Spice and wolf and the journey home

chapter 5

They were most of the way to the next village Holo was cuddled up to Lawrence in the front seat of the cart while James was slumped against the edge of the cart, it had gotten warmer and Holo had put the thick blanket back in the cart. Lawrence looked down to Holo cuddling his arm “Holo would you like me to buy you a drink for the road ahead of us when we get to the next village?” Holo was woken up from her day dream by Lawrence’s words she quickly shot her head up to him “YES” Lawrence smiled at her quick response to the question, he spoke in a playful tone “maybe I should not ask you anymore and just get you all the food and drink my horse can carry” Holo smiled at Lawrence going back to her leaning position “Lawrence your perfect you always make me happy” Lawrence moved his arm from Holo and put it round her pulling her closer to him, Holo looked up slightly to see Lawrence smiling down warmly at her. Lawrence tilted his head back slightly “how much is it going to cost us for your service?” James looked over to the front of the cart smiling a little “well I’m normally paid one silver and a half per day plus one silver for everyone I kill or scare off. But for the two of you I think nothing is fair” Lawrence was shocked at James defending them for free and to how high he was paid “you don’t have to do it for free” James looked to Holo then to Lawrence speaking in a slightly childish tone “well with me not charging anything you have more money to spend on your girlfriend” Holo smiled somewhat at the thought of Lawrence having more money to spend on her, Holo lightly tugged on Lawrence sleeve bringing Lawrence a bit closer to her “Lawrence is what he charges a lot for his line of work?” the look of shock was slowly fading off his face as he spoke “yes it’s quite a bit, you can only charge that much if your experienced and good. Most people in that line of work are two to three years older than him before they charge that much”

Holo started to tease Lawrence “I wonder how many things your friend knows about you that will make you wish you never hired him” Lawrence’s look began to change into a humiliated expression for all the things Holo was going to tease him about when she found out, Holo saw Lawrence’s face and stopped teasing him but speaking in a playful tone “Lawrence if they’re that bad I won’t ask so cheer up and hand me an apple” Lawrence’s expression began to lighten up as Holo spoke, he reached back grabbing an apple and handing it over to Holo. She smiled when she saw Lawrence was no longer in a bad mood so she leaned on his arm and ate her apple, Lawrence looked down to Holo with a merchants smile that he wore when he figured out a market scheme “you planned this out didn’t you” Holo looked away from her apple and to Lawrence speaking in a content tone “what do you mean?” Lawrence continued his look as he spoke “you wanted to spend more time with him so you could find out more embarrassing stuff about me” Holo’s smile got a little wider as she spoke “well that did become my plan after we hired him but originally I only wanted him to protect you” Lawrence hugged Holo tightly as he spoke in a quiet voice so James couldn’t hear “so the wise wolf loves me that much she would get me more protection” Holo held Lawrence tightly as she spoke in a slightly scared voice “I just don’t want anything to happen to you, that dream made me realise how fragile mortals are” Lawrence could tell she was scared and comforted her as he spoke “Holo as long as you’re alive I will be fine” Holo quickly cheered up thanks to Lawrence.

They were only ten minutes away from the village they were heading for. Lawrence had slowed the cart down because there was a man in the middle of the road, as they got closer to the man they could see he was covered head to toe in heavy metal armour. The armoured man signalled to Lawrence to stop the cart, as the man approached them they could see the church emblem on his armour that put Lawrence on edge. The church knight spoke in a laughed voice that was muffled by his helmet “church inspection just looking for illegal goods and demons” they got out of the cart as the knight looked through the furs, when he was finished he walked over to James “alright standard demon inspection” as the knight spoke he pulled out a bottle of water from his satchel, James reached into his jacket pulling out a leather piece of cloth “that won’t be necessary” James handed the cloth to the knight the cloth had the same emblem that was on the knight’s armour “ok your clear” the wind picked up slightly as the knight walked over to Lawrence “ok drink this” the knight handed over the bottle of water to Lawrence, Lawrence drank the water hesitating a little before he drank. The knight watched him closely looking for any signs of demon “ok your clear as well” the wind started to blow harder Lawrence looked to Holo scared that she might be caught by the knight, as the knight took one step away from Lawrence the wind blew extremely hard taking off Holo’s hat revealing her ears. James and the knight both pulled their swords readying to attack, Lawrence grabbed the knight’s shoulder trying to stop him but the knight turned around and punched Lawrence in the face sending him backing away try to keep his balance. The knight drove his sword at Lawrence Holo couldn’t do anything she didn’t have time to turn into a wolf and the knight was closer to Lawrence than she was to the knight, as she watched the knight thrusting his sword in Lawrence’s direction she was surprised to see James had stepped in the path of the sword. The sword went straight through James’s chest just slightly to the left of his heart, tremors could be seen shooting down James’s arm as he lifted his sword making a painful groan as he smashed his sword around the knight’s helmet. The knight fell to the ground making a metal clank when he hit the earth, his helmet now had a small dent from where the blade hit. Seconds after the knight fell James fell back sending the blood covered sword out of his chest as blood quickly seeped out of the wound staining his clothing.

Lawrence immediately tried to move James to the back off the cart he had trouble lifting James into the cart, Holo quickly got in the front of the cart whipping the reins sending the horse off to the village. Lawrence was doing all he could to try and stop the bleeding but more blood just kept coming out, Holo had a sadden look on her face knowing that James had lost too much blood and the stab wound was too close to his heart to be healed by any doctor. Holo’s wolf ears could hear James’s breathing get shallower with each breath, Holo heard James stop breathing and turn to Lawrence with sadden look and spoke in a quiet voice “Lawrence I’m sorry he’s stopped...” before Holo could finish she heard James start breathing again but this time he was not breathing as if he was clinging to life he was breathing like a person who was just asleep, Holo looked to Lawrence speaking in a calm voice “Lawrence move your hands from the wound” Lawrence looked to Holo with a sad scared face “what, but he will bleed out if I move my hands” Holo’s eyes locked on Lawrence’s blood covered hands “Lawrence my ears tell me he will live” Lawrence slowly removed his red hands from James’s chests, Lawrence was shocked to see the stab wound was gone there was no scar or any indication that he was stabbed apart from the blood that covered his clothes. Lawrence turned to Holo with a shocked look “how, how is this possible?” Holo looked down to James “I don’t know, mortals can’t do that and you said you two grew up in the same village so he isn’t a god”

As they got into the village Holo had put her hat on and Lawrence had cleaned most of the blood off his hands while James was still out cold in the back, Lawrence stopped the cart outside of the village inn. Lawrence pulled James out of the cart as Holo walked over to help Lawrence out, as they entered the inn they were greeted by the owner she was shocked when she saw Lawrence and Holo carrying a man covered in blood “OH MY GOD WHAT HAPPENED?!!!” Lawrence had to quickly think of something to say “we were attacked and he was stabbed” the woman quickly spoke “take him to the first room on the left” Lawrence and Holo carried James up the stairs to the room and laid him on the bed, Holo seat on the other bed staring intently at James wondering how he survived while Lawrence went to pay for the room and put the horse in the stable. When Lawrence returned Holo had taken her hat off and her tail was on display “Holo what are you doing?!” Holo looked at Lawrence seeing the open door behind him “Lawrence close the door” Lawrence did as he was told then looked to Holo to answer his question “Lawrence he already has seen my ears so what does it matter?” Lawrence sat down next to her as he did Holo moved her tail around his back curving the tip onto his lap “I guess your right again” Holo smiled at Lawrence “well I’m not called the wise wolf for nothing” Lawrence smiled back at Holo and started stroking her tail.

James started tossing and turning in a painful way moving his hand to where he was stabbed, James started making painful groaning noises. James managed to muster up what little strength he had to speak “err this is going to leave a mark” Holo spoke in a serious voice “it should but there’s nothing there” James stopped moving about so much “what are you talking about?” Holo’s eyes narrowed at James as Lawrence spoke “we tried to help you but your wound was gone” James instantly stopped moving in pain and got up looking at them both, James noticed that Holo had wolf ears and a tail and Lawrence was stroking her tail. Lawrence and Holo both looked at where the stab wound was, Lawrence looked to James with a somewhat confused expression “so how did you heal from that?” James stood up and put his hand down the back of his trouser as he did a small worn down belt fell out of his left trouser leg, Holo and Lawrence were shocked to see James pull out a gray tail with a white tip. Lawrence and Holo looked at it for a few seconds before Holo spoke “you’re a god?” Lawrence’s confused look got more confused “how can you be immortal?” James sat back done on the bed and looked to Holo as he spoke “remember I said my grandfather told me story’s about the north well that’s because he was from Yoitsu” the name of Holo’s home put her on edge as James continued “my grandfather is Kai god of harvest” suddenly Holo remembered everything the name was enough to trigger her memories, Holo jumped at James knocking him back on the bed “Kai of Yoitsu is your grandfather, Kai as in big wolf dark gray fur” James backed away from Holo a little “why do you know him?” Holo pulled away from James and sat back next to Lawrence with a happy smile on her face as she spoke “he’s my uncle” Holo was happy knowing where one of her family was even if her home could be gone, Lawrence spoke in a less confused tone “so your part god but from story’s about gods and humans offspring you shouldn’t be able to heal like that” James’s smiled a little to Lawrence’s comment “well your right and wrong gods and humans can only have kids that live very long lives but if a god and a former human have a kid it can choose to be a god” Holo was happy and confused when Lawrence was just plan confused “what do you mean former human?”Holo looked to Lawrence as he asked his question then to James awaiting an answer “Holo don’t you know?” Holo tilted her head down in shame of not knowing stuff about her own kind, James could see she didn’t know so he continued “gods can make humans like them if they wish to spend eternity with them” Holo looked to Lawrence thinking about them spending eternity together the thought made Holo incredibly happy and she started to smile warmly at Lawrence, Lawrence noticed Holo smiling at him and embraced her in his arms. After Lawrence broke the hug he turned to James “you said something about a choice for the child would you care to elaborate” James looked to his tail then to Lawrence “I have the choice just like mother did in becoming a god, I have the choose to become a god of the same thing my mother is or to become a god of something else”

Holo was cuddled up to Lawrence he known she was thinking about them being together for eternity, Lawrence looked over to James asking what Holo was too proud to ask “so how do you make someone like you?” Holo’s ears perked up at his question Holo know he was asking for her “well I’ve never done it but from what I was told you both need to share blood and do something else but I can’t remember, oh and you both need to have the same feeling for one another” Lawrence looked down to see Holo was smiling at him “well we certainly have the same feelings for each other” Holo’s tail started to wag at hearing Lawrence’s words, she knew how he felt about her, but hearing it still made her happy. James stood up off the bed putting his tail into his trouser and pulling up the small belt at his ankle “well I’m going I don’t what to interrupt you two” Lawrence looked away from Holo to James “you sure we don’t mind you coming with us for a bit” James smiled at the two of them as he spoke in a happy voice “no I don’t what to get between you two” Lawrence and Holo waved James off as he walked out the door.

As James walked down the stairs the owner quickly rushed over to him “are you alright that wound looks pretty bad” James looked down to his shirt that was stained with his blood “oh I’m fine it looks worse than it is” the owner calmed down and spoke in a calm but serious voice “the bandits that attacked you and your friends, I need to know are they a threat to the village” James put on a serious tone as he spoke “their no threat to the village, there was only two of them that attacked us” the owner was relieved to hear that, James walked out of the inn into the street as he walked down the road he saw several knights on horses lead by a knight with a dented helmet. James quickly realised the knight that was leading them was the knight that stabbed him, James quickly sprinted back to the inn.


Lawrence was cuddled up to Holo tightly, they were both smiling warmly at each other. Lawrence broke the silences speaking in a warm happy voice to Holo “we can be together forever now” Holo’s smile got wider as Lawrence continued “I will never have to live with the guilt of leaving ever again” Holo slowly realised if Lawrence was like her he could never fulfil his dream, Holo spoke in a slightly sadden voice while staring into Lawrence eyes “Lawrence...if you become like me you will never be able to open your shop” Lawrence could easily see that she was getting upset over him not fulfilling his dream “Holo I don’t want to open a shop I only want to be with you” Holo fell into Lawrence’s chest with tears forming in her eyes “Lawrence it’s not just that you would be giving your humanity the same humanity I fell in love with” Lawrence could see she was getting more upset so he embraced her tightly “I don’t mind not being human I just want to be with you” tears streamed down Holo’s face as she looked up to Lawrence “I just don’t what to lose the man I love” Lawrence spoke in a serious voice “that part of me will never die” Holo’s tears continued streaming down her face as she tried to talk “Lawrence please don’t make me do it. I don’t what to risk losing you” Lawrence spoke in a somewhat demanding voice “Holo I promise you, you will never lose me. Please I want to be with you forever” Lawrence wiped the tears from Holo’s face making Holo smile.

Holo’s ears twitched violently she could hear someone sprinting into the inn and up the stairs. James ran into the door breaking the lock sending the door swinging open. James had a look of pure fear on his face, James spoke in a quick scared voice “WE NEED TO LEAVE NOW!!!” Lawrence quickly looked to James “why what’s happened?” Holo quickly put her hat on and hid her tail looking to Lawrence to get up and go. Holo grabbed Lawrence’s hand pulling him to his feet and rushing to the cart “why do we need to leave?” James continued running not looking back to them “there are three knights led by the one that tried to kill me” Lawrence ran faster at hearing that for the fear of losing Holo, as they got to the cart the knights were entering the village. They got into the cart Lawrence lashed the reins sending the horse wishing off in the other direction to the knights. When they were close to leaving the village they looked back to see two of the knights had broken off from the others to search the village while the knight with the dented helmet continued moving forwards with another knight. As they left the village the two knights spotted them immediately picking up the pace.

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