Cirque De Morte

Chapter 3

Daisy followed the two warily until the early hours in the morning when finally the sun began to peak out giving light to the world. She didn't know how to track but she did know how to survive and she had been doing a pretty good job of staying out of trouble until this month. Daryl's bandana swished back and forth from his back pocket imitating a tail. With the way he was tracking she wouldn't be surprised if he were an animal. She watched as his eyes scanned the ground with extreme focus until he abruptly veered off to the right and blew a few leaves and dust away from the spot he had singled out.

She and Beth gathered behind him curiously to see a small shoe print in the mud. "I could be Luke's...or Molly's. Who ever they are it means they're alive." Beth explained with a definitive nod.

Daryl shook his head, "No, this means they were alive four or five hours ago."

Daisy winced at how harsh Daryl was being and tried to reason with them, "it means they had a fighting chance, they might be okay."

Beth had a determined look on her face, "They're alive."

Daisy had to admire the teenager's blind faith while they followed Daryl to another track, "They picked up the pace right here. Got out in a hurry. Things went bad."

"Wouldn't kill you to have a little faith." Beth hissed following the tracks of their subject.

"Yeah, faith." Daryl chuckled darkly, "Faith ain't done shit for us. Sure as hell didn't do nothing for your father." He spat.

Beth seemed to ignore him but Daisy kicked his boot lightly to get his attention as she walked ahead a little further.

"Whaddya want?" He grumbled.

"What's wrong with you? She needs this." Daisy scolded in a hushed voice.

"Nah, what she needs is to survive, she'll be okay." He said dismissively before shrugging her off.

"We'll be okay, ya redneck." She muttered under her breath behind him.

"What did you say!?" He snapped as he turned around.

"I said we'll be okay I reckon," she lied.

Daryl narrowed his eyes in disbelief, clearly he had heard what she said, "What's some jersey bitch doin' sayin' I reckon. Don't y'all say things like totally and fer-sure?" He sneered at her as they continued on.

"Fer-sure," She agreed sarcastically making Daryl grumble at his failed attempt at an insult. "Hey how'd you know I was from Jersey and not here?"

Daryl snorted, "Well first off ya don't talk like us, ain't got an accent. Second…" He trailed off and pulled out her wallet with her drivers license in it, "Don't photograph well do ya?" He laughed.

"Hey! Gimme that back!" she snapped while snatching the wallet out of his hand.

"Why ya keep that on you anyways? Incase Rick pulls ya over for driving without a lisence?"

"Rick's a cop?" She asked shocked.

"Yeah, he's a good guy," Daryl nodded.

"Huh, makes sense…" she mumbled.

"So why ya got it on ya?" he repeated.

"Um, incase someone finds my body and cares to know who I am…" She trailed off, that sounded really depressing.

Daryl chewed his lip trying to lighten the mood a little bit againwhich wasn't something he normally cared to do. "I mean all they're gonna see is the terrible picture of some Jersey bitch named Daisy Marlow."

"Shut up! Its not THAT bad!" She growled with a laugh as they continued on.

"They'll be hungry when we find them," Beth figured as she picked some grapes off of the tree. Daisy followed suit gathering them in her shirt, Daryl grunted and bumped her shoulder to grab her attention before handing her his bandana and stalking off a little ways down the trail but still within earshot.

They heard him sigh, "What?" Daisy asked coming up behind him.

"That ain't walker blood…" He said.

"The trail keeps going!" Beth exclaimed hopefully, "They fought them off!"

"No, got walker tracks all up and down here. At least a dozen of 'em"

A twig snapped behind them and Daisy froze listening carefully when suddenly a snarling walker lunged at Beth. She screamed and hit the tree behind her trying with all her might to hold the creature at bay. Daryl sprinted into action and ripped the walker off of her but stumbled and lost his balance causing the walker to land on top of him snapping it's jaws hungrily.

"Oh no you don't you bastard!" Daisy spat venomously as she drove the machete Daryl gave to her into the top of its skull. The walked fell lifeless and Daryl shoved it off of him. "That was close."

"Yeah too close," Daryl agreed while wiping the leaves off of him.

"We should camp for the night I'm exhausted and thirsty," Daisy suggested brushing her bangs out of her face.

" Yea," Daryl grunted, "Here" He tossed her a bottle of water and she drank some gladly before handing it back to him.

"Thanks man."

"Don't mention it."

It was silent again, the sun had gone down and the air was a lot cooler now, which all three were grateful for. They were each in their heads again, thinking about better days, or ways to survive. Daisy noticed Beth absent mindedly picking a scab until it bled and continuing to pick at it.

"You okay?" She asked tentatively.

Beth's head shot up as well as Daryl's eyes now paying attention to their conversation. "Yeah why?"

"I mean about everything, y'know…" Daisy trailed off, "I mean I know I don't know you and all but I can only imagine."

"I don't cry any more, Daisy, if that's what ya mean…"

Daisy chewed her lip in thought, "It's not…but I mean everyone cries. Even me and I'm sure Daryl cries too when no one's looking." She sent a small smile his way but was met with a stone glare.

"I don't, there's no point. I'm tired of losing people." She yawned.

"Try and get some sleep." Daisy suggested, it wasn't long before Beth had fallen asleep and all that was left were she and Daryl. "So…"

'Sad attempt to make conversation Daze…' she thought.

"So…" Daryl replied however his face was pressed up against his arm as he hugged his knees so it came out muffled.

"What should we do tomorrow?"

"Dunno," Daryl answered, if you could call that an answer.

"Dunno," Daisy mocked earning another glare, "We need food and shelter, somewhere we can catch out breath for a day or two."

"I know."

"I'm sorry this all happened to you guys," She sighed, she was trying to pass an olive branch with him but he just was not budging.

"Not you're fault," his reply made her inwardly growl in frustration. The two fell silent again.

"I don't know how far we are from where you guys picked me up but I had a camp there we could grab my stuff…"

"No use," Daryl said finally lifting his head up, "Its too far we couldn't get there without a car it's an hour drive."

"It's something though, a destination."

Daryl was silent he glanced at Beth's sleeping form, "I don't think she's ready to leave yet, honestly."

Daisy smiled at him slightly, "I don't think you really are either."

"'Course I am, everyone's dead."

"You don't believe that, you want to believe it so you don't build yourself up to be let down. But if you really believed that you wouldn't be following Beth you would have left us."

"I ain't leavin' leavin her, she's too young." He grunted

"I call bullshit." Daryl glared at her before looking away. His position gave her a great few of his jaw line and muscles. Daryl was in no way short of gorgeous to her, even if she didn't know him there was no denying he definitely had the look. He was gruff and definitely a dominant man which Daisy liked as a dominant female. She didn't need the men in her life pussy footing around her, she needed them to tell her how it was. Although Daryl was hiding his real feelings about the situation, she just felt that was something they would never get passed, she sighed.

"What cha sighin about, girl?" He asked suddenly.

"I have a name, and I wasn't sighing I was just…deflating…" She countered.

"Deflatin?" He questioned confused.

"Yeah like a balloon," She elaborated.

Daryl snorted, "So yer sayin full of hot air? You said it not me." He added quickly after her glare.

"I'm full of hot something," She muttered not realizing once again she had steered the conversation into a no-no area. "Ah, man I'm sorry. I'm awkward I just don't really think before I speak." Daryl buried his face into his arms again hiding his smirk as he looked at her calculatingly. "What?" She asked.

"Nothin, yer funny." He stated finally. He was pretty sure he'd never told anyone his opinion on them since the apocalypse unless it was a negative opinion like how much of an ass they were. But Daisy stirred something in him from before the world went to shit. He had a feeling that if he had met her before the outbreak they would have been friends, drinkin' buddies maybe.

"I try," She winked at him.

"And ya got a smart mouth," He added.

"You ruined it, you ruined out friend moment." She stated mater-of-factly.

"I think ya did that on yer own when ya got cocky about me sayin you were funny." He challenged.

"I feel like you're about to say I'm funny lookin…" She laughed.

"Nah ya look pretty normal to me," He said, Daisy looked at him through the fire. "Like everyone else I mean. Dirty, gross, unkempt, and smelly."

Daisy shook her head with a smile at Daryl's trick, "Got 'eem." She mumbled with small laugh.

"Try an' sleep. I'll keep first watch." Daryl offered.

Daisy frowned, "I don't really sleep well unless I'm sick."

"How come?"

"Insomnia, used to have nightmares…"

"What kind of nightmares? Walker nightmares?"

Daisy blushed, "I wish… no they're really stupid. I used to have nightmares of my boyfriends cheating on me or like doing a complete 180 and hating me, pitying me, all sorts of bullshit. I didn't know I was so insecure, but when I'd wake up I wouldn't be rested and I really couldn't tell real life from the dream for a few hours."

Daryl looked at her taking in her story, he wasn't judging just listening, "Ya still get em?"

"No, not since all of this. I just tend to wake up a lot." She explained.

"Well try to get some sleep, if ya wake up I'll be here keepin an eye." Daryl informed. She couldn't help but smile but she agreed and rolled her hoodie that she had tied around her waist as a pillow before attempting to drift off. The way she laid down gave Daryl a clear view of her ass.

'Dang man,' he thought as he licked his lips like a wolf. In sudden realization of what he was doing he shook his head ,'Dang man…I suck, we really to find a place so I can rub one out in privacy and get rid'a these thoughts….'

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