The Akatsuki's Daughter

Chapter 47

I screamed and gripped Gaara's hand as another contraction ripped through me.
I was surrounded by nurses and my doctor, all of them urging me to push. I groaned and fell back against the pillows, panting in air as Gaara ran his fingers through my sweat matted hair.
I tried to smile at him, but it came out as a groan as another contraction began, causing me to gasp and grip his hand instead.
It had been fifteen hours of labor already and I was sick of it.
I heard one of the nurses gasp and shot a glare at her when she spoke.
''The baby is breech!''
I groaned, almost feeling like sobbing, and the Doctor quickly hushed her, Gaara's hand tightening around mine, his voice harsh and panicked when he spoke.
''What the hell does that mean?''
I forced back my own irritation and squeezed his hand, gasped out some comfort when I knew that he hadn't ever heard of any of this before.
''It's fine, Gaara. Calm down. It shouldn't be anything for you to worry about.''
I gasped as another contraction crashed over me and pushed hard, the doctor encouraging me excitedly.
I screamed as I continued to push, before falling back against the pillows as a sudden feeling of relief washed over me, the nurses rushing around the room.
I heard something about the cord being wrapped around the babies neck, and I briefly wondered why there wasn't any crying, but my focus blacked out for a moment, my vision and hearing going dark.
Gaara called my name, panic clear in his tone and through our bond and I blinked hard, forcing my eyes to focus on the Kazekage next to me, and heard Gaara sigh in relief before he leaned forwards to kiss my forehead.
I frowned when I realized that I still didn't hear any crying and turned towards the doctor, worried myself now.
''Is everything alright?''
She smiled and nodded, letting me relax as Gaara crawled onto the bed beside me, his arms wrapping around me. He was a little shaken up, and his voice betrayed him when he spoke.
''Is it always that awful?''
I smiled halfheartedly and the doctor chuckled.
''Sometimes worse. Though because the baby was breached and facing up, it caused your wife more pain than it normally would have. Also the cord was wrapped around your son's neck, but we got it off before it could do any damage.''
I nodded and smiled, looking over at the person holding me.
''We have a son, Gaara.''
He nodded and I held my arms out as the nurse brought the baby to me, cuddling him close, and smiling as I looked down at him.
''He has your hair, Gaara.''
He nodded and leaned against me, his chin resting lightly on my shoulder.
''And your nose, Love.''
I grinned and the baby nuzzled into me, his face scrunching up in a frown. I turned to the doctor, my expression worried.
''Is he supposed to be crying?''
She shook her head and waved a dismissive hand.
''He's alright. It is strange that he's not wailing, but we got all of the fluid and gunk out of his throat. He just appears to be a quiet child.''
I nodded and turned back to Gaara, who was looking at the baby, his eyes wide in amazement. I smiled and nudged him lightly, forcing him to sit away from me a bit, eyes to shooting to mine.
''Would you like to hold your son, Gaara?''
He bit his lip and nodded slowly, shifting his body towards me. I placed the baby in his arms, nudging his left arm up so that it elevated our son's head. Once Gaara was settled, I rested against him and watched as our child let out a small whimper and began to nuzzle against Gaara's chest.
I laughed weekly and Gaara smiled.
''I think that the name Sasori Cole fits him pretty well, Love.''
I yawned and nodded, running a finger down the baby's nose, feeling too tired to even be smug.
''Yeah. Much better than Lee anyways.''
Gaara smiled and laid a kiss to the top of my head as our child settled down into sleep. I smiled sleepily and Gaara scooted closer to me, situating our child onto one of his arms, while he wrapped the other around my shoulders, letting me cuddle into his side as we both relaxed into the mattress.
''I love you, Ria.''
I hummed happily and smiled at him, my eyelids dropping terribly. I was suddenly glad for the drugs that they had given me, though they were making it hard for me to concentrate.
''I love you too, Gaara. Very much.''
He smiled and I closed my eyes, falling into an exhausted sleep.


We were able to take little Sori home the next day. The doctor giving me stern instructions to rest as much as possible. Though she really didn't have to be so worried. Gaara was already hovering, his arm around my waist practically lifting me from the ground so I wouldn't have to walk.
Temari had shown up an hour after the baby had been born, and had hardly left the hospital since then, even having to be chased out by the night nurse.

She now clutched the baby to her chest, cooing at him softly while Gaara transported us home.
As soon as the sand faded away, I found that we were in the nursery and that Butterball was sleeping by the crib.
I laughed and the panda lifted his head before ambling over to us, sitting on my feet when he reached us, looking up at me expectantly.
I took Sori from Temari and knelt down carefully, introducing our newest addition to the panda.
Butterball sniffed at the baby before nudging the baby's cheek with his nose gently.
I smiled at the soft gesture before standing and taking the sleeping child to his bassinet. Butterball followed me, and when I stepped away from Sori, the panda plopped himself down next to the cloth covered bed, staring up at it, intently listening to any sounds that came from inside.
I laughed and moved to stand by Gaara, who wrapped his arms around me.
''I think that Butterball has become Sori's official guard panda.''
Gaara nodded and Temari laughed.
''Good. I was hoping that he wouldn't be jealous. I'm going to go get Kankuro so he can see the baby.''
I nodded, and watched her rush from the room, leaning further into Gaara's hold, my body tired. He looked down at me, sensing my exhaustion and lifting me up to take me to sit in the rocking chair that Weasel had sent when he received the news that I was pregnant.
Gaara knelt in front of me, grasping my hands and laying a kiss to the knuckles.
''Don't push yourself, Love. You need to sleep when the baby is sleeping.''
I nodded and hummed.
''I know. But I wanted to see how Butterball would react to him.''
Gaara nodded and looked over his shoulder at the panda, a smirk pulling at his lips.
''I think that he's taking everything fine.''
I nodded, and winced when Kankuro busted into the room, his voice loud when he spoke.
''Where's my little nephew?''
I heard a whimper come from the bed and Gaara sent his brother a glare while Temari hit him across the head, causing Kankuro to fall to the floor.
He jumped up and Temari glared.
''Be quiet, Kankuro. If you wake the baby up you'll have to put him back to sleep.''
I nodded, in full agreement, and Kankuro flinched before moving towards the bassinet, quieting suddenly.
He looked down into the bed and smiled softly, shooting a grin over his shoulder to Gaara, who had moved to sit facing his brother his cheek resting against my thigh.
''He's cute. Though, excluding the red hair, he looks more like Ria. What color eyes does he have?''
I smiled and shook my head.
''He hasn't opened them beyond a squint yet. Though with how young he is, it'll be some type of blue.''
Kankuro nodded and turned back to the baby, a dreamy look entering his eyes.
I looked at Temari, who rolled her eyes and tapped her brothers shoulder.
''C'mon, Kankuro. Let's give Ria and Gaara some time alone before the baby wakes up and demands all of their attention.''
Kankuro nodded and followed his sister from the room quietly, his eyes strangely moist, as if he were holding back tear.
I sighed when they closed the door behind them and began to run my fingers through Gaara's hair, causing him to hum softly. Soon though, I felt my eyes drifting shut, the excitement of the day catching up with me, and Gaara's voice lulling me to sleep.


I stared down at my one month old son, feeling like the time had passed far to quickly, and smiled when a pair of arms wrapped around my waist, a face nuzzling into my neck.
''I thought that you would be in here.''
I nodded, smiling sheepishly.
''I just didn't want to wake him up yet.''
Gaara nodded and laid a kiss to the visible mark on my neck.
''But if you don't, he'll keep you up all night again.''
I sighed and nodded, reaching towards the baby and lifting him from his bed.
His eyelids fluttered opened, revealing two different colored eyes. One the same aqua blue as Gaara's and the other a vibrant green.
He cooed softly at seeing me and I smiled, cuddling him to me.
''I'm glad that you wake up in a good mood like your daddy instead of like me.''
Gaara smiled against my skin and nodded, one of his hands moving from my waist and coming up to brush his fingers against the baby's cheek.
''Have you given your momma any trouble today?''
Sori frowned and blinked at Gaara's voice before nuzzling into my chest, whining lightly.
I sighed and pulled out of Gaara's arms before moving to sit in the rocking chair, Gaara sitting at my feet, watching me as I fed our child.
''Has he been any trouble today?''
I shrugged and hummed.
''Just the usual. He always seems to be hungry at the worst times.''
Gaara smirked and shook his head, his body shaking slightly.
''Takes after his mother. I'm sure his stomach rumbles loudly too.''
I scoffed playfully and Gaara grinned, his amusement flowing gently through our bond as he rubbed his hand across my knee.
I rolled my eyes before feeling a nudge at my foot, glancing down to see Butterball sitting beside me, that panda having realized that Sori wasn't in his bassinet anymore.
I chuckled and shook my head, grinning at Gaara.
''Our panda hasn't let Sori out of his sight all day today. Even when I took him downstairs so I could make me some lunch.''
Gaara smirked and scratched behind the bears ears.
''He's just worried that you'll run off with Sori, and he won't be able to follow.''
I shook my head and Gaara stood to take the now full Sori from me. I smiled as I looked at the two of them.
''He's definitely your son, Gaara.''
Gaara gave me a strange look over his shoulder as he placed Sori in the bassinet, Butterball following him to sit at the side as he spoke in a small huff.
''Of course he's my son. Who's else would he be?''
I shook my head and smiled, rolling my eyes,
''I just meant that he takes after you in the looks department.''
Gaara smirked and walked back to me, an impish look on his face as he placed his hands on the arms of the chairs, trapping me as he leaned down to my eye level.
''The next child we have can look like you.''
I groaned and rolled my eyes, pushing deeper into the chair.
''We just had Sori, can we wait a few years until we start talking about having another one.''
Gaara grinned and leaned closer to kiss me deeply, causing me to sigh and wrap my arms around his neck, tangling my hands in his hair.
Gaara pulled away quickly and I pouted at him seeing his teasing smirk and I huffed, crossing my arms over my chest, feeling his impish amusement through our bond.
''Oh. Were you not finished kissing me?''
I pouted and stuck my tongue out at him.
''Bite me, Gaara.''
His eyes darkened slightly and mine widened as I realized what I had just said as he leaned forward, his mouth latching around the skin of my neck, biting down slightly.
I felt him lick at the sore mark soothingly before he pulled away with a smile.
''I told you to watch what you say.''
I frowned at him and he kissed me quickly, pulling me to my feet before he pulled away.
''Let's go to bed, Love. You're tired, and I want you to myself for as long as possible.''
I rolled my eyes and nodded, letting him pull me from the baby's room and into ours, leaving our son to sleep.

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