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Amelie's Secret

Chapter 2 - Amelie's Been Kidnapped

Claire's POV

"No, no, no, no, no, no. Amelie can't have been kidnapped she's... Well, she's Amelie!" Eve chattered, clearly agitated.

"Exactly, Amelie can't have been kidnapped; rumours these days, more terrible by the second," Shane stated. He wasn't agitated so much as in denial.

"Michael wouldn't have just picked up a rumour on the street. He would have made sure that it was true, and then come here; just like he did," I said matter-of-factly. "Michael?"

"I didn't exactly check, but Hannah told me. She knows better than everyone what's going on with the Vampires."

"Okay," Shane started, "So it's definitely not a lie. But what the hell? Amelie's like, what, the oldest Vampire in the history of Vampires. She has her own town, her own personal boyfriend Vampire protector... This isn't adding up."

I listened to what Shane was saying, and he was right; it didn't add up. Why would Oliver let Amelie be taken? Unless he wasn't there, maybe no one had been there – no one that would have tried to protect her.

I was up and walking through to the kitchen before I even realised. Taking my phone out of my pocket, I opened the door and had it thrown back in my face. I fell to the floor, my phone flying across the room, hitting the wall that used to contain a portal.

"Claire! Oh Claire, I am extremely sorry, I had no idea that you were there! Oh, I really am sorry, dear." Myrnin's remorseful voice kept bickering apologies.

"Myrnin," I interrupted, "I'm okay. It was my fault as much as yours. Anyway, have you heard anything about Amelie?" I asked. I felt hands slip under my arms and drag me to my feet, and I knew it was Shane. The weight of the ring was once again evident and I was glad that it was there as I knew that I was going to need the comfort that the ring offered, for the first time in a while.

"Well, Claire, that was why I stopped by. I heard talk of the disappearance of the Founder of Morganville, and I didn't know where to go to get answers. Two minutes later I found myself standing right here. So, tell me, Claire, did you hear anything about Amelie?"

"Chief Moses told Michael that Amelie was kidnapped. We have no reason not to believe her, so I was just away into the kitchen to call Oliver, although I don't know if my phone will be well enough intact now that it's just been thrown against the wall at the opposite side of the room." I walked over to where the phone lay on the ground. The front of the screen had a crack from the top straight down to the middle. "You," Claire said strictly, facing Myrnin, "Will give me money for a new screen once this mess with Amelie is cleared up."

"I am truly sorry, Claire. It was not my intention, sincerely."

After sighing as dramatically as I could, I borrowed Shane's phone and dialled Oliver's number, clicking the call button when I was finished. He answered on the fourth ring.

He instantly asked, "What have you heard?" His voice was direct and extremely concerned.

"Just the usual, you know, that Amelie's been kidnapped by whoever she was kidnapped by. That the streets are in chaos! What's going on? Were you with Amelie when she was kidnapped?" There were hundreds of questions that I wanted to ask Oliver, but I knew to start with what he knew, then I could work from there.

"Had I been with Amelie, I think you would find her through in her office right this moment where she was supposed to be, just as usual. No, Claire, I was not with Amelie when she went missing."

"When did you last see her?"

"Last night, but you probably don't want me to give a fully-detailed description of last night's events, so let's start from when I awoke, shall we? I woke up at exactly 7:32am and discovered a note where Amelie had been last night when I fell asleep. On the note, it read something to do with meeting someone that she knew from a long time ago; although, it also said that she would be back by 10am, and that if she wasn't, something terrible might have happened. It is now 11:36am and there has been no word from Amelie, or anyone for that matter, and I am becoming unglued Claire. I feel like I am going to have a mental breakdown – and you are not exactly the first person I would tell that particular fact to, but the first person I would is not here at the moment and you will just have to do." He stopped for a second, and must have realised just how fast he had been talking because he had to take a really deep breath before he could say, "I honestly don't know what to do."

"Where are you just now?" I asked.

"I am in Amelie's office. I'm trying to find something that could possibly lead me to Amelie's whereabouts, or even if not there, then who she met with at such a premature time in the morning."

"Give me a second," I said before taking the phone away from my ear and turning to look at the other residents of the Glass house, plus Myrnin. They were all staring at me, obviously waiting for some sort of answer – but to what question I didn't know. "Myrnin?"


"Do you know anybody that Amelie knew in her earlier life that may be holding a grudge toward her?"

"Every mistake that Amelie made, she tried her best to clear up. Though I do recall her speaking of people that she once knew that she could not clear up the problems she had caused for, and with, them. She'd told me that she had had to go to extreme circumstances to deal with it. Although from there she had never elaborated, and I had never asked her to. You must remember that while she has been a good friend of mine for many years, we have been separated for long periods of time in the past, and the activities that Amelie was involved in were not exactly my main priority at those times."

I put my phone back to my ear and asked, "Did you hear what Myrnin said?"

"I did, but if you thought it was useful then I am now beginning to realise that my previous thoughts on your intelligence were most definitely mistaken."

"I do think it was useful actually. Was there any time that Amelie kept a journal, or maybe a photo collage, or something that might give us any indication as to who she met and where she might be?"

"Oh, I know that one!" Myrnin exclaimed, "Amelie said that she was once in such a difficult situation that she had to resort to the use of a journal to keep her comforted. Although she did mention burning the journal..."

"Precisely," Oliver's voice sounded through the phone, making me jump out of my skin and back in as if I was a jack-in-the-box. "Anything that could ever give us hope of finding Amelie does not exist."

"Don't say that. We aren't giving up, not this early on. Come to the Glass House with as many of Amelie's files as you can find. We will find Amelie." I hung up on Oliver and looked at all of the pitying faces watching me. "What?"

Eve walked over to me and wrapped her arms around my neck. "You're so full of hope Claire Bear, but make sure you're prepared for disappointment."

"Claire is right," Myrnin chattered, "We must not lose faith. Amelie can only be a number of places on this earth. We just need to decide what and where those places are. And no matter where she is, Amelie has the ability to keep herself alive. Whoever these people are, she described them as old friends, and maybe they just wanted to talk."

"Amelie would have made sure that she was back for the time on the note. No matter what happened, it wasn't just a chat," Michael said.

"Where was it that you spoke to Chief Moses?" I asked Michael.

"Just a few blocks down the road. It was hard to find her in the midst of all of the people, though."

"Well, wish me good luck."

I grabbed my coat from the pantry before I opened the door to leave. When I went to close the door, a force stopped me.

"Something dangerous is out there," Shane explained. "I would be a terrible husband if I let you go out there alone."

When they stepped outside, they realised that Michael had tried to make it sound better than it actually was, because chaos... That was an understatement.

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