Spice and wolf and the journey home

chapter 13

When Holo woke up the first thing she saw was Lawrence’s cute sleeping face, to Holo he was cute the cutest thing in the world, Holo thought to herself “he’s so cute when he’s sleeping he’s like a pup so cute, will our pup be so cute like it’s father?” Lawrence began to smile and his tail was wagging slightly as he quietly spoke in his dream state “it’s a boy... we have a baby boy” Holo couldn’t help but smile at him so she cuddled into his chest with her tail happily swishing side to side behind her. Lawrence’s eyes slowly opened seeing two amber furred ears in his face “Holo want are you doing?” Holo continued to cuddled into Lawrence as she spoke “I’m just so happy that I’m having a baby with you” Lawrence kissed her ears making her jump at the feeling, she moved up to his face smiling at him. Lawrence moved one of his arms from her back to her belly smiling as he looked to it “Holo I had a wonderful dream about our child” Holo smiled placing a hand on top of his “I know we had a boy” Lawrence had a shocked look on his face “how do you” Holo interrupted with a big smile on her face “you talk in your sleep” Lawrence smiled and kissed her on the head.

Lawrence and Holo were still cuddled up together in bed, Lawrence got up walking to his jacket on the table returning to the bed with a comb in hand. Lawrence smiled as he sat down next to her holding the comb up “does my wise wolf wished to be groomed?” Holo smiled moving her tail to his lap, Lawrence brushed her tail making her fall back on the bed with a big smile on her face, Holo spoke in a delightful tone “Lawrence this is heaven” Lawrence continued to brush her tail “think of this as a little thank you for carrying my child” Holo pulled a cheeky smile as she spoke in a cheeky way “as a little thank you, you are going to have to brush my tail every day of your eternal life” Lawrence smiled as he spoke in a happy voice “I will do it twice a day ever day for you” Holo placed her hand on his stopping him from brushing, Lawrence looked down to her face it was full of love like her voice “I love you I love you so much” Lawrence leaned down and kissed her on the lips romantically “and I love you too”

They got out of bed and got dressed hiding their wolf features, they held hands as they walked down to get their breakfast. The owner was getting their free meal ready, they sat at a small wooden table away from the counter. The owner gave them their meal with two glasses of wine, Lawrence looked at the wine then to the man “I’m sorry but we aren’t drinking” Holo looked to the wine looking sad that she couldn’t drink it, the man look to Holo as he took the wine “are you church people or something?” Holo smiled at the man “no but I can’t drink because I’m with his child” she looked to Lawrence as she said his, Lawrence smiled as he held her hand cross the table. The man took the wine back replacing it with water and going back to his job, Holo smiled at Lawrence speaking in a sweet tone “Lawrence you don’t have to sacrifice drink because of me” Lawrence smiled speaking in a romantic voice “Holo I’m not drinking because of you I’m not drinking for you, I love you and there’s nothing I won’t do for you” Holo couldn’t help herself she got up and hugged Lawrence kissing him all over “I love you, there’s nothing in this world that I love more than you”

After they had their breakfast they were sat down staring into each other’s eyes, Lawrence tilted his head down slightly looking at Holo’s belly “how about we go to the market looking for baby clothes” Holo had a wide smile on her face “yes” they walked out into the street but they saw the scarred man walking to the town, Holo and Lawrence looked at each other the look told each other that they were going to face him. When the man saw them he followed them, they went behind a building out of site from everyone. When he turned the corner he saw Lawrence and Holo standing next to each other, the man spoke in his normal anger filled voice “so now I’m back here, are you going to try killing me again” Lawrence moved in front of Holo “we just want to live in peace away from people like you” Holo held Lawrence’s hand in fear of want he might do to him, the man shouted at them “people like me are made by people like you and now I get to continue my mission” the man pulled out a knife from his jacket, Lawrence stepped in front of Holo completely speaking in a serious voice “I don’t care what you do to me but I won’t let you hurt her!” the man moved a little to his right looking at Holo and letting her see the scarred side of his face “why should I let her go? You both are monsters spreading evil everywhere you go she could be worst than you, why should I let that go!?” Lawrence’s look got angrier at the man as he shouted at him “BECAUSE WE ARE NOT EVIL! I love her and I won’t let you or anyone hurt her or our child” the man’s look got angrier Lawrence thought he was going to attack but instead he threw the knife to the ground yelling at them and the world “you had to do that get pregnant, I’m a monster to my own kind but that is where I draw the line I hate you and all of your kind BUT KILLING A BABY IS SOMETHING YOUR KIND DO NOT ME!” the man stormed off leaving them behind the building confused, Lawrence looked back to Holo speaking in a confused voice “what just happened?” Holo hugged Lawrence tightly as she spoke “I think I know what happened, I think the serpent killed children in front of him scarring his very soul. I know I shouldn’t but I feel sorry for him” Lawrence hugged Holo back in relief too what nearly happened “your caring and that’s one of the things I love about you” Holo looked up to him with a hurt look on her face “but I still hate him for what he did to you”

Holo dragged Lawrence around the market to so many stalls that he couldn’t remember half the stuff that they looked at, Lawrence and Holo went back to their room in the inn. Holo and Lawrence were sat on the bed with Holo looking at the baby clothes they bought at the market, Lawrence smiled as she smiled at the clothes. Lawrence wrapped an arm around her smiling happily as he spoke “you’re really excited about becoming a mother” Holo smiled and kissed him on the cheek “of course I am I’m the wise wolf and now I’m going to be a wise mother too” Lawrence couldn’t help but smile at the wolf carrying his child as she continued “and what about the pup that’s given me my pup? Are you excited about being a father?” Lawrence looked down to her belly smiling warmly then he kissed Holo’s cheek “I’m so excited I’m becoming the father of your baby but I’m so nervous too” Holo leaned on him looking cute too him smiling cutely as she spoke in a cute voice “don’t be I’m the wise wolf and I know you’re going to be a good father” Lawrence kissed her making her smile more, they continued to look at the baby clothes. Holo found one that she liked more than the other it was pink and purple like what she was wearing, she put the clothes over her belly as if she was checking the size. Lawrence spoke in a happy tone to her “I’m seeing a new side to you now being a mother has really changed you” Holo couldn’t stop smiling she was so happy to the life she was creating, the happiness spread from her face to her voice “you know I have always feared being alone but now you are a wolf and we are starting a pack I will not be alone even if I wished it now, how can I not be happy?” Lawrence smirked as he spoke in a playful voice “and here I was thinking it was the lack of alcohol in you” the moment Lawrence said that he felt Holo’s fist in his chest breaking ribs, Lawrence knew he had to do something to stop her mood going out of control so he pulled her close to him hugging her tightly. Holo tried to stay mad at him but in the end she hugged him back in love.

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