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I was abandoned as a little baby on the steps of a church. My adoptive parents discovered me and raised me all while trying find my biological parent with what little clues they left me with. Their search only led them this close until death reached them first. My name is Reina, I'm 21 years old and I'm a witch. After their death I resumed my search while discovering my magical side and found my parents after 3 years. Reconnecting with them and having a family again was great, what could possibly go wrong. That's what I thought until I met him....Jake Caine.

Romance / Fantasy
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My Story

I took a deep breathe and a long look at myself in the mirror. I can't believe after all these years today I'm going to be meeting my biological family for the first time.

I was raised by my adoptive parents who found me on the steps of their local church. They found me with nothing but my family crest on my blanket with my name sewn onto it, and 2 journals, one written by my mother about when she was pregnant with me and another with spells and potion recipes. After years of searching for my biological parents, while they took the initiative to raise me, they were this close to finding them until demons killed them. Leaving me alone in this world with a big secret to deal with.

It was heartbreaking when I found everything out from my Aunt (adoptive mother's sister) how I was a witch and how my entire biological family was as well. She told me the whole story and showed me those journals. I was devastated, I didn't know whether to be mad at my adoptive parents for lying to me or to be sad that they're dead or happy that I found my actual family. It was a lot to take in, but after a few weeks of deep thinking and reflecting I realized I should accept this harsh reality rather than moping around and being lost and embrace my fate hoping for the best.

This all happened at the age of 18. For most kids my age it's amazing, graduating high school, getting jobs, going into college. For me it was dreadful because I had no parents, no friends, I was alone in this world and my Aunt helped me only financially as she moved away to Canada to live with her husband leaving me alone to survive. The only form of contact I've had from her was when she put money in my bank, somehow, before every semester. I struggled a lot to get a job, somehow managed to get through my first semester in college without any help or anyone to talk to and found a place to live with roommates considering I could not afford to live by alone.

After going through all this by myself I realized I can't do it alone any longer. I yearned for companionship, for a family, for love and I very was determined to get it. So I did the inevitable, and resumed the search of finding my biological parents just like my adoptive parents before they died.

It wasn't as easy as I assumed it to be, they were magical beings which I couldn't exactly tell the detective, so with whatever spells and potions and hints I had from the journals I did my best to find them. I discovered many things in the process. For one, discovering my powers which I didn't even know I had until the morning I turned 18. Weird! I discovered other mythical creatures along the way and had to fight off demons by myself while searching for my family. But nonetheless, it helped me find what I was looking for and I'm on my way there now.

I flew to California from New York last night and right now, I'm ready to go and meet them. I'm pretty nervous considering I already spoke to them on phone. A man picked up who I assumed must be my biological father and was crying hysterically on the phone. After an awkward conversation he immediately sent me a ticket to Cali the next hour for the evening flight the same day.

There was no more delaying this, it's something that I have to do. I have to know why I'm in this situation, why was I left at the church steps, why am I alone and without family in this big cold world. Why? SO dropped everything and took up his offer and here I am in California at a hotel looking in the mirror wondering if I was doing the right thing.

Well it's time to find out, I told myself. Grabbed my bag and journals I left the hotel I was staying at. It's time! I repeated to absolutely no one.
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