Cirque De Morte

Chapter 9

"Hey I'm Michonne, we didn't get to officially meet." The woman that was with Rick and Carl said extending a handshake to Daisy.

"It's nice to meet you, thanks for saving my life back there." Daisy said with a hollow smile. She hated killing living uninfected humans. Even if Joe and his crew were bad people, they were still people and there weren't that many of them left in the world anyways.

After her quick introduction and 'you're welcome' Michonne shuffled up front to speak to Rick. Daryl hung back and talked to Carl about all of the things that had happened to them since the prison, he and th,jb e traumatized boy crawled up meet Daisy's step. Daryl continued to talk to Carl trying to keep his mind off of the recent events but he bumped Daisy's shoulder in acknowledgement without looking up from their conversation. He made sure that he kept Carl at Daisy's pace so the three walked together but Daisy remained in silent thought.

"Hey," Daryl greeting after Michonne came back to talk to Carl.

"Hi," Daisy answered.

"You're quiet," he commented after a second of silence.

Daisy shrugged, readjusted her backpacks straps and mumbled, "S'not much to say."

"Bullshit," Daryl shot back in a playful tone.

"Shit hit the fan, I need a minute to gather myself and clean up my apartment. If you know what I mean?" She said while looking down at the train tracks they were walking on.

Daryl kept his eyes on her face, he noticed her jaw clenched and the tension in her shoulders, "You should relax."

His nonchalant demeanor caused Daisy to snap her attention to him while glaring at him heatedly before she sighed and looked back at that ground, "I knew there was still some fire in you." He laughed but she didn't.

"Yeah it's still there, I'm just tired." She said with a frown.

Daryl swallowed, "Yeah you can say that again. Remember before all this when people thought going to the gym, owning a home, and havin' a full time job was hard work? And the people would come home after a long hard day o' sittin' on they're asses and have the nads to say I'm exhausted" Daisy smiled slightly and continued to listen, "This is what tired is, I wish those suckers could've gotten a glimpse at the future just so'z they appreciate what they had when they had it. Y'know?"

Daisy couldn't hold back her laugh despite her conflicting thoughts, "I didn't expect all that, when I said that I was tired."

Daryl blushed, "Fine. I won't say nothin' no more to ya." He began to speed up but stopped when he felt Daisy's small hand on his forearm. He glanced behind him, Daisy was giggling and one of her other hands were trying to cover up her laughter. He continued to pretend to storm away.

"Oh come on Darylina I was only kidding." Daisy called after him, he stopped in his tracks, "What's wrong?" She asked suddenly serious and raising her machete.

"My brother used to call me that." He muttered.

Daisy lowered her weapon, "Oh I'm sorry I won't call you that again."

Daryl shrugged, "Nah, it's alright. It sounds different comin' from you anyhow." Daisy batted her eyelashes at him obnoxiously, "Not like that, but no one's ever called me that 'side him and I thought I'd hate it. I don't really matter to me one way or the other I guess. It's just a name."

Daisy grinned, "That's very noble of you Mr. Dixon."

"Mr. Dixon's my father," He winked at her and then snorted.

Rick led them to a wooded area just outside of Terminus and examined the ground. He reached into one of their weapons bags and pulled out a shovel.

Daryl's eyes met his, "Just in case." He reasoned and Daryl nodded and took the shovel. After they hid their extra artillery they made their way to a side of the gated off sanctuary.

"I should go over first, I'm the smallest and I was an acrobat." Daisy offered.

"No," Daryl and Rick said at the same time.

"I'll go over first, I'll make sure its clear and I'll signal for you all to come over. Understand?" Rick asked the group mumbled various affirmations or nods. Daryl knelt down and laced his fingers offering Rick a boost. Rick okay'd them from the other side of the fence and they all climbed over, Daryl last. Guns at the ready the five of them cleared the area and followed Rick into the nearest building.

"Community for all. Sanctuary for all. Terminus. Where the tracks meet." They rounded the corner and stopped in their tracks coming faced to face with several people.

A man turned and chuckled, "I guess we know who's on watch right now." He sighed, "Welcome friends no need to be afraid, I guess I'll have to give you the shpeal since you chose the side entrance and missed the welcome wagon."

They kept their weapons raised, "Come on, we won't hurt you." He paused, "But we also won't hesitate to hurt you if you try to hurt us."

Rick lowered his pistol and everyone followed suit, everyone except Daryl who kept his crossbow eye level with the man. "My names Gareth and I'm sure you understand why I'd feel a lot more comfortable if you, the intruder, got his weapon out of my face while I'm in my home."

Daryl frowned and lowered his arms, "Welcome to Terminus, looks like you guys have been on the road for a long time. Come on we'll go to the main entrance and get something fixed to you to eat." Gareth motioned for the five to follow two Terminus natives while he talked to Rick at the rear of the group.

Daisy couldn't shake the feeling that they were being herded to the main gate, the smell of grilled meat met her nostrils as they turned the corner. An old woman and a few other Terminus natives in all of a few seconds she followed suit with the others not entirely sure why they had drawn their weapons.

"Where did you get that watch!" Rick asked with his pistol to Gareth's throat. The man in question tried to reason with Rick before he gave up his façade and began to chortle.

"Well we tried," Gareth whistled and suddenly the area around them was lit up with gunfire. Daisy pulled out a few knives and landed on directly between the eyes of one of the Terminus members. Amongst the commotion Daisy felt Carl grab her hand and pull her along with the others into a building.

"They're not trying to shoot us," Daryl noted as the barricaded the door and tried to catch their breath.

"They're herding us!" Daisy exclaimed as she wretched her hand from Carl's and pulled out her weapons.

"Daisy it's no use, there's too many of them," Michonne attempted to reason.

She snorted in response, "I'm taking one of those bastard out with me."

"Come on, we need to make for the gate!" Daryl ordered as the rest of the four followed suit and burst through the door into the open. The gunfire resumed and the group was coaxed into a trap.

"You've got nowhere to go." Gareth's voice boomed from one of the roof tops, they looked up to see him walking closer to the edge making himself visible.

"We just wanted peace," Rick shot back, "But you hurt our friends."

"You're friends didn't want to follow the rules, besides…we haven't hurt anyone—" He paused and then laughed, "Yet."

"I want you all to go into the train car, I want the kid to go first, then the Archer, the Samurai, after her the knife thrower, and then you cowboy. In that order or we light you up again, and this time we aim to kill."

Reluctantly they followed his orders and waited in line at the train car door. "Go in." Gareth ordered. Carl peeled back the rusted iron door with some effort and walked in, the others following slowly. Daisy took notice to her surroundings before she stepped inside she closed her eyes and visualized the area again.

'You can never be too prepared.' She thought wryly.

The train door closed behind them and Daisy looked around the room, they weren't the only ones in the box.

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