Spice and wolf and the journey home

chapter 4

Holo’s dream

Everything was white the trees the mountains all covered in a thick layer of snow as they approached Yoitsu. Holo was sad that their journey was over but happy that they would be able to settle down together, Holo was leaning on Lawrence’s arm while staring into the distance. It began to snow heavily making it hard to see more than a few meters in front of them. After an hour of wading the cart through the thick snow they arrived at Yoitsu, the village consisted of broken down charred buildings and piles of wooden planks. Holo looked at what was her home, Holo got off the cart and slowly looked to the pile of charred building remains picking up one of the pieces and bringing it close to her. Holo looked to the forest next to the village, the snow had gotten lighter letting her see the burned down forest. The charred wood slipped out of her hand disintegrating as it hit the ground, tears fell from Holo’s face as she cried over the loss of her home. Holo’s knees hit the ground as she continued to cry, Lawrence got off the cart and moved next to her putting his arms around her hugging her tightly. Lawrence spoke in a serious voice “Holo your home may be gone but your family are still out there, you will see them again they are immortal like you, in time you will find them or they will find you” Holo looked up to Lawrence’s face with a small smile with the tears still dripping down her face, Lawrence wiped the tears from her face she smiled a little more as his hand touched her face. Holo spoke in a quiet saddened voice “you always know how to make me feel better, even when my home lies in ruins and my family are gone you still make me feel better” as she said that Lawrence pulled her to her feet and smiled at her warmly, Holo looked at Lawrence out of happiness but Lawrence began to age before her eyes. He was getting years older in seconds it wasn’t long before Lawrence was an old bony man clinging to life, Holo was crying even harder than before as she hugged Lawrence she cried harder than when she was crying over her home and her family being gone. Holo was crying more than she had ever done before she was losing the man she loved to time, Lawrence became a skeleton of the man that loved the woman he was hugging. Holo hugged Lawrence tighter but as she did Lawrence’s skeleton disintegrated becoming dust in the wind that blew away from her, Holo cried even harder as she hugged Lawrence’s jacket as hard as she could.

End of Holo’s dream

Holo woke up jumping from the bed with tears dripping down her face, Lawrence woke up to see Holo crying in front of him and quickly moved to her side speaking in a concerned voice “Holo what’s wrong? Why are you crying?” Holo turned to see Lawrence just as he was before they went to bed, Holo immediately jumped on Lawrence hugging him tightly with the tears still forming in her eyes “you’re alive! You’re alive!” Lawrence was confused at Holo’s comment “yes I’m alive why wouldn’t I be. What happened?” Holo rose up from Lawrence looking into his eyes, Holo spoke in a sad voice “I dreamed that we made it to Yoitsu but my home was gone and my family was gone but... but... that wasn’t what hurt the most you’d... you’d... started aging fast you died in my arms” Holo cried a little more at the memory of him dying, Lawrence moved up to Holo hugging her again “Holo listen to me I’m not planning on dying on you, I’m not going to leave you. Leaving you alone in this world is a worse fate than death to me” Holo smiled at Lawrence as the tears stopped pouring out of her eyes “you always know how to make me feel better” Lawrence smiled warmly at her as he wiped the tears from her face “so how about we go back to sleep Holo or do you want to talk more?” Holo laid down on the bed “err my pillow it’s soaking” Lawrence looked down to the damp pillow Holo was resting her head on “Holo could you get up for a second” Holo lifted herself up with a slightly confused look on her face “Lawrence what are you” before Holo could finish what she was saying Lawrence pushed her pillow off the bed and moved his to the middle so they could both use it, Lawrence smiled at Holo and spoke in a happy voice “now that we only have one pillow we will have to sleep close together” Holo smiled happily at Lawrence and cuddled up to him as they slept.

When Holo woke up the bed was empty Lawrence was not there, Holo quickly sat up looking around for Lawrence. Holo was getting worried about where Lawrence was “LAWRENCE WHERE ARE YOU!?” a second later Lawrence walked through the door holding a large plate “HOLO WHATS WRONG!?” Holo calmed down the second she saw Lawrence rushing towards the bed, Lawrence spoke in a scared tone “Holo what happened are you ok?” Holo fell back on the bed in relief “I’m ok now that your here. I thought something had happened to you” Lawrence leaned in on her hugging her “it’s ok I’m here nothing going to happen to me” Holo sniffed the air it had the scent of food in it, Holo looked to the plate Lawrence was carrying “is that for me?” Lawrence stopped hugging her placing the plate on her lap, it was piled with eggs, bacon, sausages and mushrooms “Lawrence where’s your breakfast?” Lawrence smile at her “my breakfast is on your lap” as he said that he picked up one of the sausages and bit off half of it with a wide grin on his face, Lawrence took the half of the sausage that was in his hand and put it in front of her “aren’t you hungry my dear?” Holo lunged in on his hand in the blink of an eye the sausage was gone, Lawrence was shocked at how quick Holo ate the sausage “wolves don’t waste any time eating do they” Holo smiled at Lawrence “why do you always get me so much food?” Lawrence laughed a little at her “you’re a giant wolf you need all this food and your always happy when you’re eating” Holo quickly started eating going straight for the meats after a few seconds she stopped and looked at Lawrence sitting beside her “aren’t you going to eat?” Lawrence looked at Holo “so my wise wolf is willing to share with me now” Holo pulled a cheeky smile and grabbed some bacon smacking it into Lawrence’s face “there you go I can’t have you starving to death on me, otherwise who will buy me all this food” Lawrence smiled at Holo’s cheeky comment and ate the bacon that was being pushed into his mouth.

Holo was lazily slumped on the bed with her hands placed on bed sheets where her belly was, Lawrence was watching her rest after her meal “so did the wise wolf enjoy her meal?” Holo rolled her head to Lawrence’s view “I did but you could have eaten more of it with me you don’t have to hold back on my account” Lawrence moved is arm around Holo pulling her closer to him “I know but you’re so happy when you’re eating and I’m a lot smaller than your wolf form” Holo nuzzled her head into Lawrence’s chest “so you wish to make the wise wolf happy do you?” Lawrence hugged Holo a little tighter “I only wish to make the woman I love happy and you being a wolf makes it all the more fun” Holo backed away from Lawrence so she could look at him in the face, Holo smiled and spoke in a playful tone “so you find a wolf more entertaining do you” Lawrence spoke in the same tone as Holo did “having you as my partner is the best thing that has ever happened to me” Holo leaned back against his chest listening to his heart beat “I have lived for centuries and I have never been so happy with someone. I love you Lawrence” Lawrence leaned his head down kissing her head “I love you too Holo” Holo moved so they where face to face “Lawrence why did we spend so much time fighting and arguing when we could have been doing this?” Lawrence smiled at her “I’m sorry it took me so long to realise my feeling for you, I’m not a wise wolf like you” Holo place her head back on Lawrence’s chest smiling as she spoke “you’re still the same gentleman I met when I got in your cart, apologizing for every little thing even though we are in love and you spend more of your money you’re still the same person” Lawrence place his hand between her wolf ears “no I’m a little different to that, you made me a little wiser” Lawrence began to massage Holo’s hair between her ears, Holo was smiling more than before “I guess I have rubbed off on you , you were wise enough you figured out that I enjoy you rubbing my head” Lawrence remembered the first time he rubbed her hair between her wolf ears she seemed so happy when he did it, Holo continued to smile as she spoke “I may enjoy you petting me like a tame wolf but I’m not, no one tames the wise wolf” Lawrence continued petting Holo’s head as he watched her tail wag in enjoyment to it “don’t worry Holo I wouldn’t dare tame you if I could” Holo lifted her head up a bit slowly moving it closer to Lawrence’s face “so you wouldn’t dare try to tame me am I not good enough to at least try?” Lawrence looked to her face as it got closer to him “no, no, if I somehow tamed you, you would be different and I love you the way you are” Holo nuzzled into Lawrence’s neck and spoke in a playful tone “well that’s not going to stop me from taming you”

Lawrence got up from the bed walking to his jacket as Holo got up and got dressed, Holo turned to Lawrence speaking in a quiet voice “Lawrence can we hire your friend?” Lawrence quickly turned to her with a bit of a shocked look on his face “yes but why would we want someone to defend us?” Holo turned her head down in shame “Lawrence that dream scared me, I don’t want anything to happen to you” Lawrence walked over to Holo and hugged her tightly speaking in a serious voice “nothing going to happen to me” Holo look up to Lawrence’s face and her expression lightened up, Lawrence moved one of his hands from her back to her right ear gently stroking it. Holo started smiling at Lawrence for stroking her ear, Lawrence backed away from her to look at her face Lawrence was smiling at her as he spoke “so how about we go and see if he is up” Holo got her hat and hid her tail then walked to Lawrence’s side “do you know what room he’s in?” Lawrence and Holo walked out the room into the corridor “Holo I don’t know where he is” Holo smiled as they walked down the corridor, Holo sniffed a few times before getting a smug look on her face “he’s in this one” as she pointed to a door “well you know the saying follow your nose” Holo grinned at Lawrence’s comment as they approached the door, Lawrence knocked several times making a loud banging noise that could easily wake someone in a deep sleep. The door slowly opened revealing James wearing the same dark clothing as the day before, James spoke in a pleasant voice “Lawrence, Holo what are you doing so early?” Lawrence held Holo’s hand a little tighter “well I was wondering if I could hire you to defend my lady?” Holo smiled a tiny bit at Lawrence for defending her pride while James answered Lawrence “I would be delighted to defend you and your lady, I’ll go grab my sword” Holo leaned on Lawrence’s arm looking up at him as he spoke “we’ll be in the cart waiting for you”

Lawrence and Holo walked out of the inn into the cold street they could see their ice cold breath in the air, Holo instantly moved close to Lawrence using his body heat to keep herself warm “it is so cold this morning” Lawrence pulled Holo closer to his body trying to keep her warm “I’ve got a nice thick blanket for you in the cart” when they got to the cart Lawrence pulled the covers off the back of the cart revealing the furs and the two boxes of apples for Holo, Holo got in the front seat of the cart while Lawrence pulled out a thick gray blanket from behind them wrapping it round Holo. Holo was looking back at the two boxes of apples Lawrence had purchased for her “Lawrence you got all them for me?” Lawrence smiled at her putting one of his arms around her “well all but one or two if you can spare them” Holo smiled then nudged him in a playful manner while he looked down at her continuing his smile, Lawrence pulled the wagon to the front of the inn waiting for James to meet them. Holo looked to the door of the inn before looking back to Lawrence “Lawrence there’s still something off about your friend it’s like I know him and don’t at the same time, he seems so familiar but I don’t know why” Holo clenched her fist in annoyance, Lawrence cuddled Holo a bit “done worry you will remember why he is so familiar in time, he’s probably like someone you met centuries ago” Holo looked at Lawrence with an annoyed look “it’s not just the way he acts it’s everything even his scent is familiar” Holo breathed out deeply calming down “I probably just met one of his relatives” Lawrence hugged Holo a little tighter “well you will have a few days to figure out why he is so familiar my dear” Holo cuddled up to Lawrence and put on a cheeky grin “well your right we will have a few days with him so I can figure out why he is so familiar and we will have a few days to talk about your past, finding out all the embarrassing things you have done” Lawrence looked down to the ground in embarrassment for the future. James walked out of the inn to the cart getting in the back as Lawrence wiped the reins on the horse setting the cart in motion.

As the cart got out of the village Holo had picked up two of the bright red apples and was eating away as they went down the muddy road “so Lawrence how long will it take to get to the next village?” Lawrence didn’t look away from the road as he spoke “less than two hours it’s a close village” Holo leaned on Lawrence’s arm looking up at him with a small grin “well then I think it’s time I started finding out about your past” Holo turned to James in the back of the cart carrying the same small grin “so tell me all the embarrassing things my Lawrence has done in the past” as Holo said that she patted Lawrence on the head in a playful manner.

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