Cirque De Morte

Chapter 7

Things between Daryl and Daisy were strained for the rest of the day to say the least. He hadn't made eye contact with her since he had given her the flowers and Daisy hadn't bother to either she was feeling extremely shy I couldn't quite grasp why Daryl had given them to her in the first place. Beth was beginning to worry that the two had a fight and as she played the piano she watched them from the corner of her eye.

Daisy was attempting to add some grip to the knives from the kitchen, they weren't much but they would have to do. In the basement she had found another crowbar and she found a snug spot for it on the outside of her bag for easy reach.

Daryl climbed into the coffin and Beth snorted, "What are you doing?"

Daryl shrugged, "This is the comfiest bed I've had in years, keep playin' girl."

"I'm gonna grab something to eat," Daisy said suddenly before standing and walking out of the room.

"What's wrong with you two?" Beth asked quietly as she continued to play.

"S'nothin wrong with me, maybe she feels sick er somethin'" Daryl suggested but then he felt a pang of sadness. Could him giving her flowers make her sick? Did the thought of him make her sick? He found himself getting angry at the idea he thought guys were supposed to give girls flowers. He thought they liked things like that, he growled in frustration. "Keep playin, I'll find out…"

Beth smiled at Daryl's retreating form he had to feel something for the other girl he would never have gone to find out why anyone was upset, he would have just let it pass. "Daryl, you're actin' like a silly boy." She laughed to herself quietly.

"What's a matter with you?" A gruff voice from the doorway startled Daisy.

"What?" She jumped.

"You're all weird, what's eatin' you?" He asked again taking a seat at the table with her and digging into a jar of pigs feet.

"Nothin' I wish that dog would have come in…" Daisy said changing the subject. Earlier in the day a dog had wandered onto the property but ran away before Daryl could coax him inside.

"S'not what's wrong with you…"Daryl mumbled.

"There's nothing wrong with me Daryl," Daisy huffed starting to get frustrated with him.

"Bullshit, you're actin' weird." He retorted.

"So what…you're like an expert on women's feelings now? I find that hard to believe." She muttered almost under her breath.

"Fuck you," He grumbled.

"Dick," she snapped back causing him to look up at her, when they met eyes the two began to laugh. "You're dumb Daryl, why'd you come here?"

Daryl shrugged and got quiet, "I don't know…thought it had something to with earlier."

"The dog?" Daisy asked pretending to not know what he was talking about.

"You know what I mean," He snapped. "If ya didn't like 'em ya coulda said somthin'…or was it because I gave 'em to you…"

Daisy looked at him, "Daryl it doesn't have anything to do with you!"


"Stop it. It's not you, I promise. Thank you for the flowers I love them…I just…" She trailed off.

"You just what?"

"I don't know…I don't why I'm feeling off. Just don't worry about it." She shrugged

"I am worried, we all have to be 100%" Daryl muttered still enjoying the pigs feet.

Daisy laughed sarcastically, "We'll never be 100% while we're on the run." Barking from outside caught their attention.

"I'm gonna give that mutt one more chance." Daryl said getting up abruptly and grabbing one of the pigs feet.

In an instant Daisy's heart froze she and Beth went running into the hall to answer Daryl's call. As Daisy rounded the corner she could see Daryl trying with all his might to slam the door shut on a heard of walkers.

"Daryl!" Daisy shouted as Beth threw him his crossbow.

"Run, get out of here! Both of you!" Daryl shouted.

"No, I'm not leaving you!" Beth cried.

Daisy didn't think, she reacted, "Beth go! Get somewhere safe outside and wait for us! GO!"

"What the hell are you doin' girl! I thought I told you guys to get out!" Daryl yelled over his shoulder as he shot another walker down.

"Beth's out it's just me!" Daisy said as she busted through the skull of a walker with her crowbar. "Move!" She ordered to Daryl who ducked as she shot the walker behind him in the head.

"We gotta get out of here!" Daryl said as he threw the door to the morgue open and tried to lead the walkers down there with him.

"What are you doing?! There's no way out there!" Daisy shouted after him in vein, "Oh my god you're a fucking idiot! Daryl!"

The sight she was greeted with when she ran down the stairs frightened her. Daryl was pushed into a corner using a mortuary table as a barrier between him and the walkers. He was struggling and Daisy thought as quickly as she could and bounded back up the stairs into the kitchen and she grabbed as many sharp objects as she could. Only seven knives were up there but she would have to make due.

"Daryl duck!" She warned before she even reached the bottom of the stairs. He crouched below the table instinctively still pushing with all his might. Daisy held her breath and blew out a steady stream of air concentrating on where she wanted her knife to sink. She drew her hand back and threw all seven of the knives with force. Before anyone could even blink she pulled out the handgun and crowbar and started shooting. One by one the walkers fell and the ones that got to close she demolished with the crowbar.

The room fell silent and Daryl pushed the table away and walked out, "Woah."

Daisy looked up from being hunched over hands on her knees, "You owe me big guy," She panted. A sudden scream caused both Daisy and Daryl to jump into action.

"Beth!" they both gasped out at the same time. Once they reached the outdoors a black hearse with a white cross on the back window zoomed away.

"Beth!" Daryl shouted.

"Stop! Wait! Beth!" Daisy called out, the two ran after the car even as it grew smaller in the distance. Finally it disappeared but the two kept running until they reached an intersection in the road.

"Daryl…" Daisy panted.

"No we keep going! We have to save her!" He exclaimed, "We have to." He said choking back a sob.

"Daryl I know, we have to but which way do we go?" She asked walking up to him and grabbed his shoulders. "Daryl breathe, can you track anything?"

Daryl tried to calm his hyperventilating, "Yer right…" He said after a few seconds. He looked down at the ground and Daisy looked around the area for any signs. "Fuck!" Daryl said throwing his bow on the grass with force. Daisy looked at him, "There's nothing! Nothin'! No fuckin' hope!"

"Daryl, stop! Stop it Daryl! You need to fucking breathe!"

"I am breathin' Daisy that's the problem, Beth might not be and I owe her dad that! He trusted me to protect her!" Daryl screamed.

"Stop Daryl, it's not helping." Daisy whispered.

"Fine." He said in a huff, "Can't do nothing about it anyway…" He sat on the ground in defeat. Daisy kneeled and touched his shoulder again.

"Daryl I'm not saying we stop looking, just gather yourself. We can do this." Daisy said but Daryl wouldn't meet her eyes he just looked at the ground. Daisy sighed and stood up taking another look around, this time she tried to remember the things Daryl taught her about tracking. Frustrated as she looked around and saw nothing still she turned to Daryl, "I'll be back I have to pee."

She ran out into the woods without waiting for an answer. After a few moments she began to make her way back to the road but she stopped in her tracks when she noticed Daryl surrounded by several men. She gasped and one of the men snapped towards her and she hid behind a tree.

"You pull that trigger, these boys are gonna drop you several times over…That what you want?" The large man with gray hair stated as he paced back n forth in front of Daryl. "Come on, fella, suicide is stupid. Why hurt yourself when you can hurt other people? Names Joe."

Daryl stayed silent for a minute and sent a fleeting look over to the direction Daisy stood. "Daryl." She heard him grunt.

She couldn't believe what she was seeing Daryl was leaving her behind just like that but as the group walked down the road she stepped out from the woods and Daryl turned around. Their eyes met and Daryl mouthed one word to her, 'Run.' He turned back around slowly and continued down the road.

"Sorry Daryl, there's no way I'm gonna run." She whispered to herself as she followed behind them at a distance.

She didn't really think things through but the group of men decided to spend the night in a house in a small suburb that night. She hung back carefully making sure that none of them noticed her. She was hungry and her stomach growled but she tried to ignore it keeping an ear out for walkers and her eyes on the windows looking for Daryl. She finally spotted him in one of the rooms on the second floor. She carefully tracked her best route up there and spotted a tree whose branches gave her enough room to jump to the roof. She smiled in victory and climbed the tree with ease, looking through the window she could see Daryl pacing he was in the room alone. Without hesitation she closed her eyes and took a leap of faith to the roof gripping onto the gutter and tiles as best she could trying to be quiet but the extra weight on the roof made a loud bang. Thankfully for Daisy, Daryl's window was the one that flung open and he stuck his head out to see her.

"What the hell are you doing girl?" He hissed at her.

"Daryl just keep your window open," She instructed as she shimmied herself on the edge of the roof until she was directly in front of his window. She began to swing back and forth but Daryl just reached out and gripped her waist, carrying her into the room.

"I told you to run," He whispered harshly.

"I couldn't just let you die," Daisy pleaded glancing at the door to make sure it was locked.

"I'm fine Daisy but there aren't good guys, if they find you I don't know what they'll do." Daryl whispered to her guiding them over to the bed and motioning for her to sit.

"Daryl, no we have to find Beth. We can handle them." Daisy said but suddenly the doorknob rattled and Daryl pushed her down onto the ground behind the bed facing away from the door.

"What do you want?" Daryl snapped.

"I thought I heard voices," Someone said from the hall.

"Then you must be fuckin' crazy, did you see anyone walk in her with me?" Daryl retorted.

The person mumbled something unintelligible and their heavy footprints continued down the hall. Daryl reached down and lent a hand to Daisy helping her back onto the bed, "They're bad people Daze…ya need to get as far away as possible."

"Daryl I'm not leaving you with bad people, you've got to be nuts." Daisy said tears welling up in her eyes. She paused and began sobbing after her stomach growled.

"Daisy, shh. Calm down." Daryl whispered rubbing her back. "Here eat this, drink this too." He handed her some beef jerky and a half full water bottle, which she accepted gratefully although continuing to sob.

"What am I going to do Daryl?" She whispered looking up at him her green eyes now rimmed with red.

"We'll figure something out Daisy…" Daryl said as he continued to rub her back. Crying women was definitely not Daryl Dixon's forte but he wanted to comfort her. Everything felt like it was falling apart. Beth was missing and Daryl had to stay with these people to stay alive. The only one who was still safe was Daisy, she was like a shadow to the men right now. As long as she stayed out of sight while they were around she'd be okay but if they saw her. Daryl shuddered at the thought and pulled back the covers.

"Come on Daisy you need to sleep…we both do." He said finally, it struck him as odd that he was one being nurturing at the moment but someone had to do it an Daisy was definitely not in the mind set.

Daisy nodded and crawled into the bed not bothering to take her shoes off incase she had to make a quick get away in the night. Daryl settled beside her, he felt the bed shake with her silent sobs and his heart broke. He didn't know what to do so he just reached and arm around her and pulled her to his chest.

"Daryl?" she whispered weakly.

"Yeah?" He asked just as softly.

"Please don't leave me alone, please don't make me go on by myself again." She sobbed.

"I won't Daisy, we'll get out together. I promise." He said to comfort her but his mind was spinning trying to figure out a way to keep her safe. Although nothing he thought of included him in the picture. He was scared for both of them but mostly for her and he tightened his grip around her waist giving her a small squeeze. Soon enough darkness fell upon them both as they drifted off into a well needed sleep.

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