The Akatsuki's Daughter

Chapter 48


I sighed as I picked up another toy from the living room floor, listening to my youngest child yelling from the kitchen.
Gaara and I had had three children, and I had made it abundantly clear that I was finished. Of course I had said that after the second child as well, but Gaara could be pretty convincing when it was something that he really wanted.
I smiled as Alana, my youngest child, ran into the living room, throwing herself at my legs and pouted up at me, her green eyes pleading.
''Mommy! Daddy says that Butterball can't go with Sori and me to the park today. Why?''
I shrugged and looked towards the door where Gaara stood, holding the panda.
''I don't know sweetheart. You have to ask him.''
Gaara sighed and placed the panda on the floor, the animal instantly ambling over to Alana and nudging against her hand lovingly as Gaara spoke.
''Butterball is tired and lazy, Ally. It's hot outside, and I'm sure that he would rather stay home then chase after you and your brother. You two wear him out and I always have to carry him and you home.''
She frowned and put her hands on her hips.
I bit my lip to hide my smirk, forcing myself to agree with Gaara when I wanted to prod Ally more to argue with him, just to tease him

''Listen to your daddy, sweetheart.''
She pouted, but that instantly changed when the door opened and her brother came into the house, dropping his backpack on the just cleaned floor. She grinned and jumped into his arms, causing Sori to grunt and catch her, his arms barely able to wrap around her. He was only seven after all.
My middle child pushed past him, instantly rushing towards Gaara, who picked her up and hugged her tightly, causing me to pout pitifully.
''Nine months of carrying her, and twelve hours of labor, and she runs off and takes up with her father.''
Gaara smiled at me before putting her down, tapping her nose lightly.
''Nina, go say hello to your mother.''
She grinned and bounded towards me, throwing herself into my arms, her pale blond hair flying behind her.
''Hi, Momma!''
I laughed and pushed her tangled hair away from her face.
''Hi, dear. Did you have a good time at Aunt Misa's and Uncle Kankuro's?''
She nodded quickly.
''Yeah. Until Tori had to take a nap because she was getting cranky and Aunt Misa was busy taking care of Brice.''
I nodded and gave her back to Gaara, who went to sit on the couch, Nina instantly settling herself on his lap.
I turned to look at my oldest, who had finally pried Ally's arms from around his neck and was standing off to the side.
I smiled and crooked a finger at him.

He came towards me slowly and I pulled him into a tight hug, feeling him sigh as hugged me back.
I kissed the top of his head and pulled back slightly to look at him.
''How was the ninja academy?''
He shrugged, his voice it's usual soft mummer.
''Okay, I guess. It's school.''
I rolled my eyes.
''Whatever. I know that you like seeing your friends everyday and learning the different jutsus.''
He smirked, reminding me too much of his father and I quickly laid a kiss to his forehead, causing him to grimace in disgust.
''Aw, mom!''
He rubbed at his forehead while I laughed and I nudged him towards the kitchen.
''There's pie in the kitchen if you want a snack before dinner.''
He shot me a grin before running into the kitchen, Ally hurrying after him, her short legs running as fast as possible.
I shook my head. Between the two of them, they could finish a whole pie. Gaara put Nina on the floor and she followed her siblings into the kitchen.
Gaara stood and wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me to him.

He kissed me deeply for a moment, before a crash from the kitchen caused him to pull away, turning a glare towards the noise before he sighed and ran his thumb over my cheek.
''Sit and relax, Love. I'll take care of the kids until dinner.''
I nodded and kissed him quickly, smiling as he walked towards the kitchen. He just wanted some pie before our children ate all of it.
I stretched and moved to sit on the couch, thinking about all that had happened since Sori was born.
Temari had married Shikamaru, and moved to the Leaf village about six months after we brought Sori home.

Temari had been the one to propose, if you could call her telling him that she wanted a baby, proposing. Shikamaru had simply shrugged and nodded.
Their wedding had been huge. Temari had rushed through the wedding plans, and everything was still perfect.
They waited about a year before they had a baby, a little girl they called Mina. She was almost six now.
Kankuro and Misa had waited two years before they got married, and another year before they had a child.
Their first born was a girl, Cori, who was a year younger than Nina. Their youngest child, Brice, had come as a surprise, only a year or so after Cori. He was the same age as Ally, going on three in a month or so.
Misa had moved to Suna with Kankuro, though he had bought a large house closer to the wall, wanting to make his own way rather than staying in his childhood home. Not that I blamed him, it was beyond loud with my three children constantly arguing and yelling at each other.
Mona had moved to Konoha six weeks after my wedding, and a year later had a little girl she and Sai named Toki.
Weasel had moved his family back to Konoha so that Sasuke could get to know his nieces and nephew. Dani having had another little girl a month before the move, and she was constantly trying to follow around her Uncle Sasuke, even when he didn't want her there.

Sasuke was still set on 'reviving the Uchiha clan', and between him and Weasel, they were apparently doing a good job of it.
Sasuke and Sakura had Tsukune and Lilo several months before I had even known I was pregnant with Sori, both girls had the typical black hair, though Lilo had inherited her mother's green eyes. A strange thing in a child with Uchiha blood.
Naruto and Hinata, after a long engagement had been married a year before Ally was born. They had a little boy named Rhys and were expecting another baby in the next couple months.
Dolly, Die and Niko had stayed in Suna, my children calling my adopted fathers, Pappy Dolly and Poppy Die. They came to visit almost every week, Niko enjoying being the oldest child for once, and being able to help Sori with his ninja assignments.
Salem and Toru got married a few months after Kankuro and Misa and had had a little girl less than a year after being married, naming her Kally.
I yawned and stretched, my sore muscles drawing my attention away from my thoughts and I froze a the loud crash that came from the kitchen. The noise soon followed by Sori's voice.
''Mom! Nina is throwing pie at me!''
I sighed and rolled my eyes, making my way into the kitchen, finding the counter and my son covered in cherry filling.
Gaara was shooting a glare at the boy, irritated about him calling me into the kitchen and I shot a look at Nina, who instantly lowered her head, trying to wipe the sticky, red filling from her hands...onto her once clean dress. Meaning that I would need to soak that tonight.
Gaara sighed and gave me an apologetic look.
''I told him that I had it handled.''
Sori shot him a glare and motioned to his stained clothes.
''Yeah. That's why I have pie on my clothes.''
I laughed and moved to pull on one of Nina's messy pigtails.
''Don't throw food at your brother. It causes more laundry for me.''
She pouted, but nodded, returning to eating the rest of her pie.
I shook my head before lifting my eyes and locking gazes with Gaara, smiling gently and seeing his eyes light up.

We watched our children finish their snack, and I knew that I would need to start dinner soon. For some reason all of our children had gained my appetite.
I shook my head, and after sharing another look with Gaara, moved to find us something to eat, listening as my family talked about their day, feeling content and happy with my role in life.


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