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Hunted - Creeper X Reader


The Creeper chooses you as his meal, picking off your friends first until his glare sets on you and you only. He hunts you down, striking fear in you and torturing your dreams. What happens when he finally has you in his grasp?

Romance / Horror
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I ran down the dark and wet street, my bare feet digging into the rough pavement.

My head jerked back, looking for the creature that had been following me.

He was quick, getting around with wings, though if we was ever close enough he’d use his clawed-legs to dash around the ground, quicker than any average person.

He’s been constantly toying with me. I knew he wanted to eat me- or something- but why hasn’t he yet?!

I heard wings flapping above my head, I looked up, seeing his bulky figure highlighted in the moonlight, his huge wings slightly transparent.

He dashed down, landing onto the road as his claws dug aggressively into the pavement, his wings folding up behind his back as he menacingly stared at me, his light blue eyes piercing my soul.

A smirk tugged at his bloody lips as he looked up at me.

I stumbled away in fear, almost falling over my own foot, though keeping my balance as I ran away.

I saw one single person, them standing extremely far away. I knew they’d most likely not hear me but I need to try.

“Help!” I called out hopefully, flailing my arms in the air to catch their attention.

Suddenly I felt an arm wrap tightly around my waist, locking my back onto a hard abed chest, a clawed-hand going over my mouth.

Mmmm-m-“ I cried, it being muffled into his bloody soaked palm.

I heard a deep yet low chuckle from behind me, his vocals clearly being scratchy.

I squirmed in his tight grip, his claws that wrapped around my waist dug into my shirt, slightly piercing into my skin.

I let out a cry of pain, tears running down my cheeks.

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