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Spider-Man: An Old Friend


Life in college isn't going so great for Peter Parker. Trying to pay the bills while your salary is lower than an intern's at Starbucks, trying to show up for class without sleeping until 3 pm, and trying to balance out his life as a young adult and a notorious vigilante. As his alter-ego "Spider-Man" is constantly ruining his life, Peter has to protect his loved ones from a threat that goes deeper than just masks and fights...

Action / Scifi
mihnea .
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π‘ͺ𝒉𝒂𝒑𝒕𝒆𝒓 𝑢𝒏𝒆

The awful stench of urine hit Bart Andersen's nose as he kept his hands up for Larry 'Boog' Usher, a local drug dealer and mugger, to see. At the moment, Bart was being held at gun point, because of one reason. Andersen was known to be a very rich model in New York, and he just took a shortcut through an alleyway to get to his limousine. What he didn't know was that this alleyway was a very common place to shoot heroin and smoke crystal.

"Give me your money, or I'll blow your brains out!" Larry said, holding his gun straight at Bart's forehead.

Now, Bart was kinda stupid. He held a courageous facial expression, as he then tried to punch Larry in the stomach. This obviously resulted in the drug dealer pistol-whipping Bart across the face, blood coming out of the model's face.

"I'm not gonna say it one more time, mister! Don't be stupid and give me your goddamn money!" Larry yelled at Andersen.

Now, the criminal wouldn't normally do this in this kinda place. It's wayyy too open, but the high of the crystal he just smoked overwhelmed his brain, and he couldn't think straight.

With remorse, Bart took out his wallet from the backpocket of his jeans, throwing it on the ground for Larry to grab, and hopefully run. Just as Larry leaned down to grab the money-filled wallet, a voice was heard from the shadows, from the roofs of the buildings that hid this alleyway.

"Hey! You don't have to steal from the guy, I can lend you some money, if you want!" The voice sounded like it came from a teenager, or a young adult. It was a bit deep and raspy, and it sounded tiredsome. After the sentence from the shadows ended, some rumbling would be heard.

"...Actually, no, scratch that. I don't have any money. You know, tough times."

At this point, Larry was more scared than a deer being hunted by a wolf. He aimed his gun at the shadows, shooting everywhere blindly.

"Miss me, miss me. Now you gotta..." Something would then be heard. The man in the shadows leaped down and kicked Larry straight in the face, knocking him out with one single hit.

"Kiss me!" The man was dressed in a red and blue spandex suit, with a bold web pattern scattered around the red parts of the suit. A small, black spider was situated on the middle of his chest, while a bigger, red spider was on his back.

Bart was in awe, he was amazed. He met him, he saw him! It was...Spider-Man!

"Y-You're Spider-Man!" Bart managed to spit out 3 words out of his mouth. The now named "Spider-Man" chuckled at Andersen, grabbing the wallet from the ground and giving it to the model.

"What do you want? Money, some cars? I'm real known in this town."

"Hey, hey, hey! No need, no need. I'm not some kinda guy that saves your life and then asks you for 200 hundred dollars. You can keep your money." Spider-Man said, nodding at Bart. Andersen understood Spidey's motive, putting his wallet in his backpocket.

"Cya." Spider-Man would say, as he pressed a trigger on some kind of wrist-device, shooting out a sort of spider web. He then pulled it, thus flying up in the air, and away from the scene.


"PARKER!" A loud and stubborn voice would be heard. This voice would come from J. Jonah Jameson, the Sr. Supervisor at The Daily Bugle. He had grey hair, and a weird Hitler moustache under his nose.

The loud yell woke up a 19 year old boy, who was sleeping at his desk, infront of a computer that was currently in Microsoft Word. The boy had brown, neck length, curly hair, with hazel eyes. He sat at an average height of 5'10, and he looked toned.

"OH SHI-- Oh, Mr. J-Jameson!" The boy looked at Jonah, scared for his life. You see, Jameson is a strict boss. He catches you drinking coffee a minute after coffee break? He fires you. He catches you texting your girlfriend to check if she's ok? You're undeniably fired. And right now, the boy's job was at stake.

"AM I PAYING YOU TO SLEEP?! Get on that computer and start writing about that menace!" Jonah pointed at the computer after screaming loudly.

The boy nodded, getting back on his computer. He then sighed after Jonah left his cubicle.

"I'm getting paid 1 dollar per hour to take photos of myself and then write false accusations about me...What a great life you have, Peter Parker." The boy would quietly mutter.

Meet Peter Parker, a local 20 year old boy from Queens. Ever since his uncle died when he was 15, Peter took on the mantle of Spider-Man, hunting down his uncle's killer, but ultimately failing. He then lived with a moral, that with great power comes great responsibility, thus saving people from criminals so them and their families wouldn't experience the same pain that he did.

Peter then began typing on his keyboard, typing out how Spider-Man was seen today mugging Bart Andersen in a crack head alley.


Walking down the busy streets of New York, Peter was headed to his class in NYU. He works the morning shift at The Bugle, so he has time to go to work and then to school.

A couple of hundreds of feet away from the campus, Peter hears a scream coming down from the back of a diner. The scream sounded like it came from the mouth of a child. With no other choice, Peter goes into a nearby alleyway, and hides behind a dumpster, where he unzips his backpack.

In the backpack there were a couple of school tools and most importantly, his Spider-Man suit. He quickly snatched it from his bag and put it on, swinging towards the scream.

"LEAVE ME ALONE!" A small kid yelled at two other children. He was african-american, with a small, little afro. He wore a blue shirt with some basketball team's name and some orange shorts. The other kids looked older than him by a couple of years, due to them being a head taller than the smaller one.

Arriving at the scene, Peter saw the two kids beating up the child, then quickly stealing some money from his backpack.

"..." Peter looked at the scene, this is just like his teenage years. He was always kicked in the back, pushed down or slammed into a locker. Just the thought of those moments made Pete super uncomfortable.

As the kids were kicking the child, they heard a large thump. They slowly turned around, and they saw Spider-Man, hands to his chest, looking dissapointed even though you couldn't even see his face.

"What are you kids doing? Leave the boy alone!" Spider-Man would say, and the two kids nodded, running off into the street.

The child was amazed by the fact that Spider-Man, in all his glory, was standing right in front of him. Pete then helped him up, leaning down to the same level as him.

"Hey, man! How's it going?" Pete would say in a friendly manner. He then held his fist up for the kid to fist bump it, which he did.

"Don't let those kids get to you, man. Let me tell you a lil' secret. When I was your age, kids beat me up too. But I had these awesome powers, you know, and I was like...These mere mortals couldn't even bear to fight me. I will leave them alone for their sake!"

The kid laughed. A few seconds ago he was crying and whimpering, and now he's laughing. This melted Pete's heart, but he kept a serious face on.

"Hey, what's your name?" Peter would say, looking at him.

"Miles." The child would say. This kid seemed special, in some way.

"Hey, Miles, nice to meet ya!"

Peter would hold the kid's hand, and then he told Miles that he'd walk him home.

"I'm Peter, by the way."


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