Spice and wolf and the journey home

chapter 7

It had been several days since Lawrence was made into a pagan god. Lawrence and Holo had stopped a few days distance from the next village because Lawrence’s new wolf features were hard for him to deal with, with his new senses Lawrence could smell everything and hear everything from small animals scuttling around far away to insects nearby. His new abilities were sometimes torture to him, it gave Lawrence massive headaches which made Holo feel bad for putting him through it even though it was the only way to save him. Holo had forced Lawrence to stop travelling when his new abilities started to affect him. Holo was teaching Lawrence how to control his senses so that he could enter a village without the noises overwhelming him.

Lawrence was now able to focus his senses so that Holo wouldn’t have to wait any longer to find her home. Lawrence was sat in front of a fire he made for cooking a rabbit for Holo, Holo was lazily lying in the back of the cart, the cart was next to a big oak tree some distance from the fire. Holo was thinking to herself “how much pain has Lawrence endured because of me? And how much more will he go through because of me? Why must that fool go through so much pain because of me, I cannot be killed and he still sacrifice’s himself for me” Holo start to clench her fists in anger “does he have any idea what I would do if he did die, if I wasn’t able to bring him back” Holo let out a deep breath calming down “but I was and now I will not have to fear us parting to time” Holo smiled at little.

Lawrence got up and walked over to the back of the cart, Lawrence could see Holo in the cart laid down using the furs in the back as a blanket. Lawrence got in the back moving to Holo’s side gently nudging her “Holo dinner’s ready” Holo slowly pushed herself up smiling slightly at Lawrence, Lawrence gently wrapped his arms around Holo helping her to the fire. As they sat down on a log in front of the fire Holo looked to Lawrence with a slightly curious look “Lawrence why do you continue to cook meat? You are a wolf now you don’t need to cook it” Lawrence smiled at Holo as he handed Holo half of the rabbit “food tastes better when it is cooked” Holo bit into the rabbit making a small crunch that could barely be heard, a few days ago Lawrence would have been grabbing his ears in pain at the noise but now it didn’t hurt at all. Holo notice Lawrence was ok at the sound of her eating “your right Lawrence food is better when cooked, I especially like how crunchy this rabbit is” Lawrence pulled Holo a little closer to him “I’m glad you like it only the best for my queen” Holo smiled at Lawrence revealing bits of rabbit between her teeth, Lawrence gave her a smile in return before eating his half of the rabbit. As the rabbit enter Lawrence’s mouth he bit straight through it “Holo these new teeth are going to take some getting use to” Holo sent Lawrence a tooth filled smile before she spoke in a playful voice “be careful Lawrence you don’t want to bite your tongue off” Lawrence smile at Holo’s cute look “yeah that would be bad. If I bit off my tongue I would not be able to buy you apples” Holo leaned on Lawrence as he said that “that would not be the worst thing, I would never hear your voice again but it does not matter even if you did you are the same as me so it would come back” Lawrence looked down to Holo’s face in somewhat surprise “is there anything we can’t do?” Holo looked at Lawrence with a wise look on her face “in time we can do all if we learn all” Lawrence hugged Holo lightly as he spoke “spoke like the true wise wolf you are”

After dinner it was getting dark and they had retreated to the cart they were cuddled up close together. Holo was smiling deeply because she was so close to Lawrence and Lawrence was doing the same for the same reason. It was getting darker and colder by the second and Lawrence could feel Holo shivering in his arms “Holo are you ok?” Holo moved closer to Lawrence as she spoke “It’s just cold I’ll be fine” Lawrence could see Holo was shivering more each second and wrapped his tail around her waist instantly warming Holo up “Holo if you want I could turn into a wolf and use my fur to keep you warm” Holo smiled and her tail wagged slightly “Lawrence you don’t need to do that as much as I love your wolf form I just want you to hold me right now” Lawrence’s tail wagged up and down at Holo’s loving words, the fur of Lawrence’s tail tickled Holo making her giggle as she spoke “Lawrence... can you... control your tail... it tickles” Lawrence’s tail slowed it’s pace as he spoke “can you control your tail? Apples, big red juicy apples covering the cart floor” Holo tail started to wag at Lawrence words “Lawrence you know me to well, you know the right things to say to make me happy and the right word that makes my tail loss control” Holo moved her tail to around Lawrence’s moving them to the top of them both, their tails laid next to each other curving at the tip. Their different coloured fur merged as they laid next to each other from Holo’s amber fur to Lawrence’s silvery gray fur.

They laid there for some time enjoying each other’s warmth before Holo spoke in a slightly scared tone “Lawrence our journey is going to be at it’s end in a few months and I’m scared, I need to know but I’m afraid of what I’m going to find” Holo held Lawrence tighter seeking comfort from the fear, Lawrence pushed Holo away from him so they were face to face “Holo you don’t need to fear anything you are the wise wolf, if your home is gone and your family are gone we will start a new journey to find them, we are gods and we will find them if in a few months or in a few hundred years you will be reunited with your family. If anyone should be scared it should be me meeting your parents is scary” Holo felt all her fear slip away to Lawrence’s words as she pulled a small smile at Lawrence “Lawrence what do you have to fear from them?” Lawrence pulled Holo back into a tight embrace before he spoke “I’m scared that they won’t approve of me, I’m so much younger than you and I still act so much like a mortal when I’m not anymore” Holo moved back from Lawrence so she could see his face and playful patted him on the head between his wolf ears, Holo smiled and spoke in a sweet voice “Lawrence you love me and I love you, they will see how much you love me and that will gain their approval” Lawrence smiled and moved into Holo kissing her patiently before they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Lawrence woke up first seeing Holo still asleep lightly snoozing way, Lawrence slowly moved away from her being as quiet as possible to not wake her. After several minutes of slowly turning and sliding his way out of Holo’s arms he was free, Lawrence stretched and walked over to where the fire was the night before. Lawrence took some of the sticks next to the dead fire and piled them on the fire and lit it, the fire quickly rose to a warm blaze while Lawrence made breakfast. After a little while of making stew Lawrence was just waiting for it to cook, Lawrence moved from the fire to the side of the cart. Lawrence folded his arms on the edge of the cart smiling as he looked upon Holo sleeping in the back. Lawrence looked upon Holo’s beauty for a couple of minutes before turning back to the fire, the pot of stew was steaming away and Lawrence got close to it. Lawrence poured two bowls full of stew and got in the back of the cart. Lawrence put their breakfast down and gently nudged Holo awake, speaking in a quiet gentle voice “Holo wake up it’s time for breakfast” Holo slowly arose to Lawrence making light groaning noises as she did, Holo sniffed the air catching the scent of the stew. Holo leaned on Lawrence smiling weakly at him, Lawrence handed Holo a bowl but Holo didn’t start eating “Holo are you ok?” Holo looked up from her food to Lawrence speaking in a slightly ill voice “I just feel off from my normal self” Lawrence placed his hand on Holo’s forehead “you don’t feel warm” Holo sat herself up right and looked to the food in front of her “I guess I’m just hungry” Holo and Lawrence sat together while they ate their breakfast.

After Holo and Lawrence had finished their breakfast Lawrence packed up their supplies, to Lawrence packing the supplies was easier than it was a week ago, Holo had told Lawrence that he would have half the strength of his true form at all times and if he learned he could summon more. After packing the supplies away Lawrence got on the front of the cart ready to go “Lawrence are you sure you want to continue travelling we can stay here for a bit longer I don’t mind” Holo jumped out from the back of the cart to the seat next to Lawrence “I’m fine thanks to you I know how to control my ears you are a great teacher” Lawrence’s complement made her blush a little so Holo playfully patted Lawrence on the head “well you’re a good student” Holo stopped patting Lawrence on the head and started playing with his ears “Holo that feels weird” Holo smiled and continued to play with his ears, Lawrence moved an arm from behind Holo to her ears and played with them in the same manner as Holo was. Lawrence and Holo were both tickling each other ears after a few moments Holo stopped and Lawrence did so soon after, Lawrence smiled and put an arm around Holo pulling her close to him “so my queen shall we head off?” Holo’s tail wagged a little at Lawrence calling her his queen “we shall my king” Lawrence whipped the reins of his horse sending them back on the dirt road to the town.

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