Cirque De Morte

Chapter 4

In the early morning when they had all taken their shifts of watch and were somewhat rested they decided it was time to set out and be productive. They were hungry and uncomfortable.

"So what're you good for?" Daryl asked.

"A lot?" Daisy questioned not sure what Daryl meant.

"He means what are you good at. Shooting, cooking, hunting, building things?" Beth elaborated for the poor gruff man of few words.

"I'm good at finding things and repurposing them. I'm not the worlds best marksman but I can shoot, I have to be able to shoot." Daryl nodded in agreement with her.

"If you don't mind me asking, what did you do before all of this?" Beth asked meekly.

Daisy instantly looked at the ground, "It doesn't really matter right? I mean live in the now is what I always say!" She exclaimed before jumping up, "Alright," she clapped her hands with gusto, "I'm gonna scavenge I saw a run down shed about 10 minutes before we decided to camp here for the night so I should be pretty safe. You guys can come with me but if not I'll be close enough for you to hear me if anything comes up."

Daryl lit a cigarette and took a long drag, "Nah, I know where you're talking about you probably won't find much—"

"But anything is something when you've got nothing." Daisy interjected.

Beth smiled, "She's right we've got nothing right now."

"Beth you can go with her but I'm gonna hunt, I doubt y'all will anything to eat in that dump so…" He trailed off.

"Alright, will you holler if you run into trouble you can't handle on your own?" Beth asked.

"There ain't nothing I can't take down," Daryl huffed. Daisy rolled her eyes and cleared her throat expectantly, "Yeah I'll holler." He finally agreed causing the two girls to smile before they split up.

"Come on Beth it's just down this way," Daisy said she pushed some branches out of their way in the distance they could make out the shed and they jogged up to hit to avoid dawdling in one place for too long.

"There's some junk out here we could use," Beth exclaimed when she spotted a rope and some hubcaps from tires.

"Snatch 'em, I'm going in," Daisy whispered over her shoulder from the doorway of the shed. She banged on the rotted wood loudly hoping to stir anything that was inside but nothing moved or made a sound so she assumed it was safe to enter. Inside was a mess but she knew it was bound to be a gold mine and she quickly decided she was right about the place being useful. Daisy shifted a few items on a shelf and found piece of plastic wrap that was used to cover food and grabbed it, she had nothing to hold her haul in so she pocketed it for the moment before she found a plastic bag filled with trash. She untied it and turned it upside down dumping the trash on the floor, quickly she picked up an empty can. After about twenty minutes her plastic bag was filled with the bits of plastic wrap she could find, four empty cans, a long thin clear tube that was used for an aquarium filter, an old shirt, she had filled a couple of plastic bottles with some dirty water that was in a puddle, and a small pot. Daisy emerged from the run down shack with a full plastic bag.

"What did you find?" Beth asked curiously eying the bag as they walked back to their camp.

Daisy shrugged, "useful stuff…" she laughed after Beth looked dejected, "You'll see, jeeze chill Beth." She slapped her on the shoulder dismissively. When they arrived back at the fire they were greeted by Daryl's back.

"Shh!" he hissed at them causing the two to stop in their tracks. Daisy regarded him warily as she watched him stalk a snake through the grass. He lunged using a stick to trap its head before he brought his knife down and ended its life. He turned around, "Foods up."

Daisy inwardly cringed at the thought of eating snake but the way things were now made her grateful for anything she could get. She pushed past the idea of eating a snake and forced a smile Daryl's way although he seemed to notice her distaste. He looked away at the ground and she could have sworn she noticed his cheeks heat up a bit. They sat down around where the fire from the night before had been the night before. Beth gathered some wood into a pile and began work on a fire while Daryl skinned the large snake.

Daisy on the other hand began to dig a hole with her hands. Daryl was looking down at the snake but peaked at her through his eyelashes every now and then curious as to what she was doing. He moved so quickly she didn't notice him and he snatched the plastic bag and dumped the contents out.

"What the fuck is this shit?" He asked taking in the assorted trash now laying on the earth.

"Useful stuff!" She repeated from earlier.

"No seriously what the fuck are you going to do with this shit?" He snapped, he didn't know her and it seemed like she had just wasted their time and put Beth in danger just to grab garbage.

"Its for water you dickhead!" She retorted hotly, "There's no water source near by so this is what you fucking do if you don't want to die, see fuckin' watch!" She had finished digging her hole and she placed one of the cans in the hole and used her machete to cut the long aquarium hose putting it in the can and leading it out of the hole. Beth and Daryl watched her closely as she placed one of the bits of plastic wrap over the hole and can but allowed the hose to peak through. Then she weighed the plastic down with rocks and placed a small one in the center. "It's hot here so the sun will draw the moisture from the soil but the plastic wrap with cut the water cycle short. So basically I created my own little biome underneath this thing. I put the rock here so that when the starts doing its magic and condensation collects on the plastic the water droplets will be guided to the center and they'll fall into the can. We don't have to disturb it because the tube acts like a straw…ya dig?" She snipped at Daryl for not having faith.

He grunted and returned his attention to the snake. He wasn't going to admit it but what she did was really smart, he'd never thought of that. Daryl felt a little bad for snapping at her but he was still curious, "what's the rest of this garbage for?"

"Damn dude, have you ever heard the saying 'One man's trash is another man's treasure?'" She asked in exasperation.

"No," Daryl said bluntly.

Daisy's eyes widened, "Really?!" Daryl swallowed hard and shrugged.

"It's just a saying, its not a big deal," Beth interjected she could tell something was bothering Daryl. She didn't think that Daisy meant anything by it but she was putting him down and Beth felt that she needed to stand up for him.

Daisy shook her head, she caught on to the edge of Beth's tone and sighed, "I'll tell you what, you help me make it and I'll tell you what it is when it's done."

Daryl frowned, "Nah, someone's gotta clean this snake."

"It can wait for this second thing, I need to dig two more hole for your cans anyways." Daisy explained, "Come on it'll be fun!" She pleaded.

"Fine if ya promise you'll shut up 'bout it…" he agreed, Daisy smiled and it was contagious. After he was done skinning the snake he cut it up into the three pieces and handed them to Beth to roast on the fire she had made. "So what'da we do?" he asked trying to mask his curiosity.

"Grab that empty coffee can and heat your knife up in the fire," she ordered, Daryl obliged, "poke a couple small holes in the bottom while I grab the rest of the stuff we need." He began to melt a hole in the can and once his knife cooled down he repeated the heating process. Daisy gathered the old shirt she found along with the bottles. "Alright," she began as she ripped the shirt into pieces with the help of the machete Daryl gave her, " fill the can with alternating layers. Start with fabric then sand, then fabric, then rocks, fabric, then sand…and so on…until the can is full." Daryl followed her instructions even more curious now then he was before.

"I don't get it," Beth said basically stealing the words right out of Daryl's mouth.

"You will, be patient." Daisy snickered.

"I not good with patience," Daryl grunted.

"Bullshit you're a hunter, you're great with patience." Daisy pointed out.

Daryl huffed, she had him on that one, "Fuck you."

She laughed, "Okay now put one more layer of fabric on top and let's let the magic begin…shall we?"

Daryl watched as she poured the dirty water into the can but nothing came out, "Da fuck?" Daryl asked.

"Paaaattttieennnccceeee," she hissed out in response causing Daryl to roll his eyes.

After a few seconds he got frustrated, "Bitch, ain't nothing happening."

"Don't call me a bitch you fuckhead!" She retorted throwing an empty bottle at his head with a thud. Right has Daryl was about to chuck the bottle back at her she jumped, "Watchwatchwatchwatch WATCH!" she squeeled in excitement as the water trickles through the holes and into the pot. Instead of dirty cloudy water it was crystal clear Beth gasped.

"Wow!" She exclaimed.

"We should still boil it just incase there's any harmful bacteria in it," Daisy suggested and Daryl conferred with a nod. "Come on, tell me that wasn't cool!" She baited him with an elbow nudge.

He smirked, "I ain't sayin it was cool, but it was useful." That was as close of an apology but it was perfect for Daisy and she smiled at him.

They sat around the fire and ate their snake jerky while the water boiled. "What did you do before all this?" Beth asked Daisy curiously.

She choked mid bite and looked at the ground, "Oh you know…stuff."

Daryl cocked an eyebrow, "What were you a stripper or something?"

Daisy glared at him, "No, what did you do before all this?" She snapped.

It was Daryl's turn to look at the ground, "Stuff…"

"Exactly." She stated ending the conversation they sat in uncomfortable silence curious of what the others did before the outbreak.

"I need a drink!" Beth said suddenly breaking the silence Daisy pointed at the water in the can.

"Sip up, girl." She said as she continued munching.

"No, I mean a real drink. As in alcohol. I've never had one. 'Cause of my dad. But he's not exactly around anymore, so..." she trailed off but when neither answered and Daisy looked at Daryl she continued, "I thought we could go find some." Daryl stayed silent like he couldn't even hear her, "Okay. Well enjoy your snake jerky, jerk." She stood and Daisy sighed quickly collecting the water back into the bottles tossing them in the bag and looked at her retreating back.

"That girl just wanders," she mumbled.

"She's bein stupid," Daryl said as he kicked out the fire.

"She's been through a lot," She reasoned as they followed her into the woods.

"We've all been through a lot," he said.

"yeah…" they walked in silence after that until Beth spoke.

"I think we need to go that way to find the booze." Daryl took the lead without saying a word and soon they found themselves back at the camp. "What the hell? You brought me back! I'm not staying in this suck-ass camp!" She stomped her foot and began to walk off but Daryl grabbed her arm. "Hey!"

"You've had your fun," Daryl snapped.

"What the hell is wrong with you? Do you feel anything? Yeah, you think everything's screwed. I guess that's a feeling. So you want to spend the rest of our lives staring into a fire and eating mud snakes? Screw that. We might as well do something. I can take care of myself and I'm gonna get a damn drink." She stormed off and the two followed closely behind her.

Daisy groaned to herself, "She's not normally like this." Daryl said from behind her.

"It's alright," She said flatly as she dragged her feet.

"S'not." He disagreed.

"It has to be," she countered as they reached a clearing and a golf course.

"Golfers like to booze it up right?" Beth asked innocently.

Daisy snorted, "Booze it up? Where did you grow up!"

"Georgia," Beth stated as the neared the course.

"Do you guys really talk like that down there?" She asked Daryl who shook his head but stayed silent.

"Come on!" Beth urged but Daryl put his arm out and stopped them.

"Might be people inside."

Daisy froze when a hand grabbed her shoulder and ripped her back with a snarl. "Oh shit!" she managed to squeak out before she was thrown to the ground.

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