Harry Potter and the Insane Escapee


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Chapter 1

Childhood is a thing to cherish, sooner than you think you'll be thrust into the real word and sometimes it's more real than you can handle. So as the students of Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry learned their various spells and incantations in the warm sun surrounded by their friends; far, far away in a cold depressing building surrounded by water as far as the eye can see, where the sky seemed as grey as smoke all the time, in a tiny cell on the 16th level, sitting in the middle of the floor was a seventeen year old girl. Her hair was a mess and her eyes were bloodshot, she had mascara running down her face as if she'd been crying her lips were red and sore from biting them so much she was muttering to herself rocking back and forth, her name was Madeline McCorpe.

But back where things were bright and cheerful, or at least brighter and more cheerful than Azkaban sat a family of red heads, and a few others, around a long table discussing the future. The Order of The Phoenix—Harry Potter and the rest of the children from "Dumbledore's Army" had been inducted into the secret sanction, with much protest from Molly Weasley; but no matter it was have the children informed and risk their lives or uninformed and still risking their lives. So the new Order member sat around the table with everyone else: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dean, Ginny, Fred, George, Seamus, and Luna Lovegood.

"Everything would be going as planned except for this little snag, more and more of the order members are being tortured and killed because of the use of unforgivable curses. We are at even higher of a risk if we can't fight back," Mr. Weasley explained to the group running his hand over his face in frustration.

"No absolutely not we could never and will never stoop down to their level!" Mrs. Weasley scolded folding her arms and huffing. This was a difficult predicament indeed, how were they supposed to fight fire if they haven't any water.

Fred and George Weasley looked at each other and nodded, they had heard what their father said loud and clear knowing it was all seriousness, it was time to play all their cards regardless of what they were.

"Maybe we don't have to conjure the spells," George offered.

"What are you talking about, son?" Mr. Weasley asked sitting up interested everyone as well were sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for an explanation.

"Well have you ever heard of that young girl in Azkaban? Y'know the one who got herself locked up for using the cruciatus curse on her foster mum…Bellatrix Lestrange…" Fred explained.

All eyes shifter to Harry and Neville who were sitting side by side, their fists were balled but their faces remained calm, Neville had come along way and now could to announce that he was proud to be his parents son, but that didn't mean he had forgiven Bellatrix his feeling for her were the same if not stronger now despising what she did to Sirius Black, Harry's god father.

Suddenly Mrs. Weasley stood up and slammed her palms down on to the table making everyone jump and turn her way ",What are you going to do, barge into Azkaban and help her escape? Besides she's probably mental!"

Fred and George didn't even flinch at the sound of her shrilled voice although George stood up followed by Fred and towered over their mother.

"Mum you know you shouldn't say things like that!" George scolded.

There was a pause and then the two grinned ", yeah you'll give us ideas," Fred finished and the two high-five'd and disaperated leaving a group of speechless people.

"Well I think they've officially gone mad," Hermione spoke up folding her arms.

"Yeah Hermione I reckon they have," Ron replied from across the table rubbing his face in worry.

"I think…" Harry began ", they have a point,"

"What you can't possibly think that Harry, dear, she's a criminal there's the reason she's locked up in Azkaban!" Molly countered.

"So was Sirius, we need someone to fight on our side, not just useless defense curses… and if she can help then I'm willing to give it a go," Harry replied grudgingly as he stood and stormed out of the room, followed by Ron and Hermione and soon Neville, Luna, Ginny, and Dean.

"Molly, you know I have respect for you, but you shouldn't just speak without thinking things over. Harry is fragile, he has witnessed so much more than he should have even the smallest thing could remind him of Sirius and that he's alone in this world now that he's gone." Remus Lupin said calmly.

Seamus stood up and slammed his fists on the table ",You're wrong, Harry is not alone he's got Hermione and Ron, Neville understands what he's going through, he's got Ginny, Fred, George, Luna, Dean and Me! I swore the first time I doubted him that I would never doubt him again, Harry knows best…he's been through it all since he was born, he never had a break, and he's not alone he should have you guys by his side too!" Seamus stormed out after the group that left and slammed the door to the upstairs room.

"Are you alright Seamus?" Dean asked from the chair in the corner.

"No, this is a bunch o'rubbish," Seamus said throwing himself on to the bed ", they don't understand what Harry's had to go through, I don't either but at least I'm trying, they think he's alone and he's not, he got us!" Seamus growled pounding his fists into the plush comforter.

"I hope Fred and George bring her back," Ron said from beside Harry who was just glaring at the floor.

"I do as well," Luna agreed her floaty far off voice calmed everyone.

Back at the Weasley Wizard Wheeze's shop Fred and George were conjuring up different items that they could use as distractions, as well has doing a quick review on some of their spells. Two days had past and they were finally ready to follow through with their plan, the two twins were fearless.

Now flying towards the upcoming building they saw where the sky drastically turned to grey and the water churned violently. They flew through the entrance with a charm placed on them so they were undetectable to the dementors, a charm they had created themselves and scanned the floors for a young girl, there were plenty of old men and women with rotted or no teeth, finally finishing the fifteenth floor they flew up the flight of stairs and onto the sixteenth floor scanning the cells until they found a girl with a stringy bird's nest of blackish brown hair, sitting in the middle of the floor muttering to herself evilly, the twins leaned in to the door to hear what she was saying.

"…they hurt me…they hurt me bad…they forced me… threatened me…I'll kill 'em….I'll kill 'em all…and away they go" she sang happily playing with a rock on the floor, her nails were all short and jagged and there were deep scratch marks in the walls her fingers had crusted blood on them as did her chin she had captivating crystal blue eyes.

"She's a nutter, Fred" George whispered.

"Perfect," they whispered together.

"Madeline McCorpe?" Fred asked through the door.

The girl jumped and peered through the looking glass of her door and saw the two twins standing there with flame red hair.

"Great…now I'm even more insane then I was three minutes ago," she mumbled.

"Are you Madeline McCorpe?" George asked.

"Maybe if I ignore it, it'll go away…" She suggested to herself.

The twins watched her turn her back and walk back into the small cell.

"Oh this is ridiculous!" Fred growled pulling out his wand "Bombarda Maxima!" The wall shattered into pieces.

"Ah!" the girl screamed and started to run.

"Immobulus are you, or are you not Madeline McCorpe!" George demanded thoroughly annoyed as he grabbed her shirt and pulled her up.

"Y-yes what are you going to do to me?" She whimpered.

"Coward?" Fred asked confused.

"Without a wand I'd be too" George reasoned. "Do you want out of this place," George continued.


"Then listen to this proposition," Fred said "Agitarum"

Madeline stretched out her limbs and sat down as the twin explained.

Back at Grimauld place everyone was about to head off to bed, many had already retired for the night all that was left was Harry, Remus, Ron, Luna, and Tonks, there they sat at the long table just discussing meaningless things like quiditch and different sales and such when suddenly there was a loud pop and standing next to Ron was Fred, George, and Madeline McCorpe, only Madeline still looked like a crazed lunatic. The five of them screamed waking up everyone in the house soon rushing herd of people in curlers, nightcaps, and gowns came into the kitchen and spotted the now escapee from Azkaban.

"You two, have you any idea what you have done" Mrs. Weasley shrieked causing Madeline to wince.

"Mum stop shouting we're standing right here and we're fully aware of what we've done…we've put our years at Hogwarts to use!" Fred jeered.

"You two have some serious explaining to do," she growled in her hair curlers and gown.

"I'll just go over to the window and wait then?" Madeline asked pointing off to a window in the other room; she sighed as the twins nodded and limped over to a chair and pulled it to the window. Harry, Hermione, and Ron stepped forward towards the girl.

Madeline stared out the window longingly with empty eyes ", Fee! Fie! Foe! Fum!
I smell the blood of an Englishman. Be he 'live, or be he dead, I'll grind his bones to make my bread" she sighed dreamily.

The three friends looked at each other cautiously until Ron whispered "You there by the window,"

"Oh you're so brave Ronald," Hermione said sarcastically.
"Shut up," Ron muttered ", hey you!" he said louder. Madeline jumped and looked over at the three. "What's your name?"

Madeline grinned, "Maddie Mad hatter McCorpe" she began to laugh maliciously.

"I don't think this was such a good idea…"Ron muttered.

"What are your names?" she asked turning towards them fully.

"Ron Weasley,"

"Hermione Granger,"

"Harry Potter"

Madeline blinked twice when Harry said his name, everyone started to renter the kitchen including Fred George and Mrs. Weasley ", Are you mad at me, Mr. Potter?" she asked.

"Why would I be mad at you," he asked curiously.

"Because of this," She lifted up her left sleeve to reveal the death eaters tattoo, everyone's eyes widened but for the first time Harry's scar didn't burn when he saw it, nor did it burn when she looked at him.

"Curious…" he mumbled.

"She cannot stay," Mrs. Weasley finally said standing up and walking out.

"Wait," Madeline whined chewing her lip, Mrs. Weasley turned around at the door way.

"I—didn't—I mean I never—that is I was…" She rambled.

"Out with it," Kingsley growled stomping his foot on the ground impatiently.

"I was forced!" she screamed, causing the portrait of black's mother to awaken and begin screaming but nobody paid any mind all waiting for her to continue.

"My mum and dad were death eaters loyal ones…" that sentence did not help her cause as many hardened their glare on her, she gulped and chewed her lip a bit more, the only people who weren't glaring at her were Harry, Hermione, Fred, George, Remus, and Mr. Weasley.

"Their names were Elizabeth and Michael McCorpe, He who must not be named sent them on important mission," she continued now rocking back and forth although she wasn't looking at the crowd rather back out the window. "But they failed, and when they came back empty handed Vol-the dark lord used the cruciatus curse on them until they went insane and killed themselves. And then I was taken in by Lestrange…" she paused and glared out the window not noticing the balled first and intent looks that Neville and Harry were giving her. "she used the cruciatus curse on me every morning to wake me up and every night to put me to sleep, but it stopped hurting after a while, they kept me out of Hogwarts to keep me away from Dumbledore, and the forced me to join the death eaters but one night I was thinking things over and I snapped I grabbed my wand and stalk into her room and used the Victus Mortuus curse on her I thought it up on spot, it's a very powerful form of the cruciatus curse it literally means living dead, as punishment she called the authorities on me and I was sent to Azkaban, but I never wanted to join the death eaters he killed my parents."

Mrs. Weasley sighed after all she was just a girl, everyone looked at her in anticipation of what her final decision would be "you can stay in Hermione and Ginny's room,"

"Oh thank you, thank you, thank you" she cheered running up to Mrs. Weasley and giving her a hug.

Later that night the girls went off into their room and after a long hot shower Madeline went to sleep sharing a bed with Hermione. Her dreams were filled with nightmares beyond imagination but she'd always wake up early and find herself walking down a path; Madeline was walking down a lonely concrete path the sky and scenery were black but she didn't notice it she was staring at her feet watching every step they completed until her eyes met they end of a dark lavender-ish-blue robes. Madeline looked up tentatively and saw the face of an old man staring back at her, he had an air of nobility and importance, the elderly face only jolted the feeling of lost hope in her stomach but she didn't know why.

"It isn't too late to do something great Madeline Charlise McCorpe," his withered and aged voice spoke tenderly.

"Who are you?" she asked rather bluntly taken aback by him knowing her full name.

"Albus Dumbledore," he said with a small twinkle in his eye.

"Albus who, but you don't know me," she passively argued.

"Oh but I do better than most people Madeline, it's not too late to do something great… Harry Potter needs all the help he can gather and you are a crucial help." He explained.

"I am going to help him, what else is there to do wallow away in a cell at Azkaban?" She said as they both turned to walk down the path.

"I didn't have any doubts that you wouldn't I was merely reiterating the proposal to erase any doubts in your mind," he spoke as the two leisurely walked down the long path.

"Aren't you dead?" she asked as realization dawned on her.

Albus didn't answer the question just smiled knowingly "you are going to play a much larger role in Mr. Potter's life than you think,"

"Like what," she asked glancing at the old man walking beside her.

He smiled again and continued "; you don't have a wand do you?"

"No I don't, they took my wand away and destroyed it the minute I was convicted."

"Well that won't do will it? Tomorrow, go to Fred and George, the ones who freed you, tell them about your predicament. The Weasley twins own a joke shop, they're very talented at making fake gag wands, but I'm sure if they put their minds to it they could conjure up a real wand."

"Why are you doing this?" Madeline asked looking cautiously at Dumbledore.

He looked like he was pondering his words "…for the greater good" he stated finally. There was a pause and two just walked silently down the path hearing the scuffling of Dumbledore's shoes Madeline realized she wasn't wearing any.

"Once you get your wand," Dumbledore began after the long pause ", Go to Harry ask him to help you with some spells that you might need, I'm sure he'll be glad to help," as he finished his last word Madeline looked up only to see that he vanished, then she woke up it was still dark out maybe four in the morning, but Madeline got a sick feeling she often got during her time at Azkaban. So she got up and walked to the bathroom in the hall. An hour later she emerged from the bathroom with cuts all over her and covered in blood, Madeline was sick and out of her mind it would take several weeks for her to recover, she crawled out with a sickening giggle and woke up the black portrait.

"Filthy mudbloods, blood traitors, in my house!" she roared, thoroughly annoying the still bleeding Madeline.

"PROPORIUS TERMINO," Madeline screeched using wandless magic, the curtain shut and turned to stone and she giggled again "that'll teach you to raise your voice at me you bloody canvas" she began to walk down the stairs wearing only bandages around her top and bottom, thinking she hadn't woken anyone but then she heard a creak on the floor boards behind her and a gasp. Madeline swiveled around so fast she got lightheaded ", what do you want" she hissed.

"What did you do" Harry asked with wide eyes.

"She was yelling at me so I shut her up, for good" She answered looking a bit smug.

"No what did you do to yourself?" he asked pointing at her various cuts and blood stained body.

"It was an accident," she smiled and started walking down the stairs again.

"Accident my arse, what really happened?" He asked rushing down behind her.

Madeline stopped at the foot of the stairs and looked down at her feet noticing that she was swaying slightly ", it's her fault, I'm like this Mr. Potter, I swear, are you mad at me?" she asked again.

"No of course not c'mon let's get you up stairs to Hermione so that she can fix you up," Harry said holding his hand out for her.

"I don't feel so good," she mumbled falling forward slightly but Harry caught her and picked her up running upstairs to Hermione's room and shook her awake.

"What's going on?" Hermione asked agitated but then she saw Madeline and gasped ", what happened!"

"Dunno, fix her she made a bloody mess in the bathroom though I'll clean it up," Harry ran quickly to the bathroom knowing Mrs. Weasley would be up soon to start breakfast "Tergeo" and the bathroom became spotless all the blood was gone.

"Harry, dear, what are you doing up so early?" Mrs. Weasley's voice spoke from behind him.

Harry jumped ", oh, uh I just wanted to help you make breakfast," he said quickly.

"Oh, dear, that's wonderful meet me down in the kitchen in 15 minutes.

Harry slapped his forehead when Mrs. Weasley shut the bathroom door he didn't really want to help her Madeline owed him big time. He sighed and walked back into the room to hear Hermione scolding Madeline about using the Ultio spell on herself. The Ultio spell inflicts punishment and to Madeline escaping from Azkaban was something she needed punishment for. Harry couldn't help but think that Madeline looked adorable sitting on the bed cross-legged averting Hermione's gaze as she scolded her, her bottom lip was pouted a little and her head was tilted to the left. Harry caught sight of Ginny sitting on her bed awake, she smiled at him and he could help but feel guilty.

"Do you understand, never and I mean never use that curse on yourself again. Do I make myself clear?" Hermione asked in a stern voice.

"Yes Ms. Granger," Madeline whispered still not looking at Hermione directly.

"Oh for heaven's sake call me Hermione!" Hermione piped in annoyance.

"Yes, Hermione," Madeline repeated.

"Oh Harry's here, I think you need to say thank you," Hermione ordered. Madeline scrunched up her nose, Harry could tell she didn't like being ordered around but knew that what Hermione was saying was right, she opened her mouth to speak but Harry cut her off.

"It's alright, I was glad to help," Harry said smiling at her, Ginny glanced between the two as Madeline beamed up at him, she didn't really like this Madeline girl.

"Well I better go I made up a lie and told Mrs. Weasley that the reason I woke up so early was that I wanted to her with breakfast so I better get going," Harry said as he turned to leave.

"Oh I'm sorry Mr. Potter it was my fault let me help," Madeline said as she started getting up but she was pushed down by Ginny as she walked out the door.

"Don't worry about it I'll help," Madeline growled angrily, how dare she push her. She glared at the door but Harry's voice broke through.

"Madeline, you can help me make lunch if you want, I'll ask Mrs. Weasley if we can do that," He suggested noticing the menacing glare Madeline was giving.

"But I want to help now," Madeline wined childishly.

"You can't I want to do your hair," Hermione thought quickly as she wiped out her wand.

"Oh okay but I have to find Fred and George after this," Madeline sighed, the only reason she didn't call them Mr. Weasley was because they told her not to while they were still in Azkaban.

Hermione smiled at Madeline and started pointing her wand at the bird's nest of hair on Madeline's head straightening it out immediately, then she moved to her makeup and just did mascara and eyeliner.

Madeline smiled and her voice seemed to come out much more normal, not like a person who had been locked up in Azkaban for five years ", wow this is the first time I've looked like this since my parents died."

"So do you like it?" Hermione asked hopefully.

"I love it Hermione, thank you," Madeline walked down the stairs happily and strode over towards Fred and George who were huddled over a piece of paper each with a slice of toast in their mouth. Madeline being the curious type slowly leaned in front of the two to look but a piece of her long hair touched George and he jumped dropping his toast causing Fred to do the same.

"Who are you!" they asked in bewilderment.

"Madeline?" she answered unsure if that was what they meant.

"Mah-Madeline? You look completely different…Congratulations," Fred jeered patting the chair next to him.

"So Maddie what's up?" George asked picking up his toast from the table and finishing it off.

"I, er I have a favor to ask," she mumbled blushing slightly.

The twins blinked ", Like what?"

"Well I don't have a wand," she said playing with her hands.

"Oh is that all? We'll take you to Ollivander's today then," Fred laughed.

"NO!" She screamed.

"Why not?" George asked puzzled.

"Because Ollivander knows me, he know I bought a wand from him he remembers the type it was, he knows I was arrested, and he'll alert the Ministry," Madeline said quickly earning odd glances from Fred and George who were expected some illogical explanation.

"Oh I see what you mean," Fred said making a face as he thought.

"Well I was um, wondering if you two could make me a wand," She asked tentatively.

"Us? We can't make a wand," Fred blurted.

"Actually think about it Fred we make fake wands all the time and they do a little bit of magic," George reasoned.

"Yeah but that's gag magic," Fred protested.

"It's all the same I'm sure if we tried we could pull of a wicked wand and we could make it look cool too!" George explained excitedly, he crumpled up the paper they were brooding over and threw it behind his back pulling out a clean sheet and he began drawing.

"You know what George- my boy, I think you're right," Fred grinned at george sketching manically on the paper ", so what kind of wand did you have?" Fred asked curiously leaning his head on his hands and batting his eyelashes at her.

"Ivy and manipogo blood 12 inches," she said quickly, her wand had been her life, her savior, and she hadn't stopped thinking about it since they snapped it.

"m-manipogo blood?" George sputtered looking up from his paper horrified ", where the hell do you expect us to find that, and kill it? Those things are huge...and usually very angry,"

Fred couldn't say anything his mouth was shut and his eyes were wide, Madeline shrugged ", maybe they sell it on the black market"

"Well, mum barely lets us go to our shop at Diagon alley how do you expect her to let us go to the black market in Knockturn alley," Fred asked in a hush whisper.

"On your break she doesn't have to know and if she finds out blame it on me tell her I needed a wand, I'm sure she'll understand,"

"Fine but you're coming for protection," George said after some thought, after it was agreed Madeline walked over to the three bustling around the stove cooking.

"Need any help?" Madeline asked rocking on the balls of her feet.

"What? Oh Madeline dear you look wonderful, yes in fact I think I could use some hel—" began.

"No mum, I'll help I'm finished beating the bread batter." Ginny interjected quickly.

went over to the counter to check and tutted ", No you're not Ginny look there all those lumps in it," Ginny sighed in defeat and went back over to the bowl to finish beating it.

"Here why don't you help Harry with the eggs he's hopeless, he's burned 3 already." said taking the carton of eggs from Harry's hands and placing them in Madeline's instead.

"Ginny's mad," Harry whispered.

"She's mean," she whispered back cracking an egg on the frying pan and watching it sizzle.

"She's only jealous, I think," Harry mumbled back.


"Because she's my ex-girlfriend," Madeline made and O shape with her mouth and placed the egg on a plate.

"Can you put that on the table," She asked harry passing the plate to him

"You look different," Harry commented as he came back.

"I look clean," she laughed then sighed "I need a wand."

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