Spice and wolf and the journey home

chapter 15

It had been a few days. They had the cart back and all the stuff in it including the ring, it was the day of their one year anniversary. They were in their room in the inn eating a romantic meal Lawrence cooked for Holo, Lawrence was sat opposite Holo waiting for the meal to finish so he could propose. Holo finished the last of her meal now it was time for Lawrence to propose, he was panicking a little Holo could see a drop of sweat on his forehead “are you hot you’re sweating a little?” Lawrence got up “I’m fine” he walked over to her side getting down on one knee pulling out the ring from his jacket. Holo looked like she was going to cry as Lawrence spoke in a happy but ever so slightly shaken voice “Holo the wise wolf goddess of rich harvest mother of my child, will you marry me?” tears streamed down her face “yes you fool yes” Lawrence smiled deeply placing the ring on her finger, the tears of joy continued to pour out of her eyes and she spoke barely able to make words “I... love... you” Lawrence wiped the tear from her face moving in and kissing her but she kissed him back harder. Lawrence spoke in a sweet voice “I love you too” Holo smiled looking down at the ring “I was wondering if you would ever propose” Lawrence held her hand looking at the ring too “I have been planning this for some time, I got that ring made days ago but I changed my plans when I thought it would be more romantic to do it on are anniversary” Holo kissed Lawrence’s hand smiling romantically as she spoke “you romantic little pup”

It had been nearly two months of travel for them and they were about a day’s trip from there long awaited destination. Holo’s pregnancy had gotten to the point where her belly hung out over her legs, her pregnancy had slowed her movement and the trip because she was easily getting tired of carrying the extra weight. The road was covered in a thick layer of pure white snow like the trees scattered about, the mountains were giant and straight in front of them. Lawrence smiled leaning over to Holo speaking in a playful tone “how is my tubby wolf doing?” Holo put her hands on her belly “Lawrence the baby’s kicking” Lawrence’s smile got wider as he felt her belly, he then felt a painful smack across the back of his head. He looked up to see Holo scowling at him “don’t ever call me that!” Holo looked away from him in anger but Lawrence kept his hand on her belly, he knew she was not that mad but the stress of the next day and the baby was getting to her making her snap at every little thing. Lawrence was about to move his hand away but just when he started to move it he felt little kicks, Holo turned to him “do you feel that?” Lawrence smiled as he felt his child kick his hand to him every little bump was like his child kissing him “yes, too think my beautiful wife to be is growing the life we will raise” Holo leaned on him smiling warmly at her belly.

They pulled the cart over to a tree tying the horse to it, Lawrence helped Holo off the front seat walking with her to the back of the cart. They got in the back of the cart lying down on the fur pelts, Lawrence unrolled the blanket at the top of the cart pulling it over them. Holo moved in close to him speaking in a worried tone “Lawrence I’m scared, I want to know but I’m afraid that I will not like the answer” Lawrence pulled her close speaking directly into her ear “if that happened we will stop for a couple of years raise our child and then look for your family as a family” Holo smiled weakly looking down to her belly. Lawrence placed his hand on her belly making her smile a little more “you always know how to make me better” Lawrence smiled warmly at her as he held her hand with the ring on “you’re always going to have me for that” Holo lifted up her hand looking at the ring smiling happy as she did.

It was the next day they had been travelling for hours, Holo had been mostly silence the whole trip apart from little squeaks from the baby kicking. They arrived at Yoitsu but Holo’s fears were true they saw an ancient burned village buried in snow, Holo got out of the cart getting on her knees looking at the charred remains of her home. Holo was so sad so in pain that she could not cry, she felt an arm move around her, she slowly turned to him hugging him tightly. Lawrence hugged her back speaking in a caring voice “don’t worry we will find them” Holo pulled her face up to look at his, the sadness was so intense Lawrence could almost taste it.

They continued hugging for a while it was starting to snow covering them lightly. Holo’s and Lawrence’s ears twitched as they heard a large creature approaching them at a high speed, Holo quickly pulled Lawrence down as a blurry creature jumped over them. They both quickly turned to see a amber wolf looking exactly the same as Holo’s wolf form, it slowly approached them crushing the ground underneath it, the wolf towered above them snarling as it spoke in a anger filled voice “trespassing on our territory is a bold move but you will not wish to do it again you...” the anger dropped from the wolf’s face as it saw Holo getting up from underneath Lawrence. The wolf stopped dead in it’s tracks looking down directly at Holo, tears could be seen running down the wolf’s furred face as it spoke in a sad shaken female voice “Holo..? Is that really you..? Have you really come home?” Holo smiled uncontrollably as she spoke in a voice filled with happiness “yes mother, I’m finally home” Holo’s mother rushed over to Holo nuzzling her snout into Holo, Holo happily hugged her mother’s nose. After what felt like a life time of hugging Holo’s mother spoke “so who’s your friend?” Lawrence walked closer to them as attention was brought to him Holo smiled warmly looking back to him “this is Kraft Lawrence the man who saved me from the village I was bound too” the wolf got up from the ground smiling happily at Lawrence speaking in a lighter tone “thank you Kraft Lawrence, our pack is indebted to you”

Holo’s mother turned away walking off at a slow pace, after a few steps she turned her head back to them “aren’t you coming?” they got to the cart travelling right behind her mother. Lawrence looked to Holo speaking in a quiet voice so her mother could not hear “Holo... why didn’t you tell her who I am to you?” Holo smiled and spoke in a happy but quiet voice “ooh you little pup I’m waiting to tell them all at the same time, they are going to get quite the surprise when I take my coat off”

They travelled right behind the wolf for some time before stopping at a cave, the wolf quickly turned into a person rushing into the cave. Lawrence tied the horse up to a tree before moving to the side of the cart to help Holo off, Holo happily took his hand helping her off the cart she continued to hold it as they walked into the cave. They walked into the darkness of the cave to see an old wooden door blocking their way, they opened it to see a women looking exactly like Holo standing in front of the table wearing light brown clothes, the only difference between them was her blue eyes and she was quite a bit taller than Holo. Sat at the table was a broad shouldered man wearing dark blue clothes, he had short dark brown hair and his eyes matched Holo’s perfectly, the fur of his tail and ears were dark brown too apart from the white tips. They both smiled deeply as they walked to Holo hugging her tightly in disbelief, the man’s voice was deeper than Lawrence’s as he spoke in shock and happiness “Holo your back... your finally back... my little daughter has returned to me” after some time Holo went back to Lawrence’s side clinging to his arm, Holo’s father spoke in a happy tone “thank you for bringing my daughter back home to us, we have missed her so much” Lawrence replied in a happy tone “it’s was nothing” Holo’s mother happily shouted drawing all attention to her “this calls for celebration” Holo’s mother quickly rushed off coming back with a bottle of wine in hand, Holo put up her hand stopping her mother “I’m sorry but we aren’t drinking” Holo’s mothers and fathers mouths dropped at her words, Holo’s mother spoke in complete shock “Holo what has happened to you? You used to never pass on the chance to drink” Holo smiled and took off her coat.

Holo’s parents were shocked to see her extended belly dangling out over her legs, Holo placed both her hands on it as she spoke “I still love to drink but as you can see I can’t” Holo’s mother looked like she was about to cry as she spoke with a voice filled with joy “you’ve finally grown up” Holo’s smile got wider as she held Lawrence’s hand “and that’s not all we are engaged” Lawrence smiled happily at her as Holo’s parents hugged them both, Holo’s stomach started to make growling noises making Lawrence and Holo smile a little more. Holo happily spoke looking down at her belly “looks like our pup is hungry again, Lawrence get me something” Lawrence happily rubbed her belly as Holo’s father spoke “there is food in the other room” Holo’s mother opened the wine pouring three mugs speaking in an overly excited voice “well you can’t drink but the three of us can we still need to celebrate your return” Holo’s mother passed a drink too her husband and then too Lawrence, Lawrence looked down to the wine and spoke in a flat tone “I’m sorry but what Holo can’t have I can’t have” Holo’s father slammed his mug on the table in pain to fiery drink burning his throat. He looked straight at Lawrence as he spoke “you do not accept a drink from us, to be offered a drink from great wolves is a great privilege and you throw it back at us all because of my daughter” he paused for a second to smile then he continued “you’re going to be a fine husband, I think you are worthy of my stubborn daughter” Lawrence smiled and Holo smiled too out of her parents accepting Lawrence.

Holo and Lawrence entered another room looking for food, they saw the back of a girls head her hair was long and the same as Holo even her ears and tail were the same. Holo saw she was eating an apple and snatched it out of her hand, the girl quickly turned around her she looked exactly like Holo but she had blue eyes like her mother. She spoke in a almost crying tone of happiness “Holo your back” she quickly rushed round hugging Holo tightly with her tail wagging happily behind her, Holo lightly hugged her back speaking in a squeezed unable to breath voice “Koya... can you... stop squeezing me so tight” she backed off from her seeing Lawrence and then seeing Holo’s belly “HOLO! YOU’RE PREGNANT!” Holo smiled and held out her hand letting Koya see her ring “and I’m getting married” Koya pulled Holo’s hand closer to her to look at the ring in more detail “it’s beautiful” Holo smiled at the ring “yes it is” Lawrence stepped beside Holo “I’m glad you think so” he then kissed the top of Holo’s head. Koya looked up to see Lawrence and spoke in the same happy voice “so this is your man. He’s a bit too cute to be having a pup though” Lawrence blushed a little as Holo shouted “FIND YOUR OWN MAN!” Koya laughed “Holo I’m just teasing you but he is cute” Holo growled under her breath as Koya spoke up again “come on lets go tell Yako” Koya put her hand out and Holo put what was left of the apple in her hand.

They walked to the end of the room seeing a man asleep in a chair, he had short darker amber hair than Holo and his ears and tail were the same dark amber with a white tip. Koya threw the apple at his head knocking him off the chair, he got up turning with an angry look on his face “WHAT WAS THAT FOR!?” Koya happily replied “we have a guest” he looked behind her to see Holo standing right there before him “Holo is that you?” Holo smiled kneeling down patting him on the head speaking in a playful voice “still the naive pup I remember” he got up as Holo did staring down to her extended belly “Holo... are you..?” Holo happily interrupted “yep. I’m pregnant” Yako smirked as he spoke “oh I was going to say fat but that’s better” Holo snarled slightly at him before replying “keep talking like that and you won’t be welcome at my wedding” Yako looked to her hand with the ring on “so who’s the poor man?” as he said that Lawrence stepped out from behind Holo holding her hand as he smiled at her speaking in a soothing voice “I’m not a poor man but the happiest wolf in the world” Holo cuddled into Lawrence completely forgetting about Koya and Yako. Koya smiled speaking in a cute voice “aww you two are such a cute couple” they smiled slightly more at the comment as they continued to embrace each other.

They had moved to the main room sitting at a long oak wood table, Holo was leaning on Lawrence from her seat. Holo’s mother happily spoke across the table to Holo and Lawrence “so how did you two meet and don’t miss out any details?” Koya cheered her mother on “yeah tells us how you met such a nice man?” Holo sighed before talking “it’s a long story. Over a year ago Lawrence was travelling through the village I was at but because of the wheat in his cart I was able to escape, I asked him if I could travel alongside him and being such a gentleman he couldn’t refuse me. After we travelled together for a while we fell in love, we met a friend of Lawrence’s after we spoke of our love for each other but Lawrence died” Holo sobbed a little at the memory of his death before continuing “but his friend told me how to save my lovely Lawrence” Holo’s father interrupted Holo with a confused voice “Lawrence died? You brought him back? What are you talking about Holo?” Holo realized that they did not know about making humans into gods, Holo spoke in a bit of a smug tone “Lawrence was a normal mortal man but I was able to turn him into a wolf when he was dying” Holo’s family got more course to her words. Holo’s father spoke out again “but how did you do it?” Holo smiled slightly to being the wisest wolf in the room “your brother Kai’s grandson told me, we just need to share two things blood and love for one another” Lawrence wrapped an arm around Holo cuddling her a little. Holo’s father rubbed his forehead at the memories of his brother “Kai. What has that young arrogant pup done now?” everyone in the room looked to him, Holo spoke in a happy tone “from what I was told by his grandson he got married discovered how to make people like us, had a daughter and watched her get married and have a pup of her own who is a lot like Kai” Holo’s father leaned back on his chair “he’s done all that in just under 200 years”

Yako looked towards Lawrence as he spoke in a mischievous voice “so what torture has my sister put you through on your journey?” Holo leaned in on Lawrence acting cute to him as he replied in a humoured tone “only a couple of punches, a bite on the hand and the arm and a lot of playing with my heart” Holo moved up to his face speaking in a sweet tone “I only played with your little heart out of love” Lawrence kissed her completely forgetting the question he was asked. All eyes were on them as they kissed, everyone smiled at them before Holo’s father spoke in a serious voice “Holo has put you through quite a bit of pain but are you willing to go through more for her and your child?” Lawrence looked down to Holo’s cute expression “there’s nothing I won’t go through for you Holo” Holo cuddled Lawrence tightly then she looked over to her father “he has already proven himself, he has lost blood by saving me before and after becoming a wolf” Lawrence hugged her pulling her closer, Holo’s father smiled slightly “good I couldn’t have my daughter marrying a man who couldn’t protect her” Lawrence hugged Holo tightly as he spoke quietly to her “that serpent will never lay a finger on you” Holo’s father jumped up slamming his hands on the table leaning towards them shouting in a shocked voice “THE SERPENT HAS ATTACKED YOU?” Holo looked across the table to her father “yes but Lawrence took every hit saving me from it’s evil” Lawrence smiled a little “a wolf must protect his alpha” Holo’s father let out a deep sigh before speaking in a relieved voice “that’s good to hear. Lawrence it looks like you have proven yourself against a mighty foe, you better stay that way when your child is born” Holo’s mother looked straight at her husband “lay off him, he has protected Holo at every turn of everyday so I think he going to continue it well into the future” Holo’s father sat back down on his chair like he was a child being told off.

Holo was starting to fall asleep on Lawrence’s arm, every time she started to fall asleep she pushed herself up waking herself up more. Holo’s mother smiled at her sleepy daughter “Holo your room is down that corridor at the end” Holo looked to the corridor her mother was pointing to “my room?” Holo’s mother happily smiled as she spoke “we made you a room in case you would ever return, we saved all your things from are old home” Lawrence got up as Holo was still sitting down, she lifted up her arms towards Lawrence speaking in a sweet helpless voice “will you carry me?” Lawrence took her in his arms and walked to her room. Holo’s parents smiled and hugged each other “our little Holo has finally returned” when Lawrence got to the room he laid Holo down on the bed, it was a single bed made only for Holo. Lawrence pulled the blanket over Holo, but she pulled back the sheet for him to get in “what are you waiting for get in” Lawrence got in moving closer to her “are you sure it’s going to be cramped?” Holo smiled “but then we are closer together” Lawrence happily smiled moving closer to her face rubbing his nose against hers, Holo smiled warmly at his action. Holo felt a small kick from her belly and Lawrence felt it too, Holo smiled and placed her hand on her belly “looks like someone wants to say good night” Lawrence moved down and kissed her belly making Holo cringe at the tickling feeling of his lips “good night my little pup” Lawrence moved up to Holo’s face kissing her on the lips “and good night to you my wise wolf” Holo smiled looking down to her child “good night my little pup” she then looked back up to Lawrence. She smiled romantically as she spoke “good night Lawrence my brave wolf” Lawrence kissed Holo’s forehead then speaking in a romantic quiet voice “good night misses Lawrence” Holo smiled warmly closing her eyes “misses Lawrence the wise wolf, I like the sound of that” Lawrence smiled as they both drifted off to sleep.

The end

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