Cirque De Morte


Daryl and a scouting group found a girl who had jumped into a river to escape walkers but before they could get any information out of her The prison is breached and they escape together.

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Long dark brown hair whipped back and forth desperately searching for the best possible exit to get itself out safely. She had seen the uninfected group of humans walk past the shop earlier, a man with shaggy brown hair and a muscle shirt had tried the front door and once he discovered that it was locked he squinted and shook the door violently making enough noise to attract a walker. One of his comrades, obviously trigger happy, shot at the walker—whether they managed to dispose of it or not Daisy didn't know nor did she care at this point. Those three shots had attracted a walker that was roaming around near the broken window she had climbed through to gather supplies. And was now attempting to claw its way in through the broken glass. Daisy being on the other side of the small convenience store had no idea that the undead man was in the building until it snatched at her hair causing her to shriek in fright. She jumped on top of the pharmacy counter and searched the store desperately for the closest and safest possible exit. Her shriek had drawn even more walkers to the broken window and there was no way she could use it to exit now. The only other possible route was the front door. She would have to risk being seen by the uninfected group. Even uninfected humans were dangerous in the apocalypse, men and women alike would pretend to save you and then stab you in your back just so they could collect whatever you had in your survival bag at the moment.

Daisy made up her mind in an instance it was either risk being seen or risk turning into one of them, which was completely off the table. She picked up her crowbar and swung hard at the walker's skull nailing it right in the eye, using her foot she pried the crowbar out of the zombies head destroying its nose and brain. The undead corpse fell lifeless to the ground and Daisy hopped off the counter one hand gripping the metal bar and the other her backpack strap. She reached the front door and smashed it open with her weapon of choice, the walkers were right on her tail so as soon as she broke the glass enough she crashed her body through cutting herself up pretty bad. But she didn't stop the brown hair green-eyed girl ran over the bridge hearing gunshots and yelling in the distance of her mind. Suddenly it was as if time had stood still in front of her were a group of walkers as well as behind and to her right was the group of "currently" uninfected fending off another group of walkers. She accessed her options quickly and just as the group noticed her she hopped onto the ledge of the bridge and jumped down into the rushing waters below her, Daisy's legs swung wildly before she finally hit the water with a painful splash.

The rushing current was quickly pulling her deeper and deeper under the raging river's water. With her last burst of energy Daisy kicked and swam for her life towards a large bolder jutting out above the surface of the water. Her body screamed in protest she hadn't eaten in days and drank very little water, Daisy's body was on the verge of giving out on her. As if a miracle had happened her fingers grazed the boulder and she clawed her way up tearing up her fingers and nails. Her lungs were starting to feel extremely tight from lack of oxygen and she was starting to panic even more than she had before. The fact that it could be the end was the only thought that was running through her mind. And as if lighting had struck twice her head breached the surface of the water and with one forceful swing her long brunette hair was thrown behind her and she crawled feebly onto the onyx boulder. She lay helplessly on the boulder resembling a dead fish that had been washed ashore.

Daisy could hear ringing in her ears and the rushing water but in the distance she could vaguely hear, "Girl! Hey girl—Yo, crazy bitch on the rock!" She used her remaining strength to turn her head and see who was calling her before she finally passed out from exhaustion.

The sound of sound of laughter woke her up, by the volume there were quite a lot of people—Daisy hadn't been on her own for long. The emotional wounds were still fresh in her mind it was just her and her older brother traveling the country together without a care in the world. They didn't make far before the world fell apart, the two hailed from New Jersey and had only made it as far as Georgia…some road trip that turned out to be. Two weeks prior Daisy and her brother Liam had the misfortune of running into a group of unfriendly men while on a run.

She sighed of course she couldn't have just died. God wanted her to suffer; the big man upstairs wanted her to watch the most heinous crime being commit against her brother. And he wanted her to see it while she knew that he sacrificed his life so she could live.

She opened her eyes to meet gray stone, alarmed, she turned her head to see herself in a small stone room with bars.

'Jail,' she thought instantly. Daisy stood and walked over to the bars trying to pry the door open but she was locked in. Panic set in, had she been caught by the men from before? She smashed her face against the bars and peered as far as she could down the hallway and below her once she found that she was on the second floor. A blonde girl was walking passed the door and paused, giving her an odd glance. Realizing that someone was there witnessing her smash her face into metal bars for a better view and jumped back and smoothened out her half destroyed tank top clearing her throat.

"Um, hi there," she said awkwardly but at the sound of her voice the girl screamed and ran down the stairs. 'What was a little girl doing in a prison' she asked herself. The girl's scream caused a commotion and several people came bolting up the stairs to her cell door.

"She's awake!" An older woman with short gray hair exclaimed. She noted that a few of the people looked very sick possibly infected but she was safe behind these bars for now. Daisy felt like an animal displayed at the zoo the way the people gawked at her.

"Um…hi," She tried again sure she would get a different reaction from the adults. Before anyone could respond the sound of boots on metal stairs caused everyone to clear a path. Four men walked through the parting in the crowd the shaggy brunette from earlier, a shorter Asian man, a stick thin man with longish curly brown hair, and an older man with a long white beard and a limp.

"Everyone clear out and give us some space," The thin curly haired man exclaimed as he pulled out a key ring and unlocked the cell door, "Some of you shouldn't even be out of bed yet." He glared at a dark skinned woman with unruly hair and added pointedly, "Sasha." She looked down at her feet and the crowd dispersed.

"Glad to see you're up and about," The man said turning his attention back to her curious gaze. "I'm Rick, you're safe don't worry." He introduced himself as he pulled the door to the side allowing them entrance into her cell.

The shaggy haired brunette and the Asian man stood back against the walls of the cell and the older man walked up to her and took a hold of her hand taking notice of the newly bandaged arm. "How are you feeling young lady? My name is Hershel Greene I've been taking care of your wounds." He held his hand out and Daisy shook it, so far so good. These people may clearly be stationed inside of a prison but they didn't seen threatening so far, at least they had women and children with them.

"Daisy Marlow," She said quietly, it wasn't like her to be quiet but she was currently backed against the wall of the cell she woke up in not 10 minutes prior surrounded by four unfamiliar men whilst seeing they had a whole crew as well to back them up that they had dispersed.

"It's nice to meet you Daisy, don't be alarmed you're not in jail—"

"She is in jail," the Asian man interrupted quickly causing Daisy to smile slightly.

"T-thank you Glenn," Rick shook his head in amusement, "Well we are in jail but we all sleep in cells this is where we're held up." Daisy waited for him to continue, "Right now you're in Cell Block C, normally we would have held you in the medical wing but a flu epidemic broke out and we're currently housing our worst patience there. There's not much room and we didn't want to expose you to anything potentially dangerous."

'Huh.' Daisy thought ,'That sounds nice enough.' Her eyes flicked up to the man who shook the Pharmacy doors earlier. He was glaring at her with a deep scowl fixed on his face. She looked down at her feet when she noticed he was staring right back at her and then met Rick's gaze once more.

However, Hershel was the one who spoke up, "I've bandaged your wounds, just minor cuts and scraped nothing to serious. And I had you hooked up to an IV for two days to help ease your dehydration and malnourishment. There's not much I can do obviously considering the state out there but I did the best I could with what we had. The real healing will start once we get some solid food in that small stomach of yours." He smiled.

"Two days?" Daisy questioned sure he had been mistaken.

Glenn nodded and interjected, "Two days, three nights technically." He gestured oddly with his hands before stepping back once he felt the brunette man's glare on his, "Sorry, man. Why'd they bring us if they didn't want us to talk? …Just makes no sense." He muttered the last part and this made Daisy visibly smile, Glenn was awkward and funny and he was definitely relieving the tension in the room, that she was thankful for.

Rick snorted, "You were exhausted when you jumped into that river, and I'm sure you're still exhausted. I know for a fact that Hershel wants you to rest more so we'll talk later tonight. Before I forget my manners this is Daryl he's the one who saved you." He gestured over to the scowling man.

Daisy almost laughed, "Saved me? He was the reason I was in so much trouble to begin with." Daisy narrowed her eyes at the man who cocked an eyebrow at her comment, "Incase you haven't realized the infected are sensitive to sound, it attracts them. Next time, don't shake locked doors so loudly." She added in frustration.

Rick cleared his throat and Glenn swallowed nervously looking between Daryl and Daisy unsurely, "Well, um, Daryl's cell is right next to yours incase you need anything." He informed moving on from my statement, "He'll be back for you after dinner, sleep well." The men turned and one by one retreated back into the prison.

"What for?" I called curiously behind them. Daryl turned just outside of the door being the last one out.

"I ask the questions 'round 'ere." He grumbled with a thick southern accent as he slammed the door shut to her cell with a menacing bang. "And I know how ta get answers." He added as he turned on his heel towards his cell.

Daisy flushed herself up against the bars again and stuck her hand through snapping at him, "Hey um Daryl?" he turned his head slightly towards her acknowledging her as he stopped at the entrance of his cell. "Could, um…maybe not get those answers by torturing me?" Daisy knew her sarcasm would be the end of her but she just couldn't help taking her chance when people left a beautifully set up for her. She could have sworn she saw the scowl of his lips twitch slightly into an amused smirk for a second but it was almost like the Mona Lisa. The mouth never moved and it was definitely a scowl but in the right light it totally could have been a smirk. She walked over to her cot and laid down, she was cold from the IV drip and she was still very tired so she decided to take their advice. Each of the new faces she had just met flashing through her mind as she tried to remember their names, the last one she could remember before she fell asleep though was her brother. Always her brother, he was the last thought that occupied her mind every night before she dozed off into the blackness.

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