
I grinned sheepishly and turned to see Lady Tsunade's eyes twitching in irritation again, before she turned back to us to finish the ceremony.
I turned to face Gaara, smiling at him slightly, watching his lip twitch in amusement. His hands tightening around mine as Tsunade continued with the ceremony.


The wedding had continued without any problems and practically flew by.
Soon I was married, Gaara having slid the wedding band that matched my engagement ring on my finger, and I had slipped his plain white-gold band onto his finger.
It wasn't until we were in the tent, people piling in to find their tables that I actually realized how many people had been at my wedding. Including Sakura and Sasuke.
I winced as the younger Uchiha shot a glare at me from his table. I knew that he wouldn't be happy when he found out that I had spent more time with his brother than he had. Or that I knew that he was still living and had children.
Toru had been taking care of the twins and Niko, but as soon as everyone was situated at their tables, all three children ran wild.
Niko instantly ran to me and jumped into my lap, clinging to me. While the twins walked calmly over to Sasuke, promptly telling him that they were his family, and that he needed to stop being such a jerk.
I snickered at this, but quickly hid my face when the irritated Uchiha turned a glare at me.
Itatchi soon took over his brothers attention however, when he settled down next to him, to explain everything that had happened.
Die and Dolly stayed off to the side, though I could hear them arguing.
I rolled my eyes and settled against Gaara, who hadn't really let me out of his reach since the ceremony.
It was getting late, and I noticed that Gaara was becoming restless when the Council Members came over to our table. I could feel my eyes widen when they stopped in front of us and I glanced to my right to see Dolly, Die and Salem looking our way, watching the men cautiously.
Salem had told Dolly about the Council's dislike of me, and how they had been trying to convince Gaara to not marry me, so he wasn't too happy with them.
I turned my attention back to the Council and almost jumped out of my chair when they bowed, their heads lowered humbly.
''We have come to apologize, Lord Kazekage. About how we have been treating the now Lady Kazekage. We did not realize how much of an asset she would be to Suna. Please forgive us for questioning your judgment''
I looked at Gaara, finding him glaring at the men, though there was a smug gleam in his eyes.
''I expect for all of you to remember your place from now on. And to treat my wife with respect. Remember that I am not the only one that can become offended by your treatment of her.''
They visibly flinched and slunk away, not willing to say anymore with my family close by.

I turned to look at Gaara when they had left and found him smirking at me.
''I was wondering if they would come to apologize after seeing who your family was.''
I rolled my eyes and laughed, squeezing his hand that had rested on my leg throughout the night.
It wasn't long after that when Dolly came to get a dozing Niko.

Both he and Die promised to visit me before they left, and after they walked away, I let Gaara wrap us in sand and transport us home.
We hadn't said goodbye to anyone, but Gaara was sure that they wouldn't even notice that we were gone. Especially since Kankuro had insisted that there be an open bar...which he and most of the other guests were taking advantage of.

We stood across from each other in our room suddenly, staring at each other nervously. Though we had been sleeping in the same bed for a while, tonight was a bit different.
I finally swallowed hard and turned away from him, forcing whatever courage I had to the front and squared my shoulders as I spoke.
''Will you undo my dress?''
He hummed softly and I heard him move forwards, his hands tugging at the dresses buttons.
I pulled the veil from my hair as his fingers touched the clasps, and tossed the wispy thing to the bed before reaching up to pull the many pins out that held my hair up.
I felt the back of the dress gape open around the same time that I pulled the last pin from my hair, letting the heavy mass fall over my shoulders and down my back.
I shivered slightly as I felt Gaara's fingers run along my spine and pulled out of his reach quickly, turning to smile at him.
''I'm going to go change.''
He nodded slowly and began to pull off his jacket, chucking it towards the desk as he turned towards the bed.
I forced myself to turn away from him and hurried to the bathroom, closing the door behind me, sighing as I leaned against it heavily. After a moment of steeling my nerves, I went to one of the cabinets where I had stored the pink bag that held my clothes for the night. Or what I suppose would loosely be called clothes.
Temari had taken me shopping for lingerie a few days before the wedding, insisting that I buy something for tonight. After about fifteen minutes of arguing and being embarrassed, I had finally given in and bought one of the less revealing outfits that I could find.
The red, lacy baby doll stopped high on my thigh, leaving most of my legs bare. The low neckline made me a bit uncomfortable, but if things went like they were supposed too, I would be showing more than a bit of cleavage by the end of the night anyways.
I sighed and slipped into the baby doll before washing the makeup from my face and brushing my teeth. After I finished my normal nightly routine, I walked out of the room cautiously. I found Gaara, already under the covers his fingers fidgeting with the pillow.
I walked towards him and his eyes instantly searched for me.

He sat up once he caught sight of me, his eyes wide and his face heating slightly.
I bit my lip and swallowed hard before plastering a smile on my face and twirling slowly, faking a confidence that I didn't have.
''Do you like? Your sister made me buy it.''
He swallowed hard and his eyes trailed over me slowly, his attention making my face flush. When his eyes returned to mine, I could see the telltale heat in them, his voice rougher as he spoke.
''I'll have to thank her sometime for treating you like a doll to dress up. But for right now, why don't you come here?''
I nodded and walked towards him. Though apparently it wasn't fast enough for him. He used his sand to pick me up and place me on the bed in front of him.
He smirked and pushed the covers from him, moving to sit up on his knees. He reached out a hand to brush my hair away from my face.
''You looked lovely today. I don't think I told you that.''
I smiled and shook my head.
''No, you didn't. Though, you didn't look bad yourself. I've never seen you in a suit before, it looked really good.''
He smirked and shrugged.
''I guess that the trouble I went through to get it was worth it then.''
I frowned and moved closer.
''What trouble?''
He shrugged, falling back to sit cross legged on the bed, his hands wrapping around my hips.
''The shop girls weren't very professional when they were trying to measure me.''
I felt a strange surge of jealousy run over me and Gaara grinned, tugging me to where I straddled his hips.
''Are you jealous, Love?''
I pouted and he smirked, nuzzling his face into my neck, sighing softly before he began speaking against my skin.
''There's no need to feel that way. I'm sure the glare that I gave them scared them enough. They scurried away like frightened animals after that.''
I felt his satisfied grin and rolled my eyes, wrapping my arms around his shoulders.
''I'm sure you terrified them.''
He hummed and began to nip at my skin, following the dresses strap to where the neckline began.
I bit my lip and scooted closer to him, causing him to sigh. He lifted his head and looked at me with dark eyes.
''Shukaku is telling me some interesting things.''
I nodded and gasped when he flipped us so that I was lying against the bed with him hovering over me.
He smirked lightly and lowered his head to kiss me roughly, his body resting on me slightly.
I felt his hand slide up the baby doll and gasped into his mouth. He bit into my bottom lip before pulling away, our breathing shallow.
''Shukaku says that I need to finish bonding you to me. It might hurt you a bit.''
I nodded and Gaara leaned his head down to where my neck and shoulder met. He brushed his teeth against my skin and I could feel the elongated canines. I gasped slightly when he bit down, his teeth sinking into me.
It hurt for a moment, before I felt something strange flowing into the wound. I had my hand tangled in his hair and gazed at him in a daze when he pulled away.
''Wh...what did you do?'
He shrugged and rubbed his thumb against the sore spot.
''I transferred some of my chakra into you. It's part of the bonding process. Are you alright?''
I nodded and Gaara relaxed, smiling lightly.
''I'm going to love you now. Alright?''
I took a deep breath and smiled, feeling a nervousness that wasn't mine wash over me.
He smirked and lowered his head, capturing my lips with his and causing my thoughts to scatter.

I woke up the next day, groaning slightly as the sunlight pierced my eyes. I should have closed the blinds before going to bed. I clenched my eyes and sighed as the arm around me pulled me closer, Gaara's face nuzzling into the back of my neck.
I opened my eyes and smiled slightly, remembering the night before.
Gaara had been upset at hurting me, but had calmed down after a bit and continued.
He had fallen asleep with his arms wrapped around me tightly and, as far as I knew, hadn't woken up during the night. I guess he was worn out.
I grinned and eased myself out of his arms, shivering lightly in the cool air before I pulled on his red dress shirt. My outfit that I had worn the night before hadn't really survived the grasping hands and biting teeth.
I walked towards the bathroom, cringing at the pain between my legs and holding back a small noise, aware that it would wake Gaara. That's something that most people didn't tell you about, the uncomfortable feeling afterwards.
I shut the door lightly, trying not to wake Gaara and took a look at myself. Excluding a few marks, I looked the same as I normally did. I shrugged and twinged as the spot between my shoulder and neck ached.
I moved the shirt away and found the deep red mark. It looked a bit like a scar and I doubted that it would ever go away.
I shrugged again, more careful of the mark, and reached towards the medicine cabinet above the sink to pull down my birth control. I had been taking it religiously since Gaara had proposed, convinced that I wouldn't have a baby until I was ready.
I took my daily dose of the pill, finished what I needed to in the bathroom, and crept my way back to the bedroom.
I crawled under the covers and Gaara groaned, his arms wrapping around me and pulling me into his chest.
He frowned and squinted open his eyes, looking over me and I felt a small twinge of unhappiness flow into me. That would definitely be something that I would have to get used to.
''You put clothes on.''
I nodded and snuggled closer, ignoring his emotions for the moment.
''Yeah. It was too cold to walk around without something on.''
His frown deepened and his hand wandered up his shirt, rubbing across my bare back.
''I like you better without clothes. I think that we should just not wear clothes in the bed. It's warm enough without them.''
I rolled my eyes and let him pull his shirt off of me, I hadn't really fastened more than four of the buttons anyways. He tossed the shirt to the floor and I hummed.
''It's going to get wrinkled if you keep throwing it around like that.''
He shrugged and tugged me closer, closing his eyes with a happy sigh.
''I don't care.''
I rolled my eyes, before snuggling closer to him, sighing at the warmth that radiated off of his skin and closed my eyes.
I was dozing when he began speaking.
''Are you feeling alright today? I wasn't too rough last night, was I? And your mark isn't hurting you is it?''
I shrugged, keeping my eyes closed and smiling slightly as I felt his worry.
''I'm fine, Gaara. There's a bit of uncomfortableness when I move certain ways, but I was expecting that. The mark doesn't exactly hurt unless I scrunch my shoulder.''
I felt him nod and he laid a kiss to my head.
''Alright. Are you hungry?''
I opened my eyes to frown at him and shook my head.
''Not really.''
He nodded and began to fidget slightly. I wished that he would have just stayed asleep.
I sighed and wrapped an arm around his waist, pressing myself flush against him, causing him to gasp slightly. I smiled at getting him to become quiet and ran my hand across his back. I frowned when instead of feeling smooth skin, certain places where rough.
I sat up, shifting the covers so I could see his back and gasped, Gaara's eyes widening as he sat up to face me, having obviously felt my distress
''What's wrong?''
I bit my lip and traced a mark that was visible on that front of his shoulder.
''I think that I hurt you last night?''
He looked behind him, and his eyes widened when he saw the nail marks that marred his back. He turned back to me with a smirk, kissing me quickly.
''Don't let it bother you. I didn't feel it. And I like that you get that excited that you have to hold on to me.''
I felt my face heating in a blush and he smirked rubbing his nose against mine.
''I need a shower. Would you like to take one with me?''
I paused for a moment before shaking my head.
''No. I'm going to sleep for a bit longer I think.''
He pouted, but sighed after a moment, pulling me into a deep kiss. He pulled away after a moment, sliding from the bed and I watched him move around, blushing hotly when he turned a smirk over his shoulder.
''See something you like, Love?'
I rolled my eyes and stuck my tongue out at him as he grinned before making his way into the bathroom, leaving the door open.


Two weeks after my wedding, I was forced to say goodbye to my family and Misa. Mona had already left the week before, following Sai to Konoha
Niko clung to me, crying softly and I hugged him tightly as I looked sadly at Dolly, who was having an argument with Die. Gaara stood beside me frowning slightly, not sure about how to handle the crying child in my arms.
Dolly finally broke away from Die, taking Niko away from me and hugging me tightly before moving away.
''Alright, Dearheart. We'll come to visit you soon.''
I nodded and was grabbed in a hug by both Die and Salem, nearly being crushed between them. Die began sniffling slightly and Salem pouted.
''Bye, Little Sister. I expect a visit some time soon.''
I nodded and both men let go of me, moving to stand next to where Dolly and Toru waited.
Misa waved at me happily, her free hand grasping Kankuro's, who would take her back to Aubry's before returning to Suna.
I watched them leave, holding back tears as Gaara wrapped his arms around me and I buried my face in his chest, feeling him rub my back slowly and lay a soft kiss to the crown of my head.
''C'mon, Love. Let's go inside.''
I nodded and let him lead me into the house, feeling slightly despondent at seeing my family leave.

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