Spice and wolf and the journey home

chapter 9

Holo’s dream

Holo and Lawrence were in a big house with fine furred rugs, the walls were painted cream. Lawrence was sat at a desk writing in a big book, the desk had a bowl full of wheat seeds on it and multiple quills and paint brushes dipped in a rainbow of colours. Holo looked around the room on the small table in the front room there was a big bowl over flowing with ruby red apples, there was a gray stone fire place on the wall across from the table it was small and the fire was little and crackling away. Holo walked behind Lawrence putting her arms around him, Holo leaned in on his head her chin rested between Lawrence’s ears as she spoke in a sweet voice “whatcha doing Lawrence?” Lawrence leaned his head back as he spoke “I’m writing a book called wolf and the merchant” Holo smiled at him as she spoke “wolf and merchant sounds familiar” Lawrence got out of his chair and moved behind hugging her in the same way she did him, Lawrence spoke in a happy playful voice “it should, be about a handsome merchant who helps a beautiful wolf and their journey that ends not in a destination but in love” Holo smiled and turned around to hug Lawrence back “sounds like a good book” Lawrence kissed Holo and spoke in a happy tone “I’m at the best bit our wedding day” Holo’s eyes shot open from their half closed state, Holo felt around her hand feeling the metal ring around her finger. Holo moved her hand from Lawrence’s back to just in front of her face, she smiled warmly as she saw the silver ring on her hand.

After a while of the two lovers hugging they sat in front of the fire, they cuddled for a little while before Lawrence waved an apple in front of Holo’s face “are you hungry my lady” Holo quickly took the apple and ate it in no time like she always did. Lawrence looked down to Holo speaking in a bit of a shaken voice “Holo you know how you wanted to meet my parents” Holo looked up to Lawrence still nibbling on the apple what was left of it as she spoke “yes” Lawrence smiled slightly at Holo’s cute look that lightened up his tone “well their coming all the way up here” Holo smiled at Lawrence and Leaned on him “so I can finally thank them for giving birth to you, to think all this time we were together in the south we never thought about seeing them and now they’re coming all the way up here to meet me” Lawrence kissed Holo on the forehead “there not just coming here to see you their coming here to see the pups” Holo’s eyes shot open when she heard the word pups, suddenly a boy and two girls came running to them with a gray wolf behind them. The first boy and girl jumped on Lawrence and the second girl and wolf jumped on Holo, the kids had wolf tails and ears. The boy had amber hair and fur with gray tips on his ears and tails like one of the girls, the other girl and wolf had gray hair and fur in the mist of the gray fur little bits of amber could be seen. Lawrence was smiling deeply at the kids hugging him while Holo was in shock at everything that was happening she was married, Lawrence will never die and she had a pack a family of her own. Holo smiled at the two children cuddling up to her and hugged them back, Holo closed her eyes and smiled deeply.

Dream end

Holo opened her eyes looking to the man beside her, Lawrence was smiling lightly as Holo watched him sleep. Holo decided to go back to sleep so she moved closer to Lawrence and closed her eyes. Lawrence woke up a little later to see Holo snoozing lightly, Lawrence pulled away slowly not to wake Holo. Lawrence grabbed his hat and stuffed his tail into his trouser as he walked through the door, as he walked down the stairs to the bar he saw Ric walking in with a tired look on his face. Ric walked up to Lawrence with a tired smile on his face that matched his voice “I finished your order and I have to say I am pretty proud of it” Ric handed Lawrence a small wooden box, Lawrence opened the box it had a soft fabric that stopped the ring from getting knocked about. The ring was exactly like Lawrence asked for pure gold with a diamond on the top with a strand of wheat on each side, the top of the wheat strand curved up the side of the diamond, Lawrence stared at the ring in amazement for a couple of seconds before looking to Ric “you have created a ring that is worthy of a god” Ric smiled at the complement, Lawrence quickly got down to business “so how much do I owe you?” Ric spoke in a somewhat shocked voice “nothing I couldn’t ask a god to pay like a common mortal” Lawrence took a hand full of coins silver and copper coins out of his jacket “If I don’t pay for it, it would mean less because I didn’t earn it” Ric took the money understanding Lawrence’s reason, Lawrence took the box to the cart hiding it in a compartment in the side of the cart behind a metal pot.

Lawrence got breakfast and went up to his and Holo’s room, when he entered their room he found Holo asleep on the bed taking up the whole thing. Lawrence sat on the edge of the bed as he gently nudge Holo awake “Holo food time” Holo slowly sat up instantly putting her hand on her head, Lawrence quickly put his hand on her back “Holo are you ok?” Holo spoke in a weak half asleep voice “yes I just got up to quickly, the dizziness will pass but I don’t know why my back is hurting” Lawrence gently rubbed Holo’s back as he placed the plate of food in front of her “will this make you feel better?” Holo quickly snapped out of her dizzy spell to eat, after they were done with their breakfast Holo was laid down with her hands on her belly “did you have a nice sleep Holo?” Holo smiled at Lawrence think of her dream “yes we had a nice big house and I was going to meet your parents” the moment Holo said parents Lawrence started to rub the back of his head “yes when you meet them it will be one long talk about won’t it” Holo smiled at Lawrence as she spoke “it will be but all they need to know is I love you and we will share that love for eternity” Lawrence leaned in and kissed Holo on the lips.

Lawrence and Holo got ready to leave the town as the day got brighter, Lawrence and Holo walked hand in hand to the street getting pleasant looks from everyone. As they left the town the people waved them off on their journey, Holo and Lawrence enjoyed the scenery as they went to the next town. Holo leaned on Lawrence as she always did on their trips, Lawrence spoke in a somewhat concerned voice “Holo when we get to the town I think you should go straight to bed I’m starting to get worried about you” Holo looked straight at him as she spoke “Lawrence I am the wise wolf I know it’s just the travelling or I’m getting sick but thanks for caring” Holo leaned up and kissed Lawrence. They cuddled together as they watched the sun start to set “Lawrence are we going to make it to the town or are we going to sleep in the cart?” Lawrence looked down at Holo’s face, her face was begging for an inn “I think we will make it to the town before dark” Holo wore a smile filled with joy to his answer.

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