Princess Amity

Chapter X

After about ten minutes, Amity says to Remedy, "Stop. I...need to breath." She falls to the ground and breathes heavily while sweating is pouring from every gland on her face. She rolls on her back and lets the sun's rays shine on her, but Remedy blocks the sun by having her head over Amity's. Remedy is breathing and sweating too but not as intense as Amity. Amity asks, "How're not like me?"

Remedy answers, "Because I am controlling my breathing and my fighting. Stand up and let's see what you did." Amity stands up, and the unicorn continues, "When you throw a punch, you force so much energy unto it that you mind as well throw your arm out at me. When it comes to the breathing, instead of holding your breath and breathing in whenever you can, take short breathes in and force it out with every attack or movement. Stand on your back hooves." Amity does so, and Remedy walks behind her, stands on her back hooves, and presses her body against Amity's and lays her front hooves on top of Amity's front legs.

Amity blushes and asks nervously, "Um, what is this?"

"I'm going to show you how to properly fight by being in control of your front legs," Remedy replies. "Why?"

"It feels...odd," the princess answers.

Remedy responds by asking, "Like how? Give me a scenario."

Amity with heavy blushes answers, "Hypothetically feels like a stallion is trying to have 'his way' with me from behind."

Remedy starts laughing and backs away from Amity. Amity stands on all four, turns, and seeing Remedy laugh turns to make her laugh too. Remedy then says, "That's great! I have never heard it that way before."

Amity replies, "That's how it honestly feels. Hypothetically, of course"

Remedy with a smirk and raising her right eyebrow says back, "Sure, it's 'hypothetical'." She starts giggling again.

"I'm serious!" Amity loudly responds to the laughing Remedy. "Remedy! I can't believe you! I would never do that until marriage! Besides, it's not that funny." Amity immediately contradicts herself by chuckling.

The chuckling Remedy now starting to calm down replies, "It was to me. I needed that." The teacher stops laughing and continues, "If it makes you uncomfortable then I won't do that."

"No. Let's do it," Amity says, and she stands on her two feet again. Remedy comes around and presses herself onto Amity and places her front legs on Amity's, and the unicorn makes magic bracelets around her and the princess' front and bottom ankles.

"Now," Remedy says, "Just follow my lead." Remedy brings Amity's front legs close to her face. Then, Remedy forces Amity to throw quick controlled jabs in the air, but the alicorn is having difficulty following the quick punches with their hips and legs moving along with the attacks. Remedy suddenly moves Amity to her right and throws more jabs. Amity struggles to follow her teacher's movement, and out of desperation to learn, Amity tries to predict Remedy's next movement and manages to throw a few jabs along with the unicorn.

The two continue to throw jabs, crosses, uppercuts, and other forms of attacking in the air. Amity manages to keep up with her teacher but is still struggling. Remedy stops and says, "You're sort of getting it." The magic disappears and Amity falls to her feet. Remedy continues, "Did you notice a difference between those punches than the previous ones?" Amity nods her and the unicorn says, "The way you were throwing them was unbalanced and predictable. You were JUST throwing them as if they were rocks. These however..."

"...had more control by having the entire body move." Amity interrupts while catching her breath.

Remedy nods and responds, "Exactly. Now let me ask you something." Amity turns to her mentor. "I haven't taught you how to breathe during that. Care to guess how you breathe properly?"

Amity shakes her head and replies, "I honestly don't know how. I guess during the punches."

"Actually," Remedy answers, "you're right, but instead of heavy breathing, make quick breaths in and out with every punch." Amity still breathing heavily lowers her eyebrows making a confusing expression. Remedy continues, "Simple as that. Don't force your breathing. Control it."

The tired alicorn responds, "I don't know what you mean. Your body needs oxygen and if you need a lot, you have to breathe in heavy."

"Very good and smart argument," Remedy acknowledges. "But I'm not as tired as you and I've been moving just as long and hard as you. Why is that?"

Amity answers, "I don't know."

Remedy says back, "It's quite simple. Do a small exhale with every punch, but that'll be all for today. We'll continue to do these exercises as the weeks go on." The unicorn then goes inside the house with the princess following behind. "Oh, before I forget, if you get married, that is a great position for your honeymoon." Remedy chuckles and Amity blushes.

Once the ponies walk into the house, Amity asks, "So what needs to be done in the house? Sweeping or cleaning?"

Remedy replies, "Nothing. I already cleaned the house before you woke up. You can read any of the books I have, go to the town, or do whatever that won't enrage you."

Amity says back, "I think I'll read a book, but I do have a question about the dark magic. Is dark more powerful and can exceed one's true potential?"

Remedy sits in a recliner, breathes in and out, and answers, "Yes, but it destroys who you are. It's not worth it."

"But," Amity continues, "...what a pony's dark magic is the key to saving lives?"

Remedy replies, "I don't know." Amity nods her head, selects one of Remedy's books, and reads it.

Later that night, Amity steps out the bathroom with her mane wet and heads to her temporary room. She opens the door and stares at the bed from the hallway. A sudden chill runs down her back because of the previous night's dream.

Remedy exiting Amber's room and closing the filly's room on the other side of the stairs sees Amity standing in the hall. She approaches her student and says, "What is it? That dream?" Amity nods, and the unicorn continues, "Listen, as long as you remember what we have done today and take all of my advice seriously, you won't have anything to worry about it. I bet you that this will be a pleasant dream."

Amity looks at her mentor and says, "I do take your stuff seriously and I trust you, but..."

Remedy interrupts, "You're afraid we're wrong and something awful will happen, and not to mention dreams are unpredictable. However, things you learn in real life do affect and change dreams." Remedy walks pass her and opens a door to a room close to Amity's, but before going in, she says, "Also, don't be scared in confronting your that dark magic form of yourself. Make her submit to you." The teacher then walks into her room and closes the door.

Amity turns back to the bed, breathes in and out heavily through her eyes, smirks and enters the room, closes the door, and gets inside the bed. She closes her eyes and tries to sleep. After about thirty minutes lying in the bed, the alicorn falls asleep.

The alicorn turns and stares at Amity. He says, "Ah, Amity. Good to see you again. I'd like a word with you if you don't mind."

As the stallion spoke, Amity is shocked that his voice is the same from the previous night. She stares intensely at him and says, "You're the voice from the nightmare."

The male alicorn asks, "It's good you remember my fabulous voice, but you don't know who I am?" Amity shakes her head, and the blue pony continues, "How sad. I figured my dear cousin would tell her own daughter everything magnificent about me."

Amity's expression changes from intensity to shock, and she says, "Are...are you...Triton?"

With open arms, the alicorn in a roar like voice answers, "Yes! That's right, my dear! The God of Earth, Triton is standing before you!" Amity makes an intense expression again, and Triton continues, "Oh come on, Amity. Don't be like your mother and think I'm a monster. She's just jealous on how great and powerful I have become."

Amity then loudly asks, "Where are we? Where have you transported us?"

Triton responds, "Ha! Transport? You sure have your mother's intelligence, don't you? We're in your dream."

"Wait," Amity interrupts, "this is a dream? I thought Princess Luna is the only one who can have this ability."

"When you embrace dark magic," Triton replies, "you have do things beyond your and others expectations such as being able to do things that only Luna and Celestia can do. Oh and speaking of the devil, I am going to reunite with your mother and have a good old fashion fight to the death. You should come and see."

Amity in the bed breathes in and out slowly, and in the dream Amity asks, "Why are you telling me this? Seems pretty stupid to tell me."

Triton answers, "Right you are, but it's simple. I want to piss you off and fight you in your dark magic form. You know the white alicorn." Amity then widens in eyes and in the bed starts breathing loudly and heavily. She even starts tossing and turning in her bed making groans and moans.

Remedy exists in her bedroom and walks past Amity's room but is stopped by Amity's moans and groans. She opens the door to see the alicorn tossing and turning in her bed. Remedy closes the door and stands beside the bed and whispers, "Amity? Are you okay?"

"What's the matter?" Triton taunts. "Afraid to get mad? Scared to embrace the dark magic? OH! HOW SCARY THIS IS! MOMMY COME HELP!"

Amity in the bed breathes harder and starts to sweat, and Remedy starts to shake the princess trying to wake her up. "Stop it," Amity says in the bed. Remedy lowers her eyebrows in confusion.

"Embracing the dark magic is the only way to stop little princess." Triton continues to taunt. "If you don't, then you and your mom are dead. Besides, dark magic is almost indescribable how it feels. If I can think of one word to describe it, it would be..." Triton breathes in and out slowly with a devious smile. "...orgasmic. Trust and believe Amity. If you don't..."

Suddenly, a strong gust of wind blows Amity away. She tries to stay on the ground, but the wind is too powerful to get her balance. Then as quickly as the wind came, it disappears just as fast, and Amity sees a horrifying sight. Triton is standing over a dead Celestia with a mangled neck, thick cuts, a broken horn, disjointed wings, and half of a face. Blood drains from the wounds and make trails towards Amity who is speechless by the gruesome display.

In the bed, Amity is crying and tossing in a violent matter, and to try to wake and calm down the princess, Remedy jumps on the bed, sits on Amity's torso, and pins the alicorn down to try to get her in one place. "Amity! Wake up! Can you hear me?!" Remedy screams at her student but to no avail.

Triton in the dream laughs maniacally at Amity who is being sitting on the ground motionless. The blood from her mother then floats above the young princess and drops on her making Amity soaking wet of her mother's blood. Triton continues to laugh and then says, "I'll be going now. See you soon."

"NOOOOOOO!" Amity screams in the dream and charges at Triton, but then a white horn pierces through the stallion's chest. Amity stops and watches the body of Triton fall to the ground, and behind the blue alicorn's body was the white, blood-red alicorn of Amity whose horn is dripping of Triton's blood. Amity closes her eyes and shakes her head, "No! I can't kill and I won't let you..." She opens her eyes to see the alicorn and the bodies have disappeared. She looks to her left and right but sees no one expect for the grim scenery, but then she feels something wet underneath her right hoof. She looks down and sees the bodies of Celestia and Triton before her and brings her right hoof up and sees blood on it. Amity starts to shake uncontrollably and looks down at a massive puddle of blood and sees her reflection which shows the dark magic form of herself. Amity screams in the air and wakes up.

Remedy continues to shake the princess but stops when Amity opens her eyes which are blood-red cats-like eyes. "Amity?" Remedy asks. The princess suddenly presses her hooves against the unicorn's throat, forces her to the roof, and proceeds to choke the unicorn while making an intense expression of hatred. Remedy cough and gasps for air while Amity chokes her. Then, a white magic aurora starts surrounding the alicorn and starts to engulf her. In a weak voice, Remedy shouts, "Stop it, Princess! It's me!" The alicorn manages to hear the shout, and the expression slowly changes from hatred to shock. The aurora disappears and the cat eyes fade away, and Amity's regular eyes reappear. She lets go of Remedy who falls on the bed and starts to breathe in heavily and coughs. Amity then floats to the floor, lies down, hugs herself, and begins to shake.

"What did I do?" Amity asks aloud and starts to tear in her eyes.

After catching her breathe, Remedy gets off the bed, walks to Amity, sits on all fours, and says, "It's much worse than I thought. Let's stay here until you're ready to move." Amity crawls to Remedy and lays her head in front of her teacher. Remedy starts to pet Amity with her right hoof trying to calm her down.

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