Spice and wolf and the journey home

chapter 3

Lawrence could see the village come into view, Lawrence looked down at Holo gently nudging her Lawrence spoke in a quiet voice “Holo were nearly at the village” Holo’s eyes slowly opened seeing the small buildings in the distance. Holo got up from Lawrence’s lap and leaned on his arm “Lawrence why didn’t you wake me, when we are in the village?” Lawrence leaned his head placing the side of it on Holo’s head “well you wouldn’t be ready for food if you woke up in the village” as the cart approached the village they could see the cluster of wooden buildings get closer, Lawrence smiled looking down at Holo “Holo we could probably get some nice strong drinks for our trip” Holo shot up from her leaning position with her face locked on his “you better not be toying with me” Lawrence leaned down to Holo’s ear and spoke in a quiet voice “do your ears think I’m toying with you” Holo smiled after that and went back to leaning on his arm. When they got into the village Lawrence looked around to see if an inn was in sight, Lawrence pulled the cart to the inn stables. After Lawrence got out of is seat he put his hand out to help Holo get off “thank you Lawrence” Lawrence smiled at Holo “now does my lady wish for food?” Holo quickly replied in a sharp voice “YES!” Lawrence smiled at Holo’s quick response “well then it’s time for me to keep my word and buy you all the food you can eat” Holo was imagining all the food she was about to eat thanks to Lawrence’s generosity. James got out of the back of the cart while putting his wolf sword on his back, the three of them moved to the front of the inn. Holo and Lawrence went into the inn while James was looking for a particular building, Lawrence turned and noticed James wasn’t coming into the inn “aren’t you coming in?” James turned his head to Lawrence “I just need to fulfil a deal to your mother” Lawrence was confused “you have a deal with my mother?” James was still looking for the building when he replied “yes. Well three years ago I was visiting my family and your mother got wind I was back and she wanted me to write if I saw you” Lawrence looked a little less confused to his answer “doesn’t she know she can go to the traders guild to send me letters?” James replied still looking for the building “I told her that but she said they don’t know where you are and where you are going. She then went on about they don’t tell her about your condition only the places you have been in weeks after you’ve been in them, she then started to get emotional thinking about all the stuff that could have happened to you over the years. In the state she was in I could hardly refuse her” Lawrence realised in that second he had not sent a letter home in a very long time. James walked off to one of the buildings “I’ll meet you two back here in a while”

Lawrence and Holo went into the inn Lawrence pulled out a chair for Holo, she sat down and Lawrence sat next to her. Holo turned to Lawrence with a big smile on her face “is it time for my gigantic meal?” Lawrence smiled at her and chuckled before he talked “yes so what would my wolf like?” Holo looked to the bartender and then to Lawrence “umm everything” Lawrence called over the bartender. The bartender was a big muscular man with dark hair, he spoke in a deep booming voice “yes sir. What would you and your friend like?” Lawrence pulled several silver coins out of his jacket “your best ale and all the meaty foods you’ve got” the bartender looked at them and replied in a polity “certainly sir” the bartender reached under the counter and pulling out two mugs in one hand and a bottle of ale in the other, then the man walked out from behind the bar and to a door at the back of the room. Holo took the mug in front and started drinking deeply, Lawrence watched her drink her mug of ale quickly “enjoying that my dear” Holo looked at Lawrence and smiled warmly at him. Holo then looked at Lawrence with a curious face “Lawrence can I ask you something?” Lawrence looked down Holo’s curious face wondering what it could be “yes. I will answer anything you want to know Holo” Holo looked back down to her drink and spoke in a slightly quieter voice than before “how come you haven’t sent a letter back to you parents in so long? Your mother sounds worried about you and why don’t you talk about them that often?” Lawrence looked to Holo and smiled at her, he spoke in a happier voice than before “well Holo that is simple I’m so focused on keeping you happy and listening to you talk about your home I forget to tell you about mine. And I don’t send letters home because we move around so much” Holo smiled at Lawrence “so I’m so important to you, you forget your own family” Lawrence smiled back at Holo and spoke in a happier voice “your my family now” the second Holo heard what Lawrence said she hugged him tightly and then moved up to his face and kissed him hard. Holo broke the kiss after a few seconds “Lawrence I guess you’re stuck with me forever now” Lawrence backed away from her looking into her bright red eyes and smiled, Lawrence spoke in a playful voice “being stuck with you isn’t that bad to me but on my coin pouch that’s another matter” Holo kicked Lawrence’s leg and looked up to him with a bit of an annoyed look “you said I could eat all I wanted and money didn’t matter” Lawrence smiled at her annoyed face “well you certainly didn’t fall for me over my senses of humour” Holo’s face got more angry at his joke.

The bartender approached Lawrence and Holo carrying two plates piled with food. He laid them in front of Holo and went back to the kitchen. Holo was staring down at all the food that was in front of her, her eyes got bigger when she saw the bartender walking towards them with another two plates piled with food again. Holo looked from the bartender to Lawrence with a small smile on her face, Holo spoke in a sweet voice “Lawrence you didn’t need to buy all this food” Lawrence looked at her starting to eat, Lawrence smiled at her and spoke in a playful tone “well you said you need to eat a lot because of your wolf form” Holo kicked Lawrence from her seat and turned her head to him, Holo spoke in a sharp angry voice “LAWRENCE! Not so loud someone might hear you” Lawrence’s smile went away when he realised if anyone heard him he could lose his love, Lawrence spoke in a quiet saddened voice “sorry Holo. I didn’t mean to speak so loud I don’t what you to get caught” Holo saw his face change at what she had said, Holo leaned on Lawrence “it’s ok Lawrence. No one heard us, so cheer up” Lawrence began to smile again at Holo as the bartender placed the two plates in front of them “enjoy” Holo couldn’t Hold back she went straight into eating the meal, Lawrence smiled knowing that she was happy. Lawrence picked up a fork and reached for one of the plates only for his hand to be smacked by Holo, Holo turned her face to his with a playful look “this is all my food” Lawrence looked to the four plates stacked with food then to her mug of ale “would the wise wolf be willing to share if you can have wine?” Holo’s ears perked up under her hat as Lawrence continued “and not just wine good wine, wine that a wise wolf deserves” Holo stopped eating and turned to Lawrence “but you said wine was in the deal” Lawrence remembered what he said to Holo “well yes I did say that but you wouldn’t want me to starve” Holo lightly smiled at Lawrence’s cute comment “Lawrence you know you sound like a pup” Lawrence chuckled a little at her “well I am a pup compared to you” Holo smiled a little more at Lawrence “well you’re as cute as a pup right now. So that wine you were talking about I will have some” Lawrence smiled at her and spoke in a playful tone “so you think I’m a cute pup” Holo giggled at him “you are a cute pup, well in my eyes you are. But your my cute little pup” Holo playfully patted Lawrence on the head. Lawrence looked down grinning at her “little. I’m taller than you” Holo looked at him wearing the same grin as him “well remember my true form is bigger than an inn” Lawrence looked away from Holo and to the food on the table “your right I am smaller than you and a pup. But is the wise wolf willing to share her food with a poor little pup” Holo looked to her food then to Lawrence “no I will not share my food with a little pup” Lawrence had a shocked look on his face to what Holo said as she continued “but I will share it with my little gray haired pup”

Lawrence called over the bartender “yes sir what would you like?” Lawrence handed the man a silver coin “I would like your best bottle of wine for my lady” the bartender pulled out a big bottle of wine from under counter and place it in front of Lawrence “thank you and do you have any rooms free?” the bartender smiled a little at them “a couples room just opened up about two hours ago” Lawrence reached into his pocket and pulled out another silver coin handing it over to the man “we’ll take it” the bartender looked at the bottle of wine “yeah good thing I had a room free at the end of that bottle you’ll have trouble walking. Your room is up the stairs and the last door on the right” Lawrence looked to Holo seeing her cleaning out her mug of ale for the wine “thank you for the room” Holo quickly put her mug in front of Lawrence “so are you going to keep me waiting?” Lawrence opened the wine and filled Holo’s mug, Holo quickly started drinking as Lawrence filled his mug “enjoying that Holo?” Holo drank a big mouth full of the wine and put the mug on the counter while gasping for air “thank you Lawrence. You maybe a pup to me but you always get me what I want” Lawrence put one of his arms around Holo “so are we going to talk or eat the four plates of steaming hot food in front of us” Holo looked at the food and started eating, Holo stopped eating and picked up a chicken leg with a big grin on her face “here. This is your meal, pups eat less than adults wolves” Lawrence saw the big grin on her face and smiled at her “ok my lady the pup will eat the scraps” Holo laughed at Lawrence “well if you’re going to be like that I will share but you will have to get me another drink first” Lawrence grabbed the bottle filling her mug up again “I just can’t say no to you” Holo looked to Lawrence knowing that he would do whatever would make her happy. Holo leaned on Lawrence “why are you so good to me?” Lawrence passed her the mug of wine and looked at her confused happy expression. Lawrence pulled Holo close to him hugging her tightly “It’s because I love you Holo and seeing you happy makes me happy” Holo nuzzled into Lawrence’s chest.

Holo and Lawrence started eating together it took them 20 minutes to finish three of the plates. Holo was leaning on Lawrence again, Lawrence looked to Holo and smiled at her “you really like leaning on my arm don’t you” Holo hugged his arm a little tighter and smiled a little too, Holo spoke in a quiet sweet voice “I like leaning on you because I’m closer to you. Even though you need a wash” Lawrence remembered that she had the sense’s of her wolf form even though she was in human form “sorry I smell so bad I forgot that you can smell an apple a mile away” Holo moved up so that they were face to face “do you think this village has apples?” Lawrence looked at Holo’s big red puppy dog eyes, Lawrence spoke in a sadden voice “I’m sorry Holo I don’t think a small village will have apples” Holo’s ears dropped under her hat in disappointment, Lawrence picked up a fork and stabbed it into a large steak moving it into Holo’s view “cheer up Holo look at all the food you have” Holo smirked for a second then lunged into the food Lawrence was waving in her face, Holo sank her giant fangs into the steak with it’s meaty juices dripping down from where she was biting, it dripped down from her mouth to her chin. Lawrence smiled at her sticky face, Holo’s eyes moved from the steak to Lawrence’s smiling face “what are you smiling about” Lawrence smiled even more at her cute look “I’m smiling at how cute you are right now” Holo smiled and continued eating the steak when Lawrence started chewing on the other end, Holo grinned a little and decided to play with Lawrence. Holo pulled at the steak smiling all the way, the steak slipped out of Lawrence’s mouth “HEY! I was eating that!” Holo continued smiling at Lawrence, Lawrence reached for the steak in her mouth only for Holo to pull away again with her smile getting bigger as she did “Come on Lawrence this is how wolves play with each other” a small smile appeared on Lawrence’s face as he leaned into bite the steak Holo had in her mouth, when he was biting into the steak Holo started pulling on it being careful not to let the steak slip through her smile, Lawrence started to pull lightly on his end of the steak. Holo was smiling more because of Lawrence playing in the manner wolves do, Holo decided to win their little game by pulling hard on her end of the steak ripping it from Lawrence’s mouth. Holo giggled a little as she spoke “I win. You’ve got a long way to go before you can beat a wolf at a wolf game” Lawrence smiled at her happy look, of winning the steak to herself.

Lawrence let Holo keep the steak to her happy self “ok it’s yours” Lawrence then spoke under his breath “if you can win it again” Lawrence quickly bit on to the steak again getting a stronger grip on it than before, as he bit into it the steak sprayed meaty juices on to Holo and himself. Holo began to smile again but wider this time at how much Lawrence was acting like a wolf for her. Holo was pulling on the steak easier this time, Holo and Lawrence pulled at the steak for sometime before Lawrence let go of the steak. Holo looked confused at Lawrence “why’d you let go?” Lawrence looked to the steak it’s ends looked like they had been ripped apart by wild dogs “you love steak. Wouldn’t you be happier if you got to eat while it’s still warm” Holo smile at his generosity and leaned on him a little “why are you so nice to me” Lawrence hugged her moving his head to the side of hers “I’m so nice to you because you’re worth it. Your worth everything in the world to me” Holo dropped the steak on one of the plates in front of them and hugged Lawrence, Holo spoke in a sweet quiet voice “I was right to get in your cart that day long ago, but I had no idea that I would fall in love with you” Lawrence looked down to Holo, her eyes were closed and she had a warm smile on her face “good thing to, I would hate to see my life without you in it” Holo turned her head up opening her eyes “well I’m here with you so don’t think about what might have happened if I didn’t just focus on what happening right now” Lawrence smiled at Holo while reaching for the bottle of wine to refill their mugs “more wise words from my wise wolf”

They continued eating there meal for several minutes when James walked in the inn and approached the bartender “do you have any single rooms free at the moment?” the bartender spoke in his normal deep voice “yes sir there are two free rooms” James handed the man a silver coin “thank you sir your room is second on the left” James noticed Lawrence and Holo eating their meal and sat next to Lawrence “well you were right there’s very little work up here” Lawrence turned from Holo to James with a bit of a glum look “well at least it means it’s safer up here. By the way did you send the letter?” a small smirk appeared on James’s face “the letter is on it’s way to your mother and I may have mentioned your new lady friend” Lawrence placed his hand on his out of embarrassment “why would you do that” James began to laugh at Lawrence “only joking anyway I’ve sent it by bird so the letters had to be small to fit on the birds leg” Holo moved her head so James was in her view “bird?” Lawrence turned his head back to Holo at her confused question “Holo have you never heard of sending letters by bird?” Holo looked to Lawrence looking a little down from his face out of shame of not knowing about sending letters by bird “yes they didn’t have them in the town we met in” Lawrence smiled at the fact that he knew something that the wise wolf didn’t “well Holo it’s simple people train birds to fly from one town to the next and back with a message on their leg, when they get to the town someone moves the message on to another bird that is trained to go to a different town” Holo looked up at Lawrence with a small smile on her face of knowing something new “so Lawrence why didn’t you ever send a letter home if it is so quick?” Lawrence felt his coin pouch get heavy at the question “well it costs a lot to do and sometimes the message gets lost by the bird going astray” Lawrence turned to James “how much did it cost?” James smiled a little at the question “one whole gold coin” Lawrence could have had a heart attack at the answer he was given “A WHOLE GOLD COIN! where’d you get that kind of money” James smiled more at the shock on Lawrence’s face “lots of work and being good at it helps” Holo didn’t remember hearing any high value coins in his pouch when they were attacked “I don’t think that’s what Lawrence was talking about, your coin pouch had more of a copper sound than silver and gold” James looked to Lawrence and Holo “so that’s why Lawrence’s cart is more full than it used to be. Are you good with handling coins and the exchange rate?” Holo quickly spoke to hide the lie “yes I handle Lawrence’s money so we can make the most out of it. But that doesn’t answer my question your coin pouch sounded like it was all copper so where’d you get the gold from?” James reached into his jacket pulling out a second coin pouch that was a lot bigger and heavier than the first one “when you work with a sword you have to hide certain things in case of being taken hostage”

James got up from the counter where they were sitting “I’m off to bed. If you ever need anyone to defend you and your lovely lady, give me a shout” Lawrence waved James off as he walked up the stairs to his room. Holo decided to lean back on Lawrence’s arm “Lawrence would you be so kind to pour me another drink?” Lawrence looked to Holo’s mug and he was shocked to see it was as dry as a desert “you really like that drink don’t you my dear” as Lawrence spoke he reached for the bottle of wine pouring the remaining wine in her mug, Lawrence noticed the last few drops of wine go into her mug and realised how much she had drunk as he handed her mug back to her “there you go my dear” Holo smiled at Lawrence in a drunken way “thank you, your so kind to give me the last of the wine” Lawrence smiled back at her drunken smile that got a little more drunken with each mouth full of wine. Holo finished her drink in a few minutes and looked to Lawrence with a helpless look on her face “will you help me to our room” Holo put out her arms for Lawrence to carry her, before he could even answer “ok my dear” Lawrence stood up putting his arm around Holo, when Holo stood up she fell back a little being caught by Lawrence’s arm around her “I don’t think you can walk here hold on” with that sentence Lawrence put his other arm around her legs and picked her up and started to walk to their room.

When they reached the door to their room Holo moved one of her arms from around Lawrence’s neck and opened the door. The room had a big king size bed with white sheets with a cabinet next to the bed on each side, when they entered the room Lawrence saw to his right there was a closed window and a desk underneath it. Lawrence approached the bed placing Holo on it gently, a warm smile appeared on Lawrence’s face as he looked down at Holo. Holo looked up to Lawrence seeing him with a warm smile on his face, Holo spoke in a tired voice “what are you smiling about?” Lawrence smiled a bit more “it’s just the way we came into the room was how a husband and wife do on their wedding night” Holo smiled warmly at Lawrence “well one day that might happen” Lawrence’s heart was beating faster, Holo took off her hat revealing her wolf ears they twitched in sync with Lawrence’s heart beat Lawrence smiled and turned to walk out the door but as he was walking towards the door he felt a pile of clothes land on his head, Lawrence turned to Holo only to see her under the bed sheets with her tail peering over the edge of the bed wagging slowly side to side. Lawrence folded her clothes and put them on the desk then continued to the door, when Lawrence got to the door he turn to Holo “I’ll be back soon with supplies” Lawrence walked out of the inn into the street to one of the several market stalls, Lawrence was shocked when he saw that they were selling apples. Lawrence quickly rushed over to the stall “excuse me miss could I buy some apples” the woman approached Lawrence, she had long brown hair that covered one of her brown eyes. The woman spoke in a light tone “yes sir, I have two boxes full of them” the moment she said that Lawrence’s hand was in his jacket pulling out a silver coin “I’ll take both of them” the woman looked a little shocked at how quickly Lawrence answered her, she placed the wooden box on the stall and then placed the other box on top of it the top box was over flowing with ruby red apples. Lawrence had a small smile when he saw the apples knowing how much they will make Holo happy, Lawrence took the apples to the cart taking one of the shining apples and putting it in his pocket for Holo.

When Lawrence got back to their room he noticed Holo was still asleep, this was strange to Lawrence every time he or anyone got close to their room she would wake up but she was still asleep, Lawrence thought to himself “am I no longer something she needs to protect herself from, are we really that close now?” Lawrence walked over to the bed taking off his jacket and hurling it to the banister, as Lawrence got into the bed Holo started to move about her tail was wagging more and more the closer he got to her. When Lawrence was a hairs length from Holo her eyes started to slowly open, Holo turned to face Lawrence “your finally back” Holo had a weak smile on her face as she wiped the sleep from her eyes “so did you get the supplies?” a small smile appeared on Lawrence’s face to what he was about to tell her “no but there was something I got for you, well two boxes full of those things” Holo had a curious look on her face as he continued “two boxes full of bright red apples” the moment those words left Lawrence’s mouth Holo had jumped on top of him with her tail wagging furiously behind her, Holo spoke in a happy, shocked voice “but you said this village was too small to have them” Lawrence’s smile got wider as she moved off him, Lawrence leaned over to his jacket pulling out a red apple the look on Holo’s face was as if she was about to cry at what he was giving her. Lawrence slowly handed the apple to Holo it was all most torture to Holo being given an apple but at such a slow pace, when Holo had the apple in hand she just stared at it in disbelief “Lawrence how do you always get me what I want?” Lawrence smiled at her as he got back into bed, Lawrence laid next to Holo and spoke in a bit of a smug voice “it’s because I’m the best merchant out here and now that I have someone to spend my money on I go all out to make that person happy” Holo was sitting up as she ate the apple while Lawrence was laid down on the bed looking up, after Lawrence said his smug comment Holo smacked Lawrence with her tail “HEY” Holo said nothing just finished eating her apple, Lawrence pushed her tail off his face to his lower chest then he slowly started stroking it. Holo started clutching at the bed sheets as she started to giggle “Lawrence please stop that tickles” Lawrence continued stroking her tail getting faster with each stroke. Holo was laughing so much that she dropped what was left of her apple on to the bed, Holo tried to move her hand to stop the torture but she was laughing so much that it was hard to move any part of her body. When she finally got her hand to Lawrence’s he just smiled at her “Lawrence why didn’t you stop?” Lawrence moved his hand from her tail to her hand that was on top of his so they were holding hands “I couldn’t stop your tail is so soft and beautiful I lost control” Holo smiled at Lawrence for calling her tail beautiful, Holo’s tail began to wag as she laid down next to Lawrence to go to sleep. Holo cuddled up to Lawrence as she always did when they slept in the same bed and Lawrence hugged her in return.

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