Cirque De Morte

Chapter 5

Daisy's back hit the ground with a loud smack and she bit back a scream of pain. She had to act quick she flipped the two over but before she could grab her knife something whizzed past her ear and hit it's target with a sickening squish. Daryl had shot a bolt right through the walkers head over her shoulder.

She looked up at him gratefully, "Thanks." She said as he offered his hand and pulled her up off the corpse. She dusted her self off and touched her back with a wince, "We should get inside and clear the place out now."

"Yeah," Beth said as she regarded Daisy with worry, the two had seen her wince when she touched her back and the smack they heard when she hit the ground was not good.

"You alrigh'?" Daryl asked gruffly.

"Yeah peach-tastic," She lied.

Daryl inwardly shook his head, there wasn't room to lie about injuries anymore. "Fine then lead the way," he said gesturing infront of them with a sweep of his arm.

Just as he expected she took the bait and he was able to take a look at her back. What he didn't expect was to see her shirt soaked in blood. He and Beth exchanged looks before he glanced behind them to see that she had fallen flat on a glass bottle which now lay shattered on the ground. 'Damn' he thought.

The two stayed silent about her injury for now as they followed her struggling form to the front doors. Daisy pressed down on the release button for the doors but they didn't budge.

She turned around and winked at Daryl, "This is how you're supposed to react to a locked door, pal." She snorted and walked away from it. Daryl grunted in response annoyed that she was poking fun at him but more worried about the blood on her back. He glanced off into the distance noting the small heard coming their way.

"Come on we gotta get inside," He nodded over to the walkers and took the lead to the back door of the country club. He tried it and the door clicked, inwardly he breathed out a sigh of relief and let Daisy and Beth in before himself shutting it as quietly as he could.

Daisy looked around the room, the country club had once served as a refugee camp but something went wrong. Dead bodies laid everywhere on top of cots and the sound of moans and snarls came from above. Daryl picked up a flashlight and shone it at the ceiling in front of Daisy.

"Back up," he grunted. She looked up jumped back when she spotted three walkers hanging from the ceiling. Clearly they had hung themselves when they were alive but didn't know that everyone was infected.

"Aw sheeeiit…" Daisy mewled as she reached behind her and picked up a golf club and winced at the pain. "Cut 'em down." She asked Beth.

One of Daryl's bolts flew past her ear again and nailed on in the head, "Nah this is safer." He muttered.

"Do you gotta shoot that thing so close to my ear!?" Daisy snapped brandishing the golf club at him.

He couldn't help but snicker, "Keeps ya alert."

"Oh I'll show you alert!" she rounded on him with the club Daryl grabbed one to and started aiming to hit her as they circled each other.

"Guys stop fighting," Beth pleaded.

Daisy turned around and smiled at her, "I'm not being serious Beth!"

Daryl let out a chuckle, "I was. I wan gonna kick yer ass with this thing."

Daisy glared at him and whacked him in the back of the leg expectantly. "What bitch!" She taunted throwing her hands and her club in the air.

Beth let out a nervous chuckle and examined a table. Daisy laughed and turned around she spotted a flashlight on a table and snatched it up. She wandered over to the cots and picked up a backpack covered in dried blood. 'It's something' she thought as she began to examine the area around the cots. These was a corpse leaning against the one in front of her who apparently had shot himself. The gun still gripped tightly in his hand. Daisy reached down and pried the gun out and checked for ammo. 'Lucky' she thought as the clip still contained four bullets. She emptied them into her palm and slipped them into her back pocket. Her eyes wondered underneath the bed when she gasped seeing a full box of ammo for the handgun.

"Wha?" Daryl asked from the other end of the room. He had found a bunch of jewelry and watches and started stuffing them into the bag.

"A full box of ammo!" Daisy exclaimed as she shoved the box inside of the backpack.

"Why are you keeping all that stuff?" Daisy heard Beth ask. She looked over and shook her head.

"That's stuffs not useful anymore," Daisy sighed.

Daryl looked down and stopped, "yeah I guess yer right…" He emptied the bag back on to the floor.

The door they had come through suddenly heaved and they heard loud moans and snarls coming from outside. The three picked up their things and ran down the hall, Daryl slammed the hall doors with one last nervous frightful look at where they had entered from. They trenched through a dark hallway with nothing but the flashlights to see. More snarling came from around the corner and they saw two walkers heading towards them.

"Move!" Daryl ordered and the turned around and headed in the other direction only to stop in their tracks when three more were coming from that side too. They ran straight further into the building and rounded a corner but Daryl stopped and turned around.

"What are you doing?!" Daisy shouted but Daryl ignored he aimed his crossbow at the door and pierced the first walker through the skull, he body checked the next through the door and drove his knife into its eye. He gripped the golf club from earlier and swung it at the third to stumble through the door, kicked the next one back, stabbed the last in the eye and went back to the one he kicked. He began assaulting the walkers head violently with the club, each swing getting harder and harder until some of it splattered on Beth.

She looked down at her once new clean white cardigan in disgust and looked back up at Daryl like he was a monster before removing it and walking further down the corridor.

Daisy walked up to him and pulled him off of the walker roughly, "What the hell was that?" she hissed at him

Daryl shrugged, "Survin'"

"No, that was terrifying. Watch it." She warned as they followed Beth. They rounded the corner and Beth breathed out a sigh of relief, the bar of the country club came into few.

"We made it." She said pleased. She turned around and fixed Daryl with a look, "We made it. I know you think this is stupid. And it probably is. But I don't care. All I wanted to do today was lay down and cry, but we don't get to do that. So beat up on walkers if that makes you feel better. I need to do this. "

She turned on her heel and stormed off towards the bar. Daryl's mouth was agape in shock. "I don't know what's got your panties in a bunch Daryl but you need to chill." Daisy whispered to him, "This may seem stupid to us but its clearly important to her so let's just go with it."

Daryl glared at the brunette how could she possibly 'go with' this. Beth was being reckless and putting them all in danger, and Hershel was a good friend of Daryl's he would have wanted Daryl to protect his little girl not help get her drunk.

Daisy sighed and turned around and began walking to the bar when the sudden sound of glass breaking made her stop and snap back to see Daryl dusting glass off of a road map.

"Did you have to break the glass?" She asked with a roll of her eyes.

"No," he admitted, the two met Beth next to the bar. "You have your drink yet?" Daryl asked with annoyance.

"No…" Beth said but she lift up a bottle.

"What did you find?" Daisy asked.

"Peach Schnapps. Is it good?" Beth turned and looked at Daisy hopefully.

"No." Daryl grumbled.

"Well, it's the only thing left." She reasoned with a shrug. Daryl wandered off and started playing with the dartboard. Daisy on the other hand tried to be nice a looked for a cup for them.

She picked up a number of glasses and tried to wipe them clean but they were caked and smeared with blood. "Who needs a glass…" Beth said with defeat as she moved to pick up the bottle.

Daryl's darts thunk'd in the background as he threw them at a picture frame of the clubs donors. Beth turned the bottle over in her hand and twisted the lid off. When she placed the lid on the counter her whole demeanor changed and she suddenly began crying. Catching the moody man's attention. He growled and stomped over to them grabbing the bottle out of her hands and smashing it on the ground with anger.

"Ain't gonna have your first drink be no damned peach schnapps! Come on." He ordered.

They trudged through the dense woods again and Beth spoke, "A motorcycle mechanic!"

"Huh?" Daryl grunted.

"That's my guess for what you were doing before the turn." She paused, "And Daisy you were…a college student working as a waitress to get herself by!"

Daisy laughed, "Sorry, never went to college."

Daryl looked at Daisy surprised he definitely thought she would have gone to school. But it didn't matter she was probably living off of someone's money then.

"It don't matter. Hasn't mattered for a long time." Daryl mumbled.

"I agree with Daryl actually," Daisy said after a pause. "Who cares what we did before, it's not like even if things were ever to go back to normal we could pick up where we left off. It's gonna take a couple years to rebuild."

"It's just something people talk about, you know, to feel normal…" Beth defended.

"Yeah, well, that never felt normal to me." He grumbled Daisy had to agree with him. She wasn't really proud of what she did and it wasn't useful at all and she definitely felt she was doing more in this new world then she could have ever done before the turn. Daryl pushed a few branches away and an log cabin in the middle of the woods came into view. "Found this place with Michonne."

"I was expecting a liquor store…" Beth mumbled as she took in the trashy look of the cabin.

"No, this is better," Daryl said as he lead the way into the house. He walked straight to the back closet like he knew exactly where to go.

Daisy kept watch at the window but she heard Beth's voice, "What's that?" She could hear clinking of glass and she turned her head.

"Moonshine," Daryl grinned lifting a case of mason jars filled to the brim with the clear spirit.

"Aw sweet!" Daisy laughed as she left her post at the window. Daryl set the case on the table and found two glasses he blew the dust out of them and poured a little bit of the moonshine into them placing one in front of Beth and the other in front of Daisy.

"Alright," Daryl clapped, "That's a real first drink right there!" Beth picked up the cup and examined the liquor with a worried face.

"What wrong?" Daisy asked picking the glass up and mirroring her.

Beth frowned and put the glass down, "Nothing. It's just…my dad always said bad moonshine could make ya go blind."

Daryl chewed on a toothpick he had found and grunted, "Ain't nothing worth seeing out there anyway."

"I," Daisy exclaimed dramatically, "Will drink to that compadres!" She lifted her glass and downed the shot Daryl poured and hissed. "Shit that's strong!" she winced at the burn but watched Beth with her one open eye as she sipped the moonshine as a test.

Beth coughed, "That's the most disgusting thing I've ever tasted!" She downed the rest of it quickly like Daisy had and giggled, "Second rounds better."

Beth snatched another cup and wiped the inside clean pouring some moonshine in the glass. "Slow down." Daryl chuckled.

"This one's for you!" Beth exclaimed holding it out to the pacing redneck.

"Nah, I'm good." Daryl said with a shake of his head.


"Someone's gotta keep watch," He replied pointedly directing his comment at Daisy who stuck her tongue out at him.

"It was one shot," Daisy reasoned.

"So what are you like our chaperone now?" Beth asked with a huff.

Daryl snorted at the thought of him being the responsible one, "just drink lots of water."

"Yes, Mr. Dixon." Beth mumbled as she took another sip of moonshine.

"Your last names Dixon?" Daisy piped up with excitement.

Daryl turned his head to her from the window, "Yeah, what's it to ya?"

"There used to be a guy in my troupe name Dixon," Daisy elaborated.

"You were in a troupe? So what ya military or something?" Daryl asked quickly realizing that Daisy had accidentally spilled something about her past.

Daisy coughed, "Um, no. Do I look military to you?" She laughed.

"Then what was your troupe for?" Beth questioned while pouring Daisy another glass.

"Nothing…just…forget I said anything," Daisy mumbled downing the bit that Beth had poured for her.

Daryl narrowed his eyes at her secrecy, "You slow down too, I don't need ya stumblin' all over da place."

"Yes, Mr. Dixon!" Daisy saluted with a laugh.

Daisy had a nice buzz going and she plopped herself on the floor while Beth explored the house. "Who would go into a store and walk out with this!" She laughed as she pulled out a plastic display bra filled with cigarette butts.

Daryl turned around and joined them in the living room, "My dad, that's who. Oh he's a dumbass! He'd set those on top of the tv set, use 'em as target practice."

Beth looked shocked, "He shot things inside your house?"

Daryl looked down at the sight of her judgmental eyes, "It was just a bunch of junk anyway. That's how I knew what this place was." He walked back over to the window and moved the curtain, "That shed out there, my dad had a place just like this." He pointed out into the yard and then joined them again kicking the lazy boy Daisy had now taken a seat on, "You got your Dumpster chair. That's for sitting in and your drawers all summer drinking. Got your fancy buckets. That's for spitting chaw in after your old lady tells you to stop smoking." He paused and picked up a newspaper opening it before he tossed it on the ground, "You got your internet."

A sudden growl at the window made all three of them jump, Daryl hurried over to the window and then breathed out a sigh of relief, "It's just one of 'em"

"Should we get it?" Daisy asked holding another generous shot that Beth had poured her.

Daryl shrugged, "If he keeps making too much noise, yeah."

"Well if we're gonna be trapped again we might as well make the best of it. Unless you're too busy chaperoning, Mr. Dixon."

Daryl peeked at Daisy's flushed cheeks slyly and snatched the glass out of Beth's hand, "Hell might as well make the best of it!" He plopped down in the other lazy boy across from Daisy and downed the glass with a sigh, "Home sweet home."

"I've got an idea!" Beth exclaimed suddenly.

"Yeah what's that?" Daisy asked leaning forward in her dumpster chair.

"Let's play a game, first I say something I've never done and if you have done it, you drink, and if you haven't, I drink. Then we switch."

"We call that Never have I Ever, where I'm from." Daisy said as she took a seat at the coffee table across from Beth.

Daryl regarded them warily, "You really don't know this game?" Beth asked.

"I ain't never needed a game ta get lit before…" Daryl said as he took a seat at the coffee table too.

"Wait are we starting?" Daisy asked confused as she lifted her glass to her mouth.

Daryl narrowed his eyes at the young blonde, "How do you know this game?"

"My friends played," When Daryl's glare didn't let up she continued, "I watched. Okay, I'll start I never shot a crossbow before. So now you drink."

Daryl took a sip from his glass, "Ain't much of a game…"

"It was just a warm up now you go."

Daryl thought for a moment, "I don't know…"

"Daryl just say the first thing that pops into your head, it doesn't have to be legendary." Daisy laughed.

Daryl chewed his lip he wasn't sure how many things he never experienced that he wanted to divulge with his companions but he decided to play along, "Never ben outta Georgia."

"Really? Okay good one, Daisy?" Beth asked.

"I've never…" Daisy thought, "Lived in one place for more than a year." She shrugged.

Daryl and Beth looked at her shocked and both took a sip, "Why's that?"

Daisy shrugged her shoulders with a nervous laughed and winked, "I was on the run from the cops."

"Seriously?" Beth asked.

"No! It's your turn Beth. Like damn, I should have said never have I ever asked so many freaking questions before!"

Beth blushed, "I've never…been drunk and done something I regretted." The two adults quickly drank without saying a word.

When Beth looked at them in question Daryl said, "I've done a lot of things."

"Your turn!" Beth said obviously a bit too excited that they were playing along with her game.

"I never been on vacation." Daryl grumbled.

"What about camping?" Beth asked quickly thinking she caught Daryl in a lie.

He shook his head, "No that's just something I had to learn to hunt."

"Your dad teach you?" Daisy asked

"Mm-Hmm." Daryl said taking a voluntary sip from his glass. He regretted mentioning his father to them and hoped they would drop it at that which Daisy did.

"I've never been on the ground for this long," Daisy said with a dismissive wave of her hand.

"Air force!" Daryl exclaimed before he took a sip.

"No." Daisy said bluntly, "I'm not military!" She paused, "Besides I thought you hated the guessing game?"

Daryl shrugged, "s'long as its not me I don't care."

Daisy rolled her eyes and waited for Beth to speak, "Okay…I've never been in jail. I mean, as a prisoner."

Daryl's face hardened an he scowled, "Is that what you think of me?"

'Uh-oh…' Daisy thought as she inched away from the table a bit. She could feel the anger radiating off of Daryl.

"I didn't mean anything serious. I just thought, you know, the drunk tank. Even my dad got locked up for that back in the day."

"Drink up." Daryl grunted when Daisy drank too Daryl looked at her, "Ya been in jail?"

"Indecent exposure, I thought I was at Mardi Gras…." She looked down at her glass and snorted uncomfortably, "I was not." Her admittance eased the tension in the room a bit but she could still tell that Daryl was angry.

"Wait. Prison Guard. Were you a prison guard before?" Beth tried.

"No." Daryl glared at her, he was tired of this game.

"It's your turn again…" Daisy informed Beth.

"I'm gonna take a piss." Daryl decided he stood and smashed his empty jar on the ground with a loud shatter.

"You have to be quiet!" Beth scolded.

Daryl turned around from his corner, "I can't hear ya. I'm taking a piss!" He shouted.

"Are you drunk?" Daisy exclaimed as she stood up in front of Beth.

"Daryl don't talk so loud," Beth pleaded.

"What are you my chaperone now?" He snapped, Daisy folded her arms across her chest and looked at him displeased.

"Stop lookin' at me like that." Daryl grunted, "Oh right! It's my turn right?!" He paused and sauntered over to them, "I never—never eaten frozen yogurt. Never had a pet pony, never got nothin' from Santa Claus. Never relied on anyone for protection before. Hell, I don't think I ever relied on anyone fer anythin'!"

"Daryl," Daisy warned taking a step forward still protecting Beth from his outburst.

"Never sung out in front of big group out in public like everything was fine. Like everything was a big game. I sure as hell never cut my wrists looking for attention!" He snapped finally.

Daisy looked at him appalled, "What the hell are you trying to accomplish here!"

Daryl ignored her," Sounds like our friend out there is trying to call to all his buddies."

"Daryl, just shut up!" Daisy shouted stepping in his way as he tried to round of Beth. She was worried, she didn't really know Daryl or Beth but Daryl was clearly scaring Beth.

"Hey you never shot a crossbow before? I'm gonna teach you right now. Come on it'll be funnn." Daryl drawled angrily as he snatched Beth's arm and drug her out of the house.

"We should stay inside. Daryl!" Daisy called after him following the two closely. "Daryl cut it out!" She shouted.

Daryl trenched over to the walker and shot him in the stomach he grabbed Beth and put the crossbow in her hands, "Come on get a little closer!"

"Daryl stop, don't make me—" Daryl pushed Daisy out of the way and she fell landing hard on a broken glass again. "Fucker that's it!" She shouted She picked up a handful of glass shards and threw them with calculation. Suddenly Daryl was pinned against the shed two pieces of glass pinning the top of his vest two more on the sides and two on his pant legs. The final shard of glass Daisy flung at the walkers head and it hunched over motionless.

"How the fuck—"Daryl started but Daisy punched him. Beth overwhelmed by the sight ran back into the house.

"What the fuck is your problem Daryl! You scared her!" She was seething she hadn't even realized that she pinned him down with the glass. Daryl's anger dissipated and he looked down at the ground he didn't know what to say. He had flipped because he was tired of people thinking that he was scum. "Seriously say something!"

"How'd you do that?" He asked finally.

"What?" she snapped turning on him again, "You're lucky I didn't fucking end you!" She ripped the glass out of the shed and freed him stalking off but Daryl grabbed her wrist.

"You're bleeding," He said as he examined her cut up palms.

"No shit and my back is still killing me so get your fucking panties out of a bunch and act like a man not a little boy having a temper tantrum!"

"Come on we gotta find something to clean that off with, I almost forgot about your back. You landed on a bottle we need to clean that too."

Daisy frowned, "Nice 180…" She grumbled referring to his mood swing.

Daryl blushed clearly, "Sorry…" He mumbled.

"Don't say that to me, say it to her." Daisy snapped still angry at the man in the leather vest. They reentered the house to find Beth sobbing on one of the chairs.

"Beth, it's okay. He just…got a little carried away." Daisy said.

"Beth I'm sorry," Daryl grumbled out clearly not liking apologies.

"I don't get it, why were you so mean?" She sobbed.

"I'm a dick when I get drunk, Y'all er lucky you guys are happy." Daryl mumbled embarrassed.

"I'm definitely not happy," Daisy snapped at Daryl still mad at his outburst.

"Here take a drink then," Daryl grumbled handing her his glass.

"Fuck you I will," She said tipping the glass and swallowing the liquid with one gulp.

"Come on, lemme help you with yer cuts." He said as he grabbed a new jar of moonshine and dishcloth and a sheet from the bedroom.

"I'm still mad," Daisy grumbled as the plopped her self on the carpet in front of Daryl who was sitting in the chair.

"Stopped carin'" Daryl grumbled but smiled sheepishly when he saw her glare. "Gimme yer hand." He said as he soaked the dishcloth with moonshine. "This is definitely gonna burn." He warned just as he began dabbing her cut.

"Ah! You suck!" Daisy shouted in pain.

"Just wait till yer back," He laughed at her face.

"Stop laughing it hurts!" She whimpered Daryl couldn't stop his chuckle as he pulled her arm to his mouth and blew lightly on the wounds. Daisy gasped at the sensation and met Daryl's cobalt blue eyes with her own jade green ones. Something had triggered in both of them but before either could dwell on the thought Beth's voice broke through.

"Is it bad?" Daryl's eyes snapped up and he cleared his throat.

"Mm no just needs to be cleaned," Daryl grumbled.

"I think I might take a nap, I'm getting tired." Beth mumbled with a yawn.

"Alright I'll wake ya up in a couple hours." Daryl reassured. Daryl turned his attention back to Daisy's hand and began ripping the bed sheet into a bandage. He wrapped both her hands up and then twirled his finger indicating for her to turn around.

"I'm not sure how comfortable I am with this…" She mumbled as she lifted up the back of her shirt exposing the cuts. Daryl fumbled as he could see the back clasp of her bra.

"Then why'd ya lift yer shirt up?" Daryl asked as he took the damp cloth as dabbed her cuts. He let his fingers "accidentally" graze her smooth tan skin and felt good bumps raise on his thighs. "Can I ask ya something?" He asked as he helped her pull her shirt down.

"Yeah?" Daisy asked turning to face him. He sipped the moonshine before handing it to the girl in front of him

"How'd you do that stuff back there?"

Daisy sipped the mason jar, "It's not a big deal."

"Bullshit you wacked a walker."

"I don't wanna talk about it Daryl." Daisy shrugged and stood up.

"I'll tell ya what I did before the turn," Daryl offer standing up and following her.

Daisy sighed, "Can I tell Beth?" she smiled mischeviously.

"Nah, secret for secret. You tell me I tell you and we promise not to tell anyone." He offered.

Daisy shifted uncomfortably, "I…um fine…My family owned a circus…"She looked up at him to see his face. It must have sounded so silly but he looked curious.

"Really?" Daryl asked, "I never been to a circus."

"Guess I gotta drink," She laughed taking a sip of the moonshine.

"So what'd ya do?"

"Threw knives, I did a bit of aerial silk." Daisy mumbled. She never went to a real school and most people who found out about her laughed and asked if she went to clown college.

"Why don't ya carry throwing knives?" Daryl asked.

"I couldn't find any and what good would they be?"

"So useful are ya kiddin me?" He looked at her in disbelief, "How easy was it for you to pin me and take out that walker?"

Daisy shrugged, "I don't know I didn't think."

"Exactly, we gotta find ya some good knives!" He exclaimed Daisy blushed.

"Thanks," She mumbled.

"Fer what?" Daryl asked as he pulled out a cigarette.

"I don't know for not asking if I went to clown college…" she laughed nervously.

"Did ya?" He asked.

"No it's a family business." She laughed pushing him, "So mister, what did you do?"

Daryl clearly blushed, "I don't wanna say…"

"Why?" Daisy asked stepping in front of him and forcing him to look at her.

"I didn't do nothin' I drifted, didn't really have a home. Took shit, stole shit, got high, followed my older brother around, and got hooked on pills…" He grumbled quickly. He got mad and threw the mason jar at the ground.

"Stupid," he growled, "Shoulda died a long time ago." He stormed out of the house and Daisy ran after him.

"Hey wait!" She called when he didn't stop she jogged up to him and tugged on his arm.

"What? Whaddya want? To tell me I'm a scum bag er a theif. Tell me ta leave?" He snapped.

Daisy blinked unaffected, "Are you done with your temper tantrum?"

Daryl muttered something unintelligible and relaxed a little in her grip. "None of that shit matters anymore, you saved my ass a couple times. So whatever you did before, what ever you had to do to survive its cool. That's a whole world away." She laughed, "You were a criminal and I was a clown." She winked at him, "Who cares?"

The corners of Daryl's lips turned up, "Aw c'mere big guy. Gimme a hug I think we just became best friends!" She laughed at his bashfulness it seemed no one had ever told him that its only human to make mistakes. He had done so much good to everyone he surrounded that it overshadowed his past. She pulled him close to her in a bear hug.

"Stop," he blushed.

"Why?" Daisy teased.

"Yer embarassin me…"he admitted.

"Thanks…" He added.

"For?" Daisy asked as she led them back into the house.

"Not being a bitch," He said.

Daisy snorted, "Oh sweetheart you ain't seen nothin' yet."

Daryl cleared his throat, "One more thing…"


"Back at the prison you were gonna tell me who else ya killed…"

"Oh…" Daisy frowned instantly, "I didn't really kill him but, my brother. We ran into some bad people about a month ago. They wanted to do things to me…bad things. My brother fought them off, they killed him and he turned and they set him after me." She swallowed hard, "I was running for hours from him until I finally got the courage and killed him."

Daryl looked at his shoes, "Sounds horrible…"

"It was," She mumbled.

"C'mon we should wake Beth up," He said after they fell into silence.

"Can I get a boagie?" She asked suddenly surprising Daryl.

"You smoke?" He asked reaching into his front pocket for his pack.

He handed Daisy a cigarette, "Right before the turn I brought it down to three packs a week. I haven't really smoked since then but I definitely need on right now."

"Well here, smoke away." He lit her cigarette for her and shuddered at the sight in front of him. He didn't want to feel creepy and he knew she wouldn't return the feeling but he found her extremely attractive. She made him laugh in the few days he had known her and she had even accepted him for the flaws of his past.

He cleared his throat trying to stop staring at her, "I'm gonna wake Beth up." He muttered before walking away.

"Alright…" Daisy said as she watched his retreating form.

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