Cirque De Morte

Chapter 2

Voices woke Daisy up for the second time today but instead of it being a group of people she recognized it to be Daryl's.

"Man, you couldn't have waited till we got back?" He asked obviously pissed off about something.

"Till Tyrese got back?" Rick asked.

"I could of handled that," Daryl grumbled obviously knowing that Rick was right about their argument.

"Hey, hey! She killed two of our own. She couldn't be here anymore. She's gonna be alright. She has a car, supplies, weapons. She's a survivor." Daisy squinted in thought maybe everyone in the group wasn't as 'good' as she thought they seemed. There's always more than meets the eye is what her dad used to always say.

"Stop saying that like you don't believe it!" Daryl snapped, Daisy could here his heavy booted footsteps walking back and forth pacing in front of where she presumed Rick to be standing.

"She did it, she said it was for us. That's how it was in her head. She wasn't sorry." Rick pleaded. Not realizing that there was a cup on the floor Daisy tried to stand quietly and stretch but knocked the cup over gaining the attention of the two men outside her cell.

"Daisy?" Rick tried cautiously not sure how much she overheard.

"…yeah?" She answered meekly after a pause.

The two appeared at her door and if looks could kill, well Daryl must have had that look tattooed to his face right now.

"Hey, I just woke up. Am I still locked up?" She asked as she tried the door but to no avail.

"Yeah but you can come out. I'm sorry, we've had some issues lately and you just can't be too careful…about anyone." Rick added looking at Daryl who grimaced.

"Yeah…Don't I know it," She replied as Rick opened the door

Daisy stepped out of her cell and looked around at what she could see. "So I mean, thanks and all but I can just be on my way. It seems like you guys have got your hands full with enough people at the moment."

"You're welcome to stay Daisy, there's safety in numbers." He paused, "You just have to take a test of sorts."

"A test huh? What kind of test?" Daisy asked.

"Just three questions, I have to go talk to Tyrese. But Daryl will ask you the questions while he shows you around."

Daryl's head snapped up and he glared at Rick, "Man, I've got better things to do right now after you dropped that bomb."

Rick sighed and fixed the other man with a stern look, "Daryl you saved her. You're the welcome committee."

"Fine, but I'm not gonna like it." Daryl huffed crossing his arms over his chest like a child. Rick smiled and turned to walk down the stairs and the two followed in silence. Daisy took notice to all the entrances and exits in the room. It was better to be prepared just incase. Rick veered off into another direction and Daryl continued forwards towards the grounds.

"So…"Daisy tried but Daryl didn't even acknowledge her. She snorted, "You always like this?" She asked as they passed Glenn and a short brunette haired woman who laughed.

"He comes around eventually. I'm Maggie, Glenn's Wife." She said with a thick accent as they shook hands.

"Daisy, was it something I said?" She laughed Daryl stood a few feet away glaring. Obviously he could hear everything they were saying but his mind was elsewhere.

"I'm glad to see you out and about—"

"We got shit to do," Daryl growled interrupting Glenn before walking off.

"Sorry," Daisy apologized before jogging to catch up, if there was ever a textbook definition of a redneck Daryl might have taken the cake with his crossbow slung over his shoulder and his I-don't-give-a-fuck saunter.

Once they reached the outdoors Daryl turned to her, "Three questions." He reminded.

"What happens if I don't get these questions right?" She asked tentatively.

Daryl smirked, "Then we take you out back."

Daisy gulped, "You're gonna Ole Yeller me?"

Even in the distraught state he was in her couldn't help but snort, Daisy had that knack about her. She could get most people to like her by just saying what she thought out loud. It was a gift, but most people who she didn't like couldn't seem to get the hint, a gift and a curse. "Nah it ain't the right 'r wrong kinda questions."

"Alright, well shoot." She paused, "Not literally Travis."

Daryl cocked an eyebrow, "Who's Travis?"

Daisy looked at him in shock, "The kid who had to shoot Ole Yeller?" "Oh," Daryl muttered before turning and walking a few more feet and sitting on a ledge. Daisy followed suite and took a seat on the ledge as well.

"So the first question: How many walkers have you killed?"

Daisy didn't have to hesitate, "A lot? I mean I haven't kept count, its not really something I'm proud of its just surviving its been two years…" Daryl nodded he understood where she was coming from he definitely didn't have a count of his kills either.

"How many people 'ave you killed?" He asked next.

Daisy thought long and hard , "two…no three"


"The first two were bit, they asked me to do it…I shot 'em" she said pointing to her head sadly.

"An' the las—" Before he could finish his sentence there was an explosion that caused them both to hit the ground.

"What the fuck was that?!" She screamed covering her head.

"Dunno, let's find out." He yelled as they ran towards the explosion.

"Woah wait!" Daisy stopped.

"What!" Daryl snapped.

"I'm not going anywhere without a weapon!" Daryl sighed and reached behind his back pulling out a handgun.

"Fine but don't try anything funny." He said making sure the safety was on before he handed it to her.

"Don't worry, I'm not gonna Ole Yeller you," She answered running after him towards the other side of the prison. A guard tower was on flames and they could clearly see a tank. "Seriously a fuckin' tank? Where do you guys come up with this shit?" She yelled as they ducked behind a gate with a teenage boy. Aiming their weapons clear at the intruders.

"We gotta do something," The boy spoke. Daisy took the boys features in, he looked a lot like Rick. Down near the tank she could see Rick talking to the Calvary.

"You're dad's got it." Daryl grumbled. Dad! It all made sense now, this must be Rick's son.

"They're talking!" The boy said stubbornly. "We could kill the governor right now."

'The governor?' Daisy thought curiously as she squinted to make out the face of the man standing talking to Rick. Sudden realization struck her and she gasped.

"Wha?" Daryl hissed beside her.

"They've got Hershel!" She exclaimed motioning to the older man kneeling on the ground with a sword to his throat.

"Yeah, and Michonne." The boy added. He cocked his gun, "I could end this right now."

"From 50 yards?" Daryl challenged.

"I'm a good shot." The boy answered.

"Or you could start somethin' else…" Daryl mumbled. It all happened so quickly suddenly Hershel's head lay on the ground next to his body and Daryl screamed in anger before the whole prison rang out in gunfire and hatred.

'What the actual fuck did I get myself into!?' Daisy thought trying to sneak away.

"Hey I'm watchin you girl, you stay by my side!" Daryl snapped.

Daisy looked at him in calculation before returning behind the gate and helping them shoot. The fight became mobile when the intruders starting moving in.

"I'm outta ammo!" Daisy screamed in frustration.

Daryl snarled and pulled something round out of his pocket throwing it towards some of the shooters.

"Grenade!" They shouted and attempted to duck out of the way.

"Where did you get that?!" Daisy shouted in disbelief as she caught the clip Daryl tossed to her.

"Follow me, get to the bu—" he froze as Daisy pointed a gun at his face, "What the—"


There was the sound of a body dropping and Daryl turned behind him to see a walker shot square in the head, "Thanks," he muttered before grabbing her arm and running towards a gray school bus. They stopped suddenly when a frantic looking blonde seemed to be running around in circles. They watched as the bus sped off without them.

She turned to see Daryl, "I was trying to find the kids to get them on the bus!" She panicked.

"We gotta go, Beth. We gotta go. Come on!" He ordered crossbow at the ready. He shot down any walker in their path and they ran for their lives into the woods…into the wild.

It was dark when the three finally stopped running. Beth, the blonde, suddenly burst into hysteric tears. To be honest Daisy felt a little like crying too, enough was never enough in this world. Once you escaped the frying pan there was no place to go but the fire…but what happened after that? Daryl was gathering wood clearly keeping his distance from the weeping girl. Daisy decided it was the right thing to do to give her space and followed his lead.

"Hershel was her dad," He mumbled quietly to her.

"Damn…"Daisy whispered taking a quick glance at the girls direction. She was beginning to calm herself down as the two adults built a fire. They sat in silence just absorbing the events of the day. Daryl thought it was better that Carol got out when she did, she may not have survived the fight if she hadn't. Now he was stuck with these two girls, Beth who wasn't too skilled with a weapon and Daisy who he knew nothing about. She did save his life today though, he mused. With his arms resting on his knees and his head bowed he peaked through his long shaggy hair at the girl in question. She was pretty, real pretty, but Daryl tried to stifle any thoughts like that. He didn't need distractions…speaking of distrations…he noticed her long tan legs and his eyes followed them from the hem of her shorts to the lip of her boots.

"Damn," he muttered.

"What?" Daisy asked popping her head up curiously.

Daryl cursed in his mind he hadn't realized that he had said that out loud. "I—um—damn you're almost outta bullets and you ain't got no weapon…" Daryl stuttered out 'Nice save,' he thought.

"I know," Daisy replied looking back down at the small pathetic fire.

Daryl sighed and reached into his boot, "here."

She looked up to see him holding out a large machete hilt towards her like a gentleman and she raised her eyebrows, "Where were you hiding that?"

"Ma' pants," Daryl mumbled before coughing once he realized what he had said.

Daisy laughed," Alright there stud."

"'S not what I meant," he grumbled clearly embarrassed.

"I know," she replied patting his knee before she stood and stretched.

"We should do something!" Beth spoke up suddenly causing Daisy to jump. "We should do something. We aren't the only survivors. We can't be. Rick, Michonne, they could be out here. Maggie and Glenn could have made it out of A block. They could've. You're a tracker." She stated desperately looking at Daryl who had gone back to looking at the fire. "You can track. Come on. The sun will be up soon. If we head out now, we can—"

She stood and noticed that Daryl didn't follow, "Fine if you won't track, I will!" She began to walk, "Come on Daisy."

The new comer looked between Beth and Daryl unsure, that girl definitely was a fire cracker but she was young and distraught and Daisy couldn't let her go further into the woods on her own so she followed. She could hear Daryl sigh in defeat before he kicked out the fire and followed with his crossbow in hand.

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