Princess Amity

Chapter XI

What feels like two or three hours after Amity choked Remedy, the young princess eventually falls asleep peacefully in front of her mentor. Once she realizes that the princess had fallen asleep, Remedy picks up the alicorn with her magic, puts her in the bed, and tucks her in like she does for her daughter. The unicorn quietly walks out of the room without waking Amity up, and even though she is tired from the ordeal hours earlier, she goes downstairs and starts scanning through her books.

"There's got to be something in here about what happened," Remedy whispers to herself. "I don't recall about this kind of incident in these books. I know ponies have nightmares about their dark form of themselves but for it to come through the dream?" She pulls out a book and flips through it for several minutes. "Nothing." She sets the book down and reads another but to no avail. She then stops and thinks, "Wait. Ponies usually embrace their dark magic through temptation. What was it in her dream that tempted her, and how did it provoke her?" Remedy continues to read for a couple of hours until she falls asleep in one of her chairs.

"Mom?" Amber asks her mother the next morning.

The filly shocks Remedy instantly waking her up. "Oh, Amber. It's just you."

"I thought you were in bed, Mommy," Amber says to Remedy.

"I was, but I couldn't sleep," Remedy says. "So I came down here to read and well that worked. Let me get you some breakfast."

After some time passes, Remedy is drinking some coffee, and Amber is packing to go to school. Before leaving, the filly asks, "Is the princess still asleep?"

Remedy answers, "I think so. She did have a rough day yesterday. Give me a hug and go to school, dear."

The filly walks up to her mother, hugs her, and exists the house. She walks on the trail to the town listening to the morning birds chirp. She sees a squirrel scamper across the trail and then runs off. Amber tries to look for the animal but cannot. Being distracted by the squirrel, the filly hits a heavy object in front of her and falls to the ground.

She rubs her head and looks up to see a gargantuan dark blue unicorn standing before her. He looks down at her and extends his right hoof to her which she grabs with her left front hoof, and the pony helps her stand up. "Are you okay, my little pony?" the stallion asks.

"Yes, sir," Amber apologizes. "I'm so sorry." She then sees that the unicorn has wings and asks, "Are you an alicorn?"

"Yes I am," the alicorn confirms.

"Wow, I get to meet another alicorn!" Amber excitedly says.

The stallion then asks," 'Another'? You wouldn't happen to be talking about Princess Amity would you?"

In the guest bedroom, Amity wakes up slowly, yawns, and sits up. Her eyes are bloodshot, mane is mangled, and mouth is dry. She struggles to get out of bed, when she does; the alicorn has difficulty standing up. When she does get her balance, Amity walks up to the mirror attached to the dresser and looks at herself in it. She gets spooked for a second by her bloodshot eyes but calms down quickly.

"Oh," Amity says, "they're just bloodshot. For a minute there I thought..." She stops and continues to stare at herself in the mirror while the redness in her eyes fades away slowly. She then says to her reflection, "You will not control me. I will not embrace you." She continues to stare at herself.

In the kitchen, Remedy is drinking coffee from a coffee mug and contemplating about last night. She then thinks, "Didn't she say she heard a voice in her dream the other night? Maybe it was Nightmare Moon? Wait, that can't be right. That's Amity's aunt. She would recognize it even if it was Nightmare Moon and not Luna." She then hears three knocks on her door and sets the coffee down, approaches the door, and opens to find a massive, muscular, dark blue, male alicorn standing before her. "Yes?" Remedy questions the stallion. At first, she does not recognize the pony because of her tiredness, then she recognizes him. "Oh my Celestia," Remedy says in shock.

"That's no way to speak to your future king," the alicorn replies. "But yes. It is I, Triton. May I come in?"

Intensely, Remedy asks, "What do you want?"

"To see my cousin's daughter," Triton answers with a devious smile.

Remedy swiftly uses her magic to put an aurora around the door and slams it shut. The sound of the door slamming spooks Amity, and she walks out of the bedroom, heads for the stairs, and even before she starts walking down, Amity sees Remedy walking away from the door.

"What's going on?" Amity asks.

Remedy turns and says, "Hide!"

Suddenly, the front door flies off its hinges and hits Remedy from behind knocking her out. Amity rushes down to her mentor and screams, "Remedy!"

"That was just rude," Triton stepping inside the house says. He sees Amity and continues, "Ah, Princess Amity. We finally meet in person. Did you sleep well?"

Amity directs her attention to the blue alicorn but does not respond. Feelings of fear and anger quickly rush through her, but she breathes in and out heavily calmly herself down. Without saying a word, she slips her right hoof under the door which is on her teacher, and with great ease and speed, she throws the door at Triton. However, before the door hits him, Triton raises his right hoof, and the oncoming door breaks into two by his hoof and the pieces fly behind him. Amity then walks up to him with an intense expression yet staying calm, and she presses her chest against the clearly larger alicorn's chest and stares directly into his black colored eyes.

"I am going to ask you once," Amity says, "leave me, my mother, my friend, and Equestria alone."

Triton chuckles while staring back at her and replies, "You stubborn brat. Do you have any idea who I am?"

Remedy wakes up and sees Amity confronting Triton, and she says to the princess, "Amity, get away from him! Let your mother handle this!"

"You better listen to that unicorn," Triton says to Amity.

Remedy stands and limps beside Amity and puts her hoof on the princess chest. "Just back away. You don't have time with this creep. Celestia will take care of him."

Triton then looks at the unicorn, "'Creep'?" Suddenly, he hits Remedy's chest with the back of his left hoof and sends her flying to her bookshelf. When she hits the bookshelf, her lower back dislocates making a loud cracking sound, and she screams in pain once her back is broken. She falls on the floor riving in pain but not making any more screams. Amity stares at Remedy in pain and rushes to her, but she cannot do anything. "Watch your mouth simpleton unless you want to die like the princess here," Triton says to the injured unicorn and makes a villainous chuckle.

Amity then stares back at Triton but does not say a word. She then swiftly flies at Triton and with her right hoof, hits Triton's left cheek, but he does not flinch or show any pain. Within seconds, Triton throws a right uppercut, but Amity doges and brings her hooves up and throws punches swiftly at Triton's face and legs while breathing with every punch thrown. However, the hits are useless. Amity quickly shoots a magic beam from her horn and hits Triton's face, then flies up the stairs and turns to her left. The blue alicorn unaffected by the beam follows her up the stairs, and when he gets to the top, he gets hit in the throat by a kick from Amity. He stumbles back a little, coughs once, and looks at Amity who is on all fours again and walking backwards with the same intense expression.

"Not bad," Triton says. "Let me ask you something, why do you keep fighting?" He starts walking towards her with an intense expression as well.

Amity responds, "Because you are nothing more than a monster! I have to do something!"

Triton then asks, "What do you think this will accomplish?"

"Stopping you from turning Equestria into a hellhole like you did with Pandora," Amity answers.

Triton asks, "Hm. Is fighting me going to help find your purpose?"

Amity then smirks, "I don't care. All I know is right now I have to stop you from hurting all of the ponies I love, and I WILL die try!" Suddenly, the flanks start glowing bright and as fast the light came, it disappears just as quick. The sides of her flanks now have a cutie mark of a silver shield with a golden heart in the middle of it.

"Oh how cute," Triton responds looking at her flank. "You have your cutie mark. That doesn't matter though."

Within a second, Triton fires a magical beam from his horn at Amity, hits her chest, and the impact of the beam sends her flying backwards crashing through the wall behind her. She falls onto a bush between two trees near the house. Amity screams in pain and clutching my chest which now has a circular, fuming burnt mark. Triton walks to the wall, uses a magic beam to make the wall bigger, steps onto the edge of the destroyed wall, and looks down to see Amity in pain.

"Pathetic," Triton says. A black colored magic aurora then glows around his horn then the plant life around the princess has the same aurora around them. The trees' limbs grow massive and quickly wrap around her almost like the trees are mummifying her. Her entire body is covered in tree limbs expect for her face. "Time to finish this." Triton then uses his magic to create thorns all over the limbs, and the thorns puncture through Amity's skin into her body. Amity squeals pain and blood starts flowing between the vines. Triton continues, "You know, I was going to have these thorns run completely through your body, but I'd figure a slow painful death is more appropriate. If you survive this..." He floats down to the ground, stands over Amity, and says directly to her face, "I'm going to see if you'll embrace the dark magic in you one more time and give me the challenge I want. If this doesn't work, then I know what will. I'm going to see your mother, kill her, and bring her lifeless body here for you to see, and when you're looking into Celestias dead eyes, you will know that not only are you the most worthless princess in history, but you caused your own moms death. Embrace the dark magic and fight me. I know you can't kill me, but it is worth a shot. If not, then you will be responsible for your mothers death."

Amity in excruciating pain screams, "Don't you dare lay your hoof on her!"

Triton makes a devious smile, "Watch me." He then extends his wings, darts through the trees, sees Canterlot on the horizon, and flies towards the city.

Remedy crawls out of the damaged house and sees Triton flying away and Amity wrapped in thorn covered tree limbs, and she struggles to crawl towards her to free the princess. However, she can barely move anymore because of the overwhelming pain to her lower back. "Amity," she says. "My back's broken. I can't concentrate my magic. Stay with me. Help will come." Amity does not respond and simply stares into the sky and barely breathing.

At Canterlot, Princess Celestia stands in her daughter's room and looks over Amity's belongings. She thinks about the fun memories she and Amity had with every item but then walks out quickly and heads to the throne room with no other pony is present, and when she arrives in the throne room, she sits in her throne, removes her crown, necklace, and hoof shakers, lowers the sun a little, and waits for Triton to walk through the throne room doors.

Triton arrives at Canterlot and quickly notices that there are no ponies in the city nor are there any guards at the castle doors. He lands in front of the doors, opens them, and shouts, "Celestia! I'm back!"

The echoes of his shout reach to Celestia and says softly, "This ends here."

"Amity? Say something." Remedy says, but the princess does not respond. "Amity? Amity!"

Amity's vision is fading, eyes are closing, hearing has vanished, and heart is slowly down. She can barely hear Remedy calling for her, but it only sounds muttered. Her eyes close and hears her own heart beating slower and about to stop. Then, in the blackness from closing her eyes, the white form of herself from the nightmares charges at her and screams, "We can't let Mom die!" Suddenly, Amity's eyes open.

"Speak to me please, Amity!" Remedy begs and starts to tear up. Then, a white aurora consumes Amity's body which burns the limbs off and heals her wounds. "Oh no," Remedy says aloud.

Triton walks up stairs and continues to head towards the throne room. "Your time has come Celestia!"

With the limbs burnt off, Amity sits up and stands on all fours with the white aurora still around her. The aurora then starts disappearing revealing that Amity has turned white with red stripes all over her body with bat like wings. She stares at Remedy with blood-red cat like eyes with an evil expression on her face.

"Amity?" Remedy asks.

"You know that you cannot kill me Cousin!" Triton continues to shout aloud. He then sees the throne room doors. "For I am Triton!"

The white Amity says to Remedy, "She is dead. I am Bloodlust."

"I am..." Triton then barges through the doors and sees Celestia sitting on her throne, and when she sees him, Celestia charges at him. Triton with a devious smile finishes, "God!"

"I am..." Bloodlust turns to the forest and sees Canterlot through the trees in the horizon and finishes, "Death!" She then extends her bat like wings and swiftly soars through the sky and heads towards the city.

Remedy still in pain and tears running down her face says, "Oh God."

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