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Unforgettable Memories


You were a normal high school girl who lives in your own world but when you met him the whole world of yours turned upside down like a drama.... So this is Kim Somin who is alone and has a world to her self and then she meets the greatest guy that's Park Jimin... Now let's see how Somin's life takes a turn and how it's going to change when she meets her guy.. Let's follow her to know the story of her life..!!

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Everything was pitch dark and the whole place was consumed by darkness..

I looked around to see people lying on the ground with pool of blood...

It was hard for me to breath in that surroundings.I tried to get up but was in vain..

I looked to my right to see a boy lying on the ground .He was breathing hard and tried to open his eyes.. He was motionless ..

"Oppa..” the 10yr old me called him out and tried to reach his hand but couldn’t..

My whole body was aching. I had scratches and bruises all over my body.. All I could see was blood everywhere..

I put all my strength and got up..

I went to him limping and shook him up..

"Oppa wake up ,don’t leave me like this...” I sobbed quietly .

"Oppa get up” I cried and shook him harder again but he didn’t wake up or even budge.. I started to cry so hard not knowing what to do..

I went limping to the car which was now damaged..I looked inside to see my parents in the whole pool of blood.

“.Mom,Dad..wake up, you can’t leave me like this..you promised me....Appa!!!eomma!!!” I shook them but no one woke up.

I was having a mental breakdown and was helpless.

I took my father’s phone and called an ambulance.

" Please come fast..it’s an emergency.. It’s an accident..“I said and cut the call..

I went to see my brother still lying there down on the ground motionless..I shook him again but he didn’t move..

My whole body was aching. My head started to ache a lot . I screamed..

The last thing I knew was that everything went dark and blank...

I woke up early in the morning breathing heavily..

It’s just the same nightmare again..

I can’t forget that day when no one was there and I saw my parents and my brother die in front of my eyes..

Unknowingly tears started to trickle down my cheeks. My heavy breaths were filled in the room.

’sorry that i couldn’t protect you all′ i thought

I wiped my tears and looked at the time. It was 8am. I was getting transferred to a new college and it starts at 9:30am so I have time to get ready.
I took a quick shower and went to my closet to select a dress..

I wore my dress and brushed my hair. I took my bag, phone and headphones.I took the album photo from the side table . I traced my fingers over it and slightly smiled..
I put it inside. I carry it everyday where ever I go.It stays with me..

I went kitchen and grabbed a bowl of cereal.. The whole house was silent . I really wanted someone to be with me. I can’t be alone all the time...

After the accident I woke up in the hospital beside my aunt. She told me the bad news which I couldn’t take it.. She bought me to her house and I grew up with her family..

After reaching a certain age I went back to my home where we used to live..
I renewed it with the money that dad had deposited.. He had saved some money for me which I can afford it for my lively hood...
I work as a par-timer and earn a little amount of money which I am happy too..

My thoughts were interrupted because of my alarm that I set for the day . I sighed and washed the bowl. I drank a glass of water and made my way towards college... it’s just 20min walk so I walked through the busy streets and had those morning feels...

The road was covered with busy people who were busy with their work.. Kids formed a line to get on the bus to go to school. I looked at them and smiled. A girl waved to me. I chuckled and ruffled her hair..

Hope today will be a great day..

I reached the college..

Woah its so huge and beautiful..

I smiled to myself and went inside.. Many people were looking at me cause I am a newbie.. I just shrugged it off and walked to the main reception area..
“Hello..I am Kim Somin” I said and bowed to the receptionist..
She smiled at me and said” Oh so you are the new transferee..” she asked.
“Yes mam” I said..
“Well here you go your schedule and the locker number.So, you go to the right and then left you will reach the main hallway which will lead to classrooms further more..” she said giving me a smile.

“Thanks a lot mam” I said and bowed my head. I made my way towards the classrooms..Boys and girls stared at me..

"Woah the newbie looks hot”
"I am going to make her mine..”

I glared at the boys who were whispering..They shut there mouth..
I shrugged it off and made my way..

"Woah she got attitude man..she is same like those playgirls..such a bitch” a girl said.

I just sighed and ignored them. I made my way towards the hallway..

I got interrupted in my thoughts due to laughter..

Many people were laughing out loud. I stopped in my tracks and went towards the place. I pushed everyone and saw what was happening..

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